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  1. What's the reason (or rumor mill) for a transfer to Pinnacle?
  2. Whew, I was just able to take a deep breath. Until now, all I could think of was it being a school for teenage boys preparing for priesthood with an emphasis on becoming proficient in rassling one another.
  3. Looks like the Hoover coach has had a lot of positions as a coach for Team USA, with 14U, 15U, and 18U over the years. Sounds like a respected coach. I agree the AHSAA might consider taking a longer look at their rule, but the coach had to have been aware of it. Maybe if a Hoover kid was on the 18U team, the coach might have stepped aside and worked with one of the younger teams.
  4. Hows about a taste of your own medicine... National Championships Calipari - 1 Alabama - 0 Final Fours Calipari - 6 (4 at Kentucky) Alabama - 0 30 Win Seasons Calipari - 11 Alabama - 0 35 Win Seasons Calipari - 5 Alabama - you do the math
  5. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. 55-24 First half was great. Then Charles White exploded. Stud.
  6. Looks like me and my buddies getting ready for Stevie Nicks or something like that.
  7. I think you make sure there is no chance in hell the opponent can overcome the deficit, and then you run the ball to run out the clock. Georgia pretty much did that. I highly doubt the TCU staff feels Georgia ran up the score on them.
  8. While at the same time, plenty of others try to argue that the SEC is not the most dominant conference, even though 5 different SEC schools have taken turns winning 13 of the last 17 national championships. They are almost unbeatable in the semifinals, produce more players in the NFL draft each year, have more active players on NFL rosters, etc., etc. "SEC, SEC, SEC!" is a middle school post, but so are those from folks trying to make a case against the unparralleled success of the conference.
  9. This is the case almost everywhere. Many people would benefit by spending time among locals in different countries. Most everyone on this planet wants to be happy and stress-free, as you said enjoying friends and family.
  10. 2008 is when I took my "first hit" of these forums. Went hard on them for awhile, ruining relationships and health and jobs, spending months in rehab trying to get better. Well, not really, but I did post a lot more back then.
  11. Is "So many young people and athletes are dropping like flies" an exaggeration? Or maybe for another forum? You returned after a long absence, and have kept these litte tidbits out of your posts. I've actually enjoyed what you were adding to the forum. Not sure if you remember, but there is an OT Forum that I think a couple people still go back and forth over and over again about this type of topic. You might want to see if it remains an active place for non-stop, repetitive, politically-motivated anger.
  12. Hmm. Cincy had a record-setting QB, a 1300 yard runner, and two of the top CBs in the country. Johnston is a better receiver than what Cincy had, but all the others you listed are quite similar between the two teams, aren't they?
  13. Sound a bit like the Cincinnati team last year.
  14. Relax, I think he'll recover. I know I joked about getting my bell rung. Perhaps you're being a little dramatic.
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