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  1. You’re correct, not good. In Jacurri’s defense, he went from a coach that used to say, “there’s only 3 things that happen when you throw the ball”, to a coach that is way more offensive minded. Marietta coaches showed the blueprint to stopping his run game.
  2. C/O 92 lowndes high Hahira elementary and Hahira middle Kindegarten - High School Mrs. Reddick kindergarten mrs. Griffin 1st home room teacher mrs. Price 2nd home room teacher mrs. Pool 3rd home room teacher mrs. Shapaugh 4th home room teacher Mrs. Cowart 5th home room teacher mrs. Hobbs 6th home room teacher mrs. Williams 7th home room teacher mr. Hutch 8th home room teacher mrs. Gunter home room teacher do you want me to name each teacher I learned from in high school?
  3. Our coach should not have started Jacurri last year against colquitt. His throwing hand was jammed in the Tift game a week before
  4. I’m a lowndes guy but, @Ga96 makes me want to pull for the packers.
  5. Tennessee wears orange so they can pick up trash
  6. Ok, I’ll give you this one. But, if you don’t think FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN have created double standards then you’re not a free thinker.
  7. It all depends on who nbc likes. The media and congress created the “double standards”.
  8. You’re smart, you figure it out.
  9. I disagree. But, if you are correct then the movie “White men can’t jump” needs to be banned.
  10. Is he racist or just ignorant? Words and Pointing out things doesn’t make someone a racist. Do you really believe he hates people without white skin?
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