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  1. Is he kind of like one of those basketball shoe guys who tiptoes around the law regarding getting kids to certain places?
  2. His life? He's lucky you haven't taken his life? The fuck is wrong with you?
  3. He isn't a player in this year's playoffs, but he's a coach. Watched Kyle Shanahan play WR at Cherry Creek HS. He was a good athlete to have on a high school team, but by no means a standout. He probably understood the opponent's coverages more than most though.
  4. Tough to say who the meanest ever was, but Chuck ("Concrete Charlie") Bednarik considered playing football as a legal way to try to kill others. I've heard multiple other NFL players admit to being afraid of him on the field.
  5. He could have said it better. He could have said "overcome the problems", not "overcome the problenms." Was he talking with food in his mouth, or after a few nips from the bottle perhaps?
  6. Oh yes, Clint Longley. I was watching that game at our family home in the Denver suburb of Littleton. Longley (the Mad Bomber) was a Littleton HS product. The thing about guys like Pearson and Gradishar showing their emotions with regard to not being included in the HOF class is that they are told for weeks leading up to the decision by sportswriters and others "in the know" that with their body of work they are a shoo-in for selection. At about 70 years old, Gradishar expressed his sadness, partially attributed to the fact that he and his wife and family were being all but congratulated recently for what was sure to be "the time." I'd imagine the two of them will be inducted at some point, where they will be lucky enough to be joining this year's inductee, 2-time Pro Bowler, Jimbo Covert.
  7. Champion High School. Like Kuechly, an Ohio high school linebacker. Not as bone-crushing as others, but tough as nails. Never missed a game in his career.
  8. I heard a local radio interview the other day after the HOF selections were announced, with former Denver Bronco MLB Randy Gradishar. Gradishar surprisingly didn't make the cut, and although he didn't shed a tear, he was understandably sad. Awkward interview. He was the Luke Kuechly of the 70's and early 80's. The Broncos franchise was mired in below-mediocrity from their inception in 1960, when for about 20 years they were the dregs of professional football. As a kid in a family with season tickets, we witnessed an organization as inept as there could be. Then they drafted Gradishar in the mid-70's from Ohio State. He quarterbacked a defense that became known as the Orange Crush, leading the Broncos' franchise to their first of 8 Super Bowl appearances in 1978. I've watched a ton of football, and Randy Gradishar is in the top 5 of linebackers I've ever seen play. His nose for the ball was un-fricking-believable. Whether it was a short yardage situation, where he consistently flew over the line and stopped the ball-carrier cold, or made an open-field tackle on an opposing RB on 3rd and 5, the dude made fewer mistakes than anyone I've seen. He was in the right place at the right time his whole career. Gradishar had the misfortune of playing MLB when Jack Lambert was in the middle for Pittsburgh and the Steel Curtain. Lambert was a missing-tooth, badass LB for sure. Gradishar was as effective, if not more so. In a 10 year career, he made 7 Pro Bowls, had 20 interceptions, and 13 fumble recoveries. Only 9 other players have accomplished that, and every one of them is in the HOF. From '74-'83, only 5 defensive players were in the Pro Bowl at least 7 times...Gradishar is the only one not in the HOF. In 1978 he was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Denver is a fly-over city, no doubt, 1000 miles from LA/SF and 1000 miles from Chicago. Not much else in-between. There is no question the lack of media coverage has effected Gradishar and his consideration as an HOF inductee. But trust me, the dude was phenomenal. Will Kuechly get into the HOF? I'd think so. And Randy will too, one day. For the young'uns, just know when he gets there, he certainly deserved it.
  9. Players, or player? Either way, rather silly to post this as any type of confirmation of communications. It would be like an SJB parent saying national teams turned down playing SJB. Are you an SJB parent?
  10. Yep, when Colorado / A&M is considered marquee at all, that's telling. CU has had one winning season in the last 15 years, although as The Sporting News states, they are "looking to build" on last year's losing record.
  11. So they are applying their own idea that the selection is an art rather than a science, which enables them to include who they feel are the 4 best teams. Sounds like you would rather it be a science, which is fine. I tend to agree with how they are doing things. Their method allowed them to include Alabama rather than UCF. I think Alabama would have beaten UCF well over 5 times if they were to have played 10 games against one another that year. Good job using art over science, selection committee.
  12. Presumably, you thought about this, typed your response, looked it over, and said, "Yep, Ima submit that bastard." Jesus Christ!? Saying a conference is considered the best is not saying every player on every team in that conference is from those states. Some kids from around the country want to challenge themselves against the best, and head to the SEC. Certainly you aren't suggesting that the talent level in the southeastern region of the US is lacking, are you? Go ahead and edit your post with a simple "nm" before anyone else sees it.
  13. Well, if the criteria you posted is the correct set, do you find it odd that the first sentence of those criteria specifically says that ranking and selecting teams is an art, not a science? And why would the NCAA website I found information on have the wrong criteria?
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