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  1. Omar Schiff and Schumer are tied for the lowest scrum on earth...
  2. I wonder how "great" Schiff is going to do today? Ahahahahahahaha My bet is he will reguritate the same lies and BS like yesterday and put people to sleep.
  3. I can't wait for the debates! Mr. President what have you done for the country the past 4 years ? (yes they will be dumb enough to ask him that) 45 minutes later....... Well...what else have you done? 25 minutes later..... That's it???😭😭😭 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  4. Cut and dry...like his hair come Monday 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. Oh that's right....you got him THIS time! Especially since Schiff is Doing so great Ahahahahahahaha.
  6. Wait until Say/Mon...then you'll see the truth you 🐑
  7. Iowa dad calls out Warren. "So you promise to forgive college debt to buy votes?....what about my daughter? I've been working double shifts since she was 10..are you going to pay me back for doing the right thing?" Warren "No!" He says" I'm done with you" and storms past pocohantas. Good for him!...America is on to you sleezy dems
  8. Your hero Schiff...the same guy duped by 2 Russian pranksters about naked pictures of Trump....ahahahaha
  9. You are a fool's fool. Keep rooting for Schiff...doomsday comes Saturday/Monday. Can't wait to read your reaction then...or should i say whatever mad cow and Lemmon have spoon Fed you....poor little naive 🐑 More you post the dumber you look junior! You got him THIS time! Ahahahaha
  10. You welched...You know it....we all know it...freakin Welcher!
  11. Sounds more like a parochial school. DBP didn't allow hair past the collar. Coach Rezzonico would take out a pair if scissors if need be.
  12. Krusty would Welch on that too. Don't waste your time!
  13. Nice fake tweet my Joe Lockhart...ended up admitting it was fake. #desperate
  14. So much Desperation from the left...Trump. Has a kick ass defense team....they are salivating for their turn!
  15. Yeah then turned around and laughed his ass off. False sense of security...Pencil neck is going to be gutted for alI his lies in the upcoming days. So enlighten all of us...how did he Do a great job? Or are you just spewing what mad cow and Lemmon hammed down your throat. "He is Doing a great job!" Ahahahaha
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