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  1. Am I missing something or didn't Servite lose to every good team they played? I guess your first decent team in a decade has reason for celebration. Any new transfers from Hawaii Sammy?
  2. They'e losing very little on D. The only good player on D they're losing is Lynch. Their D was mostly juniors last year. Their JV team D was solid and big. O line will be better. Offense def worse. We'll see... I am looking forward to year of not much expectations to be honest lol.
  3. I can agree with that. They were bad at everything except offense πŸ˜‚. Defense will be much better this year and I expect their offense to be worse.
  4. I thought we were talking about this coming season? Last year was very disappointing for them. They had the talent but were a turnover machine. Hopefully one day we can get a couple 4-5 star recruits to transfer in for their senior season and then out before graduation. Fingers crossed.
  5. Last time I checked DLS was ranked in the top 500. Oak Ridge and MT both ranked top 500 and will be again this year.
  6. It's Sunday Sammy. Time to log off Reddit and get a little fresh air and sun outside.
  7. This is all true! Unfortunately due to Block, will never be acknowledged.
  8. Is this thread about schedules or OOS? I always knew you were a simple individual but I always assumed you could read. By the way, you should take a break from Cali threads. You still think JSerra is a top team? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'll have to go back and find the quote of you telling me how much of a stud General Booty was. That was rich.
  9. Folsom is the only team in Norcal that DLS plays where they get to play their starters the whole game. It benefits both teams. DLS gets one additional game where they can play their starters for 4 full quarters to get ready for the Open and Folsom gets to play someone better then them. Makes sense for both teams. This board is comical sometimes. Before I joined I constantly read how Folsom schedules nobody. They then schedule the greatest high school football program in the history of the planet 3 years in a row and they still get flack.
  10. Don't ever associate "Folsom Nation" with that piece of shit troll again, nerd. A grand total of 4 Folsom supporters even know this site exists. Only non league game confirmed so far will be DLS on the road. Folsom's schedule won't be close to C10, but will be better than last year which is a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned.
  11. This is strictly a rumor at this point but since it's a boring off-season it gives something to talk about.... from the norcalboard... I hear it’s a done deal. DLS will play North Shore TX. Also Folsom and Cathedral Catholic.
  12. This is why I've barely checked this forum for weeks or post much anymore. Sadly, this forum just isn't the same. It's filled with trolls and the same morons arguing back and forth. The mods don't give a shit about quality posts anymore. When was the last time prep even posted on this site? There used to be checks and balances but now it's just gone to shit. I'll check back in the new year. Hoping 2020 brings this site back to it's glory days.
  13. I always loved that guy. I used to lurk the old board with DJ and he was one of the few always propping up Folsom against the evil empire (Sammy). Then when Block came pops could no longer defend Folsom because it's just too exhausting. Now I'm left to clean up the mess.
  14. I can ensure you Dogpile isn't Block. Just had a bad post. We've all been there. Probably caught in the moment. But yes, Block is an absolute disgrace and now any new poster who says anything positive about Folsom is going to be looked at with crooked eye except maybe myself and @Pops @ThunderRam who aren't even Folsom fans LOL. That's the problem with a troll like block running rampant. He ruins it for everyone else and because he's the loudest and by far the dumbest in the room it gives the program a bad name. All it takes is one bad apple.
  15. Yes. As a real fan of Folsom, who likes to engage in very cordial discussions, he is the absolute worst. He brings nothing to any of the boards that he trolls other than getting a rise out of posters. He's a terrible look for this board and I feel sorry for Folsom that this board thinks so poorly of them mainly because of one pathetic loser.
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