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  1. 6-man football is still football, correct? The enrollment numbers for 2A and 3A are right there in the graphic I posted. No need to look them up. No one was asking about the size of towns, or schools in Texas. The topic was the number of schools that play football.
  2. The UIL website shows 1,359 high schools, 1,237 of which are playing football in 2021-22. That's UIL schools only. Conference Enrollment Number of Schools Number of Schools (Basketball) Number of Schools (Football) Number of Schools (Volleyball) 6A 2220 and above 246 schools 245 (Basketball) 245 Schools (Football) 244 (Volleyball) 5A 1230 – 2219 253 schools 252 (Basketball) 251 schools (Football) 253 (Volleyball) 4A 515 – 1229 206 schools 206 (Basketball) 188 schools (Football) 201 (Volleyball) 3A 230 – 514 235 schools 235 schools (Basketball) 210 schools (Football) 222 (Volleyball) 2A 105 – 229 201 schools 201 schools (Basketball) 190 schools (Football) 137 (Volleyball) 1A 104.9 and below 218 schools 217 schools (Basketball) 153 schools (Football) 118 (Volleyball)
  3. This only makes sense if it applies to public schools that have an attendance zone. If I played at Cen10 my Freshman year, but want to play at MD my Sophomore year, where do I have to move to in order to do that?
  4. Honest question: How does this work? If there are no boundary limitations, why does a transfer have to move? And where do they have to move to?
  5. That's odd. TCAF doesn't list Trinity Christian as one of their member schools, but TCAL does. Maybe their websites are behind the times?
  6. They got booted from TAPPS a few years ago. They're a TCAL team, like Bishop Sycamore.
  7. Humble Atascosita at Denton Guyer.
  8. Well then, I agree. They do have a chance.
  9. Katy's really not playing that well right now. They have a lot of new faces that need some seasoning. They've played sloppy, uninspired football so far, with lots of procedure penalties and such. But, they're still kicking ass on teams they're supposed to kick ass on. I expect them to be undefeated through the regular season, and be a much better team by playoff time. As usual. They do have a hell of a RB trio, though. They debuted a new #3 RB last week, Deondrick Glass' little brother, Dallas. He ran for 133 yards on 6 carries. Katy's also been without the services of WR Nic Anderson and DB Bobby Taylor in the first 2 games. Hopefully, they're back this week.
  10. We'll see. LT has a lot to prove after last years' inglorius playoff exit. Lake Travis may be the last team to beat Westlake, but Round Rock is the last team to beat LT. Round Rock for Pete's sake! C'mon, man! It was your comment that there's LT and Westlake, and then everybody else that made me laugh. No one can ever say you LT fans aren't an arrogant bunch.
  11. Westlake does, but I don't think LT does. The game will be on Texan Live, though.
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