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  1. The nick dude thinks bragging about MD is a good thing. He posts stuff about going to their Thanksgiving practices and other weird stuff. MD program is basically like being Dan Bilzerian and posting pics of how all these hot chicks are into you for you, and of course not for the money.
  2. Alumbaugh and staff should be fired after that. No excuse not to win the game. Something seemed off this season. No heart.
  3. Any update on that MD player who has permanent brain damage? https://www.ocregister.com/2021/11/23/mater-dei-locker-room-ritual-left-bloodied-football-player-with-brain-injury-broken-nose/
  4. I don’t get the hype behind these MD guys. You have the best players from the entire state…. Of course you’re going to win everytime….
  5. I see Mater Dei acting like little punks on this play as well… I hope Rollo fails once and for all. Shows how Joe Smith can go out there and coach a team full of recruits.
  6. Calling it now. Centennial has the best offense in the country. They’re going to beat MD
  7. It only took a full school of transfers to win!
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