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  1. According to posters over the years, NJ has had players transfer mid-season, as has California. BNU picking up kids for their Thanksgiving games and strecth runs; and California allowing kids who didn't realize the beloved Future Farmers of America group wasn't at their school to jump ship midway thru a senior season.
  2. Yep. Looked good. My wife and I have been looking at the Scottish long hikes, where you "ramble on gloomy days" for 10-20 miles a day and end up in some different country Inn each night, until you travel the 75-100 mile length of the entire trail (West Highland Way, and Great Glen Way are 2 of the most popular, but there are about 30 of them up in Scotland). Good chance running into William Wallace or Rob Roy. Good guys, I heard.
  3. Will this kid end up wearing the black and gold? Of Valdosta?
  4. Well then the hell with it, have some fun and throw cuidado to the wind.
  5. As it says...Cuidado. Especially if lightning is in the area and you're planted on them metal seats.
  6. Now here's a true patriot who loves the country unlike any loser libtards!
  7. This Ivy dude got down the field. Actually played a little defense one year when teammates were injured. Zak DeOssie
  8. Seems ripe for misinformation. But that seems to be the norm for quite a while now regarding politics in general.
  9. They're making public his medical treatment plan? Doesn't that violate protections afforded by HIPPA?
  10. Why you changing the topic to firearms?
  11. Here's to you and your family somehow finding the courage to be as tough as GSB. It's a lay-up. Sounds like you are improving...I hope your wife does well.
  12. This goes without saying, but I don't believe you.
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