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  1. There’s no rule saying that people can’t stand outside and cheer!! Stand on the graves!!!!
  2. I was trying to tell Ga96 that Lowndes beat Parkview in 2004 and Brookwood in 2005
  3. Valdosta is not SOWEGA.
  4. Coach Eric Taylor! A UGA guy!!
  5. Maybe coach richt and coach Bobo were right, cam should’ve played tight end
  6. Some of the Valdosta fans want a black qb, never saw a black qb at colquitt.
  7. Georgia is very, very, very, friendly towards employees. I had an employee get injured one time, found out he was illegal, gave my company fake identification (before everify) upon hiring, had video evidence of him faking the extent of his injuries and the judge in coffee county Georgia still gave him $60,000
  8. Nope! They’ve had our number the past 3 times we’ve played. I do hope they bring their band💃🕺
  9. A lot of Georgia playas on that auburn team, bud.
  10. Colquitt whips Walton then wins a close game with archer.
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