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  1. Those are also league games against rivals. Sometimes underdog rivals can step up in games. It happens. Also, a TX vs CA top 10 is not a given either way (I guess it depends on which poll you use).
  2. I would be more interested in how he felt when he tossed a bootleg TD on the first play of the Bama game back in 95.
  3. Prepnation was WAY more accurate than USAT anyway. Of the individual polls they were/are the best IMO. Of course, nothing beats the compilation poll. Or, you guys can rely on the No Nonsense top 50 for future reference...🤣
  4. That’s why I’m thinking most of these 4 and 5* commitments will flip after a few physical trips for visits. The 2021 recruiting rankings will change drastically. I hate to say this with Tennessee doing so well right now, but I’m a realist.
  5. Well, I don’t think it’ll be Bama or UGA, although we have pulled some upsets with Georgia in the past. UT has to pull off an upset this year with Florida or Bama being at home to start. The Gators would be the most likely candidate.
  6. Wow, that’s the first statement you’ve made that I’ve actually agreed with, in what, a decade?
  7. Stay true, brother. People can’t appreciate that a blue blood school that’s been down can, finally, turn things around and return to normalcy.
  8. Some years, yes. Some years their might be 8-10 teams that are solid.
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