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  1. Googled it and wtf did I just saw, has anyone here using that Spanish Fly in their bedtime? 🤮
  2. Don't know, maybe the people in Wuhan who did those illegal stuff did all this trouble we are facing now? And the variants were only there as a bonuses.
  3. I wonder where did they get those names of new variants from LOL
  4. Have you joined Football competitions before? If yes. how did you prepare yourself for the difficult challenges of joining such an event?
  5. Here's my hope for J&J vaccine turned to dust.
  6. I don't think so, he may as well lose all his wealth first before ending up in jail.
  7. Good thing your family does follow, I myself would hate to have my grandma and pa to contract this virus. It would be a nightmare for me.
  8. Unfortunate soul? You had me laughing right there. 🤣
  9. Poor turkey only to be roasted in an oven.
  10. Happy Easter y'all!
  11. Here we come! https://stayingafloatblog.com/2020/08/19/day-trip-to-cape-hatteras/
  12. That's hilarious. If he wins, then he'll be known and called a snowflake by all his colleagues and students and he can't do anything about it.
  13. I might consider getting one of these though, I kind of hate bugs a bit.
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