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  1. I guess the difference is that 2021 is Servite only chance of being great...2022 is going to be a return to the bottom half of the TL for tbone
  2. i think the main reason MD likes to travel for OOS games is so they can be on ESPN considering Bally Sports has the contract with CIFSS...BG and SJC are the only that have been on ESPN in a while...I think if they play a City Section team away they can be on ESPN as well. not sure about that though.
  3. yes...and i have to work alot harder now that Joe is raising my eff taxes by 30 percentage points... #thanksjoe
  4. MD wasn’t top ranked when we lose to DLS in 99 42-0...it was a down year for MD and everyone knew it. MD returned 3 starter in total from the year before. Our best running back was playing QB for the first half of the year. And the QB that would end up winning the Heisman was still recovering from elbow surgery...we got rolled and to make matters worse someone stole my backpack at SFO on the way back
  5. Were you the U-Haul driver that drove the Martel family up the 15 from San Diego?
  6. cut me some slack...i was doing it at 1:30 am with a new born in my arms
  7. @The Comish I would like to submit the above for that 2021 Griddy Award for “most creative post”
  8. I really hope what you are saying isn’t true cause it would really suck if the best coach in school history ended up being a dirt bag... IMG_8304.MOV
  9. that's a mistake i would expect from a ga poster
  10. i would meet up but since my wife is a member of th MD "Ring of Honor" and i am BFF's with the auxiliary bishop i try to not mix with the plebeians
  11. It technically either just going to an institution for a period time than leaving but in the lingua Franca it tends to mean graduated...That being said if he called him a Servite alumnus he would punch you in the face
  12. That NV in state SOS is tough to over come...
  13. If Sierra Canyon was willing to play Bosco and MD in a doubleheader week one, just give them every MNC from now on
  14. it's almost like it was a 6 (5 or 4 for some) game league season and MD gave all their opponents an L...
  15. I believe you are confusing Rush Propst for Rollo...
  16. Your right, Rollo’s recorded vs “Our Servants” is an abysmal 27-3-1...only wining 89% of the games...but hey TT knows about coaching teams that win about 10% of their games...
  17. MD has over 2000 students...It’s home stadium is the Santa Ana bowl. Like mention above it holds 10,000 people and because The field sits 20 feet below street level the energy is electric. When you walk onto the field and the bowl is rockin you can feel The grass shaking from the sound of Bouncing off all four sides of the stadium. They call it the mini rose bowl for reason
  18. In 2017 MD won 7 games vs “top 50” teams...the GA 7A champ won zero...
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