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  1. Awwwww shit he/they could not resist... He's scrambling now... Let's see if he pulls a Columbiafan and takes a screen shot of his profile showing his alter ego viewing his profile lol
  2. There you go, proving @Wosinc point... I coach a lot of 16 year old guys and girls and many of them are intelligent. However, there is a difference between knowledge/intelligence and emotional intelligence. Even the brightest 16 year olds do not have the self-control and discipline to author post after post of paragraphs of equal amounts of self righteousness and self degradation.
  3. @AztecPadre @BUFORDGAWOLVES @LiberalDonaldTrump Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking? He slow played it a little better this time but.....
  4. Bryce Young will win the Heisman as long as he stays healthy...
  5. I'm not sure on that one actually, football has only been around really since 1979. I wouldn't be surprised if there was an older public with more playoff wins. We definitely have the highest playoff win percentage out of CA schools with at least 75 playoff games.
  6. From 1979 to the end of the 2015 season De La Salle went 106-7 in the playoffs; 35 consecutive years making the playoffs. Now from 2016-2019 they on average played 4 Playoff games per year going 12-4 That brings their total to 118-11
  7. LOL no pat needed... Just looking for an inside unbiased perspective, thanks for the offer though
  8. I actually like to keep an eye on the VOLS now that Henry To'oto'o is on the team. How do you see him progressing so far?
  9. I think it is decided by counties and implemented by individual school districts. For example, I coach water polo and while this should be summer club season, we are forced to treat practices as "summer camps". Groups are limited to 12 kids and 1 coach, no contact, masks must be worn outside the pool. No new people can be introduced to the "bubble" and coaches can only be there for "one block" to aide in contact tracing. I may be mistaken but I believe this is how DLS was able to start last week. Groups of 11, no intermingling, etc...
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