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  1. Nice job. Exercised a bit and lot some lbs, eh?
  2. I don't know, but they've been having difficulty competing with others regarding the salary they are willing to pay coaches, both Head and just as importantly the assistants. They finally got out of the cellar and aren't last anymore in the PAC12 as far as HC salaries go -- they are still in the bottom half -- and ended up only getting a UCLA guy!
  3. Great logo. Awesome tradition running Ralphie before kickoff. Unbelievably, pathetically embarrassing program at this point.
  4. I've found I do much better sipping as opposed to my earlier year's drinking games with it.
  5. :09. DLS has the length of the field to go.
  6. Yep, last week. I wonder if the family of whoever had been 32nd was at the game to congratulate him.
  7. Did the announcer just say Greer's rushing yards last week was the 32nd best game in DLS history?
  8. Greer showed his disappointment breaking the huddle that he wasn't getting the ball. Lad wouldn't allow for that.
  9. Biller could maybe play at Linfield, or one of those DIII powers. Limited at 5'7", but you can find competitive football after college. Lots of NorCal guys go up to the NW if they want to keep playing.
  10. Daughter brought back a bottle of Mezcal from her adventures in Oaxaca, so I figured this is a good night to sip some.
  11. Gotta be close to last call where you are.
  12. What does Serra have? They must be tough.
  13. Folsom has a number of good-sized guys, including skill position guys.
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