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  1. maxchoboian

    2018 Watch list for Tiers

    I'm not completely aware of the situation with SFA, but in other somewhat similar instances, I've seen where fear of injury was a legitimate concern. When Valor Christian was in the midst of their 10-year run after the school opened of winning 7 championships in a row while climbing classifications, a public school forfeited their game with Valor on the day of the game. Here's the situation: Valor at the time was playing in the 2nd highest classification, and was placed in a random league for athletics that was made up of them and a group of public schools. Valor had a team that consisted of 4 D1 offensive lineman, 3 D1 QBs, and 2 D1 RBs (including a future Heisman runner up). Their defense was not as loaded, but had much more talent than any other team in Colorado that year. Toward the end of the year, their JV played one of the last place teams in their league, and won by a score of 77-0. The next day the Varsity teams were scheduled to play, and 7 of the varsity starters from the Valor opponent did not show up to school that day. So, 7 of the kids who were thumped 77-0 against the JV were now in line to start against the Valor varsity. That school decided to forfeit the game to prevent potential injury. Agree with the decision or not, fear of injury was a real consideration.
  2. maxchoboian

    Lebron’s Son will attend high school in....

    Thanks, but I'm just in the background, reading.
  3. You started out with the 1-2 finger bags, eh?
  4. maxchoboian

    Let Transfer season Begin

    Hmmm. And some nice offers. Hopefully he'll end up in Boulder.
  5. maxchoboian

    Let Transfer season Begin

    Do you find it as hilarious that he has yet to engage you in your much wanted tete-a-tete with him?
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  7. maxchoboian


    I find cryptocurrencies to be similar to beanie babies back in the 90's. Susceptible to theft? Yep Backing of central governments? Nope Too much traction, whereby governments viewed them as the enemy? Yep, I think I recall seeing soldiers using beanie babies for target practice I've got a Patti the Platypus and a Glory Bear that I can dust off from our kid's collections if anyone has some Litecoin they'd be willing to trade. I will even throw in one of my precious pet rocks. Uh huh, cryptocurrency is very similar to beanie babies. I'm convinced.
  8. maxchoboian

    Most Prestigeous 7 vs 7 in America

    Wouldn't that be 49?
  9. maxchoboian

    OT: Did not realize Sante Fe was at 7200 feet

    The altitude'll get ya, and so will the sun if it's a customary, blue-sky day. Have fun. It's a cool place. A week there is a lot. I'm sure you'll do the regular things -- the Plaza, Canyon Road, the Basilica and the Loretto Chapel, Railyard Arts District, Palace of the Governors, etc. I'd also recommend a 30 minute drive to Madrid, a little artsy enclave on a back road between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Hiking you are doing -- River rafting and 4-wheeling are fun outdoor things there too. And a cooking class and visit to one of their wineries. With the number of Mexican food meals you'll have, enjoy that green chili! There's something a little different about New Mexico/Colorado green chili that separates it from other chili used for smothering mexican food in California or Arizona or Texas. Also, maybe try at least one of the dishes you order smothered "Christmas style", which is half red, half green chili. Tasty.
  10. maxchoboian

    Does this count for anything?

    They made the playoffs last year, right? Hundred-year storm type situation?
  11. Thank you, sir. May I have another? 7 degrees of separation for Block.
  12. Ah, yes, Couer d'Alene. The ole water golf cart.
  13. maxchoboian


    Carroll's aloofness didn't help his perception. I do remember scrimmaging East High when he was there, and he would lunge forward from the middle of the lane to block shots taken at the top of the key. Hadn't ever seen that before...figured there was enough space between shooter and defender to get that shot off. Much like Denver Broncos coach Vance Joseph describing QB's Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch, Joe Barry Carroll "...is tall."
  14. maxchoboian

    Anthony Bourdain RIP

    There are a lot of different things that can pique our interests in this world, and he did a good job as an ambassador for food and travel. Not bad "hobbies" to have. He'll be missed. Unfortunately, one of my first thoughts regarding how he will be remembered has to do with the fact he was on CNN, and whether or not that in itself will influence more and more people's opinion of him. Weird world.
  15. maxchoboian


    They need the greatest King ever....Vlade! Isn't this a shot of him after one of their wins back in the day?