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  1. Hey now lol there’s nothing wrong with big women
  2. Ahhh c’mon. What’s even normal anymore? Who defines the boundaries of normal?
  3. If only 7' women roamed the Earth....
  4. I want us to get a shot at Oklahoma with Rattler
  5. Huh? What’s wrong with a woman who’s 6’3”?
  6. We get Miami in the opener. Blast to the past... 1992
  7. I would love to see Nebraska make a comeback and be good again for once
  8. Lol I will even though I'm shy about them, the stylish stuff will have to wait And I like them soft hands too lol, I was just saying that I've seen attractive women who have hands that aren't so soft due to their job, hobbies, etc
  9. I know, right? Probably bitter that Bama kicked LSU's teeth in last year. And LSU's best team ever was lucky to beat a deficient Bama team in 2019. How pathetic.
  10. How do you quantify cfb threads?
  11. It’s not so much playing a challenging schedule but more of the fact that we’re really good. Nobody was beating us last year.
  12. Someone on here said Rutgers would have given Bama a run for their money in the 2011 season since they had Gary Nova at QB
  13. I know Rutgers would get crushed but I don’t think Bama has ever played Rutgers before.
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