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  1. Eddyr2

    National Tournament Bracket (2018 Season)

    2016 BG <<<<<<<<<<<<<2017 MD
  2. Eddyr2

    National Tournament Bracket (2018 Season)

    Bosco, MD, NS and IMG should be in 4 different brackets...if not the final 4 won’t be the 4 best teams
  3. Eddyr2

    Some California news

  4. Eddyr2

    Some California news

    Not sure it’s a rule per say but I can’t think of a sr inleague transfer ever happpening at MD.
  5. Eddyr2

    Transfer season

    Bosco has about 7 transfers already...Nergo is building a really good team for DJ’s sr year
  6. Eddyr2

    Some California news

    Logan Loya is really good...Bosco is winning the offseason right now for sure
  7. Eddyr2

    Some California news

    He will finally be taller then the kids he coaches
  8. Eddyr2

    Some California news

    Incoming Freshman little brother, so not a transfer. But man...Coach Negro is busy...He has to fill a lot of gaps...
  9. Eddyr2

    NorCal poster says

    How did you know it was my birthday next Monday???
  10. Eddyr2

    NorCal poster says

    Dang...how black will their eye get after GA gets running clocked by the 3rd place team in TL...
  11. Eddyr2

    Some California news

    The S.C. BBall parents are all high profile...good luck to CIF...
  12. Eddyr2

    NorCal poster says

    Board will be lit that day fam!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  13. The Bush violation stuff was nuts...always seemed odd that USC got it so hard when Alburn, Duke, Ohio State, Miami, Penn St and few others commited much worse infraction but didn’t get hit as hard. if USC can get on track with a good coach, they will be challenge for NC real soon. USC, Texas, Ohio State and Alabama are the school that “recruit themselves”...you add to that good coaching and your off to the races...
  14. Eddyr2

    All-American Bowl: East 48, West 7 - 4th

    You don’t need great linemen in the air raid...hopefully ball should get out fast
  15. Eddyr2

    Who is your final 4?

    The Final 4 is a one unit. “I am going to the Final Four.” You don’t say “I am going to the Final Fours.” In the question am talk about one unit the “final 4” not 4 teams per day. So I think the use of “is” would work here.