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  1. It’s definitely between the Monarchs and SFA.
  2. Trying to sell my CWS tickets that I bought in advance! (Nah, just kidding lol) I was worried about Notre Dame after they struggled in their regional. Now, I know how my buddy from Arkansas felt last year. Dominating season only to choke before the CWS.
  3. 95 Huskers 11 Tide 19 Bayou Bengals 08 Gators 18 Tigers 10 War Eagles
  4. Memorial stadium on game day is a fun place to be. Tailgating is a highlight, as well. Friendly Midwesterners. The 90’s were rocking. Of course, the Huskers were a powerhouse in those days. That game with TX was a heartbreaker. Everyone thought that game was over.
  5. Would’ve been nice to see him follow in his father’s footsteps for college.
  6. The last two seasons, yes. Overall, though, I think Union and Jenks have done okay for the most part. I wish Bixby would’ve played a higher level TX team the last few years that they’ve been good.
  7. Well, Union and Jenks have played some of the better TX teams over the years and fared pretty decent. Bixby has worked over Union and Jenks as of late. So, there’s that comparison. I like the Bryant/Ryan matchup. The Hornets need to make up for that upset loss to Longview last year.
  8. What has happened to Penn? I remember when they were a powerhouse in Indiana.
  9. Lol. Minister, yes, but snake handler? I doubt it. I’m sure you already know how people from Tennessee feel about the Birmingham area….especially Legion Field.
  10. St. Frances at #27 when they should be preaseaon #1 or2? Calpreps should only be used as a resource to see schedules and scores to use for OTHER national rankings....
  11. Plus, that’s a RARE down year for Cen10. I’m guessing they’ll be back to normal soon.
  12. I understand that, but they still trounced them by 35 and BG won by 21. Because of the rustiness from St. Louis you can add 14 points to their score. That would make it a 21 point win just like BG. All I’m saying is it would’ve been an even game last year. THIS year might be a different story. Not sure what Kahuku has coming back.
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