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  1. Still nothing can beat the guy who got fired for wearing his ID in the Capitol riot. 🤣
  2. Why were they forced to stay there?
  3. That's the best thing that he can do to entertain us after this election. 👍
  4. Trump's golden teachings. 😅
  5. I've always wanted to go fishing at some point and experience the excitement of having your first catch! Though I'm not sure if I ever get to do it as I don't know anyone who fish that could teach me.
  6. LOL https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/kayleigh-mcenany-white-house-press-secretary-trump-next-b1776345.html
  7. I won't say no if my pup do this to me, I'll start rubbing her furry chest until she fall asleep! Btw, I've stumbled on this page in hopes of finding an answer for being this anxious and it discusses how I can come up with different solutions to my problem. I'll be glad to leave it here for everyone to take time and read. Merry Christmas. https://www.who.int/campaigns/connecting-the-world-to-combat-coronavirus/healthyathome?gclid=CjwKCAiAz4b_BRBbEiwA5XlVVhQGFO7yxr3cTh1PGYWf6rPRmaJys6QOt1d3iFEsU7OXYg_Ly1BL4BoCBA8QAvD_BwE
  8. I hope what she said was true about her condition. What happened here is very alarming but, is it really that possible for a vaccine to make you pass out minutes after taking it?
  9. I'd love to have different choices but I only got two choices as both my friends are giving me discounts for the two. But I agree with you @BUFORDGAWOLVES rottweilers are a really good breeds for a good companion (based on reviews).
  10. I'm living in a warm weather, that's why air conditioner is dog's bestfriend here too lol.
  11. I'm choosing between a husky or a beagle, both being sold by friends, I'm also asking friends to help me decide which of the two is better for me and my lifestyle, I don't want to put stress on the pup so I need to learn more about what the pup needs before deciding.
  12. Hi, How is everyone doing? I hope you guys are all well this Christmas season. It's almost here and yet, some are still living in lockdown places trying to make sense of this pandemic. Tbh, I've been feeling anxious this past few weeks and I want to reward myself for surviving this situation so far. I'm sure most of us here would love a reward for ourselves. So tell me, what would be the best gift you can give to yourself this Christmas? I plan on buying me a pup since I live alone, how about you?
  13. Point taken. I still believe that scientists has still a lot to know about this Covid-19, the evidence is as clear as my Sprite.
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