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  1. Gorman Schedule

    VM travelled to Colquitt just last year.
  2. Reminder: Coach Q&A at 8PM EST

    HA sorry for just using the phrase "google it"... that was weird
  3. Reminder: Coach Q&A at 8PM EST

    ROMPHIM... lol it made a splash last year, google it!
  4. GSB and other NJ residents

    LOL that is known as a ROMPHIM!
  5. New series recommendations?

    Shameless, Billions, Power all good ones!
  6. For all our handicappers: DLS vs. Folsom

    I will be there, would be cool to meet everyone!
  7. DLS declines Folsom for week 0, opts for 7-5 Amador Valley

    Hey Prep it looks like Kevin Lopina is going to be the offensive Coordinator for Zac as well...
  8. Greek life....

    PIKE, Pi Kappa Alpha Arizona State University If you ain't PIKE you ain't SHIT!
  9. We Know One DLS Non-Conference Opponent

    I just talked to a player that’s graduating this year and they said definitely a Georgia team, most likely North Gwinnett... sorry GSB πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Mater Dei 52 vs De La Salle 21 F

    If you have Comcast it just came on channel 720
  11. That was the worst call ever at the worst time!
  12. Week 12 Tiers

    I believe Dylan Wynn from that 2010 mud bowl is playing in the Grey cup as well...