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  1. not with Israeli's though
  2. Alright then, how about Israeli women? Now we're talkin'
  3. Yes, absolutely. That's one of the big differences
  4. Alright, next round. Egyptian women, anyone?
  5. They’re missing out. They have no idea what they’re missing.
  6. For me, 2018 North Shore 2013 Allen 2005, '13 and '06 Southlake Carroll 2012 Katy 2008 and '16 LT
  7. Q&A with the strongest hands in the world
  8. I’m telling ya they’re gorgeous, but not popular on here
  9. Yeah not surprised I guess. They have third prettiest feet just behind Japanese and Israeli women
  10. Yeah but it’s not always the same. Persian women can be quite beautiful
  11. Lol I sure hope not but that’s not the end of all
  12. Why? They have some awesome features others don’t have
  13. I think- 2011 and 2012 Alabama (2020 not far behind, could finish in same class depending on how they finish the season) 2015 Clemson 2010 Auburn 2010 Wisconsin 2015 Arkansas (was physically a huge bunch, but far from great)
  14. Gorgeous heels and a big beautiful ass... decisions decisions
  15. Holy fuck WOW!!!!! Don't know where to start with this one shit
  16. Actually, there was one scene involving the latter. John Saxon and Ahna Capri (I think her name was?).
  17. You should read of Bruce Lee’s training. The very definition of mind over matter and mental toughness. Was surprised to learn he was a Cantonese speaker though. Always thought he was from Beijing.
  18. Well 26 but I do agree wrong generation! 60’s & 70’s >> Today
  19. Anyone here remember him? Guy was good back in the 70’s
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