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  1. https://www.maxpreps.com/news/BpG1qTXln0Kv8jnCVx0Pdw/2019-preseason-high-school-football-rankings-watch-list.htm
  2. https://www.latimes.com/sports/highschool/varsity-times/la-sp-vti-trinity-league-media-day-20190710-story.html
  3. https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/top-high-school-football-quarterbacks-in-class-of-2020/?fbclid=IwAR2cLyWikSVeJHPEtlrEbKULI-qkUdHO2s_bsOKAEpWZeKdzMN2itOzq-0E
  4. eddiev

    Bosco #1

  5. https://usatodayhss.com/2019/2019-way-too-early-preseason-super-25-football-rankings
  6. They aren't playing in Santa Ana. They are playing at SJB stadium.
  7. eddiev

    SJB QB

  8. https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/2019-trinity-league-schedules/?fbclid=IwAR0ujk8ZpGg1aoSTZapArQmGDtje3tDJjprgEIxuqKweChNEU9Z3-_Y2HEs Bosco has all out of state opponents except for league games.
  9. So based on this report if MD loses to DLS( not going to happen),but if it does then could SJB be #1 again?
  10. Sorry got bored today. Had to post something. Happy Thanksgiving.
  11. This fits you perfect https://theheartysoul.com/people-point-out-grammar-mistakes-jerks/?utm_source=WUW&fbclid=IwAR0Nvmsn-iPb7TNLA9gyVbJ_HqZF76grx2DEbCYMoWrLU484HJQvfVSz1m0
  12. Thank you for the compliment. I am from the coast. I'm also a pretty well grounded individual. Martial arts has helped with that over the last twenty years and I enjoy instructing it as well. The only reason I started this thread is because I wanted to see this game in other people's perspective not to talk shit. If people just stick to the threads subject all is good. But I will say if someone wants to hijack the thread with Folsom bs then it might change my tune a little. Again I appreciate your input. Hope you enjoy the game.
  13. Haha. It is quite possible MD wins on revenge factor but Bosco seems to have kept getting better since the JSerra game. It will definitely be fun to watch. Thanks for the input and enjoy😊
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