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  1. That’s how good Mater Dei is...they get wins on bye week!!!
  2. Yep...it’s a better name...just like D1 and Open is better then 6AD1
  3. Somewhere along the 99...if I lived alone the 99 I would move to the OC too...
  4. GB is a really good guy...been around since I was playing for MD, talked to me even though I had zero ⭐️‘S. Has always been close to MD parents/kids. But yes, if Clay loses out on an MD QB then he is done in SoCal
  5. Something Folsom and @frankyjames will never have to worry about...
  6. ESPN seems to think he really sucked this year...dropped over 20 spots since late July...they have him as the #4 dual threat 🙄
  7. Check the cif ss website. Google isn’t that hard to use. www.google.com
  8. Dear Coach, it was great seeing you at the Mater Dei Ring of Honor event over the summer. That night meant a lot to my family! Thank you for being part of that night! quick question: is Bryce that greatest QB is the history of Mater Dei football or is he the greatest QB in high school football history? Respectfully yours in Christ, Eddyr2 ‘01
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