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  1. 4 times! Schools could not keep their hands off this guy it appears. Including Georgia, who swooped in to "offer" this player under the noses of Rutgers, Temple etc who were asleep at the wheel and did not. I agree w your point - this is evidence of what I was saying earlier. Transfer activity is evenly spread out in the BNU. So it appears to just be the natural way of things. Esp this offseason, I think there have been 7-10 transfers so far and I'm not sure their destinations but I'm confident they will be pretty evenly distributed (give or take)... cause guys are just looking to be with their buddies and every school is doing the same thing. Nothing to see. St Joes is probably the least guilty because they were victimized by that rogue bosco person and now are probably being extra careful.
  2. I agree, its the natural course of it. That's why you see transfers spread out about evenly among all the BNU schools. If it was clustered at one place, that would obviously raise red flags. But like you said it was Bosco's fault that Bosco players were being poached and now that it has been addressed I don't think there has been any instance of SJR poaching since then and i highly doubt you woudl see it in the future either.
  3. I would cut him a break. It's all cleared up now. Since his removal I don't think there has been any poaching activity at SJR and would not expect any in the future.
  4. Oh good... so that was the explanation for the poaching going on at SJR back then. Thanks for clearing that up (although I would check the personnel files on how long the coach was at SJR for). In any event, good to know the issue of poaching at SJR wa settled with his removal 1 year ago.
  5. Understand your frustration, but the NJSIAA actually suspended a coach 2 games and placed a program on probation less than a year ago specifically related to the poaching nonsense. Forget which coach/program it was but confident whoever it is will have curtailed that activity moving forward.
  6. New pivot moments away: The true measure of a school is academics, rich people and HOCKEY. That's the ticket. By the way - GSB - How does this personnel change (I don't want to use the term "coach" as to not offend the academics at DBP) impact the "4 or 5 transfers" that Teel had already lined up for the 2019-2020 academic year that you were crowing about a couple months ago (surely due to their GPA's)? Are those boys still planning to attend, full tuitions in hand?
  7. Liked this line. Very kind way to put it. You've done your good deed for the day.
  8. When you say "they" would have preferred, you mean the people at Silk City? Gotcha. Thanks for info. Curious to know about the other kid you're talking about if/when you find out. Thanks!
  9. He played in the US Army game as well. I'm not trying to attack you but again the kid is one of the highest profile recruits in North Jersey - NJ - history. So just looking to set the record straight.
  10. I don't know what this website says or why it says it. But to suggest that this kid had 7 offers is just absurd lol. The kid was one of the most coveted recruits in the country. A Parade All American. Maybe this was his final 7 or something. Rutgers, for one, is not listed here. Do you think he didn't have a Rutgers offer? I think the list of Power 5 schools that did NOT offer him would be easier to compose than a list of schools that did.
  11. Surprised re: Silk City. Is DePaul getting first choice from them this year from what you know? Also isn't Jordan Morant the top active Silk City guy in the BNU by a mile? DePaul would have named re-named the school for him if that would have gotten it done.
  12. Curious, which are the two youth programs that DePaul gets first choice from?
  13. Nokia

    2019 BNU

    SPP had KJ Miles, an OT/DL start for them as a freshman. They also had 2 other freshmen in Christian LeBrun (DB) and Paul Leftkotitz (RB) on their varsity roster who saw some time. Bergen had lineman Tyler Booker and DB Jaeden Gould start a bunch of games as freshmen... both of those guys have some pretty significant offers already. LB Ryan Butler see time and play teams, QB Steve Angeli play with the varsity playing JV and some mop-up. A kicker and a snapper on the varsity level as well. Bosco had a DB Alvarado playing varsity towards the end of the year. Somebody here claimed they had another kid on varsity but thats news to me. Can't imagine anyone there stretching the truth so will have to take them at their word. Ha. Joes did not have any varsity freshmen. EDIT: They had a QB who was with the varsity for a spell in the summer but he has cycled out already. PC barely had a freshman team, let alone varsity freshmen. They had to forefit their last two BNU freshman games due to lack of players. Peters, without the guys above, was 5-3 with a loss to Bergen 48-20 and Joes 16-12. Bergen was 9-0 playing without those aforementioned varsity guys winning by scores of 48-20 vs SPP, 44-6 vs SJR and 50-7 vs DBP. Bosco was 6-3 losing to everyone that mattered - but getting wins over St Joe of Philly, West Orange, Pope John, Clifton High School, DePaul and a forefit over PC. St Joes was 4-3-1 with losses to BC (twice), DePaul and tie to Pope John. They won vs St Peters, somewhat surprisingly and obviously beat Bosco.
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