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  1. Eddyr2

    New Polls (2018-11-12)

    4 team bracket with #1, #2, #5 and #12...oh and the winner for those 3 games gets to play #8...
  2. Eddyr2

    Some California news

    Get you popcorn ready...
  3. Eddyr2

    DLS vs. Pittsburg 38-0 F

    The veer’s achilles’ heel is a gap pleasure...if you have big DT’s who can push back the center the whole offense falls apart...Bosco and MD both have great DT’s...
  4. Eddyr2

    DLS vs. Pittsburg 38-0 F

    Folsom runs the same offense as 3/4 of the teams down here. They are really really good at it but it’s nothing new to Bosco or MD... the veer on the other hand is a pain...
  5. Eddyr2

    JSerra 34 - Oaks Christian 35 Final

    JSerra is a really good team, beating them means a lot. Oaks has been through a lot this week, I’m sure they will be hyped for next week. Hopefully they give Bosco a fight.
  6. Eddyr2

    Some California news

    CIF SS D1 Playoffs will have 4 top 25 teams in its Semifinals...not bad...
  7. How many days before @HawgGoneIt blocks (pun intended) Donnie?
  8. Last year MD only had one home game in the playoffs despite being ranked #1 in the nation. CIF SS rules are weird
  9. Eddyr2

    Some California news

    Tackle wasn’t eligible...it was a backwards lateral
  10. It’s at the Bowl because MD hasn’t had a home game in the playoffs yet.
  11. Eddyr2

    Folsom’s league wants them out

    He has been added to the list
  12. Eddyr2

    Official game day drink thread

    love me some Chesterton...one my favorite Catholic writers...
  13. Eddyr2

    Reformatting The CIF Playoffs

    Sections have too much power to let it go. LA Section is part of the LAUSD, no way they allow themselves to be part of the “state” system. What we currently have is the only thing the sections will ever allow.