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  1. Under any circumstances, could this be made appropriate? Maybe stop by her office hours and ask if she’d like to go get drinks? I get that she’s the instructor, but we’re adults here. It’s not high school.
  2. Crazy. Many of the presidential candidates over the years have had sizable incomes. I know Mitt Romney made $13 million in 2011.
  3. Good point. These guys don’t set out to get paid millions, but work really hard and discover something new. I thought I posted the other article, but it stated that Dr Zev Rosenwaks (gynecology professor at Weill Cornell medical school) made $7.2 million in 2016. I did some reading about home, and like you said, he is world class in his field. I can’t pin point the exact reason, but I find this topic fascinating.
  4. Much better defensively and on paper overall, but I liked the passing ability of the 2017 offense (the playoff version, that is). I loved that 2017 team, they played with so much heart and toughness, and nearly completed a playoff gauntlet. One of my favorite LT teams ever. They would have fared better against NS last year than '18 LT. 2016 LT would undress this 2019 team, no contest. 2015 was also better, but by smaller margin.
  5. Best dual-threats I have seen- Johnny Manziel, Chase Daniel, and Kyler Murray
  6. Yes I remember the game. Duncanville is physical across the board and play great defense. LT would have to quickly rest and move on from what would be an emotionally taxing win over NS. It would be like boxing the heavy weight #1 and 2 in back to back weeks. It would be a nice test to see what LT is made of. I just wonder where I would rank this LT team among past LT squads if they managed to do the unthinkable and beat NS and DV. They'd have wins over Westlake, Judson, NS, DV and just one loss to Arlington Martin in the season opener. Hmmmmmm..... okay, I'll just stop right there 😁
  7. If LT manages to knock off NS, bring them on.
  8. That is correct, but in the aggregate, I don't think DV will be quite as difficult to overcome. Suggesting NS is Everest is not a jab at DV. Furthermore, I heard DV lost some starters on defense during the SLC game?
  9. Yep, hopefully he can continue it. I know Card and the team remember last year's meeting, they will be ready. If that will be enough, who knows.
  10. This game in itself is a tall task. I said on the Texas board that this is Mount Everest for LT. IF they climb it (win), I believe they will have completed the most difficult task they could have faced all year, and will go on to win state. LT has got to find stops against North Shore, no matter how hard that is. The offense will have to play a perfect game and score on every drive if they don't, and that is a lousy formula to win a game.
  11. Card played well Saturday. Best QB NS has faced in the playoffs. He will need to be on point for LT to have a shot.
  12. LT is going to have to do better than that to win. The LT defense will need to play above themselves and get at least a few stops.
  13. I would be happy beyond belief if we win, but I don't expect it. This is not a great LT team either, so they have exceeded my expectations. Beat Westlake and made it back to the semi's. If LT beats North Shore................ my goodness gracious
  14. Have to be honest here, Horsefly. I see it being more competitive than last year in the early stages of the game, but I think this could be much like Judson vs LT 2017 (game one). LT hits back and answers North Shore early, but a mistake here and there will put LT behind and they will never catch up. LT should be able to move the ball, but not as well as NS will. I expect Card to play a great game and put up nice numbers, but it will not be enough. Again, I see a game that parallels Judson vs LT '17, with a final score 65-45-ish. Maybe its worse than that. Some keys to the game: LT MUST play well in the trenches. We get so caught in the wow factor of the NS skill players, but this is what got LT beat by 41 points last year - being dominated in the trenches. I know this could be said for every game - "must win the trenches" - but its especially important against NS due to their talent across the board. No chance at slowing down Evans and Davis if the DL can't do anything. Card has got to be on the money and play well, which he usually his. The good news is, he played great versus a very good Judson team. But there is no room for error in this game. Can't have overthrows, bad decisions, etc. Receivers need to play well and be a factor. Unfortunately, LT has not been loaded at this position since 2016. LT running game needs to also be a factor Front seven better be ready to go to war and hit somebody I think LT needs to establish the run early, but ultimately they need to come out and attack, and never let up. Defense is going to have to dig deep and play their best game of the year. Lastly, the mental factor: I have no idea where the team will be mentally going into this game, but I'm tempted to believe they are going to want this badly. These kids are tough, and if they can translate that desire for revenge into focused execution on the field, they will have a shot. I expect LT to leave it all on the field for this one. Just calling it how I see it.
  15. Well, time for LT - North Shore Part II I can't say I'm looking forward to it. At least its a home game for LT
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