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  1. trump vs Joe

    Ah, so you think Trump only grabs that pussy after making out and not being stopped? OK, I didn't see it that way. Guess I'm a stooge.
  2. trump vs Joe

    Do you consider grabbing a woman by the pussy just an "advance to see if the women will consent?"
  3. Is that DJT (aka Ryan Driller) in the background?
  4. Coach Snoop

    I like Snoop, which is why I gave it a shot over the weekend. He wasn't a big part of the first show at all. Some other goofball, youth football coach who was behaving for ratings was. I saw too many of those types in real life, and am not interested in watching them on TV.
  5. Coach Snoop

    I saw the first episode and won't be watching any more. The coach (not Snoop) who was taking the team to Seattle carried on like a an idiot at the airport, not behaving as any adult should who is an authority figure for young folks. And when they got to the game, he was talking shit to the opposing coach about what players the Seattle team may have added to their roster for the game. No thanks. Might as well watch Housewives of Wherever.
  6. Explosions in Texas today

    Nobody ain't takin' my bombs away from me. Hey -- I'm looking to buy some bombs and was wondering if anyone on here has suggestions for a good upcoming bomb show I can go to. Not like the local, Tanner Gun Shows, but I'm thinking a national bomb show in a conventioneer's paradise like Vegas or New Orleans or Orlando or something. Let me know, bomb enthusiasts. I like espresso and left turns and bombs.
  7. Georgia can't have nice things

    You have to admit dbcaptiron, you got plenty of Cliff Clavin in you.
  8. Do moderators have the ability to change picks? Someone is messing with my bracket.
  9. I'm not going to confirm nor deny if I am maxchoboian. Maybe on a game-by-game basis at this point.
  10. Yep, he was a pretty good scorer here in high school. And then found out in the Big East he would have to become a defensive specialist.
  11. Very good. Much more manageable, particularity when spread over 18 waking hours. 1 at noon, and 5 after work. Piece of cake.
  12. Based on your reputation, wouldn't a username of 12pintsaday be more appropriate? Top o' the mornin' to ya!
  13. The Stock Market

    You have multiple personalities, asking yourself questions? Center61 and Drummer61 are the same. Who else you got in there?