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  1. He is so anti Trump I swear he looks like Conchas new avatar!
  2. Plus being hopped up on drugs = adrenaline . can't take that chance..cops deserve to go home after their shift
  3. Poll boy is at it again!! 🙉🙈🙊
  4. Everything is fair game with SP!
  5. Match the reward as the LAPD asked. Man up "king" Think of the PR for King Inc
  6. Yes..If you include micro organisms...if you speak of ET...Well lets just hope they are peaceful...think Independence Day...of they can come here...and are aholes....we are fucked
  7. She said 100% this was done intentionally...time for the world to band together and bitch slap China big time.
  8. Watching Chinese virologist whistleblower ...Dr. Li-Meng Yan explain how this was man made...NOT from a wet market. HMMMM.... coincidence that this happens after China got their ass handed to them finally by a real president? I pray for her safety...she will share much more on the coming weeks. No tin foil hat conspiracies....total lies and deception ....bet Pelosi and the gang knew. But hey it MIGHT help take down Trump...so fuck it....
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