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  1. we might as well be Southern Arkansas 😉
  2. West Monroe, Louisiana covered in snow
  3. just one note, Alexandria is not 8 - 0, West Monroe defeated the Trojans 18 - 10 earlier this season in district play
  4. that was the semi's until we change coaches I don't see us winning another title, WM was totally out coached last night... most of the top schools in 5A right now have younger, more aggressive and hungry head coaches. They all have that "anyone, anywhere" mentality. Our coach will tell you he doesn't like to travel and wants to sleep in his own bed every night which is a shame because we have the resources
  5. until we change coaches/philosophies I don't expect us to win another title unfortunately we were totally out coached last night
  6. Congrats to ASH on making their 1st Championship game in their school's history... Only their 2nd time to ever beat West Monroe, last time was all the way back in 1971 not many people outside of Louisiana know what Bachman, that name is basically football royalty here in LA, has done at Alexandria. He is building a program for the Trojans and it's starting to pay off--good job! Bachman(s) have won at Evangel, Calvary and now at ASH, got to respect their football abilities!
  7. lol, C.E. (Clifton Ellis) Byrd old money high school in Shreveport with the best student section in the state they have to play in the "select" playoffs because they are a Magnet school and their students can cross district lines
  8. West Monroe 27 Central-BR 7 Final
  9. I wouldn't bet the farm... we missed 3 games due to Covid and this will be our 1st time to travel all season and Central is actually the higher seed. Another tidbit, our FB broke his leg last week 😲
  10. Did you see his girlfriend, whatever he's wearing and doing he's doing it right 🤔😲🤣
  11. Don't know exactly what you guys think Louisiana women look like, but at West Monroe it's good to be the Quarterback 😉🏈
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