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  1. Then we must follow mob rule, got it.
  2. Hard to argue. Maybe swap LBP with Cathedral or MV?
  3. I was curious so I checked it out. The kids shows up on the Chandler roster since his freshman year.
  4. No, but birth control can prevent unwanted pregnancies. See above, this is a totally preventable situation. It comes down to personal accountability, plain and simple.
  5. There is an espn Simpson listed under Maxpreps showing no picture but describing the person as a baseball player which is why I never heard of him. Now, GA96 did title the thread Corona Centennial transfer list so he could be technically accurate but that brings into question other transfers he listed. Maybe the 4star kicker is a soccer kid, just when I was warming up to the idea of 50 TD field goals lol. We could check it off as intellectual dishonesty but that would preclude that GA96 had some degree of intellect which would be unanimously dismissed, so I’m going with straight up dishonest.
  6. One transfer, if he makes an impact that in any way influences the outcome of a game, means your team has benefitted from the transfer situation. Find us a top 25 team or even a top 50 team that doesn’t benefit at all from transfers. Transfers are part of the landscape of high level HS football. Whether you choose to believe that or not, is up to you.
  7. Hmmm, Helton’s brother also plays for Centennial. I wonder why he isn’t listed. Aside from Conklin (who splits time 50-50 with Carter at QB) Helton is the only other person on this list that plays much. You’ve uncovered the secret missing ingredient. We need better transfers LOL.
  8. This I gotta see. A 4 star kicker on Huskies. Logan must be planning on a lot of extra points this year.
  9. He’ll be a senior, just like the other kid. They are both good players, and their skill sets are somewhat complementary. Still, it’s too bad in both cases that each has significantly fewer reps compared to QB’s that didn’t split time, and thus maybe haven’t been able to maximize their potential to this point. Either one could have been a two to three year starter at a lot of other schools. Logan has been very loyal to transfer QB’s over the past several years but I’m not sure it’s a sustainable formula.
  10. I agree 100%. Cen10 has had numerous transfers over the years that were pivotal to their success. The top SS programs all have. I also agree that MD’s recent success has resulted in it being an attractive program to top athletes coming in as freshmen, and that creates the need for less transfers, to maintain the same level of success. Still, even 1 guy that makes an impact, and is a transfer, makes trying to downplay a programs success due to transfers indefensible. At least that’s the way I look at it.
  11. Yeah, I stand corrected on that one.
  12. Seriously, I was just commenting on the optics. As regards Bosco, maybe nobody comments, because nobody on here is trying to sell that transfers aren’t a significant factor in their success.
  13. …..Kendall Milton, Raleek Brown, Jurrion Dickey…. None of these players suffered lack of exposure or were starving for offers prior to waking up one day and deciding that Mater Dei was the school they wanted to attend. People will question the incentive. In Dickey’s case, hasn’t he already been on the Kelly Clarkson show and received money from Pilot Pens? You know what that suggests about motive. You just gotta hope he doesn’t get homesick after earning his ring.
  14. Nothing sways his opinions more than issues regarded as having to do with race. There’s plenty on the left representing the decision as supporting pro-racist views. Just another form of oppression. Since the initial Roe vs Wade decision there have been approximately 30million black lives eliminated by abortion During the same period, what has claimed more black lives?
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