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  1. It’s difficult for any team to travel clear across the country. There’s a built in disadvantage. But, that game was over before it began. In warmups Bergen players and coaches seemed awestruck looking over at the MD guys even without pads on. That was a physically very large MD team and it was clear BC was a little intimidated.
  2. I don’t know that he really has a signature win to point at. He had a shot at Cathedral Catholic in the playoffs a couple years back, but tossed a pick in the end zone that would have been a game winner. Had, he beaten Cathedral, he would have had a shot at Folsom. Maybe he gets to provide justification for his high rating at Grayson.
  3. Still only one team to relinquish a 3-0 lead.
  4. Oh my, scathing attack by this forum’s pre-eminent, faux sophisticate, feign intellect. I feel honored.
  5. The same FBI that, had they done their job correctly, could have averted 9-11? Oh wait, let’s blame that on the Clinton administration’s intelligence restriction policies, also known as The Wall (how ironic). Oh wait, let’s blame in on The NY Times who surely would have accused them of unfair profiling. The number one threat to our nation is our very own government and mainstream media. But, if it makes you happy, believe that small groups of skin heads are the problem.
  6. You’ve seen how she reacts to the opposition. Imagine what she would do to internal detractors? I have a coworker that says he hopes she rots in hell. Will never happen. Even Satan has minimum admission standards. Rather than sue the salon that “set her up” , she should direct her ire to her plastic surgeon.
  7. So far Covid is undefeated. But, if the game does happen, I agree. DLS likely wins.
  8. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I think the bigger question remains as to whether this game will actually happen. LA county, OC, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties have all stabilized Covid cases to some extent, but even though the curve is flat right now, it’s still a relatively high number. There is little to suggest that the numbers are about to drop significantly, and when schools do start traditional attendance, there will be an uptick. Round 2 might not see numbers get as high as at the peak, but, as we’ve seen, it won’t take much to cause cancellations.
  9. The 293T cells, are derived from kidney cells from an abortion in the Netherlands in 1970. That same line of cells has been continuously reproduced via cell culture ever since.
  10. Over the years, planned parenthood has stopped 36million black people from existing. I would be a little more concerned about that. Or, do you view that like the inner city violence thing.
  11. You can’t justify hanging people for bothering diners. I would however support employing technology that immediately renders them incapacitated causing extreme nausea often associated with immediate uncontrolled defecation. I would gladly sacrifice enjoying a T-bone to watch that. Might even offer them a napkin.
  12. If that technology was actually used as described, it will be a source of consternation for some. At the recent mostly peaceful Yorba Linda protest (until the Caravan for Justice nut job decided to run a few people over), there were a couple highest level security clearance folks milling around. Wonder what they were up to?
  13. On2whls


    #3 was an inheritance ranking. OU may be the fourth or fifth best team in that conference this year. That QB, what a joke.
  14. There’s an awful lot of people who violate this, most simply don’t get caught. Then he simply does three years regular prison time and 7 years or maybe a little more if he’s a lazy ass and can’t meet the established quotas for the labor assigned.
  15. If found guilty, he should only lose assets amassed as a result of his association with the entity on behalf of which he committed the fraudulent act. I would give the money to something like paying down the national debt, or put into an efficient charity like the Red Cross that actually uses the money wisely. As for the investors, well there is risk to investing. I’m sure there are a lot of people that made out on the deal as well. I would give him 10 years served. But, if during the first five years, he used his creativity to come up with a program to benefit society or the disadv
  16. People protest over things they consider unacceptable.
  17. Son of Sportsnut alert.
  18. Yes, but since they prefer to live in alien nation, you don’t get to see them.
  19. This is the simplest and most important point. Far too many people place their interpretation of their "civil rights", over their responsibility to simply do their part if they happen to be pulled over. Problem is, a lot of people are being taught to adopt the behavior that usually causes escalation. It's not just blacks. You can watch a lot of stupid white people on you tube preaching the same sort of behavior. If you aren't on alcohol or drugs, have no outstanding warrants, have a valid license, updated registration, and insurance, generally the stop will be pretty quic
  20. This video made me feel.... Sad: I wonder if whoever funded this group, gets a refund from the client who failed to fulfill his contractual obligation. Cmon guys, lets all chip in. Hopeful: While the poor lad garnered a 0 on the Darwin survival scale, he amassed major style points for sticking the landing. Go junior, there's still hope for you buddy. Creative: Maybe cop cars could be modified to a) have padded grabber arms on the brush guard to give customers a loving little bear hug on their way to the station b) have a retractable stick paper on the hood, like the kind y
  21. Despite aggressively ridiculing the Sheriff’s deputies and police officers at St. Francis hospital, they were unable to provoke a violent response. The news media vans parked close by, ready to capture the action, had to go home empty handed. Showing up to harass police at the hospital where the officers were fighting for their lives, represents a new level of low. I don’t think even scumbag laden backwards white supremacist groups would do that.
  22. Given that BLM showed up at the hospital looking for trouble just a couple hours later, makes you wonder.
  23. Gotta pay for that salvation, or go straight to hell.
  24. LMAO. I’ll bet you’ve used Flex Seal too! That stuff actually does work at least on gutters.
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