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  1. Would you go back and live with the Comanches who used to roam the plains?
  2. Shit, I’d build Feet City with that money. And still have enough to have lifetime tickets to Alabama games and a ranch out in Kansas.
  3. Yeah, I’d love to have the winnings of just one What I could do with $300 million.................
  4. This is pretty cool. How about bringing an M1 Abrams and some A-10 Warthogs to The Alamo?
  5. 2140... welp. I’ll be 146 years young. Not looking forward to colonoscopies either
  6. Maybe then I could finally meet Jim Morrison!
  7. Honestly, I was desperate. Hadn’t dated since September before then. And to add to it, she didn’t look near as bad on profile pictures than as she did in person. I should’ve known that it’d come to this. 38 with two kids? Plus the looks? Yeah, completely out of desperation.
  8. Which would it be? I’d go with the 1940s, experience the era my grandparents grew up in.
  9. Yeah, she ain’t no light heavyweight. Feet that made me cringe too Why do I keep drawing people like this? Big arms and being handsome repels beautiful women?
  10. Tight ass? I’m taking about the blue whales of the world. They wear clothes they shouldn’t be and have all these standards you have to meet for you to date them. I laugh my ass off every time I see that. “I am very blunt and picky, you better have your shit together, have your own place, make $150K or more a year, and please be over 6’5” like shut up you big walrus.
  11. Haha I’ve never heard it that way before. It’s funny as hell when they walk around with an attitude like they’re some sort of blonde bombshell. Like, ugh, no. You’re not hot. You’re 300 fucking pounds.
  12. Good there, but terrible everywhere else ☹️
  13. LT non-district Arlington Martin Judson Rockwall It's nice to get Martin again. Beat them and take a lead in the series of 2-1. As usual, LT was flat in the opener. Martin's experienced, physical team was able to capitalize on that and take it to LT by 21 points. Hopefully we return the favor this time, but by an even greater margin. LT vs Judson has been an every year thing now since 2016. LT leads the series 4-3 (dating back to 2012) and has a three game winning streak. A win here moves LT to four straight over Judson and a 5-3 series lead. LT has not played Rockwall since 2015, I believe the score was 49-27. Rockwall usually fields a good offense every year it seems, and knocked Allen out of the picture early in the playoffs in 2019. I think both Longview and Duncanville blasted Rockwall last year, but they still represent a firm challenge for the Cavs. This non-district schedule combined with the annual match with Westlake makes this a healthy regular-season schedule. All I want in 2020 is a win over North Shore.
  14. It would be cool to see LT vs Longview III play at Baylor, just like the old days.
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