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  1. This is a lie...I wanted to take a sabbatical and waited until I had @HurricaneNick trained up
  2. 27% CIF wont let kids play football next year...13% they let teams travel outside of the state...
  3. we don't talk about this game... we don't talk about this team...
  4. there is a huge difference...the Trinity is a higher level of comp then the SEC...i dont think the play defenses down south anymore...
  5. that sound like a good price for the OC...
  6. when his knee is right he is plenty mobile...he ran the ball really well his Jr year: his legs are what took MD17's offense from elite to the dude look like a sprinter in the mission viejo game (16 second time mark)
  7. i am...hard to get on this site when your state is the only one not playing...that plus @HurricaneNickstole my whole gimmick...dude has 7 pro-MD post before i even have a chance to log on to the site...
  8. he also just got a leg glued on after USC o-line failed him when he stood in the pocket...when he got hurt he was only in the pocket for a 3 count...
  9. I am old enough to remember back in 2017 when all the GA fans told me JT wasn’t that good and that MD17 offense couldn't score on a GA defense*. how times have changed. (to be fair back then GA defenses played with 12 guys on the field)
  10. Why is KC jacking MD’s drip?
  11. It was 9 but point taken. JT’s legs were the difference maker for them vs Bosco that year...it forced Bosco to play more zone and JT pick them apart in the SS finals
  12. his mobility his Jr year is what took MD from being a good team in 16 to being the GOAT in 17...
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