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  1. And I ain't buying "he's actually a good guy", as has been suggested by himself and a couple of his NJ friends on here who he takes out to dinner.
  2. Well, you got me on that one. Wait, what did I just say?
  3. Please, please, please keep us updated. We will all anxiously #staytuned
  4. I agree. And some bright folks getting in on this action. But the polysyllabic words being used hurt my head.
  5. Do we have two things going on in this thread? One having to do with GSB seemingly requesting that he, and all his posts, be wiped from the annals of this board, and the other regarding the general topic of censorship in the current age of social media. Censorship conversations can be deep and thought-provoking, as can already be seen in this thread. I'm in no shape this morning to add anything of value to that discussion (visited with a brother of mine last night who I hadn't seen in too long, and a couple things we realized immediately when seeing one another was that we missed getting
  6. Good guy. I remember his first year with the Dodgers well. 1976 Cincinnati Reds (NL West, NL, and World Series Champions)
  7. I don't think anything will happen in the next week, and we'd be wasting time. He'll be gone shortly, and then we move on. I'm fine with moving on, and hopefully he gets a lot less attention than he has in the last 4 years. He's still going to make noise, but not acknowledging him is the route I choose.
  8. You want them all back now, so you can continue indefinitely with the same dialogue you've had for the last 8 years on here? It's old, DBP. You aren't helping in closing the gap we now see in the US between adamant righties and adamant lefties. Maybe you could do a better job helping, though.
  9. I like Triple D. Fieri does a good job -- he's entertaing. Looks like he has a fun life. It also looks like he has had plenty of off the hook dishes and has put on a few lbs over the years while constantly riding that bus to flavortown.
  10. He's admitting he's going to destroy a bathroom in the morning, and I've heard that one before.
  11. Unfortunately, many of us know people who have been taken by this. At least one of us from this forum community was taken. Not good. Sorry, @SOCIntellectualProperty. Get well, @Ararar. Hope you and your family have all made healthy recoveries, @rockinl. Perhaps we all should have spent more time working on layups... Prick.
  12. Question it all you want, but just be smarter with what you post. You contradicted yourself in 4 brief sentences. Usually means time to walk away for a bit.
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