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  1. Funny thing….I couldn’t watch the game live (in regulation) so watched it via fast forward (typical American😂) didn’t look at the color code in the scorebox and assumed Spain was in Red ( know nothing about MAR) was thinking MAR is Spaining Spain with the short boring pass BS. TRUE story…idiot moment!
  2. Also heard I think on SC he (McDaniel) hates showering…only 2-3 a week a most 🤮
  3. So great! Love what’s written on the stretcher 😂
  4. Hope not. Don’t want to see 2000 passes four feet from each other.
  5. Gave up way too much for their QB of the future…who might not pan out…need to win now or end up like the Rams
  6. True…but don’t forget the Dexter Coakley years…that crazed look in his eyes…a missile 😳
  7. And Damon Clark is a great story!
  8. Agreed! Sam is doing awesome. Tyron back soon as well as James Washington…love this group. I don’t believe there’s a salary cap for coaches and I know Dan Quinn said he doesn’t want to be a head coach but I would still back up the truck and give him whatever he wants if I was Jerry to keep him as defensive coordinator
  9. @DBP66 Anthony Brown torn Achilles…done for at least 9 months and his contract expires after this season. Dude was a solid CB….BUT Darond Bland really coming into his own. …..oh and Kelvin Joseph sucks…waste of a second round pick!
  10. Yup..the power and speed are enough even if blocked….if blocked during a regular pk then rebounded goals are very possible
  11. Well GA it is a hsfb forum 😉
  12. Enough of trying to fake the goalie in PK’s..stuttercsteps etc. just blast the damn ball mid height….. oh speaking of keepers. Pick the ball up! Stop trying to act like you have soccer skills…that why you are a keeper!🤬
  13. “We always hold our own accountable “ OMFG that is too funny..thx for the laugh!
  14. Rob Reiner? That’s who you are hanging your hat on?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. It’s Keith Richards….a play on how old he is and will never die. He is the anti poster boy for Drugs are Bad for you!
  16. HOF Tyron Smith coming back…OBJ…Be afraid …be very afraid
  17. This team is special. There is no salary cap for coaches…Jerruh pay Dan Quinn whatever he wants….lots of youth contributing…got the making of something special… Pollard…TE group….drafts…Tyron Smith coming back….oh an maybe OBJ…Xmas eve at home versus Philthydelphia gonna be HUGE!💪😎
  18. Do the math…roughly 125 D1 teams….30+ bowls x 2= 60 teams. Nearly 50% of teams go to bowl games…nothing special and watered down with players saying fuck it I’m not playing. Almighty $ always wins. Miss the fruit bowls when growing up
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