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  1. Prior to last year's game between Folsom and DLS, what would you have thought the outcome to be? Folsom by 17ish?
  2. OK, enough. It's perhaps a little overboard to mention LaGrange with Montreal, Toronto, Melbourne, and Sydney.
  3. Last night my wife and I got together with two of my brothers and their wives, and one sister and her husband, to nail down the particulars of a trip we're all taking together in a couple months. We have all known each other for at least 40 years, and while some are unquestionably Republican while others are similarly Democratic, we fortunately are still able to have a great time with one another. It has become apparent over the years that our relationships are much more important than arguing about our political leanings, so we stick to topics that more likely than not keep us laughing. Some might describe this type of post as being elitist, but I consider it an example of being just damn lucky.
  4. Animal House was exactly like your description above -- all 5 times I saw it in a theater the month it came out. Getting ready to attend college, and having been relatively recently exposed to the joys of beer, Animal House came out at the perfect time in my life. Would have to be my all-time favorite.
  5. Yup Yup, yup And Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles The Austin Powers idea was a damn funny contribution to comedies too.
  6. Marcus got more of the *genetics*. Elvis was listed at 5'11", but that's about 11" more than he actually was. Damn good player though.
  7. I'm not sure where I said I wouldn't counter something Blueliner posted. If you are referring to me saying I wasn't interested in continuing a back and forth with NotBigdaddy, then your post doesn't make sense; and if you are referring to me saying I wouldn't be on here disagreeing with others day in and day out, then your post again does not make sense. So pretty much your post doesn't make sense, I'd say.
  8. Is it elitist of you to judge me? See how silly that is? Argue your shit with someone else. This may sound elitist to you, but you and your OT posts interest me as much as Drummer does, which is extremely minimal.
  9. If you think it is elitist to not be interested in going back and forth over the same shit day in and day out, well, then, that's what you think. Was this response elitist? Do you know what elitist means?
  10. So you think certain people went off the deep end and negatively affected the forum, but others going off the deep end is now fun? That doesn't make sense, regardless of how you like to justify it.
  11. You would never see me involved in the type of constant interactions with people rehashing the same things over and over again like what goes on here (and on many other forums that have become politically-focused). So, no, I don't miss people from either side who repeat themselves ad nauseum. Nor would you see me respond to a post with something like what you have here... That would be similar to when someone comments on how the economy is doing well now, and someone else tries to counter that with a comment on how well it was doing before. Or someone says the president is an idiot for something he did, and another will again counter, "what about the last president? He was too." So what?
  12. Based on the participation in the OT section, it appears a group of posters have formed a little bunch who have taken over the site by constantly repeating the same opinions on the same topics and confirming their agreement with one another. Day after day after day, it has become obvious what the content of threads will be, without reading them. Not every single person who is shown below either having started a thread or being the last to contribute to a thread is in this group, but the overwhelming majority are the same people. Some take it very seriously, while others pretend they are just being outlandish. Either way, it is odd that people can spend so much time repeating themselves for such a long period of time and remain interested and amused. And it's even odder how Drummer has come the vanguard of the group (albeit a number of times where he has tossed in the line and not gotten a bite).
  13. What is different about the amount of time a weightlifter needs to spend on their craft to reach the top compared to other people at the height of their professions? My guess is it is similar dedication.
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