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    I can't think of any other teams but I know for sure #1 in PA is SJP. They return a lot of players from their state runner up team, and they have some very good kids coming up for their turn. They reload like it's nothing year in and out.
  2. There have been rumblings for a few months now around PR. Won’t say the kids name now but he’s supposedly receiving D1 interest. PR has a kid that will end up being a stud one day as a freshman only issue is his size, don’t think he’d be ready to start as a soph like jurkovec did. I like the idea of playing tough opponents early on to get ready for post season and such, but with the team PR likely has next season IMG will slaughter them and it will not be close. This games a year late, PR vs IMG last year would’ve been a way better game than playing overrated Wayne imo. I’d rather they play a team that they at least have a chance of beating.
  3. Jurkovec isn't enrolling early, he's playing basketball for Pine Richland this year and is also playing in the army all american game
  4. From a PR perspective, that was probably our most dominant performance ever. We knew this team was gonna be special but to shut down wayne like that was impressive. Wayne's offensive line was massive but none of those kids could move well at all, PR's smaller and quicker D linemen got downhill and got pressure on the QB. PR's defense looks the best in years, and thats saying something because it's been their biggest weakness in past years. They were flying around and hitting kids, and they forced three redzone turnovers I believe. I have no doubt that PR is the number one 6A team in PA. Defensively wayne was playing man and blitzing all game. Without getting consistent pressure that's a recipe to get 40 dropped on you from jurkovec and fast. BTW wayne players didn't shake PR players hands at the coin toss, that's a great way to piss jurkovec off and doing that isn't a very smart move as you can tell. Regarding the transfers, Burns (from miami) didn't play because he has yet to practice with PR (he enrolled at school friday). There's a good chance he plays this upcoming friday, probably not starting yet but getting in the game often. White, the main RB you saw and the one guarding lchristian smith on defense (btw held him to 3 catches 28 yds) suffered a mild knee sprain in the first half and didn't return. He's day to day currently.
  5. Burns will play CB, return kicks and probably play some WR occasionally. They have one of the top CB's in PA (Kenny white) on one side and then burns who is a D1 recruit, add in two returning starters at safety and I think this secondary could give Wayne some issues.
  6. This should be a high scoring game, I will be there personally and PR has almost sold all 6 thousand tickets. Atmosphere should be electric.
  7. From what I've seen Wayne has that DE going to Kentucky returning, some secondary guys and a transfer LB. Even if Wayne's defense is very good, PR's offense is elite. They have speed everywhere and you have to respect jurkovec leaving the pocket and hurting you with his legs. Plus if this burns kid plays offense for them, then you have basically have a top 10 fastest kid the country to add to that speed. PR defense from what I've seen is going to be ten times better, they have more size and heart and they have stud LB's and DB's. The head coach took over the defensive callings and he has better schemes and setups than before.
  8. PR lost that game against saint eds last year because they didn't have a solid kicking game and were wore down in the 90+ degree weather (multiple two way kids). The QB last year, Phil Jurkovec, got injured midway through the season and was done for the year. Last year their biggest problem was defense, their line was small and teams ran the ball on them like crazy. This season they return a lot of starters like I mentioned, and now have one of the top secondaries in PA with the two transfers they got (also returned three other starters on in the secondary but the one kid is going to play just offense now). If there defense is improved from last season then they could give wayne some issues. I was at the pine richland scrimmage against Erie McDowell a few days ago and there first team offense scored two times in 6 plays (first play of first drive was a 80 yard touchdown bomb). PR will score points, I think this game comes down to a big special teams play and whoever forces a turnover first. No way PR is held to only 21 points though.
  9. This years pine richland team is possible the best team they have in school history. They return 9 starters on both sides of the ball, including one of the best QB's in the country, they have nice size up front, and added two big time transfers. The one transfer was from a 5A PA powerhouse West Allegheny, Kenny White who is one of the top defensive backs and running backs in PA. They also added Thomas Burns from northwestern in Miami who moved in with his older brother in pine richland (brother is steelers first round pick Artie Burns). Burns is one of the top track runners in the country, running the 300m hurdles in 35.90 seconds which I believe qualifies for the fastest time in the country. He was also committed to Miami at one point to play CB. This team already had the talent to be a favorite for the 6A championship in PA and they only got more loaded adding White and Burns. From what Ive heard from some ohio guys is that wayne has struggled in scrimmages and they haven't looked too good, and outside their core athletes they don't have a great supporting cast. Also I've heard their offensive line has struggled. Any other year I'd say wayne is the favorite, but I wouldn't necessarily call them the favorite just yet. This pine richland team is going to be very good, offensively they have multiple guys that can take it to the house at any time. I expect PR to pull it out in a shootout 42-38.
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