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  1. You guys realize going to Newman is like going to Vanderbilt... it's an academics 1st school where you ain't gettin in without the grades, that plus the $40k a year price tag means sports are truly extracurricular. They've never even won a state title
  2. In the 90's Natchitoches was a power, I remember WM playing them several times and all the games being decided by 1 score. They have always had some athletes roaming the halls (look at basketball), sometimes it just takes the right coach to awaken the potential. It will be interesting to see how far they get...
  3. Sorry Whiteshoes, hold that thought. Guess I got caught up in the hype for Alexandria but after seeing them in person they are definitely not the # 91 team in the country... you can remove the pretender from your rankings
  4. watch this week when # 91 Alexandria visits West Monroe just as # 16 Catholic-BR did a few weeks ago... that score was 30 - 19. ASH is a damn good team
  5. Carencro not the same team as last year... I'd give Warren Easton a better shot
  6. You may be right, I was giving them benefit of the doubt vs Ouachita but that game will be a dogfight... Big changes needed in Rebel Land or we're destined to go from a nationally recognized program to a mid district kind of "band" school...
  7. just mentioning because it's the end of an era, West Monroe lost to Neville last night 28 - 7 marking the Rebs 1st loss to another NELA team since 1995... my Rebs are nothing but a mere shadow of their former selves, I predict we'll end the season 5 - 4 and likely lose in the 1st round. Sad day 😨
  8. Happy to see someone giving Alexandria (LA) some love, ASH is loaded and poised to end West Monroe's 30 year dominance in District play
  9. The "Miracle on McNeese" Barbe vs West Monroe and Barbe down 48 - 21 in the 4th quarter and successfully completes 3 on side kicks in a row to complete the comeback 49 - 48 <img src="
  10. Catholic 30 West Monroe 19 special teams really the difference, 3 field goals by the Bears and one where we roughed the snapper and Catholic took the 3 off for a 1st and goal from the 3 and they get the TD instead 56 seconds left
  11. It's 28 - 19 Catholic 1:04 left
  12. 28 - 19 Catholic WM just fumbled, that's game with 3 minutes left
  13. Special teams, special teams Catholic about to put this one away And power just went out here 🙄
  14. Catholic 24 West Monroe 19 3rd 5:18
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