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  1. maxchoboian

    BNU Commitments

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvv Yep, I agree. Asinine.
  2. Not only are they playing for the state championship on a Tuesday, but a 10:00am kickoff to boot? Little bit of a buzz kill, I'd say.
  3. maxchoboian

    Questions on snow skiing west of Denver

    The three areas being considered are all very similar ski-wise. It is highly doubtful that you would be able to ski every run at any of them. But then again, you don't necessarily need to -- it is nice to become comfortable with certain runs and ski those multiple times (familiarity with runs can make them a bit more enjoyable as it allows you to relax and have a little more fun). I have skied all 3 of those areas for years, and have not skied all their runs (granted, they keep adding more mountains to each of those resorts). Breckenridge and Keystone are a part of the same pass offered (Epic - Vail, Breck, Keystone, etc.), and Copper is part of the other (Ikon - Winter Park, Copper, Steamboat, etc.). People in Denver are pretty much 50/50 on which ones they get for the season. I'm not sure either offers benefits for 2-day passes. They are all 3 within close proximity to one another, so the snow conditions at all 3 are usually very similar. You can't really go wrong with any of those areas, particularly the time of year you are going and on weekdays when the crowds are smaller.
  4. maxchoboian

    Folsom versus Cathedral for CA 1AA State Title

    Like the gals up at Corona Del Mar, I bet the talent in the Cathedral mom's book club would make sipping wine with them a nice evening out.
  5. maxchoboian

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    Don't tell us you are The Shadow, too. Good win by MD, and good effort by DLS.
  6. maxchoboian

    Teams PGL is currently working with re 2019 opptys...

    Can you provide accurate statistics on any other states of note, and what percentage of their all-time OOS wins are against bordering states? I'm guessing it's pretty similar.
  7. I think this may have been discussed in the past already, but I couldn't find the thread. I'm curious about opinions on wireless headphones as an Xmas gift. Our son is an adult who, being a millennial and all, spends at least a day or two per week working from home at his apartment. His girlfriend said he could use a good set of headphones, like Bose or Beats. I know nothing of either, or if there are numerous models made by each. Any ideas on wireless headphones? Is high end the way to go? If so, which ones? Or are there quality options at an affordable price, etc.? Thanks.
  8. maxchoboian

    STA 20 - Lakeland 33 Final

    In high school, if the defender has an elbow or knee on the ground, it was always legal. If the defender on his two feet with no other body parts on the ground, it is illegal.
  9. maxchoboian

    Man is Crushing the Competition

    Of course.
  10. maxchoboian

    Questions on snow skiing west of Denver

    You said you're staying NW of Denver, in a cabin at 8300 ft? I'm guessing fairly close to Boulder? If that is the case, another smaller area to consider that is not along the I-70 corridor is Eldora (10 lifts, 20% green, 50% blue runs...and 30% black diamonds). Maybe check that out on the weekend, unless you want to get multiple day lift tickets at one of the other bigger areas (it's pretty impressive to go to the one of the bigger spots for at least a day, if not more). Or you can go into Boulder and check out Pearl Street (about 4 or 5 blocks of no cars, plenty of shops and restaurants) or the CU campus right near Pearl Street. Drink lots of water, especially for the first few days, which can help prevent altitude issues. And don't be surprised if you get pretty winded, even walking up a flight of stairs, let alone skiing. Enjoy, the views can be great, and the exercise a blast.
  11. maxchoboian

    Official game day drink thread

    In honor of today's date, and in remembrance of our tradition this day all 7 years of college, I'll be knocking back a kamikaze or two.
  12. maxchoboian

    AL 7A Title: Central def Thompson 52-7

    Why are they playing midweek? They don't have soccer in Alabama too, do they?
  13. maxchoboian

    Questions on snow skiing west of Denver

    I forgot to mention Loveland. It is old school like Arapahoe Basin (A-Basin), with more intermediate runs than A-Basin though. Probably the closest to Denver. The one drawback is that it is a north-facing ski area, so in the shade most of the day, and can be real cold. But one of the more affordable areas, if there is such a thing.
  14. maxchoboian

    Questions on snow skiing west of Denver

    Here are the areas on I-70 as you head west out of Denver, the closet one being 1.5 hour drive with no traffic: Keystone - good family spot, lots of terrain - 20 Lifts (plenty for all levels of skiing; can be crowded); nice shops, but not an historic town Arapahoe Basin - old school - no lodging; 8 Lifts, more challenging terrain; music, BBQ, and beers in the parking lot (The Beach) Breckenridge - huge area, lots of terrain - 35 Lifts (plenty for all levels of skiing; can be very crowded); historic main street Copper Mountain - big area, lots of terrain - 22 Lifts (plenty for all levels of skiing; can be crowded); no real town...more new shops like in Keystone Vail - hugest area - 31 Lifts, with tons of open terrain (plenty for all levels of skiing; generally big enough to not be crowded); expensive new town Beaver Creek - a little farther up I-70 and even less crowded than Vail, but just as expensive All of these can be crowded -- weekdays are always better than weekends, when so many from Denver head up. Let me know if you are interested in more.