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  1. https://scorebooklive.com/california/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-new-cif-southern-section-high-school-football-playoff-division-proposal/?fbclid=IwAR1LbwWi-xArRD7WbZWQPUXAglmfw4iset-axMRXIUFwdm70cPinGM8fYlg
  2. They could have taken SJB instead DLS but they probably didn't want to play in that nice new stadium SJB has.
  3. SJB's own players confirm DV and STA refused to play them. https://www.hawaiiprepworld.com/football/nothing-unofficial-about-st-john-boscos-national-title-says-receiver-kris-hutson/
  4. All those cougar moms where there just for conjugal visits at the prison.
  5. Wow. This explains a lot. You really do live in your moms basement. Please beg your mom to let you out of your cage more.
  6. cross dressed prisoners don't count either.
  7. Prisoners on city clean up duty don't count .
  8. That 80% was speaking of students that started the school as freshmen. The rest started as the school as sophmores . There was only one true transfer on this team and that was Logan Loya. And some of the sopmores came in at that level because they went to schools that JR high ended at 9th grade. So quit whining block.
  9. You must not read very well. I'm sorry you have problems with reading comprehension but I did state that the majority of all SJB players were there since their freshman year. And so Folsom won irrelevant lower level state titles and even with over forty transfers you still couldn't prove your worth.
  10. Better than losing to Something Something trail with 40 transfers and before you call SJB a transfer train the majority of this team has been there since their freshman year.
  11. A city that is honoring a High school that has been there for that community for 80 years. Please ..... That's like saying that Los Angeles shouldn't have had all those parades for USC, the Lakers or the Kings. Get over it
  12. For all the haters here that are complaining about some of these kids and family not living in Bellflower.......hmmmm lets make sense of this. So you are telling me that if LSU or Clemson wins the nation championship that they shouldn't celebrate because none of there players are from their perspective state or better yet that the New England patriots shouldn't celebrate a Super bowl win because absolutely none of the players are from there? Or that a 1 loss team who lost to the then #1 team and turned around and redeemed that loss doesn't deserve the championship. Honestly I have never ever witnessed such whining ass babies. You guys are worse than a 2 year old that doesn't get there way. Sound like a bunch of freaking liberals.
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