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  1. So, are insinuating that SJB would beat St. Iggy by 70 points? I guess Servite would clobber both DM and St. Iggy? I can daisy chain like this every week to justify my “lazy” poll (as you so graciously like to call it). I just refuse to do that. I look more into the individual games and the conditions surrounding them (ie rivalry games like the Holy War, coaches running up the score, injuries, etc.). And please people, stop using SOS as the ONLY factor that determines a team’s worth. All you have to do is look at Lakeland from last year to squash that theory.
  2. The overall’s going to be down to the wire this year. I like it!!
  3. My Vols are ridiculously bad this year! 🤮
  4. The problem a lot of you guys (not everyone) have is that you expect every top team to run up the score and embarrass every team they play. Not all coaches are like that. Plus, some of these young kids will have an off night or there could be any number of other reasons for a close game (ie rivalry, injuries, weather, etc).
  5. I wouldn’t be so quick to call SJR a hot mess. They did beat a quality JSerra team by double-digits. Yeah, they got blanked by SFA, but they played them closer than Miami Central did in Miami. The BNU will be just fine.
  6. .....but blew out the same team that beat Lone Peak 56-22 (Skyridge).
  7. The fact that you don’t see Duncanville as a power makes you the clown. I’m not surprised, though.
  8. Ouch! Sammy, your tiers are falling apart. I can live with tier 1. All the recruited up schools plus Duncanville. McEachern/Hillgrove is a rivalry game that can go either way every year. I wouldn't knock them too harshly for that game. Corner Canyon is miles ahead of everyone else in Utah. There is a 6-8 team cluster below them that you could almost rank in any order you want. I think you're being naive again and daisy chaining there. You talk about Lake Travis and Westlake, but fail to mention Martin or Rockwall. Hell, what about DeSoto, Guyer, Lone Star, CHill, Highland Park? Lakeland tier 3 and SJR tier 4??? Come on, man!
  9. Ok, sure. I’m just soooo lazy. You’re very naive, sir.
  10. Off the top of my head I would say MD, SJB, SFA, IMG, Gorman. Those are some of the more well known powers. I’m sure a lot of other academies and open zone schools do it. (Disclaimer: I have no proof. This is pure speculation.)
  11. Samantha talks about our polls not knowing about the gaps between the super teams and the others. His tiers show the separation, but if he actually did a poll it would appear that his top tier 2 team would only be one notch below his last tier 1 super team. How can he think Whiteshoes and I can’t see the big gap between those teams simply because we rank and super team #6 and a non-recruited team #7? I guess I’ll rank my top 6 and leave the next ten slots in my poll blank just so he knows that I recognize the gap between those teams.
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