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  1. I’ve heard this uncertainty several times. Just who might be in their way to get to the state bowl? I don’t see any team up there that they should even be concerned with.
  2. It’s been 3 QB’s ever since the second half of the MD game. The third QB Retzlaff has the most upside and should be the starter next year. He makes quicker reads, throws a crisp accurate ball, runs pretty well, and has more of the “it” factor. I expect the freshman Israel Carter to compete hard for the job though, but I could see a more conventional one Starting QB scenario next year.
  3. It won’t matter. They’ll go 6-4 but with the formula CIF is going to use to determine the 8 team bracket, JSerra will be one of the 6 sacrificial lambs.
  4. I believe they would give DLS a good game. Helix played them perfectly. They allowed Cathedral to run 295 yds rushing and focused on locking down the passing game. Cathedral throws well between the 20’s but they aren’t a good red zone passing team. They’ll pound the rock relentlessly in the red zone They’ve got some mean Samoan guys and are a lot more nasty this year. The whole team has more attitude this year.
  5. Yeah, Norco defense is pretty porous. You could see a big difference in overall team speed between them and Cen10. Foreman looked pretty good in his first game back from MCL issue suffered against Cathedral. Norco offense only good against bad defenses. Illingsworth looked pretty average for as highly rated as I’ve seen him by some services. I expected a closer game.
  6. Why would you drop the #3 team?
  7. If all holds true, that would be MV. I’ll take MV in that one.
  8. Thanks for the correction. Canyon/Colony it’s all the same LOL
  9. I saw in some statistics for passing leaders that name at Canyon??
  10. As good a poll as any, but I think it gets a little murky after #2. Imagine if MD and SJB got invited to play in the Texas playoffs and the next 8 was a statewide playoff bracket. Sure DLS would be the favorite but there would be some fun matchups.
  11. Aren’t those nursing home candystripers?
  12. JSerra in a close one, something like 27-24.
  13. I think some teams are trying to build around QB’s these days instead of building a good line, then getting the skills guys. Does anyone really think Derek Carr is that much better than David Carr who spent way too many plays looking up at the sky?
  14. Texas AM and Texas are two of the biggest revenue generating programs in the country. Yet, neither has been relevant for a while. Texans love football and will spend a lot for average results.
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