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  1. Randy Mac showed class. Should have pulled an Ice Harris and dropped a few more on da Bulls.
  2. Until the late 70's, most of Lowndes County's better players suited up for Valdosta. Even into the mid 90's ( Nick Hyder's untimely passing) Valdosta usually cherry picked the county for talent. And Bazemore corraled them from a 50 mile radius outside the county. And as for an all star factory, 16 of the 22 starters on Valdosta's 1971 team inked with either an SEC or ACC squad. Maybe half actually lived in Valdosta or the county. Sucked being Brooks,Cook, Lanier,or Madison( FL) counties coach. Even Thomasville and Moultrie kids weren't off the table. And a sense of rage comes over Colquitt/Moultrie fans over a certain age, whenever the name Don Golden is mentioned.
  3. With Bob Sphire at the helm, Camden won't look awful much longer.
  4. The city school and the county school you mean. Two seperate entities.And to think. 25 years ago, many of Lowndes better players would be wearing black & gold. 40 years ago, most would. And 50 years ago, all of them would.. When Valdosta takes the Buford approach, there is going to be a helluva payback. Culling the best players from a 50 mile radius was a Bazemore specialty. Hyder didn't cast as far a net, wasn't as aggressive in player acquisition as Bazemore, but gladly accepted out of county players.
  5. And the 70's. And the 80's. I mean folks don't actually believe all those Texas studs decided to play in Norman because of the weather, or the number of pretty girls relative to 40 acres.
  6. After the enema DLS gave Folsom, Block and the Jailbreaks can all fit in a matchbox car.
  7. The trend is up. One more than last year. Probably could have popped them by a few more td's. It is easy to get complacement when beating the secondary bovine by-product out of a squad.
  8. Old Carl Madison laid the wood on nearly every team in the state of Florida during Pine Forest's late 80's reign of terror.
  9. Bingo. For now anyway. Marietta( and a few more schools with even more money and tradition are receiving the message)is just getting going. More to the point, the GHSA is nodding and winking at transfers( as I predicted on this board). Five years from now, they won't bat an eyelash. And the elite talent will be much more concentrated among a half a dozen schools.
  10. The obvious gap is between whoever is #2 and #3.Past the AAU squads, it's a normal year, with a plethora of good to excellent teams.
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