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  1. You hear about coach Harrison being fired all of a sudden?
  2. As much as I hate to say it I think the Niners will destroy the chiefs.
  3. North Shore (away) Folsom Carhedral Catholic.
  4. How many transfers do you need to pretend you’re a good coach?
  5. It’s so hard to recruit the best players in the state and win with them.... said no one ever.
  6. Will they be able to recruit more transfers with this rule?
  7. Fire Alumbaugh. He can’t get dls over the hump and this will be happening every year. Get fresh blood who can coach a QB.
  8. I’m agreeing. Both teams looked pathetic tonight and should not be on a state bowl game platform.
  9. Uh yes it is. You can play up a division if you petition. Look at basic NCS bylaws...
  10. Don’t forget they had the option of playing up inD1 but chose the easy route
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