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  1. Are you going by ScoreStream?
  2. No. The secondary is just not capable at that level. Plus you can’t outscore those defenses in a shootout. To keep within 3 scores would be an accomplishment. MD took it pretty easy on them in the second half of the game earlier this year. The last four drives they had their backup RB in and stopped throwing down field. But, no other team in the SS would fare better.
  3. So what makes that different from your political ideology? You have no tolerance for the other side.
  4. I don’t think Norco has enough to prevail at the next level down, but they’ll be a tough out for some. RSM by virtue of that loss to Los Al and predicted 2 additional losses in league might be the team that played both well enough, and poorly enough to snatch that number 9 spot. But, I think Los Al beats Edison badly enough to knock them out of the picture. Then it comes down to how the mission league Amat, Serra, Chaminade contests against each other play out. I would like to see an upstart squad like Oak Hills slide in, but it’s probably not in the cards. Murrieta Valley has a very close loss to Apple Valley up there in the desert. If they can beat Norco, Vista Murrieta, Roosevelt, and at least show up against Cen10, maybe they sneak in. The 16 team D1 bracket is more interesting in that there will be a lot more competitive games.
  5. Well last year Cathedral vs OLU was a pretty crazy game and Cathedral with a pretty anemic passing game handled Folsom. Whoever wins the D-1 (AA track) should be a more complete team than Cathedral was last year and be capable of giving the Northern rep a good game. I would like to see SS big boy bracket go to 4 team format though. SS #5 is probably comparable with whoever the northern rep will be for D1AA
  6. Maybe stop their ground game but Mater Dei showed how vulnerable Cen10’s secondary is. This Cen10 team is not unlike 2014 Cen10 but because it’s the worst overall OOL schedule they’ve had in 10 years, there weren’t crazy shootouts. I think Cen10 vs Los Al would be like that crazy playoff game against Serra Gardena with Khalil Tate. I think Cen10 wins, but the scoreboard operator will get carpal tunnel.
  7. The Vietnam War and Hemingway are very good.
  8. Sure thing buddy. Ever wondered what some of the folks disguised as hunters and naturalists have been doing in certain areas of your own state the past couple of years? They haven’t been stalking wildlife. But, don’t lose any sleep over it. It’s for your good after all.
  9. It probably is a waste of time. I’m thinking he’s lived far too sheltered a life and never spent any time outside his own personal comfort zone. I suppose it’s an easier path to accept convention than to challenge it.
  10. If it had such scare potential, why wasn’t additional security brought in as per recommended? Was that really because of concern over the “police state optics”, or was someone counting on the situation getting out of hand enough to generate the fear? If Congress was really in danger, I’m sure the Capitol Police would have shot a lot more people. If the demonstrators were really trying to overthrow the government, they would have shot their way in. In my world, it was a demonstration gone out of hand, not unlike what we saw in Portland, Seattle, and numerous other cities the prior summer. Man, what are you gonna be like when we are faced with a real existential crisis? I’m glad you don’t know some of the stuff I do, you would be a wreck.
  11. Orange roughy, pacific sheepshead, white sea bass, red snapper, Alaskan halibut. What’s not to like? Gotta watch out for crustaceans and mollusks though. They get what sinks to the bottom.
  12. Wow, those scare tactics are really working. Locked and loaded troops😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. What’s even worse, I’ll bet none of em are wearing masks either. OMG, they’re trying to blend in with everyone else. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  13. Reminds me of a line from a Dylan ballad titled Joey. ”The police department hounded him, called him Mr. Smith” ”They got him on conspiracy, they were never sure who with”.
  14. Why worry? The election is over, Biden won, in what has been described by many as the cleanest election in US history. Why do you care that 1/3 of the country doesn’t buy it? Challenging election results has become a part of our election experience. Gore, Hillary, Stacy Abhrams, Trump. If you believe in the process, then you believe in the winner, no room for exception, right?
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