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  1. A little messed up on SEC numbers, LSU holds a few more than Alabama, Tiger 102,321 Tide 101,821
  2. I would probably throw Destrehan in here in LA, always loaded but been a while since they won it... Or maybe Barbe, big school with lots of Athletes
  3. Life in the South https://youtube.com/shorts/RPON74-KJYw?feature=share
  4. Looks like St Aug, Shaw, Holy Cross and Landry
  5. Guess I'm just a poor old public school guy that doesn't understand how you "commit" to a public school.... we knew where we were going 😉
  6. I'm still here, haven't been eaten yet 😁 That was just coming home from dinner at the marina
  7. Hall of fame ballot Good guy, cool video
  8. I think my mantel would beg to differ with my man Caj... But if you turn left at the end of my road and go 15 miles you will see a sign that says welcome to Arkansas and I am 300 miles from New Orleans so I guess if I'm a Southern Yankee so be it 😉
  9. The fans would love to see that series resume as well, but I can almost guarantee it won't happen while Arledge is there. He's as big a whiner as Saban and he says their visitors locker room isn't acceptable because they don't have showers.... It was a great series though and I would love for it to start up again!
  10. All I know is should Destrehan and West Monroe have opportunity to meet in the playoffs, I hope Destrehan has to come up to West Monroe for once. As many times as they have played Destrehan has never traveled to West Monroe
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