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  1. Coach Q&A

    First question coach...is Servite the worst or just horrible?
  2. Yeah but they play in the Trinity League and CIFSS D1 playoffs...the last 2/3 of their schedule would have more top 💯 teams then almost every other teams whole schedule...
  3. If MD adds IMG where do you rank their schedule? not just non-league but whole schedule...
  4. Man I hope the game happens and I also hope CIF doesn’t hire Muller to look into MD afterward...
  5. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    I think ever poll will start off with Bosco, MD and IMG in their top 3. Mostly in that order... JSerra will be good but young...Narbonne will run through the city section and give Folsom a hell of a fight in the D1-aa Bowl Game
  6. Folsoms best from Georgia

    Yep...that’s his move...
  7. Some California news

    God doesn’t care how good Mater Dei transfers are... but his mother does...
  8. Some California news

    Transfer of God? That doesn’t even make sense...
  9. Happy St. Joseph day

    Love St Joe...happy father’s day to all!
  10. Some California news

    MD does not recuite they attract, by being a great school with a winning tradition...they don’t just attract from Cali...Don’t for get the 4⭐️ Safety they came in from Texas...and as far as shame goes...
  11. Some California news

    It may be hard for the kid to get on field...MD has 2 NG’s that should be ahead of him on the depth chart...maybe Coach Johnson will go really big at DL next year and play a lot of Safety types in the front 7? btw these are the type of kids you need to stop the veer...
  12. National tournament

    Ben Davis MD IMG Allen BG