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  1. LT4Spartan06

    Live GA 7A Title: Milton defeats Colquitt Co. 14-13

    Those 2 calls were definitely BS
  2. LT4Spartan06

    2018 Bowl Mania

    Ok I'm in!
  3. LT4Spartan06

    Final Playoff Standings

    Damn if only I didn't miss a week.
  4. LT4Spartan06

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    When you finally get registered you can look at the full channel line up and you can order a la cadre... just search for the channel you want
  5. LT4Spartan06

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    Sign up for Sling, you get the first week free so just cancel after the game.
  6. LT4Spartan06

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    The first week is actually free so take advantage!
  7. LT4Spartan06

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    I am not sure up there for you, but I live in Walnut Creek and its airing on NBC Sports bay area.
  8. LT4Spartan06

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    No Guarantee, but if you order the streaming service Sling they carry NBC Sports Bay area. Its only 9.99 per month for about 70 channels. Best part is that you can get Sling, watch the game and then cancel the service. Sling pro-rates it so it would be 9.99/30 days... not bad
  9. LT4Spartan06

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    Comcast Xfinity is showing it up here on NBC Sports Bay area channel 720
  10. LT4Spartan06

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    Maybe Consuela can work her magic and put CRP and Coach Baugh in contact so he can pass along that sneaky XP play...
  11. LT4Spartan06

    Folsom to play Central (Fresno) in NorCal Regional Bowl

    Good catch! I knew I could count on someone to clarify a little further.
  12. LT4Spartan06

    Folsom to play Central (Fresno) in NorCal Regional Bowl

    In a nutshell, Socal's top teams all play in the same section whereas the top teams in NorCal are spread out over 3 different sections. DLS is always a lock to win NCS and with their history of consistency they have earned the NorCal open bid almost every year. This leaves the other 2 main section winners battling it out to represent NorCal for the D-1AA bowl. These state bowl championship games are fairly new and California has always been controlled by the different sections rather then a state governing board. This has left our state playoff system much to be desired... I am sure one of the California rule gurus can give you a lot more specifics!
  13. LT4Spartan06

    PrepNation Poll

    That was a wild play! I had to rewind it multiple times to see how he split that inside gap. He made the lineman look lost and confused.