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  1. Not for women’s soccer, basketball, rowing, softball, archery, swimming….. Why is U23 applied only to Men’s soccer?
  2. I wasn’t aware of that. Is men’s soccer on a provisional basis at the Olympics?
  3. Since Mexico has a team competing at the O-limp-ics, who is playing in the gold cup finals? Can’t get too excited if Mexico is playing their B squad.
  4. A couple months ago I got a couple of road focused electric bikes so I could spend time with the missus, and earn good will points towards motorcycling with the guys. These bikes are both rear hub drive and although they have throttles, are geared mostly for pedal assist. We quickly learned that we could deal with the hills easily and since we live just a few miles from a fantastic network of forest service roads in the Cleveland national forest, I decided to pony up for two mid level, mid drive, full suspension mountain bikes. Today, because it was going to be hot as hell in Corona, we loaded the E MTB’s onto the car and drove to the San Clemente single track located at a state park contiguous to Camp Pendleton. Because we are not accomplished single track riders we stuck to the periphery trails which in some cases were pretty gnarly and very steep with soft deep dirt in lots of places. After going down some pretty steep hills we decided to jump on Christianitos road, follow it down to the beach, take a quick dip to cool off and then go through town on pavement, working our way back up some very steep hills to get back to the car. I don’t mind saying, my ass was kicked. However, there is no f’in way we could have completed it without the benefit of electric assist. I’m pretty sure by now you’ve all seen e- bikes. If you haven’t tried one though, it’s a total game changer. You’ll actually enjoy riding.
  5. The most difficult to solve problems usually have multiple interconnected causes and contributing factors. Someone has to be assigned to the problem and given adequate authority and resources to make progress. Along the way tough decisions have to be made. Not all decisions will seem acceptable to all parties and that’s where things stall out.
  6. LMAO. Maybe I can stop working so hard to produce data for my job and just throw numbers out that make it look like I’m kicking ass. Hope nobody checks though, I might get fired (er cancelled🤪🤪🤪🤪)
  7. This is a number I’ve seen thrown about for years now, but rarely have I seen the data set to back it up. The most recent estimate I’ve seen is that the US has 2.3 million people incarcerated. Of that, blacks represent approximately 34% or 782,00. A 2020 number for black males in the US shows approximately 19,000,000. I may not be a math major, but….. Now, I’m certainly not contending that black males aren’t incarcerated at a rate inordinately high relative to other races, but 50% seems to be inaccurate.
  8. Ok. Point taken, but if the federal employees ( ie the beacon of ideology) don’t support the vaccination program en masse, then where are we? Pay close attention to NIH and CDC. They are surely more well informed than you or I, wouldn’t you agree? Or, do you think the federal employees base is full of Trumpeteers?
  9. I think that would be in Ontario California.
  10. So supposedly Geritol Joe’s going to require all federal employees to take the vaccine. Normally, I’m not supportive of this sort of intrusion, but in the case of gov employees, I’ll make an exception. I wonder if it will be an exclusion rich affair, leaving only peons without a choice or if it will be the whole lot of em. I hope it’s not on the “honor” system, that alone would exclude most of them.
  11. We had lightning once in So CA on football night, but we had to rely on visual cues. It was harrowing…well maybe for Norco. Down 28-0 at the start of second qtr, they opted to pencil it in right then.
  12. He was also at a couple of Cen10 passing league practices. He’s a lefty and does throw a very tight spiral with less air on long balls than most HS QB’s. Maybe things work out for him at BS academy.
  13. Are you certain about that? Irony and hypocrisy are just hollow terms these days. They may have definition, but little meaning.
  14. Yeah, he was the complete package. Ran the read option to near perfection, went through his progressions, pump faked as necessary, could read defenses, could make all the throws accurately, and for his size was a very effective runner. This years QB’s are both ranked in the top 100 for their class. I don’t know how given the lack of experience, but will see pretty soon.
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