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  1. 😂 If anyone on here knows about linking their team with SJB (and MD) it’s you brother.
  2. Clemson has a major California connection brewing with SJB's DJ Uiagalelei and Folsom's Joe Ngata. Both expected to have big seasons.
  3. Long overdue. At least Folsom plays DLS every year now. C10 always plays a tier 1 opponent. MV’s regular season schedules are always pathetic for having such a good team.
  4. Many teams are very young this partial season. Fall 2021 Cali football is going to be stacked.
  5. We were pretty close. I put cc over sierra canyon. DLS dodged a bullet not having to play that team this year.
  6. Never thought I would see the day block became a Trinity league expert. I like this side of you.
  7. Md SJB DLS Servite Mission Viejo Cathedral Catholic honorable mentions- Norco and Monterey Trail 😀
  8. How many guys did SJB lose due to them taking off for college early? Didn't their best receiver take off for Clemson? I'm just asking Sammy. Don't take it personal.
  9. From my standpoint this is the weakest SJB team in recent memory vs the best team Servite has ever fielded. I predict a close game with Servite losing of course.
  10. This just means they hand the ball off to their 5 star NorCal running back who will be protected by a monstrous offensive line.
  11. LOL I went to take a piss and they were in the end zone.
  12. DLS is losing to St Marys 13-7 in the 2nd. St Marys just ran 5 plays for 90 yards.........
  13. 23-18 Folsom over Oak Ridge. Fun game to watch. Just tuned into the DLS game and was surprised to see the score.
  14. Yes Ari Patu enrolled early at Stanford. I have to agree he is either going to make Stanford recruiters look like geniuses or he’ll be a bust. He has the size, speed and IQ to be good but he never got to show that in HS. Even stranger, folsom has a freshmen qb who is already offered by Florida state. He hasn’t even played a down of high school football yet lol. Back in my day kids were only offered when they were proven but now days recruiters get trigger happy just based off potential.
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