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  1. Was a Rams fan as a kid…they left so edf them…I don’t care that they came back
  2. Man…they had to put Lenny on unpaid time off to cover some of these NIL deals…
  3. They are going to be really good next year and they have a soft schedule…NY6 or bust
  4. The fans were telling us they wanted to murder cause we were white and wearing red…im not white…
  5. Thank god no schools in texas do anything to build high level programs….
  6. It’s was so bad I got I the game
  7. Now I am starting to think CW is going to Bosco…
  8. Yo send the dude another bag this is taking too long
  9. i think it was hanging out at the TikTok houses in the Hills that pushed him over the edge...
  10. El Prez and Big Cat do it again…Prime had a hand in it but the guys below made it happen…
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