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  1. Eddyr2

    DLS showing off their offense.....

    This DLS tightend is 20 pounds heavier then folsom’s DT 😬 #bulldogsarentstoppingtheveer
  2. Eddyr2

    Let Transfer season Begin

    If he moves to south country, Luke Irvine or Costa Mesa, he wont have to sit since La Habra far from Mater Dei.
  3. Eddyr2

    SJR 22 - Colquitt Colquitt 21

    I think CalPreps is just being a dick with this projection
  4. Eddyr2

    Let Transfer season Begin

    All the time, mostly on eschatology. Thanks for asking! 👍
  5. Eddyr2

    Let Transfer season Begin

    7 times is alot...
  6. Eddyr2

    Let Transfer season Begin

    cause they have as many or more transfers then MD or SJB...JSerra and OLu had a ton of kids coming in...Servite and Santa Margarita have QB's transferring...most of the good to great schools in CIF-D1 have several transfers every year...in fact the team with the most "off-season signings" this year was a public school form the LA City Section, narbonne, who will be playing Folsom in the CIF D1-AA State Bowl Game...
  7. like the current formula, great stuff but can we add "does your school have 3 stripes on your helmet?" as a criteria? thanks!
  8. Eddyr2

    Let Transfer season Begin

    I will, thank you!
  9. Eddyr2

    Let Transfer season Begin

    your right...it's ridiculous MD let a few get away...
  10. Eddyr2

    Let Transfer season Begin

    here are the ranked kids that tranfered in...edit a list @ECHS05 put together in another thread: 5* QB Bryce Young - #1 Dual QB ; #40 Overall (2020) 4* CB/S Jeremiah Criddell - #6 CB ; #46 Overall ; Oregon Commit 4* APB Sean Dollars - #1 APB ; #131 Overall ; Oregon Commit 4* S Bryson Washington - #3 S ; #139 Overall (2020) 4* WR Braedin Huffman-Dixon - #41 WR ; #253 Overall ; Colorado Commit 3* OT Luke Felix-Fualalo - #100 OT ; #1182 Overall 3* DT Evan Bennett - #100 DT ; #1440 Overall 3* WR Cameron Gardner - #172 WR ; #1386 Overall
  11. Eddyr2

    Let Transfer season Begin

    not enough bandwidth on this site for me to list all the Mater Dei transfers...
  12. Eddyr2

    GEICO ESPN high school kickoff schedule set

    9pm eastern!!! what the eff??? it will be like 104 at 6pm in Vagas that day? sun wont set until 8:30...are they trying to kill the monarch fans???
  13. @The Comish, is it okay for an admin to kiss up so much to posters? Keeping in mind one of the posters support Servite. Thank you for the clarification.