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  1. Oh thats right World Ultimate Strongman, was right before the Thor fight. This is great for the sport of strongman
  2. If you count me in, I'll put it all on the black card
  3. What do you guys think about 525-pound dumbbell shrugs? Yes, shrugging 525 pound dumbbells And how about 1450 pound barbell shrugs?
  4. We now have 200-pound dumbbells at our gym, going to find ways to work those in too.
  5. Haven't reached that point yet lol. Hopefully I don't, I won't look so good in all those luxury clothes
  6. Agreed, especially on the confidence part. You can have an Amex Centurion in your wallet and if you can look people in the eye and talk and you're unsure of yourself, then it doesn't matter. What about a Bill Gates sweater vest look? Never been really into cologne, I like the lighter, easier smells usually. Maybe fruitier is the word I'm looking for?
  7. Well you never know, always worth asking lol
  8. I want to be an elite bencher. Once I nail 405 I will target 500, then 600 and so on
  9. I don't even surf and that board looks horrible. I would never surf anyway
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