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  1. That was a nice designed QB run for North Shore, the QB broke that defenders ankle
  2. Exactly! I have watched the last few Katy games and I really have not been impressed. Granted I knew nothing about their opponents however Katy did not look strong. Apparently Katy plays up or down to their competition.
  3. North Shore is keeping Katy in the game. 14-14 almost 2nd quarter, Katy just ran a pooch kick pack
  4. it is working for me... what is with the Pooch kicks today!!!
  5. What’s going on with Katy? Not intended as a troll post whatsoever, not my style. But I watched last weeks game and I know they ended up pulling away but the first half was sloppy. I thought it was a fluke but then I watched the first 2.5 quarters and again they were struggling. Have they lost some key players this year, or was Ridge Point standing on their head tonight?
  6. 10. Elder 9. Mentor 8. St. Johns 7. Bingham 6. Martin 5. Chill 4. Rock Hill 3. Loyola 2. Rockhurst 1. Christian Brothers
  7. Hey DD why is Northshore not ranked, is this only the DFW teams?
  8. Let's go home teams, protect your house!!
  9. 10. Chandler 9. St. Louis 8. John Curtis 7. Avon 6. Loan Peak 5. Serra 4. Elder 3. Rockledge 2. Fairfield 1. Colquitt
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