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  1. ChimpGrip

    555x9 bench press

    About to dive into learning Finnish. Useless, but interesting!!!
  2. ChimpGrip

    555x9 bench press

    12 pull-ups at 400 pounds bodyweight? Clark Kent is a chump. o
  3. ChimpGrip

    OT: Did not realize Sante Fe was at 7200 feet

    I want to build a cedar log cabin in either the Gila National Forest, Raton, or nearby Choco Canyon. I love that state. I still have a rock I picked up from an ancient volcano out there, and hunted Pronghorn outside of Raton in 2008 and then Elk in 2010. Majestic scenery. And hearing the bugling while watching the sunrise was amazing. A beautiful, under appreciated state.
  4. Has anyone here watched him before? He is a machine! And yes he would beat your strongest buddy in an armwrestling match, his strength is other-worldly, to put it lightly.
  5. ChimpGrip

    555x9 bench press

    Further proof that he is a mutant! He makes ridiculous lifts look easy. And this was three years ago, lord knows what he can do now.
  6. ChimpGrip

    555x9 bench press

    That is crazy! Did he pushing in powerlifting competitions or primarily a background in strongman?
  7. ChimpGrip

    555x9 bench press

    I’m fully aware of that, I thought it would be fitting to use the word regardless of the actual differences.
  8. ChimpGrip

    555x9 bench press

    That is true lol. Very likely he doesn’t know. Studies have gone terrible actually. Since I’ve started my new internship, I have not done much reading at all. I am disappointed in myself but I’m going to start forcing it. My language learning has gone down the drain a bit too. Also very disappointing. I look at the number of days wasted and wonder how good I could be if I did it every day. Changes coming though.
  9. ChimpGrip

    555x9 bench press

    But what this guy is doing isn’t human. I made this thread out of boredom to bash those idiots who call repping 225xreps a “feat of strength” All in all, Kirill is extraordinary.
  10. ChimpGrip

    555x9 bench press

    Good enough. There may not be an NFL player that can touch him in the weight room though. The video below demonstrates incredible power.
  11. ChimpGrip

    Greatest Guitarist Ever?

    Eddie Van Halen
  12. ChimpGrip

    555x9 bench press

    Yep. And then you have all of the physically average NFL fans drooling over prospects repping 225 a bunch of times and calling it a “feat of strength” 😂 I know, bad comparison. I felt like trashing the fact that people do that. Kirill saves 225 for curls (not joking)
  13. ChimpGrip

    555x9 bench press

    Yes, among many other things. More to come.
  14. ChimpGrip

    555x9 bench press

    He probably will at some point. 99.9% of people can’t comprehend how hard (and amazing) it would be to reach 800 raw. It would force us to trash the word “limit”.
  15. ChimpGrip

    More Seal Team Controversy

    That is not what my claim is based on. Not even close. Nice try though. I can’t say I expected any different from you anyway.