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  1. I've camped plenty in the mountains at about 10,000' or so, when the night temps late Spring and early Fall get into the 20s and 30s. It's chilly when sleeping. But below 0 is an entirely different animal -- it's not very fun unless you have what you need. A stove for the tent would help significantly if you are car camping (or plan on dragging it in a sled behind you as you hike to your spot), and you better have activities planned during the day or you will either be bored in a tent or extremely uncomfortable out in the elements.
  2. I was convinced to go with two buddies back in the early 80s, snowshoeing in with our gear on our backs and giving snow-camping a whirl. One of the guys had done it before, and was a boy scout and spent some time in the Outward Bound program. I had no experience whatsoever and had to borrower pretty much everything I brought. The guy who knew what he was doing let us know beforehand that he had utensils and plates and everything. It wasn't until we began our first meal that he said what he meant was he had that stuff for himself, not for all of us. So two of us didn't have a cup or a plate or a bowl or a spoon or anything. We did have one six-pack of beer, so we cut off the top of two of the cans and used that as our means of drinking soup, careful not to cut up our lips. Ridiculous. 3 nights in the mountains in the winter, sleeping in a tent on top of the snow. The condensation from our breath at night would hit the inside of the tent and form little ice balls, and then a gust of wind would knock them off the tent so it was effectively snowing on us inside the tent. The wind-chill was 30 below. Just outside of Fairplay, CO, home of South Park High School. Yep, THAT South Park. We lasted one night and got the hell out of there. It was miserable.
  3. Ah, I think you're right. Different Tampa guy.
  4. He did show a picture years ago of his wig having been split pretty good in a car accident. It was a legit deal, and I never wished him any harm from it. But, unfortunately, it very well may have had an impact on his brain functions. I'm sure he still has the picture, but he posted it about 2 forums ago, maybe on Rivals, so no access to it otherwise. Aside from the nasty gash across his scalp, he truly looks (and sounds) similar to that kid who played Vern in Stand By Me. Vern : If I could only have one food for the rest of my life? That's easy-Pez. Cherry-flavored Pez. No question about it. Vern : Do you think Mighty Mouse could beat up Superman? Teddy : What are you, cracked? Vern : Why not? I saw the other day. He was carrying five elephants in one hand! Teddy : Boy, you don't know nothing! Mighty Mouse is a cartoon. Superman's a real guy. There's no way a cartoon could beat up a real guy. Vern : Yeah, maybe you're right. It'd be a good fight, though.
  5. This is what I always envisioned when I used to read Troll's posts on the OT side, no matter the subject...
  6. Not enough time to access and read the stories in the links, but I will certainly file this one accordingly. And, by the way, Manning was an NFL legend, having revolutionized the QB position, well before he became a Bronco.
  7. I bet he did. Please fill us in, so we can file this away with all your other posts about everything else everyone has done wrong who plays against Alabama.
  8. I once made fun of Peyton Manning's forehead. But it's not in writing.
  9. You might want to think things through more before you post some of your stuff. Gruden was the Head Coach of a team in a league that averages about 16 million viewers per game. He was paid a handsome salary to lead that team, and is held accountable for what he does. He resigned, perhaps after some coaxing, perhaps of his own doing. RedZone is one of 32 posters on here (34 before GSB got the boot, and Sammy quit). I'm pretty sure he doesn't get paid a dime to post, and doubt it was ever suggested by those in authority here that he exit this forum based on something he wrote on another forum. But back to the original point, it sounds like you are no longer "cancelling" such people anyway, right?
  10. Sounds like you want to forgive Gruden and not have things he wrote 10 years ago hang over his head for the rest of his life. That's fine if you feel that way, particularly since you point out that in your opinion quite a few people would fall into the same category. I'm guessing you feel the same about RedZone now too. As is popular to scream at the refs, "Be consistent."
  11. Not sure what your point is. Are you saying he should be given more time, or that him deciding to take a break from the team after 4 weeks is not the most impressive debut for an NFL coach?
  12. But using the tactic of not returning home with the team, and coaching from Ohio when the organization is back in Jacksonville, is an odd attempt by Meyer of maximizing opportunity. Really, it's selfish, and an example of him slitting his own wrist as a coach.
  13. Folsom has the #1 public freshman team in the state is what I imagine will be claimed.
  14. He learned to deal with adversity at Wyoming though.
  15. Actually, I've heard numerous players and coaches say they never once recall a coach not flying back with the team after a game. The topic was covered in one of the Pat McAfee podcasts, with Chuck Pagano and AJ Hawk, as well as by seasoned NFL beat reporters who have covered teams for decades. I have no idea who he was with, but apparently the Schottenstein girl likes to get jiggy wit it. The media reaction I have seen includes comments about what NFL coaches warn their players regarding Bye weeks and the off-season...namely alcohol and women, among other things. Meyer has a job as the leader of adult men who make a lot of money and have a number of temptations to avoid in order to keep those jobs. And he does too. How can the players take him seriously? If I own the team, I want a coach being paid what they are paid to eat and sleep football, particularly in week 4 of a season. I'm not looking for a guy who stays behind the team after a road game, and ends up drinking and publicly fingering youngsters.
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