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  1. Hmmmm, the chart on page 7 says s as lot. But it’s CDC data so…….
  2. I am not discounting that global warming is occurring and if it continues isn’t capable of wreaking havoc. Let’s just put it this way. It’s not the biggest alligator in the swamp. It’s the one you don’t see that will consume us😉
  3. Just get an understated timeless design stainless set made in USA. Unless of course, you’re fabulously wealthy, the go for the gold. I never judged a man by his tableware, maybe by his table manners.
  4. Global warming would certainly be the perish of us all by natural course as the density of the sun’s core decreases and the outer gaseous layer expands. We won’t make it that far though. Global warming will not be the demise of humanity.
  5. Exactly. Nobody can. All anybody can do is speculate. The entire world has struggled with the pandemic. Lots of armchair quarterbacks though.
  6. Are big oil companies forcing wealthy (or any)democrats to purchase gas guzzlers? Do they make them go on cruises? If you polled the thousands of people that drag gas guzzling toys filled RVs with large trucks to places like Glamis, what would be the breakdown by party affiliation?
  7. So I guess Trump set the stage for the world wide response to the pandemic? If Biden had been in office when the pandemic hit, what would be the numbers?
  8. I think the vaccines are great for those whose immune systems aren’t up to the task, or aren’t sure about it.
  9. If I was an anti-vaxer I would have stood my ground and refused to get the shots. Nothing funny about it. You see, sometimes people put concerns of others in front of their own. I doubt you would know anything about that though. Most narcissists don’t. As for the indeterminate number of boosters the government will influence people to take though, well, that’s a different story. My family fully understands my updated health situation and are comfortable with any decision I make going forward. It’s a risk reward equation. No reward, so why take any further risk. Still, I’ll wear a mask when coming into close contact with the general public, for their comfort, not mine.
  10. Who said I was anti-vax? I have the shots. In fact, I did the hybrid approach way before it was reported to be more effective than two of the same shot. BTW, absolutely no negative impact on either shot. What percentage of people having bad reactions to the shots (flu like symptoms) are now showing up with Covid versus those who have no reaction to the shots. You might have to dig hard on that. Could there be a simple test to check a persons resistance to Covid, or many other viruses that impact respiratory function? There’s a lot of people running about that have amazing resistance to such viruses. What’s their secret? Plus, how does questioning the origin of Covid make one an anti-vaxer? If the government was really interested in getting to the bottom of it, they would.
  11. You must have a government job there comrade.
  12. Seriously, “spy agencies” to investigate the intricacies of possible modification of viral genomes. Why not just have those same agencies come up with vaccines? The spy agencies work for the government so they could hardly be described as unbiased. Maybe take some experts in viral genetics, virologists, genetics sequencing, and statistics, appointed by a panel of researchers with oversight by the same panel. Why would anyone expect “spies” to come up with meaningful findings related to technical issues way outside their core competency?
  13. What is the culture of the Peoples Republic of CA of which you speak?
  14. I don’t know that they “deserve” to see their season end the way it did. But, for many, it’s sure gonna sting. It’s much easier if your team sucks. You just don’t expect anything and your team will meet those expectations.
  15. Well, that’s one way to get some speed into the venue. Still, seems like a silly idea.
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