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  1. Got through it without losing power or water. We had a -18 degree wind chill here in Ft. Worth last Monday. I had to wear two t-shirts, long pants, and socks with my flip-flops.
  2. Stop recruiting kids from all over the LA metro area, and we might accommodate you. There's nothing for a Texas public to gain from playing a California football factory that recruits to fill the holes in their roster every year. Feel free to challenge any Texas private, though. Send your Freshman C team, and tell them to take it easy.
  3. You talk like a moron a lot of the time, but I always thought it was just an act. After that post, I'm not so sure.
  4. SLC had 11 new starters on defense this year. It showed in their first few games, and it showed again tonight.
  5. These are both play-who-you've got, pubic school teams. Watching your recruited-up all-star team has spoiled you to what high school football really looks like.
  6. It's called a wrap-around draw, and it works well almost every time they run it. They've been running that play for years.
  7. TexanLIve.com will stream free AUDIO for both 6A Championship games on their site.
  8. 2020-22 UIL Conference Cutoff Numbers and Preliminary Enrollment Figures — University Interscholastic League (UIL) (uiltexas.org) As you can see, 1A through 5A are pre-split into D1 and D2 before the season starts. In 6A, four teams from each District make the playoffs. The two largest schools go into the D1 bracket. The two smaller schools go into the D2 bracket. Katy is in D2 this year because both Tompkins and Seven Lakes, who also made the playoffs, have a larger enrollment. I have no idea why 6A isn't pre-split into D1 and D2 like the lower classifications.
  9. No. They will be shown only on FOX Sports Southwest.
  10. 5A-D2 Aledo (12-1) vs. Cosby (12-3) - 1 PM Friday 5A-D1 Denton Ryan (14-0) vs. Cedar Park (13-0) - 7 PM Friday Both at AT&T Stadium
  11. 6A-D2 Katy (12-1) vs. Cedar Hill (12-1) - 1 PM Saturday 6A-D1 Westlake (13-0) vs. Southlake (12-1) - 7PM Saturday Both at AT&T Stadium
  12. Of Katy's 22 starters, 10 are black, 10 are white, and 2 are Hispanic. You could say they're nearly all-black, right?
  13. Nope. Green, black and white (Southlake) vs. Red, silver and blue (Westlake). Red and white (Katy) vs. Red and black (Cedar Hill).
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