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  1. Proud Pops as you should be. My daughter started frosh basketball..so happy she can play but no fans allowed 😡 She is a rebound machine and at that level when someone gets a rebound they are swarmed resulting in a alternating side out.....until I showed her how players grab a rebound and swing their elbows while holding the ball...trust me Meghan and Courtney want No business of a sideways nose or loose teeth....that's my girls rebound...try for a jump ball....is it worth it?!?!😎
  2. Oh mamma!! Also...Heather Thomas from The Fall Guy...everyone had her poster in the hot pink bikini
  3. Your butt hurt is legendary.
  4. THE REAL Bosco beating their California sister school...... In 2011
  5. Well then that makes DBP Oxford. Rutgers? Too much credit 😂😂😂
  6. Shhhhh....we know what facts do to these folks!
  7. No worries...kid will be at IMG next year.
  8. Drive? He might already have grand kids!
  9. I used to have his poster in college of him passed out on a folding chair...cig in mouth bottle in hand...he is a machine and should donate his remains to science.
  10. Outstanding looking pooches!
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