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  1. I think Sierra Canyon, Grace Brethren, Oaks Christian, among others are not an unreasonably far commute by So Ca standards. Schools competing for talent are just one factor though. You have to attract a coach willing and capable to build a destination program. LA county, Orange County, and the major cities/towns in the Inland Empire ( Corona, Riverside, Temecula, Murrieta, Moreno Valley) are pretty well built out so not a big influx of potential standout athletes coming in. Ditto for San Bernadino, Upland, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana which are part of San Bernadino CO.
  2. For a public school to do it in so ca, you need a perfect storm of factors. First, a developing community bringing in families with athletes out of the reach of not only MD/Bosco, but other significant draw private’s, a good coaching staff, dedicated athletic department, and good community support. I don’t think that situation exists right now or will anytime soon. I thought as the Santa Clarita area was booming that perhaps it would give rise to a contender, but there’s too many private’s to dilute the talent pool there as well.
  3. A lot has been made about failure to kick field goals as the reason for that loss. Consider though, that for a team that doesn't kick field goals, making 3 of 4 from 35 to 42 yds would have been a tall order and highly unlikely. Because of the way the 2014 game went with several second half turnovers (3 of 4 drives with QB miscues) that turned an exciting back and forth game into a blowout, Logan went into the 2015 game with a conservative plan hoping to ground it out and control the clock. DLS figured out pretty quickly that most of the playbook was not an option, they keyed in on the bread and butter plays Cen 10 used most frequently, played bend but don't break, and was able to stall out several drives, 4 of them inside the DLS 25. To me the head scratcher was why, when it became apparent that DLS was executing their defensive plan, was a more than capable Tanner McKee left to ferment on the bench. McKee represented a change of pace as an accurate, composed, pass first QB capable of going through progressions (not just the primary route receiver) and a deceptively good runner, that DLS likely wouldn't have been as prepared for. The contrarian argument to that would be that he was young and inexperienced, but consider that he had no shortage of reps during the season, and as for readiness, just look what he did out of the gate next year against Chandler and IMG with far less weapons than the 2015 team had to work with. DLS adapted to the challenge at hand, Cen10 did not. Logan simply out coached in that game. I suppose you could consider that diligently sticking to a plan that you believe in, could be considered "stubborness", but that is Logan, like it or not. As for the Cen10D, 2015 was improved from the defensively horrendous 2014 squad, but still, they gave up an average of 34 points per game over the last 5 games (includes the playoffs). By CA standards, maybe that's impressive, but it's pretty porous compared to places that value defense as much as offense.
  4. If you broke your leg raking leaves cuz you fell outta the tree.
  5. This presumes that the head coach has a significant say in the matter. As it has been described to me by a Folsom supporter, and former booster, who also supports other schools in the area, on behalf of some of his employees, there’s a very conservative and stubborn element in the administration. I haven’t, and won’t, press him for details since we now have a business relationship that I can’t compromise, but he’s a pretty straight shooter. At some point, Folsom will be a victim of their own success and may have trouble getting good OOL opponents on their terms. Then, will come the “we can’t get anyone to play us” reason which would have some truth to it. If two years ago, on the night they travelled to Chaminade and St. Mary’s travelled to MD, those destinations were switched, Folsom might have lost the game, but just think of how much they could have won in terms of respect.
  6. Seemed to me like the Folsom defense was as big a problem last year as any other problem, at least against the decent teams they played.
  7. Should be like last year. They’ll be better than any other local teams except MD and SJB. The overhyped transfer in- transfer out (without ever playing) guys, wouldn’t have been enough to unseat those teams anyway.
  8. Over the past several years, I would have periodic bouts of lower back pain but usually just roughed it out and fought thru it, maybe took a muscle relaxer and some non-addictive type pain meds. I never really pushed hard for additional medical evaluation. About three weeks ago I started having some lower back pain, not terrible on the pain scale but enough of a nuisance to cause some loss of sleep. It didn’t bother me much during the day but at night when I laid down it would start in the lower back, radiate to the kidney area (both sides), progress to the genitals, and finally various places in the abdomen. I got tired of getting only 1 to 3 hrs of sleep each night so I finally went to the ER at about 2:30am this past Tuesday. Ten hours later I’m being transferred and admitted to UCI Medical hospital critical care unit, where I spent 4 days undergoing dozens of blood tests, and numerous diagnostic imaging techniques, the point of which was to discern the reason for a badly inflamed aorta with an accompanying aneurysm. This issue is located just at the junction of the renal artery so the kidneys are in the path of the inflammation. Bottom line, they reluctantly discharged me yesterday with no official cause or treatment strategy, other than to hit it with alternating doses of Motrin and Tylenol to knock down the inflammation without causing addiction or destroying the kidneys. I’ll also have to periodically go in for CT scan of the thoracic and abdominal areas. Obviously, this condition isn’t the sort of thing that happens overnight. The back pain episodes I would have occasionally were a sign I should have paid more attention to. If you suffer occasional back pain, don’t take it for granted. Push your doctor to prescribe a deeper dive into known possible causes. I wish now I had taken that approach.
  9. So how is Folsom’s OOL schedule coming along? Your boys gonna pick themselves up, shake off the dust from the Trail and get some Nor Cal top 10’s lined up (VC, Serra SM, Fresno Central....), or will it be the usual? In fishing terms, is Folsom gonna pick up the bass pole, or drop to lighter gear and go for crap(pie). Cen10’s got the heavy gear out, we going tuna all the way.
  10. The difference will come down to line play. Both have more and better athletes across the lines on both sides of the ball. This past year, both aired it out a lot, and who wouldn’t, given the QB’s and all the impact receivers they both had. Both teams have potent backfields so I expect they will bulldoze opponents more this year while the passing game is developing. MV, Servite, or Cen10 could make the games more respectable but I don’t think the gap will have closed enough. MV/Servite should be a good matchup. I’m really curious to see who else MV takes on to help prepare for the playoffs.
  11. What’s even more mind boggling is how Raider fans still act like they win the super bowl every year. No fan base gets more mileage out of less performance than Raide Nation lol
  12. According to the CIF, the changes they have been making are in order to improve competitive equity and reduce playoff blowouts. They also use the “f” word , fairness. “Fair” is a place you eat cotton candy and get on dangerous rides manned by folks with fewer than the average number of teeth. Expanding the bracket back to 16 contradicts what CIF has been claiming as their goal. Even going to four teams, there would be two blowouts and one competitive game. Of course, CIF could simply just be mouthing what they think the majority of their constituency wants to hear. It is somewhat political after all. Last year, the playoffs worked out well enough. Most of the D2 bracket were good games. There is also no guarantee that 5-8 from the open bracket would have rolled their way to the D1AA game either. I’m okay with declaring divisional brackets after the season based on performance, but until the open bracket has more than 2 teams with a shot to move on, there’s no reason to have a bracket bigger than 8 teams.
  13. Stay in your lane bro....
  14. What CIF SS did this year for the top classification worked out better than with the sixteen team format. I could see maybe just going to a four team playoff in the highest bracket as being preferable to the other direction.
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