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  1. Rich Lopez and Nick Lopez, Pac 12 kickers.
  2. Texas Texas Tech UCLA USC Oregon State Stanford Boise State Notre Dame Bowling Green Pittsburgh Wyoming San Diego State UAB West Texas A&M Washington San Jose State Wishing all 20 Diablos Padding up this weekend across the country good luck, we will be watching & are so Proud!
  3. My son, United States Coast Guard. Rescue Swimmer. 2 tours.
  4. 556 yards against a 16 year NFL head coach calling the D. SMH.
  5. My brother inlaw might have a drinking problem......
  6. The execution of the final play in OT was epic, watch it on UTR. The Mission Viejo OL and RB sweeps the right side of the Ironmen for the walk off game winning TD. The place went nuts. Toal joined Lad, Rollo, and Lara in losing to Johnson.
  7. They had a long quite plane ride home from Mission Viejo.
  8. 2nd week of Athletic Conditioning.
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