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  1. Is this why you haven't set Nolan Catholic up with a game against one of Texas' power publics?
  2. Katy vs Allen is always a possibility when Katy plays in the D1 bracket, but because of how the brackets are set up, they could only meet in the Championship game. Each would have to win 5 playoff games to get to that game, too. The best chance to see them play each other would be in a non-District game at the beginning of the season. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen, though. I don't know that either HC has ever pursued that option. Guyer and Ryan will never play each other in anything other than a non-District game. Guyer is 6A, and Ryan is 5A. They played a non
  3. No one knows how good LT really is, or Westlake for that matter. Covid robbed us of the opportunity to see either of them play decent competition this season. As far as LT owning WL, that's like saying Katy owns North Shore because they've won more games in that series. Every year is different.
  4. If 2020 LT can get past Westlake and North Shore, they might have a chance against a team like STA. Otherwise, nah.
  5. How does this delay for the football season affect the other Spring sports in Cali? Surely you have a bunch of multi-sport athletes that would normally play baseball and run track in the Spring.
  6. I totally and completely understand that. When are you going to make a thread about New Jersey's Worst OOS Losses?
  7. The 4A and lower classifications are in their 4th week of the playoffs, but I doubt there's any interest in those games on this forum. This is the final week of the regular season for 5A and 6A schools. The only game of interest is between Katy Seven Lakes and Katy Cinco Ranch. If Seven Lakes wins, Katy goes the D2 route in the playoffs. If they lose, and Katy goes D1, 8 of the Top 10 teams will be in the D1 bracket. There are a couple of good matchups in next week's 1st round playoff games, but for the most part, it will be another few weeks before the better teams start facing e
  8. Everyone's soft, aren't they? Everyone sucks? Isn't that your typical comment on this forum?
  9. Oh, I don't know. Maybe because Steele had a very good offense, one that carried them to the D2 Championship game?
  10. I watched the game. I know how and when Cita scored their points. I just didn't want to overload Los' tiny brain with too much data.
  11. It's called context, you simple minded cocksucker.
  12. LT had some early season struggles. No one would dispute that. Steele lost to DeSoto in the D2 State Final. LT gave up 21 to Atascocita in the State Semi-Final. For you slow types, that's 5 rounds deep into the playoffs. LT gave up 7 to The Woodlands in the State Final. Are you saying a 6A D1 Texas State Finalist is a slapdick?
  13. In 2018, North Shore allowed 12.4 pgg. (scored 53.4 ppg.) In 2016, Lake Travis allowed 12.5 ppg. (scored 51.9 ppg.) Seems they were pretty good on both sides of the ball.
  14. Texas with 4 teams in the Top 10. But, you guys still get one of these...
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