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  1. I was kidding with my comment about banning and all. I get away with plenty, and have not been banned. Assholes. See? Just having fun. And again, Troll. If you don't see any difference between simply spelling out the words nigger or cunt vs. calling someone those names, I'm sure you will keep saying I "dropped" those bombs as much as you'd like. And you'll keep looking like a f**l (I just can't even spell that word out with the two "o"s...it sickens me, you know?).
  2. He's sneaky that way. Never gets banned for it. Me, on the other hand, I don't get away with jack. Banned more than I'm active.
  3. Simple. Went from Coulter to Schiff through Biden. You posted something about Coulter, and he posted something about Biden. Only then did he move on to Schiff. Nothing yet about Coulter, which is fine if he isn't interested in commenting on her, but he probably should just sit this thread out altogether then.
  4. This film reminds me of some of the past high schoolers I became aware of due to similar posts on these sites, whether it was here or on Rivals or wherever. Being made aware of sophomores and juniors in high school like Adoree Jackson, Tavon Austin, Leonard Fournette, JJ Taylor, Dez Bryant, etc. over the years is a big reason I enjoy checking this out. Years ago, I was with a group of friends and suggested they watch highlights of this kid from Junipero Serra high school in SoCal. Their response, or lack thereof, reminded me that my interests are not all shared by my buddies. But I still like it, and enjoy the tapes of these athletes, like how impressive Adoree was before he was exposed to the rest of the world. Hope to see Leary go on to similarly big things.
  5. Another disgruntled post from someone who dislikes Democrats. Obviously, like the other claims, not angry at all. Just laughing at the DemoRats. Quite a composed group of guys.
  6. I didn't believe that you continually got ballots for kids no longer in your house, for 10 years, after you said you communicated with the county repeatedly, by various methods, over those 10 years, that the individuals no longer lived at your residence. As I said in the earlier thread where we discussed this, I don't disagree it can happen. But I do disagree that it happens after someone notifies the county for 10 years that there is a problem. Likewise, you went on to say in that thread that getting a ballot for someone no longer in your household is probably evidence that everyone who has a deceased family member is getting an extra vote sent to them too. So, I chose not to believe you.
  7. This same thought crossed my mind. One one hand, the opposition to plenty on here is a group of fucking no-nothing morons, but on the other hand, that same opposition is responsible for outwitting everyone around the world, including our own government, with this made-up pandemic. It makes me think plenty on here are incorrect with either assessment.
  8. I was suggesting the loser of the two of you who apparently agreed to bet pay the other a pizza. I don't want you confused that I am betting you.
  9. A pizza. Just bet a pizza. What can go wrong there?
  10. Link is from the NY Post. Governor is Republican. Don't let those things bother you. It's just a funny story about a guy taking some time on numerous days to recognize kids who didn't get the opportunity to go through HS graduation ceremonies. https://nypost.com/2020/05/20/governor-tricked-into-saying-harry-azcrac-at-virtual-graduation/ He showed his sense of humor after being punked, by saying he imagines he will soon be congratulating another 2020 graduate named Ben, the pride of the Dover family.
  11. Ah yes, and as Terrell Pryor was once quoted, "Not everybody is the perfect person in the world. Everybody does -- kills people, murders people..."
  12. The title to this thread is silly. To suggest that Trump is responsible for 20 million jobs lost and 80,000 unecessary deaths is goofy. The entire world has been affected by this, and not because of Trump. Can you question how he's handled it? Sure, but to blame him for all the lost jobs and deaths puts you in the same dumbass category you are accusing Republicans of being a part of.
  13. Now I hate to be accused of going back and looking at what people write on here, as it seems others don't care for their words coming back to haunt them, particularly if it is from, like, a year or two ago. Shit, should we really be held accountable for anything we say more than a week ago? But, here's an example. Probably more too.
  14. If LeBron is who you are referring to as the princess, this is way off. MJ vs. LeBron is argued by many, many people as to who the potential all-time #1 is, some picking MJ and some picking LeBron (and others picking Magic, and Kareem, and Wilt, and Kobe; then some say Bill Russell or Oscar Robertson...and one guy in the world I think said Dave DeBusschere). To say the majority of basketball people think Kobe was better than LeBron is just not accurate. Kobe was fantastic, no doubt, but not anywhere near better than LeBron eight days a week.
  15. All 5 of my sisters went to Catholic, all-girls high schools (Condoleezza Rice was a classmate of one), while my 4 brothers and I went to Catholic, all-boys high schools. I had a lot of interaction with the all-girls schools, and am familiar with the good (looking) and the bad. Quite a few in the picture, unfortunately, would be in the bad group.
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