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  1. I knew defunding the police was a bad idea.
  2. Elections have nothing to do with intelligence.
  3. Oh, I get it, those kids are geniuses, we just haven’t figured it out yet. 😉
  4. LMAO. Now they’re blaming Racoon Dogs. Hey, wait a minute, I thought the Racoon dogs were responsible for inflation and pangolins identifying as bats were Covid. You lefties throw so much blame about it’s hard to follow. But, I’ll give you credit for an early April Fools attempt. Go grab a green beer if you haven’t already.
  5. Is it any more distasteful than let’s go Brandon flags? What about Jesus Christ soap on a rope? Fuck Trump Covid masks? There’s markets for all kinds. Hell, if you’re well enough connected and have the money, you can attend private shooting parties on a ranch outside Santa Barbara where participants pay big bucks for targets with likenesses of various high profile conservatives in compromising positions. The most “head shots” can win several thousand dollars. The organizers are thoughtful enough to offer individual and team prizes. How nice. Gotta give the public what they want😉
  6. He can partner up with Biden at the nursing home, although he would probably steal all Joes Chinese money cheating him at Rummy.
  7. Do they really deserve better? They got what they asked for. It’s not like the signs were not there. More like giant billboards lol. It’s like what is going to happen with CA. Between the governor and the state legislature, they will eventually force so much of the important money (companies providing jobs, making products, etc.) out of the state, there won’t be enough revenue to offset the expenses and they’ll go crying to the federal government to bail them out. Just like at the national level, much if the state income tax is paid by a very small percentage of wealthy individuals and corporations. Lose enough of them and the current 22 billion deficit will look like chump change.
  8. They knew his condition and still voted for him. It’s like buying a used car with a questionable history. Gotta accept that it might just break.
  9. Don’t underestimate the number of people that have been coaxed into perpetual fear. It’s almost as if they are zombified and have lost the ability to think and reason.
  10. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆oh yeah, they tried to take the country over. Is that the day AOC was practically murdered?😆😆😆😆😆😆
  11. They are unable. The cartels simply have too much money and influence over the politicians and authorities and use very aggressive violence and fear tactics. They are ruthless. One of my wife’s distant cousins in Jalos, lost all three beautiful daughters to the cartels as wives. The families didn’t want to take money but they were going to lose them anyway. It’s a small town with little law enforcement so they had no choice. There are two deterrents to cartels. Other cartels, and the areas where entire towns will take matters into their own hands and everyone takes up arms in a common cause. The cartels aren’t into warring with entire towns that aren’t trying to steal their business, so they’ll make peace or just leave them alone. Money = power and power = corruption. The US is far more corrupt than many here want to acknowledge. We just rationalize our corruption, politicize it, and point fingers at our ideological adversaries as the “real” problem.
  12. But we don’t have an immigration situation. It’s just a hoax being perpetuated by Fox News. If Americans are stupid enough to cross into Mexico and they get kidnapped or killed……well, we all have choices to make, choose wisely. The government can’t be responsible for the safety of US citizens traveling internationally, any more than they can for travel domestically. All you have to do to be safe here is follow the FBI warning and watch out for existential threats, or threats to our democracy, like white supremacist domestic terrorists. Stay away from those folks and you’ll do just fine. Oh, and maybe avoid Ohio for a bit. Those crazy train conductors.
  13. Just because a bill gets introduced, doesn’t mean it’s going to pass. So, what are the ramifications as you see them? Weakening of the Cartels? Reduced drug flow into the US? Big upsurge in the number of people crossing into the US through the secure border? We’ve apparently got plenty of room and we can always pass more spending bills to help absorb the refugees. Our sanctuary cities are waiting with open arms and open pockets. Fill up Atlanta, Chicago, NY, LA, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Phoenix, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Detroit, Boston, Baltimore, Oakland, San Francisco, Philadelphia…All those cities are bastions of wealth with few issues to contend with. We don’t have an immigration issue right? Where does it say stop aid to Ukraine? We’re committed. As long as Putin keeps the war going, we’ll send aid, even if Russia runs out of weapons and starts using Chinese supplied weapons and ammo. You’ve heard the president’s talking point “whatever it takes”, 5yrs? 10yrs? 1 trillion, 5 trillion, 10 trillion…. We’ll use whatever is left to send aid to Taiwan as well after China decides when it is most favorable to annex them. It’ll be real fun when we have to start sending people. I propose a cut off at 60yrs old. Anyone between 18 and 59, go kick some ass.
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