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  1. That has been true since the 60’s
  2. To be fair BY only transferred once...
  3. DGW was a bigger lose imo...ricks is great but DGW would have been a team captain and a leader on defense...
  4. Ricks and DGW both started at CB for MD as "inexperienced sophomores" on the great high school football team of all time...in fact Nate White started at FS that year so the team has 3 "inexperienced sophomores" starting DB's...
  5. im sure the XMass Day event in 2016 didn't help...
  6. makes sense...4 schools in 4 year but the last move is forgivable...got to leave a school that wont be allowed to play next year...
  7. only if you start rooting for Servite... #serviteistheworst #andsoisfolsom
  8. great post...after saturday i want so bad to hate you but after this post i just can't...
  9. Congrats to Negro, DJ and team. I’ll be rooting for you vs DLS... ps Folsom and Servite can both still kick rocks
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