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  1. Impressive for MD to have such representation. Did Young have a Habitat for Humanity community build project to get to later on in the day, or just miss a memo on attire for the occasion?
  2. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It can be argued that Saban has dominated the recruiting game due to his proven ability to develop players over the course of his career. Young players see that and want to be a part of such a system. He became head coach at Michigan State in '95. After numerous non-winning seasons, they wanted a change. He came in and took them to 3 straight bowl games. In '98 he beat #1 Ohio State in Columbus. in '99 he beat Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Notre Dame, winning more games and reaching a higher ranking than any team at State since '65-'66. He went to LSU (they obviously needed a change) and in '01 won the SEC championship. In '03 he won the national championship for LSU. We all know about the record-setting run at Alabama. He's as good of a coach as we've seen, no question about it.
  3. A coach should focus on winning and player development. Saban is arguably the best at both. He's 70, so he doesn't have 20 more years to fight off others trying to get to where he is. Georgia is in a good position, Ohio State is in a good position. A&M and USC look to be doing whatever they can in putting together uber-talented rosters. Clemson appears to have staying power. We'll see how Kelly does at LSU. The bottom line is Saban will stop coaching sometime soon, and Bama will not be the same then as with him there. For him to say A&M bought all their recruits with NIL money, and Alabama didn't buy any is silly. As of a year ago, the Tide had over 20 players partnered up with NIL deals. Who knows how many they have now? As things are, a 5-star recruit knows he'll get paid whether he goes to Tuscaloosa or College Station. Maybe they'll get more at College Station, so good for them. Hell, if Von Miller or Myles Garrett could get more money at A&M than at Bama, why not? They're making great money in the NFL either way.You never know what might happen -- get it early and get it often.
  4. Wasn't Garo anti-ambidextrous? Could not throw with either hand? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-pxMm_UdY4
  5. Normally I agree with what you say, but it's been more than Bama and GA getting backs drafted. Going over the last 6 drafts, Bama and GA each have 5 RBs picked, but LSU has had 4, Florida and Texas A&M 3, Ole Miss and Missouri and Auburn and Tenn 2, and So Car and Miss St and Vandy and Kentucky and Arkansas have each had 1. Every SEC school, including Vandy.
  6. Childish comment, once again. No question the SEC has been the best conference for quite some time, and in the last 5 or so years leads all conferences with about 25% of the running backs selected in the NFL draft. Damn good. However, 75% of the running backs drafted have been from non-SEC conferences. If you got it, you got it. And where I went to grade school or high school or college has nothing to do with this thread, so no need to ask.
  7. Don't tell us it's a security role, please.
  8. Seems like the private security they felt they needed should start looking beyond potential vandalization of the sinks in the locker room. Maybe someone might suggest they also look at the kids humping the other kid on the floor. Is the "security" they've hired in any way related to others at MD, or just inept?
  9. Is this accurate? I've seen from numerous sources that the guy has been charged with battery, possession of a weapon, and other misdemeanors. And is still in custody being held on $30,000 bail. When you say "released with out bail facing no charges", is that really what you meant?
  10. MD has had a history of being more successful than the average high school in their area, athletically and academically, which is very commom with many private schools across the country. The relatively recent development of private schools getting an influx of parents wanting their kids to be a part of dominant programs, and the school's becoming more lax on their admissions requirements in order to facilitate the student atheletes they need to compete at the level they want to compete, has changed the culture in many of these schools. Everywhere in the country. MD is in that boat, and has to decide if they are OK with going back to being much more than average, or if they are hellbound on being elite, elite.
  11. I've never heard of a high school bringing in private security to monitor locker room activity.
  12. Did the private security begin before or after this locker room incident?
  13. Looks like his right arm ran into someone who knows some jiu-jitsu.
  14. This post is not like you. Everything OK?
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