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  1. Let's GOO! BY is going to tear it up down there, looking forward to seeing his growth!
  2. LOLZ bruh if you remove the games I didn't get my pick in I was top 3 alll day!
  3. That Centennial team was nasty with Vontaze Burfect. Im pretty sure that was the year he Power Bombed one of our players.
  4. Thank you, or else I'll just have to login on my phone when I want to utilize it.
  5. Hey @HawgGoneIt anyway to add a middle finger emoji? It doesn't have the same effect when I flip off my monitor...
  6. Surprisingly I would say Iowa is a strong candidate for TE U
  7. JR Hastings (SP?) was a beast at running back for Bellevue!
  8. 2004-2007 were the dark years. There were a few extenuating circumstances that led to this. I think Canyon had a solid RB as well Luigi something? I was at the game and I just kept hearing the same kid's name. Canyon definitely deserved that game! Should I send you a PM with my address? And do you have Venmo, I would love to send you a tip for the hassle!
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