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  1. Oh you know, just good ol' salt of the earth type of people...
  2. Bruh, bring out the moon rocks because that documentary gets weird. The characters are hilarious though...
  3. Are you talking straight up winners or with the points?
  4. Yup I remember hard left-hard right-pray, My butthole definitely puckered up nice and tight between turns 8 and 9
  5. Love me some Ocean Avenue.. So it was the Summer before college and my buddy just got a new Porsche for graduation. His dad sent us both down to Monterey for the Skip Barber racing school. Went to the beach one of the days and I caught me a local lol
  6. I dated a girl from Carmel, that field/view/location is the bees knees lol
  7. You must have come after BLOCK/FrankyJames etc... went MIA... you would not be asking that question if you encountered him
  8. LOL I'm good... the whole number thing next to the picks is too overwhelming for me. LOL
  9. I know we are in a constant state of change however does anyone know if there will be fans allowed at the game? If so some of us should meet up, I'm down to make the trip from the Bay...
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