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  1. Mission Viejo at Corona Centennial for a "Shake Down Scrimmage" tonight.
  2. Johnson is the only coach I know of that has beaten Lad, Rollo and Toal. How 'bout them Devils !
  3. The Bosco QB got hammered by an attacking Mission Viejo defense. After a vicious but clean decleater, he looked like Tyson looking for his mouthpiece while trying to find his helmet and stagger back to the huddle. No wonder they lost the following week. SoCal surfers got the better of the jersey boys that night. No matter how you spin it.
  4. Mission Viejo ran a sweep for the walk off TD in OT. The Iron Men simply got ran over. The better team won on that night . DBP posters cried foul for weeks .
  5. Sunday Fun day in Newport Beach !!
  6. Mission Viejo defeats SJB in the Lineman Tug of War. MV wins the Lineman Comp. Nice effort.
  7. USC 's 4 star RB Kenan Christon of Madison High of San Diego should be considered also as the best RB in CA. He was also the State 100 (tied the State Record), 200 Meter Champion.
  8. The Lakers will have the salary cap space to sign another top-tier free agent to a maximum contract.
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