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  1. Valdosta was 10-6 early fourth
  2. Actually 7/12 but some truth to that. We haven’t really been tested . But it’s tough to win in the Hog Pen
  3. That will be locker room material one day
  4. Our best team through. 13 games. We did not lose in the second round though
  5. He signed with Western Kentucky. On another note I heard that the Hilltoppers have a scholarship come open
  6. Kicked off team & then allowed to come back only to be kicked off again. Last time I heard he was playing basketball for Thomasville. Not sure how that turned out
  7. I remember Colquitt bringing over half that total in 2014. I went to AA Thomasville quarter & semifinals this year with 8-10 thousand. I remember most of Colquitt’s semifinals having 10 thousand. Something isn’t working
  8. I meant big guys, not guy unless the big guy might be Rush
  9. Good for him, but wow he was getting offers from the big guy when he was a Packer.
  10. Hughes went 6-5 in 86,87 & 88. 6-4 in 90 with no playoffs before he turned the program around in 91
  11. Pack45

    52 points

    Have the Packers ever given up 52 point? Lowndes scored 51 in Propsts first year but 52?
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