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  1. Thanks, I think I might now have a case of permanent tinnitus. Maybe a 3 of 10 for me.
  2. Which poster said that? Can you show us? If not, it’s just another lie?
  3. I suppose you could look at it that way but in America, we tend to make these sort pf practices (menu driven bail system) and a whole lot other, legal. That way, we can have more egregious practices than in many other countries that we consider rife with corruption, avoid the label and feel damn good about ourselves.
  4. Because it’s simply what we’ve become. The fabric of our society has become frayed. It’s called progress😉
  5. Read the dates moron. In some cases you are indicating “transferred to” as “transferred from”. Maybe you need some assistance. For example 2019 happens before 2020, 2020 happens before 2021, and so on.
  6. At least 4 of the individuals listed were enrolled at Centennial in their freshman year so at best he’s got 6/10 right. That’s an F. I’m sure he saw plenty of those in high school.
  7. MD’s first year QB was much better than IMG’s QB, so IMG was pretty one dimensional during that contest. To this day I still wonder how it is that IMG couldn’t find a better QB. Their run game was pretty impressive though.
  8. On the surface it would seem so. But, to many abortion unfortunately represents the most powerful of freedoms, the right to personal choice. It’s a keystone issue. The things going wrong now will all be represented as things the government has no control over. But, take away that right to choice…. It may not go the way you think because you try to apply logic and reasoning. The upcoming elections may be decided on emotion which is often more powerful.
  9. Well we are all initially coded, at least in terms of brain development, as females, but in those coded genetically as males, testosterone takes over and the process of differentiation follows. Looks like that process has either corrupted or evolved depending on how you interpret it. The female was intended to have natural instinct to protect the offspring. That’s gone awry for many, for a plethora of reasons. I’m sure you’ve seen the movie Abbott and Costello go to Mars but land on an all female planet (Venus) where men are used simply for procreation. It was a pretty funny watch. Who knew it was a a look into the future cleverly disguised as a comedy LOL
  10. Maybe if you could go into one of those cryogenic suspension chambers and wake up xxx years from now you’ll understand where we’re headed. I’m sure you’ll be able to explain exactly where thing went wrong😂😂😂😂😂😂
  11. I think we’re talking about two completely different things. The political science behind what drives humans to adopt a socially destructive practice, is different from the science that makes it an inescapable trait if that makes sense to you. The political science is well understood, the other is not.
  12. Maybe he can room with Gislane Maxwell.
  13. As beings that live on this earth for only about 78 yrs or so on the average, our perspective on things is naturally myopic when considering assessing human behaviors formed over the course of thousands of years. However, your question here indicates you are more severely myopic than most. But, each has their place on the bell curve😉
  14. Especially if you consider that with as much science as we do know, there are still a lot of things we don’t. For instance, how something like the human capacity to accept and support expansion of the practice becomes irreversibly coded into behavior.
  15. I wonder how they’re gonna pay off their cartel contacts. Those guys are living in borrowed time.
  16. Interestingly they get all three at home. Play close attention to those teams penalty yards versus SDCC as compared to their opponents for the rest of the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see 2.5 to 3 times more yards assessed vs SDCC. It’s brutal down there. Although it’s a tall order, it would not shock me if they won all three contests.
  17. Then we must follow mob rule, got it.
  18. Hard to argue. Maybe swap LBP with Cathedral or MV?
  19. I was curious so I checked it out. The kids shows up on the Chandler roster since his freshman year.
  20. No, but birth control can prevent unwanted pregnancies. See above, this is a totally preventable situation. It comes down to personal accountability, plain and simple.
  21. There is an espn Simpson listed under Maxpreps showing no picture but describing the person as a baseball player which is why I never heard of him. Now, GA96 did title the thread Corona Centennial transfer list so he could be technically accurate but that brings into question other transfers he listed. Maybe the 4star kicker is a soccer kid, just when I was warming up to the idea of 50 TD field goals lol. We could check it off as intellectual dishonesty but that would preclude that GA96 had some degree of intellect which would be unanimously dismissed, so I’m going with straight up dishonest.
  22. One transfer, if he makes an impact that in any way influences the outcome of a game, means your team has benefitted from the transfer situation. Find us a top 25 team or even a top 50 team that doesn’t benefit at all from transfers. Transfers are part of the landscape of high level HS football. Whether you choose to believe that or not, is up to you.
  23. Hmmm, Helton’s brother also plays for Centennial. I wonder why he isn’t listed. Aside from Conklin (who splits time 50-50 with Carter at QB) Helton is the only other person on this list that plays much. You’ve uncovered the secret missing ingredient. We need better transfers LOL.
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