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  1. A niece and her family just closed on a property in Connecticut, saying farewell to Manhattan. Her husband, a spine surgeon, was born and raised in the city, and at 40 just now chose to try something else. It had everything to do with the spread of Covid, and their desire to distance themselves and their children from so many people.
  2. You weren't even a little excited about the prospect of imparting some of your newfound stock expertise with the funds?
  3. I'm thinking @imaGoodBoyNow got a little bit of that rope-climbing, coregasm feeling when he read this.
  4. Your avatar had me thinking I was finally able to comprehend something Troll had written, until after a few posts I looked more closely and saw he hadn't changed his avatar back after all.
  5. He didn't want anything to seem unprofessional during this Q&A with such an important groundbreaker in the annuls of high school football, so he booted 2 or 3 of the 9 of us who were logged on during the gala because we were having a little fun. "Cut the shit," he dm'd me. "Fuck off, weasel," I replied. Somehow he had the authority to give me the boot. I think it's the last thing he did since now only posted memes.
  6. Dude has a hose. You see him fire the opening pitch pea? Don't dig in when facing him -- he'll knock you off the plate. Ruthless, Gibson-like presence on the bump.
  7. The Mad Stork ran around clubbing players for quite some time. He was an appropriate Raider. Nitschke stood over many more than stood over him. Based on the topic of the thread though, I pick Butkus over Romo. By far.
  8. His post was about people who "brag online how tough, rich etc they are", not just those spouting off about physical, bad-ass superiority.
  9. Do you place concha, and his oft-used, self-awarded victories like the one below, in that category? Or do you "Like" his posts because he claims to be undefeated in arguments due to his strategy of only using facts? Or might it have something to do with his politics?
  10. Keep enjoying what you do. Nice job.
  11. Again, you are not telling the truth. I said nothing about a statute of limitations. He even came back with a post essentially asking if I thought there was a statute of limitations, and my response was "no", but it doesn't constitute open season allowing anyone to make up whatever they want about a person in addition to the original criticism.
  12. My understanding, based on what he said, is that he moved to Maryville, a suburb of Knoxville. We can get back to that. Knoxville itself, based on census.gov, knoxvilletn.gov, and worldpopulationreview.com, is the better part 17% black, meaning more than 17%, not more than 20%. Perhaps those sources are liberal hack sites for such info -- I don't know. Now Maryville....looks like somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.7% black. Please don't come back and say I'm shileding racism by pointing out your use of misinformation.
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