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  1. I thought the whole TL was D1 in 2019, could be wrong. I know it’s different in every sport then football.
  2. here is hope MD QB’s go back to back...JT this year and BY next year...but man if JT wins next year the GA posters are going to be the worst
  3. Video of Folsom when reading this news...
  4. They would just run as non profits and still not pay taxed...you are only taxed on income...if there is no profit there is no taxable income...unless we get rid of the non profit status across the board
  5. Colt was a teammate for a few...he was on the service team his sophomore and junior years...used to get beat up a ton those years by the D...didn’t quit and kept on going...lots of kids would have transferred out (especially when half the coaching staff went to Fountain Valley between his sophomore and Jr year) instead of sitting behind Leinar. Matt won a Heisman and a few years later Colt was a finalist. Will be keeping his family and soul in my prayers.
  6. for 1 I grow up in Anaheim ,so chill, and for 2 as an MD alumni I would chill calling out a school for being from cities with high crime rates...
  7. I guess the difference is that 2021 is Servite only chance of being great...2022 is going to be a return to the bottom half of the TL for tbone
  8. i think the main reason MD likes to travel for OOS games is so they can be on ESPN considering Bally Sports has the contract with CIFSS...BG and SJC are the only that have been on ESPN in a while...I think if they play a City Section team away they can be on ESPN as well. not sure about that though.
  9. yes...and i have to work alot harder now that Joe is raising my eff taxes by 30 percentage points... #thanksjoe
  10. MD wasn’t top ranked when we lose to DLS in 99 42-0...it was a down year for MD and everyone knew it. MD returned 3 starter in total from the year before. Our best running back was playing QB for the first half of the year. And the QB that would end up winning the Heisman was still recovering from elbow surgery...we got rolled and to make matters worse someone stole my backpack at SFO on the way back
  11. Were you the U-Haul driver that drove the Martel family up the 15 from San Diego?
  12. cut me some slack...i was doing it at 1:30 am with a new born in my arms
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