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  1. They would lose to those two.
  2. Mill Creek would stomp a mudhole in them Spartans! A mudhole!!!
  3. Bengals 33-30 OT Eagles 27-21 SB: Eagles 28-24
  4. Is Blair Academy still the top dog in Jersey? They just beat national power Wyoming Seminary.
  5. Just checked MaxPreps again and they have removed the erroneous score. Lol
  6. That’s why I asked if it was a misprint. Max and Calpreps are infamous for those types of mistakes.
  7. Then they got blown out by Riverside right after Gorman? (According to Maxpreps). Is that a misprint?
  8. Only tough game is at Tennessee, but they’ll still be two touchdown favorites. Might be the closet spread they have all next year.
  9. Imagine beating the team that eliminated Judson in the playoffs that year, two rounds later, 51-3. Yet, you think LT would not’ve beaten Judson if they played again…..? This is why you don’t put out rankings. Leave the important things to me. 😎
  10. Reminds me of ‘15 DLS. They, too, had that hiccup loss to Trinity then rebounded and won the CA title. I’m sure ‘16 LT would’ve wiped the floor with Judson had they played again later that year.
  11. Yet, a lot of people on here continue to use Cal and Max Preps as references when comparing rankings and polls. I just can’t respect their judgement when they do. Pierce is not even top 15 in its’ own state, let alone Texas.
  12. Okay? You’ve been going back and forth with that stupid idiot from Swampville all week. You’ve been eating meatloaf in your mom’s basement again, haven’t you?
  13. In my poll #4-11 are interchangeable on any given Friday night. It wouldn’t shock me to see #11 knock off #4 in a game. We are really talking about a difference of less than 1/100th of a percent between the two. The top 3, however, are in a tier of their own.
  14. I don’t see the No Nonsense poll in there. What the hell is going on around here?! 😎
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