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  1. in high school football. Wayne Reese, Sr was the beloved Head Coach of the McDonogh 35 Roneagles and he lost his battle with the COVID-19 virus. Wayne Reese, Sr Dead
  2. some video... Kohl's Kicking Camp 2018 Soph Highlights
  3. without a doubt it's The Neville Tigers... directly across the river from one another, 4 blocks apart if there were a bridge between us. West Monroe's stadium is tall enough that you can see Neville's if we're both playing on Friday... Mapquest says we are 3 miles or 7 minutes apart only because you have to drive a mile and a half to the bridge and a mile and a half back. we could be Ouachita's biggest rival (at least to them) but basically they are irrelevant In the playoffs we have a thing going with Zachary West Monroe vs Neville
  4. in Louisiana for overall experience it's got to be Don Shows Field at Rebel Stadium Friday Night in Rebel Stadium
  5. My Rebs rebounded nicely after the loss to Curtis, came back to win the next 3 in the tourney against Central-BR, Brandon (MS), and University
  6. I was at the game, impressed with Curtis, they had some big boys (made WM look like an elementary team by comparison). We had our chances though, had the bases loaded with 1 out in the 6th and Curtis turned the double play to get out of it. They are 6 - 0 as well, looks like it'll be a competitive year round NOLA... we may not even win our district with West Ouachita moving in 😮 We did get the bats going today and rebounded with a 13 - 3 win over Central-Baton Rouge
  7. agreed, but I'll take a win over Barbe at any point in the season 🥎 🙌
  8. my Rebs opened their baseball season by knocking off Xcellent 25's # 2 preseason team the Barbe Bucs 2 - 1 tonight in Sulphur
  9. think folks remember Ridgeway from the NFL commercial We ready and this from West Monroe vs Ridgeway back in 2016... they have some athletes but not much depth to hang with a school like WM RHS vs West Monroe 2016
  10. agreed, I think Ridgeway likes to schedule some decent competition to get them ready for district/playoffs and WM is always willing to pay teams that agree to travel both years in a series... Ridgeway has played Pulaski Little Rock and Olive Branch (MS) before I know
  11. West Monroe will again play Ridgeway (TN) and Longview (TX)... if they end up playing Edgewater (FL) in the BOB that could be 3
  12. exactly... i was told all the coaches were contacted but none would say that they heard the alleged racial slur
  13. Union Parish High School is 70% minority as opposed to a school like West Monroe that is less than 25% minority It does appear that the coaches offered as "witnesses" in Coach Baugh's statement (Ruston) were unwilling to corroborate his story...
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