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  1. What’s in YOUR wallet?

    How about a more friendly, non-political discussion that does not (hopefully) resort to name-calling and personal insults? I would love to talk investments and business with anyone on here, strong area of interest of mine. Especially entrepreneurship. So, as the commercial says, what’s in your wallet?
  2. GA,TX,and CA guys

    As long as you have 2008 and 2016 LT😄
  3. GA,TX,and CA guys

    Do you still have the Texas teams I provided on the previous threads?
  4. National tournament

    How is the Past 30 Year bracket coming along?
  5. Visited the zoo this week...

    Thank you captiron
  6. Visited the zoo this week...

    There comes a point where intelligence is not enough. I shouldn’t expect so much from this board. Likewise.
  7. Visited the zoo this week...

    I was hoping this would be a legitimate piece of reference. I wouldn’t expect someone who’s never been around brown bears to know different though. They are incredibly large and powerful. 350 pound gorilla would get crushed. I would bet the brown bear has a nastier bite to boot.
  8. Visited the zoo this week...

    No match for a mighty browny, or Black Death (a Cape Buffalo). That bear can top 1300 pounds. They are massive and powerful.
  9. Visited the zoo this week...

    I have family members who have been guiding Brown Bear hunts in Alaska for years now. I think a brown Bear would destroy a gorilla. They are much heavier and faster, and have a nasty swipe and bite. I think a big male lion would tear up a gorilla. A Cape buffalo or hippo would also destroy it. Most people are pretty clueless about the animals I’ve mentioned above.
  10. Visited the zoo this week...

    The whole point of my study
  11. Visited the zoo this week...

    Some are and some are not. Same goes for powerlifting and bodybuilding federations. I’ve heard that World’s Strongest Man is and is not, but the only reliable source on that would be someone who has done it.
  12. Visited the zoo this week...

    Well I have no way to politely ask that. I know Shaw eats out the grocery store weekly, I’ll leave it at that.
  13. Visited the zoo this week...

    That is correct, but the gorilla is still capable of pressing. He can push. If one can push (human, gorilla, orangutan, and so on) then the bench press is doable. Bench press is one example. Is takes supreme brute strength for what some have done with the log press. And the axle press, which is mighty hard.
  14. Visited the zoo this week...

    What I expect or hope to see is that the gorilla is much stronger at X number of movements (likely pulling) while the strongman excels at overall body and pressing movements. Crush grip is a major unknown, not near as clear cut as it seems. I want people to be able to grasp what certain men can do, and how the gorilla is not stronger in every way. Do they even out? Does the gorilla have the edge? Or the strongman? Have we been wrong all along on something that seemed so obvious with what we thought was enough evidence to void any attempt at study? Or does it turn out to overwhelmingly prove what we thought was right all along-and in turn prove me wrong? This study aims to answer these questions. Thanks for reading.
  15. Visited the zoo this week...

    DD, these “experts” have never conducted a real study into this. It’s all based on exhibitions of strength when they break a branch. There is no real study. We can look at evolution, personal experience from witnesses, physiology, but we can’t place exact numbers on it. I want numbers, not assumptions. Motivation is a small component of the strength formula. If what you said about no human being able to come close is true, then we can only assume loading big stones and stuff like that is also not close. Which I highly doubt. There is a difference in movements. If a gorilla is mad as hell and is out to kill and tries with everything he has and fails to lift a 500 pound rock, then what? I’d say the man at least can hold a candle, as dozens and dozens of men in the strength world have lifted that and much more.