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  1. Nokia

    SJR vs Bosco

    So they were unbeaten, and really unchallenged, for 2 straight years on freshman level? That's interesting, especially since we know now they had a bunch on varsity and because of how much we heard about the bosco and joes groups last summer. I do know last year they were loaded and guys like Gould and Butler didn't play a snap of freshman football. Will be interesting moving forward.
  2. Nokia

    SJR vs Bosco

    Cool, thanks for the info. Appreciate it. Sounds like all 3 squads had a bunch of players on varsity. Impressive for BC to blow them both out (taking your word for it, still don't know the scores. Can't find them anywhere ha). It seems like at all levels of football these days, alot of times the "known" players are not the best players, just the ones people see on social media and all that.
  3. Nokia

    SJR vs Bosco

    Sorry, not looking to have a dispute. You said that BC blew out Joes but that BC had brought down 3 varsity players including at least 1 who is a starter, which would be an explanation maybe as to why Joes who has a loaded class got blown out. And I asked who they were, and you provided names. I'm not trying to catch you or anything, but i just googled the names - not for that reason but cause I was obviously curious who they are or if there is any clips of them or anything and it shows them both playing in the varsity game. I happen to know you can't play 2 games in 1 day, so I asked if maybe you were thinking of other freshmen? I dont have any answers except whats on maxpreps which shows freshmen DJ Samuels and Mitchell playing in the varsity game, which means it could not have been them. So maybe they just have alot of freshmen on varsity, which would be surprising only because it was on this forum that Bosco and Joes had the great classes this year and now im hearing that BC is blowing them out (obviously without those 2 at least). All good, i just get curious about this stuff and am out of the loop! Ha. Thank goodness for max preps! PS - also via google - seems that Tom Lemming says Mitchell is the best player in NJ's freshman class? Must be a well kept secret, ha. Never heard of him in all the talk about freshmen before today.
  4. Nokia

    SJR vs Bosco

    Not in the same day. It's not possible that they played in two games on different levels in same day. You're saying these players were starting in the varsity game, which is a big one for both teams, and BC had them play another game in the morning? There is no way. Plus fairly certain its not legal. Players can play in JV games on Mondays after playing in varsity games on Saturdays, but not in same day.
  5. Nokia

    SJR vs Bosco

    No, that can't be true. Mitchell and Samuels both played in the varsity game against Joes on Saturday 10/12. They both have stats for the game on MaxPreps. Both players have individual highlight tapes on MaxPreps from that very game. It's obviously the varsity game due to the crowd and its at BC - arent the freshmen games usually at opposite sites on the same day in the morning? They would not be eligible to play 2 games in 1 day. Are there other varsity freshmen you're thinking of? If so, BC must have had alot of varsity freshmen! Even more impressive then if they blew out both of bosco and joes loaded classes.
  6. Nokia

    SJR vs Bosco

    Blew them out? Wow. How is that possible with how highly touted that Joes class is? Which varsity freshmen played for BC?
  7. Nokia

    SJR vs Bosco

    How did they do against SJR & BC in freshmen games? I know both SJR and Bosco freshmen lost pretty badly to BC in 2018... assumed from all the talk about how loaded both were this year they would be getting that back this fall.
  8. Nokia

    SJR vs Bosco

    BC beat SJR in a freshman game? With this SJR class? What was the score - assume BC must have gotten a bounce at the right time to eek out a win because the SJR class appeared to be far far superior? Did BC have no freshmen on varsity?
  9. Nokia

    SJR vs Bosco

    With all the talk about Bosco and Joes freshmen QB's - reminds me of hearing about the loaded classes both of them had coming in this year. Haven't gotten an update since summer though on either. Joes class was billed as a once in a lifetime class and Bosco their best in years. I assume they both went undefeated on freshmen level, except of course someone had to win when they played each other! Who was it?
  10. 4 times! Schools could not keep their hands off this guy it appears. Including Georgia, who swooped in to "offer" this player under the noses of Rutgers, Temple etc who were asleep at the wheel and did not. I agree w your point - this is evidence of what I was saying earlier. Transfer activity is evenly spread out in the BNU. So it appears to just be the natural way of things. Esp this offseason, I think there have been 7-10 transfers so far and I'm not sure their destinations but I'm confident they will be pretty evenly distributed (give or take)... cause guys are just looking to be with their buddies and every school is doing the same thing. Nothing to see. St Joes is probably the least guilty because they were victimized by that rogue bosco person and now are probably being extra careful.
  11. I agree, its the natural course of it. That's why you see transfers spread out about evenly among all the BNU schools. If it was clustered at one place, that would obviously raise red flags. But like you said it was Bosco's fault that Bosco players were being poached and now that it has been addressed I don't think there has been any instance of SJR poaching since then and i highly doubt you woudl see it in the future either.
  12. I would cut him a break. It's all cleared up now. Since his removal I don't think there has been any poaching activity at SJR and would not expect any in the future.
  13. Oh good... so that was the explanation for the poaching going on at SJR back then. Thanks for clearing that up (although I would check the personnel files on how long the coach was at SJR for). In any event, good to know the issue of poaching at SJR wa settled with his removal 1 year ago.
  14. Understand your frustration, but the NJSIAA actually suspended a coach 2 games and placed a program on probation less than a year ago specifically related to the poaching nonsense. Forget which coach/program it was but confident whoever it is will have curtailed that activity moving forward.
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