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  1. Yeah. And five of them field a football team in a county with a population of 275,000+. Colquitt, with a population of 45,000 has one. The numbers are mutually congruent, or per capita. https://www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools/florida/districts/leon-county-schools-104456 Georgia has nearly three times the number of counties as Florida.
  2. That would be the Southern Crescent: Atlanta to New Orleans. Personally, I wish Southern had remained in the FCS and waited a couple of decades before jumping to Div-1. Which would have allowed for the number of alumni to grow along with the money. They'll be a program to watch going forward. Southern brings in the kids who are an inch too short, and a half a step too slow for UGA, UF, FSU, Clemson, etc. Nonetheless, GSU comes to play and has collected a few scalps from arrogant teams who underestimated the Eagles. Southern should have beaten us in 2015. They kicked our ass up and down the field.
  3. In keeping with App States' big win yesterday, coupled with their win at Michigan, it should be noted that Georgia Southern visited Gainesville, FL about a decade ago and drained The Swamp. Southern takes football seriously. Their history is amazing. Erk Russell built the program from scratch. From nothing to National Champs in 7 years. GATA: Get After Their Ass: Hail Southern!
  4. It wasn't too long ago when App State visited Michigan in the Big House and put a few knots on the Wolverine's head. Kicked their ass all over the field.
  5. Two mules fighting over a turnip. The only shame is they can't tie.
  6. And Tyler Simmons was NOT offsides. Blind Big Ten refs gifted Bama the 17’ ship.
  7. Something that is going to clean up the board. For a few days anyway. 🤣
  8. The first tier was usually very solid. Occasionally an eye-rolling outlier, but most Tier 1 squads proved their metal.
  9. Why would anyone use that word period?
  10. How bad, or even decent was the taste?
  11. It hasn’t been heavy Florida since 2009. And it wasn’t on Florida that UGA’s administration went UCLA for 20 years. De emphasizing football was on us. Florida doesn’t owe UGA or the rest of the conference a bad team. Their dominance during the period of which some, who believe football was invented in 1990, wouldn’t have been as dominant had Georgia hired Erk Russell. He’d have done to Florida what Nebraska did. Running that offense with the talent Georgia is always going to have plenty of: Florida’s takeover of the SEC likely wouldn’t have been nearly as impressive. If it happened at all. Oh, and it’s 54-44-5. Trust our media guide. Not their birdcage liner.
  12. Check ‘64-‘89. 7-4 over the last 11. Historically, we own their ass. The natural order of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is being restored. Billy Napier ain’t beating Kirby.
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