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  1. I guess this means San Clemente and Norco gotta play it out to see who the best Spring football public hs team is in So Ca
  2. No, you cant confuse wisdom with a basic tenet of integrity. You can be smart as hell and have a total lack of integrity. It ties to personal accountability which a majority of the public lack. It wasn’t your fault they overpaid you, so fuck em right? I lost my wallet once (left it at an ATM) and some guy like you looked at the ID, made the call and wallet returned intact. It used to be you could have a better than 50% chance that would happen. Nowadays, the only chance that would happen was if you lost it in the company of good people. If the world operated that way it would be a much
  3. Had an idiot working for me once, his check was off by a decimal point. $9300 vs $930. Three days after payroll hr let me know so I had to give him the bad news. He had already spent every cent. They treated him well, took $75 from his check every week, so basically a bitchin deal. 0 interest loan basically. He tried to sue, but the company had real lawyers.
  4. Just think how profitable it would be for a lab to come up with the treatment. The longer you make em sweat, the higher the price. Great business model, create demand, control supply. You could get it to work over and over. No need to change the business plan, just modify the virus a bit.
  5. To answer the question you posed, not for a very long time, if ever. Compromised mental health, the myriad reasons that contribute to it, and the challenges to measuring and addressing it, makes for a complex issue, especially in a free society.
  6. If what happened with Corona virus doesn’t get people to wake up, take notice, and call for action, we won’t have to worry about global warming, nuclear winter, or running out of oil.
  7. It took me quite a while to get an appt for J&J. Waited in line for nearly 3 hrs only to find out a “state agency” needed it and took it, but they traded for the Moderna. Now I’m gonna have to wait again.
  8. It still comes down to what the jury decides. However, a scared jury, a judge that refused to allow a change of venue, a wrongful death award prior to Chauvin even being tried, and a defense lawyer that’s clearly just going through the motions, makes it a strong likelihood of a guilty verdict.
  9. If you watch the entire video of the arrest and follow the science, you can make a case for reasonable doubt. Lets give Floyd the benefit of the doubt and accept that when he was originally placed into the cruiser declaring he couldn’t breathe, he was being truthful. What would cause him to have shortness of breath. Likely not arrest anxiety as he was well experienced at that. What would have caused him to have 3.5 times the normal lethal level of Fentanyl metabolites for a person of his size. Did he mistakenly take too much? Not likely, his personal history shows he was an experienc
  10. In this day and age, no. I wouldn’t even sit on the jury. He’s already been tried and convicted in the minds of many people, many who have shown violent tendencies and in the event of an acquittal, jurists and the defense would be targets of mob violence, the sort of which goes unpunished depending on the cause.
  11. That would be great, but it’s high time Cen10 and MV hooked up. There’s really no reason for that matchup not to happen.
  12. Yeah, this partial season simply doesn’t have the feel of autumn, especially with many teams having impact seniors that sat out this awkward spring fling. I just hope the next Covid wave is over by summers end, and we can have a normal fall season. Should be pretty exciting but if they don’t allow fans in the stands, it still won’t feel right.
  13. For right now, she really likes it. Her boyfriend is at an Air Force base. They bought a house and hope to stay for a while. I’m looking forward to visiting. The fishing is just a bonus.
  14. I have a daughter that moved there a couple of months ago. Based on your inquiry I started looking into it. Looks like I’m gonna have to go visit her. Even the surf fishing there can be pretty good. Tuna fishing out here in So Ca is so hit or miss. But, big bluefin are getting close again. I missed out on it last year.
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