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  1. ChimpGrip

    State of the Stock Market

    Is it even worth trying to get a Wall Street Job if you don’t have a degree from an Ivy League institution?
  2. ChimpGrip

    Best college team ever?

    So far, so good!
  3. ChimpGrip

    BC and Saint Peter’s Live stream?

    Do you really bench 500?
  4. ChimpGrip

    2008 LT - 10 Years Gone

    2008 State Championship Reunion Game on October 28th.
  5. ChimpGrip

    2008 LT - 10 Years Gone

    Best ever as in Allen's best team ever? Allen and LT had one opponent in common - Longview. I'm not saying this is what tips the scale in favor of one or the other, but its something readers may find interesting. Allen beat them 21-7 LT beat them 48-23 I would favor LT because of the passing attack and the disruptive defense.
  6. ChimpGrip

    2008 LT - 10 Years Gone

    This is a commemoration thread of the great 08 Cavs. In my opinion -MY OPINION-this was one of the best teams we've seen over the last 15 years. Certainly the best 5A/Old 4A. I would have taken this team over anyone in the 2017 TX HS FB season. After all these years, I still think this may have been the best LT team ever. Some will say top 3. A great offense led by Garrett Gilbert and Chad Morris, and a defense led by guru and current HC, Hank Carter. I'll add more to the topic as the year goes on, with old game summaries I wrote, highlight videos, and some numbers. I would appreciate any quality, positive input.
  7. ChimpGrip

    Brian Shaw’s grip strength

    To those who don’t watch the video, the dumbbells weigh 175 each and have 2.4 inch thick handles. It is considered world class strength if you can deadlift one with one hand. Few men have done that. Shaw can not only deadlift one in each hand, but press them. He is the only man known to ever attempt this feat.
  8. ChimpGrip

    Brian Shaw’s grip strength

    Now I hope to see him try that with a pair of millennium dumbbells. It would be easier to lift Thor’s hammer.
  9. ChimpGrip

    Brian Shaw’s grip strength

    This feat of grip strength is not human. You cannot comprehend it if you have never trained grip and or with the Inch Dumbbell. Absolutely incredible. And he didn’t even train for it.
  10. ChimpGrip

    Classic Music - Joan Jett

    Stumbled across this gem on the radio. She was sexy as hell back in the day
  11. ChimpGrip

    Horsefly’s TX week 1 games of interest

    Prediction? My hope: 63-10 LT Being more realistic, based on what I think I know: 45-20 LT If recent history repeats itself: 35-31 Martin
  12. ChimpGrip

    Worst owner in Pro Football

    Wasn’t challenging you or taking sides. It’s always been on my bucket list to go to an Ivy League school, particularly Harvard.
  13. ChimpGrip

    Texas Football Talk

    Yeah those weren’t true LT helmets. Did you catch the scrimmage last night? I heard Card was on point. I also heard there were two big drops, and the OL didn’t look great (because two starters were missing). Defense should be much improved from last year. Hopefully they drill Martin next week.
  14. ChimpGrip

    Texas Football Talk

    Yes lol. Hopefully the helmets have not changed. And I hope all black uniforms are still on the menu.