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  1. Got pretty close to some Blue Whales about 3/4 of the way down the Baja in the Sea of Cortez. A little fishing too. And a few beers.
  2. That's not you. Anyone can tell it is the same guy you chose for your avatar picture. Damn Southerners trying to be sly. smh
  3. Pop your champagne bottle...the Dodgers will not be undefeated this year.
  4. I remember the game well. Lots and lots of Yearby and Cook. They were much more MVPs than a punter.
  5. Wasn't that where everyone was raving about MC's punter having won the game for the Rockets? Or maybe this was an April Fools post too?
  6. Same. I'll have to see on the 2nd one, which is supposed to be a bit stronger, but everyone I know who has gotten the shots has not experienced discomfort beyond a sore shoulder. Well, except for a sister-in-law who blows every damn thing out of proportion and consistently exaggerates looking for that attention all the time -- she said she was "unable to properly utilize her cerebrum" for about 36 hours after her first shot. What the hell does that mean and why would anyone verbalize it?
  7. Anyone see where Thomas Hearns suggested Hagler passed due to effects of the vaccine, and hoards of folks forwarded the message on social media? And then Hagler's wife responded by calling any such claim as "stupid", maintaining it is not the case. Weird how some people choose to throw other agendas into things like this sad news. With Hagler, Leonard, Duran, and Hearns, boxing enjoyed a golden age -- great memories of those dudes in the ring. They all knew the boxing game. Circle of life type stuff when these are reported, but brings about some melancholy moments of reflection.
  8. Cherry Creek won the Colorado football championship, and is currently undefeated and ranked #1 in basketball. Their top 6 players in basketball all played on the football team, and each of the 6 are slated to play either football or basketball at the DI level (4 are seniors who have committed, and 2 are sophomore younger brothers with offers coming in).
  9. Is he holding you accountable for what you've said in the past again? How dare someone use such tactics...
  10. Colorado Springs athlete who played collegiately at Northern Colorado. Not too sought after, but proved to be a pretty damn good pro. Sad.
  11. The 4 largest schools in the state are in the Cherry Creek School District. Cherry Creek still has 20% more than the next biggest school: Cherry Creek HS 3,700 (opened in 1955) Eaglecrest HS 3,000 (opened in 1990) Grandview HS 2,900 (opened in 2000) Cherokee Trail HS 2,800 (opened in 2003)
  12. Perennial Top 5 teams. Both are known to line up and "hit you in the mouth", it's just that sometimes the guy hittin' you in the mouth for them is only 5'7", 160. When they get a couple classes back-to-back that have multiple players, they can win it all. It's tough for them to compete with a Cherry Creek every single year, in that Creek has an enrollment of 3,700 whereas Columbine has 1,700 and Pomona only 1,300. But those two have never opted to play down in classification -- they like the challenge playing bigger schools, and kick the hell out of most of them.
  13. It's a resort town, so it's expensive. Not quite as much as Aspen/Snowmass or Vail/Beaver Creek, but it's not cheap. Winter is fun, summer is better in Breckenridge.
  14. There's money to be made here in the winter, like my side job removing snow from around the capitol. And the Injuns ain't too bothersome during this time either, which is nice -- a scalp is a good thing to have in the cold.
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