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  1. There’s an awful lot of people who violate this, most simply don’t get caught. Then he simply does three years regular prison time and 7 years or maybe a little more if he’s a lazy ass and can’t meet the established quotas for the labor assigned.
  2. If found guilty, he should only lose assets amassed as a result of his association with the entity on behalf of which he committed the fraudulent act. I would give the money to something like paying down the national debt, or put into an efficient charity like the Red Cross that actually uses the money wisely. As for the investors, well there is risk to investing. I’m sure there are a lot of people that made out on the deal as well. I would give him 10 years served. But, if during the first five years, he used his creativity to come up with a program to benefit society or the disadv
  3. People protest over things they consider unacceptable.
  4. Son of Sportsnut alert.
  5. Yes, but since they prefer to live in alien nation, you don’t get to see them.
  6. This is the simplest and most important point. Far too many people place their interpretation of their "civil rights", over their responsibility to simply do their part if they happen to be pulled over. Problem is, a lot of people are being taught to adopt the behavior that usually causes escalation. It's not just blacks. You can watch a lot of stupid white people on you tube preaching the same sort of behavior. If you aren't on alcohol or drugs, have no outstanding warrants, have a valid license, updated registration, and insurance, generally the stop will be pretty quic
  7. This video made me feel.... Sad: I wonder if whoever funded this group, gets a refund from the client who failed to fulfill his contractual obligation. Cmon guys, lets all chip in. Hopeful: While the poor lad garnered a 0 on the Darwin survival scale, he amassed major style points for sticking the landing. Go junior, there's still hope for you buddy. Creative: Maybe cop cars could be modified to a) have padded grabber arms on the brush guard to give customers a loving little bear hug on their way to the station b) have a retractable stick paper on the hood, like the kind y
  8. Despite aggressively ridiculing the Sheriff’s deputies and police officers at St. Francis hospital, they were unable to provoke a violent response. The news media vans parked close by, ready to capture the action, had to go home empty handed. Showing up to harass police at the hospital where the officers were fighting for their lives, represents a new level of low. I don’t think even scumbag laden backwards white supremacist groups would do that.
  9. Given that BLM showed up at the hospital looking for trouble just a couple hours later, makes you wonder.
  10. Gotta pay for that salvation, or go straight to hell.
  11. LMAO. I’ll bet you’ve used Flex Seal too! That stuff actually does work at least on gutters.
  12. The company might be good, but the pillow is nothing special. But, there are a lot of heavily advertised products and brands that aren’t very good.
  13. The difference being of course that Cen10 invariably ends up facing MD/SJB or both, in the playoffs. Then, if they get through that, DLS. Not really apples to apples.
  14. A good place to start is to read Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard educated doctor that dismissed the Big Pharma western medicine approach, and went on a search for a shaman. I had to undo certain beliefs I had developed in order to embrace some of what is presented. That book led me to investigate numerous other concepts that I had formed beliefs about, but had never really challenged. My only regret, I didn't open my eyes soon enough.
  15. There is a deeper meaning. I've learned far more in the past 5 years investigating concepts that I would have written off in earlier years, than in all my prior experience which includes a BS in Biological Sciences and a Masters in Plastics Engineering. I'm not advocating that you don't pursue whatever education you are planning on, but the science we are taught, doesn't provide all the answers. The same goes for scripture, history, and politics. Take stock of what you are absolutely certain of, and seek answers to the rest outside of what convention tells you. You'll have to dig hard
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