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  1. Lol. I used to root for Grant back in the day before their program went to poo. I still love Folsom but Block makes it hard.
  2. You may not know this but I’m an SJS fan. I stick up for Folsom on this site cuz I was tired of seeing the same poster (Samantha) crap on them for 10 years straight. He has an unhealthy obsession with them especially when Folsom was light years better than Servite until recently. This is before block ever even knew about this site. I do root for Folsom but if they lose I don’t lose sleep over it. Folsom hasn’t really had a league rival for the past 10 years so yes I will be rooting for Rocklin to win state since they are the best team in SJS.
  3. Great post. I hate to use injuries as an excuse because it’s football and those things happen all the time. But with no Tremaine they had zero offense. I still firmly believe these are the worst lines on both sides they’ve had in a long time. Their frosh and jv teams are undefeated and have hardly been challenged so the future is bright but I don’t see them winning state this year.
  4. Rocklin is very good this year. I was super impressed. Maybe their best team ever. As mentioned, Folsom’s lines are weak this year. Teams with good lines like DLS and Rocklin can get to Folsom’s qb’s and make them make mistakes. Folsom had a handful of starters out and not having Tremain was a huge loss. Rocklin still wins with fully healthy teams IMO. It would be great to see Rocklin vs DLS in the playoffs. Folsom will be back next year with a better team, but they need to fully focus on their lines IMO. @frankyjames Delete your account(s) from all sites and never come back. Folsom has a great program for a public school and you’re just a flat out embarrassment. Everyone is tired of your shit and I’m glad I don’t have to hear about who’s the best public in Cali anymore. Its not Folsom this year, not even close. The Folsom players and staff work their asses off and to have some clown not even affiliated with the program come on boards and talk endless crap is not fair to that program. I’ll be rooting for Rocklin to win D1 this year.
  5. Im okay with getting this account banned for now.
  6. I know. I don't post on that board but I check it out weekly. This shit has been going on for a looong time. Ban @frankyjames and it's so easy to spot his other troll accounts.
  7. When will a poster like @frankyjamesbe banned? Not only is he a massive troll but his football knowledge is limited. In other words, he contributes nothing.
  8. Rocklin is a tough match up for Folsom with their superior lines. DLS exposed Folsom's weak O line this year. If Tremaine is out this one is a bit of a coin flip. I'm rolling with Folsom since they haven't lost in league for a decade and should be pissed off from the DLS game but won't be shocked if Rocklin wins.
  9. Yes he's on JV currently but they'll probably move him to Varsity if Tremaine is out. He's 6'5 with an arm. Rocklin would be a tough first game for him but I don't have much faith in their other backup qb.
  10. Folsom freshmen and JV slaughtered DLS so there’s hope!
  11. I never said this year was as good as 2018. I don’t even think the moron did. Both DLS and Folsom were much better in 2018 IMO. Hopefully they schedule c10 or MV next season as I think they’ll be pretty good.
  12. It's crazy but a small part of me was rooting for DLS just because of Block alone. I couldn't imagine how repulsive he would have been if Folsom won.
  13. Folsom needs better lines. Until they start drawing good linemen this will be the result. You can have all the athletes but if you cant protect the qb it doesn't matter.
  14. Somewhere out there Sammy is looking at this thread with his stupid, ugly shit eating grin.
  15. Folsom's qb is injured. Time to get drunk.
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