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  1. Maybe for the 2021 JC World Series, or sometime to Moab, I'll stop in Newcastle.
  2. Vail way, or Grand Junction way?
  3. Sounds like you've been there more than once. Newcastle? What gives?
  4. People are guessing. Scientists are watching data and drastically revising estimates. This is what's frustrating, that there are so many different opinions. Might as well believe any old goofball who claims they know what they are talking about based on a "hunch." Nah.
  5. Congratulations. Enjoy whatever you choose.
  6. I am impressed that he didn't refer to the CEO of GM as Mary B(M). Props to Trump.
  7. The media has not said everyone is going to die, nor have I heard anyone say they want to prolong this so they can bash Trump as you have claimed numerous times. Two very childish things to be suggesting. And throw in your DemoRAT word. You are really behaving like a little kid. At least you don't give a fuck, as you always say. You want to behave like a little kid, and you will! So there! Right?
  8. @thc6795, just in case you were wondering, this is Canes' response to you...
  9. I don't watch, but what a stupid suggestion by you. Your opinion is the the President of the US can say whatever the hell he wants, and if anyone has an inkling to question him, they just shouldn't pay attention to him? Well, that would make his job a lot easier, wouldn't it? He could say and do whatever he wanted...but it's a tough job. You've said you're a tough guy, right? You're response sounds less than tough.
  10. But he was just stating how silly you sound by repeatedly saying people want this to be drawn out and catastrophic so there is prolonged time to bash Trump. Trust me, most reasonable people are not relying on Trump to solve this thing, but most would like him to quit pretending he knows more than he does on it, too. Once we get through this, he will do plenty all by himself for people to continue to bash him. No one wants this current mess to continue.
  11. Do you think, with the wife apparently saying they heard someone else suggest that "Drano" worked, maybe that had something to do with it? Particularity if the person who suggested it was a prominent, national figure attempting to address the nation with his message/thoughts? You think that might have influenced them at all? Or not at all?
  12. Friggin' neighbor kids been shootin hoops in their driveway the last few days. How am I supposed to get work done? Reminds me of the days where I was like Steve Nash in Around the World, or Allen Iverson in HORSE. Neither of them ever won a championship, right? Damn, but the older I get, the better I was. Hoops in the driveway. I did that a lot. A real lot. Then when I grew up, my son and I did the same. Then when my son grew up and wanted to have some alone time, he worked on dunking out there for hours on end. He asked me to come there once to see what he had been working on...free throw line with back to the basket, bounced ball between his legs off the backboard, took his shirt off while spinning toward the hoop and timed it where he got the ball in the air to finish with a two-handed throw down. That's when I knew I'd better stick to Around the World against him. Great memories. Hoops in the driveway. If I get to my spot going to the left, over next to the bush...forget it...cash money! Way to go, Ironman.
  13. I set the Guinness Book world record in breath holding. 48 minutes. Had to grocery shop. Ain't nuthin but a thing. Oh, there was no TP, but tons of prunes.
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