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  1. Where was his crew? Should have a buddy or two always ready to roll you out and home 🤔
  2. Sounds like you got yourself some when there!
  3. It’s because of this I know where Albania is…the Adriatic Sea!
  4. Agree…he has dropped off big time…hit the RB wall. Remember OSU ran him into the ground….but depends on the cap hit. Had a rookie rub from Florida that looked pretty good when he was in there.
  5. Dude looks even younger when he wears a ski hat he just needs a little red ball on top! But the guy can ball
  6. At least send an email to keep us all off the ledge!🤔
  7. Shut down for several days….hacked? I missed 66’s TDS 😂
  8. Always climbing the ladder, just so falling hurts a lil more
  9. I was gonna say let the guy kick the field goal to get his confidence back but never mind
  10. Never forget Jerry Jones had the car during the draft to hand in for Johnny Manziel when his son Steven ripped the card out of his hands and tore it up. They then shows Zach Martin or Notre Dame six times all pro and when the time is right first ballot Hall of Famer
  11. They should be bringing this play clock down to five seconds every play
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