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  1. Yeah but harder to create that content though
  2. That’s what I’ve been saying.... it’s mainstream yet people still make fun of me on here 😂
  3. What’s wrong with it though lol? And I’m referring to feet btw
  4. I want to have the strongest grip in the world. That title currently belongs to Nathan Holle. Check out the gripboard... it’s a world-wide (although a relatively small niche within strength sports) sport. The Russians and Georgians are probably the best at it. Some top strongman have elite grips too.
  5. Eh yeah but viewers on there don’t care about grip training, etc Goal is to have multiple income streams.
  6. Geez lol I’m just trying to get to a lowly 100k subs so I can monetize my channel
  7. Still would appreciate some subscribers to my YouTube channel
  8. not bad... need to see more
  9. damn look at those heels! Son of a bitch!
  10. Aw c'mon man, you know that's not true. Lol
  11. Haha time to bring life back to this thread cod beard
  12. Anyone here collect guitars?
  13. Goodness she's fine! Wow! And man feet.. what makes you bring this up lol? I'd say they're bad to hideous 99% of the time
  14. Come and post the songs you're listening to or maybe one of your all-time favorites. If you have any stories behind a particular tune, please share. Rules: If you're going to post a song/link, comment on the one last posted. I put this here so we can create a discussion rather than a playlist. The sounds of this song (forget about the lyrics) brings out mixed emotions. A very interesting blend of sounds.
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