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  1. Nope! They’ve had our number the past 3 times we’ve played. I do hope they bring their band💃🕺
  2. A lot of Georgia playas on that auburn team, bud.
  3. Colquitt whips Walton then wins a close game with archer.
  4. But late in the 2nd quarter you could feel the momentum starting to swing.
  5. Actually, the Lowndes punter can boot it, his long snapper was having issues.
  6. Heck, if coach Propst would’ve just left Singletary on one side by himself, like he did when cam scored all of his td’s.
  7. This picture illustrates Colquitt County fans during the Colquitt/Lowndes game.
  8. Lowndes has Chick-fil-A, Papa Johns, Zaxbys, we did have marble stone ice cream
  9. California can’t even hold Georgia’s beer, much less compete in football.
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