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  1. maxchoboian

    Shame Shame at ohio st

    Even if the measurement is ex-team doctors of 20 years? Seems like Ohio State loses there. Or did LSU have a 20-year Dr. Jelly Paws too?
  2. maxchoboian

    Judge tosses video in Kraft case

    Careful with you,re grammar.
  3. maxchoboian

    Poll says obama worst president in modern history!

    For those keeping score at home, @NotBigdaddybloom is having a rough start to this season, re-posting whatever he sees on the internet. Some time down on the farm might be beneficial if he wants to avoid further embarrassment up here in the Bigs...
  4. maxchoboian

    Another story you won't see on CNN

    Others might consider that the moral of this thread is to not start a topic with the subject being "Another story you won't see on CNN" when the story has in fact been on CNN.
  5. Red Sox pitchers chalked up 24 strike outs last night against the Rockies...and lost. Put that tidbit in one of those Duck Boats and send it on it's way!
  6. maxchoboian

    Cedar Grove GA at Valor Christian

    Think about it. Valor is the defending champion of the largest classification in Colorado, while Cedar Grove is the defending champion of the what, 5th largest classification in GA? Valor is a private school that has benefited from parents from all over the Denver metro area sending good athletes there to play together. And they compete with GA mid-level teams. 99.9% of Colorado schools have no business taking on good OOS teams.
  7. Ironically, check out the year the class of 2011 boys at Regis Jesuit High School in Colorado had athletically: State Championships Basketball Baseball Lacrosse Golf Swimming Tennis 2nd place finishes Football Hockey I've never seen anything like what they did that year.
  8. maxchoboian

    Graduation attire

    Cap...gown...goggles Yesterday's graduation at CU in Boulder. Not only does everyone get to sit through 3 hours of riveting speeches, but it's in the snow. The show must go on.
  9. maxchoboian

    2019 SFA schedule

    According to the link you provided, the kid played his freshman and sophomore years at a high school in Richmond, spent his junior year at St. Frances, and then returned to the Richmond high school for his senior year. I would think the large type should read "...former Henrico QB...", but that wouldn't get as many clicks.
  10. maxchoboian

    Stars vs Blues 1 - 1 OT

    This should be easy for you then... Let's Go Avs! Let's Go Avs! Let's Go Avs! Give that a whirl. 8-seed on the road in Game 7 tonight.
  11. maxchoboian

    MOOK City Residents

    "And here comes Rusty"...
  12. maxchoboian

    MOOK City Residents

    This is how you've chosen to spend your time in retirement? Seems like a waste based on the idyllic property you have to enjoy. You apparently worked hard and now have time on your hands, and you sit around doing this?
  13. maxchoboian

    Rab has resurfaced

    He has an entertaining way about him. What's childish, though, is when he writes about going after opponents fans, or referees, after games. Just shows no matter how old we are, we can still grow up.
  14. maxchoboian

    Stewards take down winner of the Kentucky Derby

    Yep, and in listening to the opinion of others on the broadcast as everyone was waiting on the decision, a couple different people remarked that if this was a mid-week race at any track across the country, the horse would most likely be disqualified. And then went on to say just because it was the biggest race of the year doesn't mean the rules should be overlooked. It's unfortunate that the horse was DQ'd for interference, and the ultimate winner wasn't interfered with. Nonetheless, horses are in jeopardy of being DQ'd for interfering with any horse, even if it was a horse that finished last. In Saturday's Derby, there is no question Maximum Security drifted out a number of paths (or lanes) and cut off at least one other horse, and you can't do that. Even if the horse is "just a baby" and was "affected by the crowd noise." I didn't bet on the race, either.
  15. Not necessarily.