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  1. A colossal fup, but San Diego set the standard for this several years ago, when all of their fireworks synchronized to go off at five locations around the harbor went off in 30 seconds at each location. Slight decimal point error in the program.
  2. 28-21 STA in a down to the wire finish.
  3. They’ll probably go undefeated regular season and make the top 8, only to be a 28 point dog int the first round of the playoffs.
  4. I wasn’t sold on them before, and even less now. They still have a lot of pieces, just have to see how well they do with them.
  5. I know the feeling. I can’t bear to watch the 2015 Cen10 vs DLS game. 4 times inside the 25 with no result. They went away from what got them there, presumably to avoid critical turn overs like in the 2014 game. Didn’t attempt a single field goal, and worst of all left Tanner McKee to ferment on the bench????
  6. Provided he can take the punishment, Nick Floyd from Cen10 might surprise. He’s bigger, faster, stronger, and more elusive once he breaks into the secondary, than any back they’ve had for the last few years. It might be like 2016 Miles Reed. Reed had a lot more touches in garbage time games in 2015 than Floyd had last year though.
  7. Dandy Gents, A lying pompous ass dickblast recently told me he was “in talks” with a network regarding a Trinity League reality series. Given this shameless self promoting media day event, I’m wondering now if he was a truthful pompous ass dickblast. Will I need to craft an apology?
  8. I guess Jack and Jack has been in fashion for a lot longer than we thought. Okay dandy gents, do you have a plan to help your less fortunate league mates perform in a manner suitable to deserve the accolades bestowed upon your organization?
  9. End of May, a couple of coaches including head coach were re- assigned while investigation was to be conducted. Saw a blip about academic misconduct and something else referenced player safety. Haven’t seen an update since. They did lose a couple players that transferred out but nothing else.
  10. Anybody got an update on the Narbonne investigation? Seems like they should have closed that out by now.
  11. Please just inform the fans that guys wearing sweaters draped over their backs with the arms tied in front is strictly northeast prep attire, not suitable out this way. They can leave the LL Bean duck shoes in the closet while they’re at it.
  12. Not to mention getting struck by a drive, or long fairway shot.
  13. The good old wishbone persisted in college for a long time but I can’t recall the last wishbone champion.
  14. Good point. I suppose it doesn’t matter much if it’s the left cross or a right hook that knocks you out. DLS will have to adapt and I think they will in time.
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