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  1. You should get paid for your writing abilities! I’ll be in Amelia Island at the end of the month, I’d love to buy you a taco.
  2. A. Brand new system in 2020. Brand new coach B. COVID
  3. Didn’t affect me, we are and have been booming. How’s your law practice?
  4. Your comprehension isn’t working. “How long until Willy Brown, I mean Kamala takes over?”
  5. Biden dismisses Uighur genocide as part of China’s “different norms”
  6. Is there a book taking bets on China Biden? Like... How long until Kamala takes over?
  7. Fully aware of state’s rights or lack there of, remind me of the gas prices during Oblahblah’s years. I’m in manufacturing and prices are going up, across the board.
  8. Awesome! Hopefully the gas prices will quit going up too.
  9. What happened to Micah 6:8?
  10. Are you a Gator fan? (University of Florida)
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