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  1. When I say crush a coconut, fast forward to 23:00 in the video. You hold a coconut, with ONE hand, and crush it like shown in the video above. Your grip pops that coconut like a grape. That’s the kind of grip strength I’m talking about. If you could close my Thor or Hercules gripper, I think you could do this.
  2. Yep! I have a Gripper, called the “Thor” that I believe if you could close, you could obliterate a coconut with your grip.
  3. Well, I think people would be both impressed and frightened if you could pop a coconut with pure grip strength....using one hand
  4. I liked the episode with the wax museum statues that the guy brought home and put in his basement. Super creepy but once again well written. Also liked the one where that guy in Vegas could decide what numbers the dice would roll with his mind. The episode where the guy flipped the coin (a quarter) and it landed on its edge was cool too, trying to remember the details of that episode though.
  5. Anyone remember him? Twilight Zone is a favorite show of mine, girlfriend introduced it to me. Yeah of course it was made way before my time but it's well written and the stories have much deeper meanings. Going to try Night Gallery next.
  6. What would be more impressive, a 500 pound raw bench or popping a coconut like a grape with pure crush grip strength? I vote the latter by a large margin.
  7. Haven't seen the choir but will look it up. And yes the language is fascinating, I've been trying to learn it but there are few resources. I know some basic phrases and can count to 10. Also the man with the strongest hands in the world resides in Wales (and is Welsh of course). Would love to own a Welsh cottage one day as a fall getaway to take my family to. Have you been to the UK before?
  8. Such beautiful country in the rural UK. I'm a sucker for stone cottages in the rolling hills and misty mountains of Wales. The trip to a different Inn every night sounds fun, post on here your experience if you decide to do that. I bet there's a lot of old, historic Inn's you'll see along the way.
  9. Oh yes giant mutant feet, a one of a kind if you ask me
  10. Yep. Some people got it while others don’t.
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