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  1. Sleepy Joe at it again. Cooter and Krusty's boy at it again !!
  2. Cooter just entered stage 6 TDS
  3. Nope...sophmore year government...i got lucky frosh year...had Fr Ken for History I Immaculata...most frosh got Fr Pete in St Johns with 7 or 8 chalk boards filled with notes before you entered his class...had to write and listen at the same time! #pain
  4. Those marble books filled with notes that The upper classmen would sell to the sophs...a Bosco tradition!
  5. Its what they call his younger brother from fake news.. aka the useless weak brother from The Godfather
  6. LOL..panties in bunch! From the gal who throws temper tantrums daily due to stage 5 TDS SYNDROME...classic Krusty!
  7. Father Tim was awesome...principal of DBP..even Krusty would back me up on that...had a boom box..yes it was the 80's with a few hundred rock cassette tapes...he took it in stride when we asked if we could enter granatell stadium to IRONMAN....by BLACK SABBATH 😎
  8. Hair sniffing Joe..arms inappropriately around young girls waists while they look up with an odd look on their faces...creepy Joe who said in public he likes it when you boys mat his leg hair down in the pool and enjoys young boys sitting on his lap...all this for the world to see and hear. You are a fucking moronic little 🐑
  9. Wrong as usual..attended DBP 9-12. Mr Bruckowski(sp) probably smacked the straw out of your mouth. Meanwhile I had an open invite to chill with Fr.Tim in his office and listen to Zeppelin with him😎
  10. Krusty the slack jawed yocal grew up in the sticks of North Rockland too! Banjo was the Top spot in band.
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