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  1. I’m not that shocked with the Cincy/Indiana game, but I didn’t expect the Huskers to hang with Okie in Norman.
  2. Looks like Adam’s the only one of us that had a halfway decent week. Good job with these picks!
  3. The Pick’ems are crazy this year. I’ve never done this terrible! Lol
  4. You could say that. Kind of like when Chuck Liddell got knocked the F out against Randy Couture then came back and knocked him the F out in their rematches. Lol
  5. I’m quite sure that Bainbridge team would’ve wiped the floor with Lincoln in a rematch. They caught lightning in a bottle during the playoffs that year.
  6. Ctr Grove is legit. Corner Canyon not sure. They need to face someone with a legit defense to be sure. I wish they would step out of their Utah comfort zone and play, maybe, Chandler or Gorman. Maybe even Valor Chr. No reason why they shouldn’t.
  7. Because those are all blowouts (with the exception of St Iggy/Hoban). Bell West/Millard South is a battle of the top two teams in Nebraska that could go either way.
  8. 10-Thompson 9-Bryant 8-Buford 7-Gorman 6-Malvern 5-SPP 4-Zaga 3-Cent. Cath.,MA 2-Male 1-Bell West
  9. Yes, McCallie should be included in that. They are Div 1, though, and DL and CPA are Div 2. With BA and MBA down this year McCallie should win state in Div 1, but with those three you never know come playoff time.
  10. Yes they do, but this a legit test. This will be for the REAL TN state championship (with the only challengers for those two being Maryville or CPA).
  11. That was a brutal week!
  12. I wasn’t big on Milton, either. In my opinion Hooker should’ve started from the get go with Bailey as the 2nd string. It doesn’t matter anyway, Tennessee’s gonna suck this year.
  13. Either way? If Bryant is as good as they’ve been the last couple of years this game will get out of hand for the Lobos.
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