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  1. Yep. There was the service out of Arizona (Barry Schollenger?) who rated teams. But his list of teams wasn't available, every Tuesday if I remember correctly, to a few million casual readers. However flawed their ratings, USA Today offered something that hadn't existed on a meaningful scale before. An ongoing national discussion about high school football.
  2. Very true. Not even Auburn in the "close" game, slowed them. The Bayou Bengals had something like 500+ yards vs Aubies under 300.
  3. No, they didn't. And Casteel, an All County Harvard bound genius, didn't give them anything cheap.
  4. Bingo. STA hasn't had an edge at quarterback since Ruddock. STA with a Carson Beck type talent, and SJB, MD, SFA, have no place to hide.
  5. Most on the board know the name Geno Atkins. Most don't know he barely cracked the two deep for STA. Take them back to grammer school coach.
  6. His son was your quarterback in 2005. Steve is about 60 years old.
  7. Tyler Simmons was NOT offsides!
  8. In the event DLS wins or keeps the game close, STA will deserve a look as well as Duncanville.
  9. Technically none. Marietta is a city school. Not affiliated with Cobb County. Valdosta in 6A is another city school. They can accept students from inside their respective counties. Buford, Carrollton, and Cartersville can do the same.
  10. JCGIII


    Where Loyola's kids playing ball lived last year. Texas doing this shit too?
  11. https://www.tigernet.com/forum/thread/ACC-referees-working-UGA-ND-game-1930570
  12. https://twitter.com/ReuseRecruiting/status/1175609227831914496?s=20
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