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  1. Never left. No real men left in this world
  2. Let’s go back to that season for a second and remember how bad officiating can RUIN a season and how a coach who’s trying to put on a show for the fans can be the ultimate jackass and blow the season. Never mind how Cy Fair played dirty and utilized West Coast concepts against our defense and dipped the ball in water to make sure we couldn’t throw the ball. I yelled to run the ball run the ball but no one listened and look what happened to our offense, what a crock. Don’t even get me started on the stadium lights that were turned up to the brightest setting when we had the ball so we couldn’t
  3. You would have never made it to Panama
  4. Easy. The Cy fair coaches could find locations on the field before the game where lighting would not be a problem for the quarterback’s eyes. Then relay that back to the coach
  5. You wouldn’t have lasted 5 seconds in Panama shit face
  6. This game was a great lesson why having good refs and a coach is so important and I hope with this extra long off season things will change. In case some of you forgot, Midway got screwed against the refs in the 2017 state championship against Cy fair. It was not fair at all, and our coach was trying to put on a show for the fans by trying to impress them with the deep ball. It was a bad showing and we were the better team. If our team was properly prepared we would not have been caught off guard by Cy Fair using classic West Coast concepts to attack our defense. That was hard on our defense a
  7. If I were running the show we would have a rule in place here in Texas that bad refs would be banned for life if they throw a game. We got screwed by the refs against Cy Fair and what happened to our team was not fair at all. Coach should have suspended for calling a bad game just to impress the fans. Trying to throw all these deep balls like its the fucking Blue Angels air show out there. UIL needs to man up and make some new rules. Bands should not be allowed to play so loud either, that cost us our game against Allen in 2018 and those idiots know that.
  8. Waco Midway has had top defenses and we did a few years ago but then we got into a cluster fuck with bad refs and a jackass coach who tried to put on a show for the fans.
  9. Parents are just as soft as the pussy generation they’re raising, don’t expect anything.
  10. You don’t own anything you short dick mother fucker
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