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  1. But do any of these teams really want the opportunity to play against the trinity team that represents the south?
  2. Poor block. First something something trail and now Rocklin. Probably wont even be ranked in the top 100 in Cal now. He will most likely ghost this forum until next year to give Folsom some time to get the Reno transfers in.
  3. So who is going to play the trinity league in the open?
  4. Not so fast. They are currently losing to Rocklin.
  5. eddiev

    Oh Block!

    I swear this is blocks home.
  6. You already have a thread about underwater ballet. Please don't bring this into a REAL football thread.
  7. And what is this ranking for....underwater ballet? And the only reason Mater dei and bosco are ranked higher is because they recruited ballet dancers.
  8. Just thought we might as well start addressing the biggest game of the year.
  9. Maybe DLS will let Folsom win, You know because they are tired of getting their ass whipped by the trinity league as an end of the year Xmas bonus.
  10. Sure they are number one in line to get a severe ass whipping by a Trinity league team at the end of the year. Hope you enjoy getting treated like the red headed step child in December.
  11. I wonder if this will affect the rest of their season. https://texasnewstoday.com/elite-sports-academy-teacher-accused-of-having-a-sexual-relationship-with-a-minor-student/470307/
  12. Best second half comeback SJB over Mater dei 2019 Championship.
  13. Bosco up 42-0 in the 3rd. Running clock
  14. Halftime score SJB 28 Oscar Smith 0
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