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  1. I cannot imagine he could possibly see any playing time there.
  2. In Corona Del Mar’s case, this proposed format applied last year, would have sucked. They certainly have a good program, but this past year they had the type of team that only happens every so often given the number of key players that were experienced seniors. They deserved a shot at a title in the appropriate division, which they earned. Had they been thrown to the lions, it would have been penalizing them for having one really good year.
  3. The term “godsend” is a single word, but then, I wouldn’t expect a Sac State person to understand the finer nuances of the English language😉
  4. You ought to start a Newspaper. The appropriate name for it would be The Folsom Fabricator.
  5. Based on this statement, you are surely a descendant of the Indian tribes that sold Manhattan to the Dutch for about $24.
  6. Teams are different from year to year, you dropped 84 on Central last year but couldn’t even get to them this year. Your point is not valid. Which makes Cen10 basically like a Texas public, you know the guys whose asses your nose has become deeply lodged into. LMAO, you’re following Cen10 twitter😆😆😆😆😆. The number of times Cen10 fans check out Folsom twitter is the same as the number of points Folsom scored on DLS in 2018. Perfect, call Antelope. Cen10 isn’t playing there, so another ridiculously meaningless statement. And still finish way the fuck ahead of Folsom😉 Sorry, bigger fish to fry.
  7. Lame ass 70’s movie reference. You probably look just like that douche. Didn’t he get nailed for lying, then cried like a little girl when he got picked up? Hmmm, no wonder you chose that, you probably idolize that character. The smurf turf is ugly. How many lbs of carcinogenic dye do you think is in it?
  8. Fuck no hombre. Why would any top level team waste time and money traveling that far to play a team that nearly lost to Oak Ridge, and Edison, and then lost to Monterey Trail and graduated their best guys. There’s dozens of local teams locally that could have done that. Cen10 will play a local OOL schedule that, like usual, blows away Folsom’s OOL schedule. Folsom needs to stick to their level, maybe try Norco, OLU, Rancho Cucamonga, Vista Murrieta, San Clemente....etc
  9. Illingsworth (Norco) has the size, arm strength, and accuracy, but when the heat turns up he drops off more than most. He’s got to improve in that respect.
  10. So why change anything if the value continues to grow while performance continues as average. Mediocrity pays in some situations.
  11. Cmon man, keep up with the times. His Jimmy Garoppolo doll is getting all the action these days. The Jake Browning doll is now just a back up.
  12. Centennial and both Centrals are way too far up in those polls.
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