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  1. Indeed. Dude was an absolute freak.
  2. Yeah, there was that, too. 😉 Not sure if he could have gone 10.14, but could well have. Imagine if he'd actually trained for the 100. Glad he chose football, though, of course. And dude above mentioned McNair. That's a name I haven't heard in forever. I've never heard a reason why he flamed out at ND. Have you?
  3. "...set by Henry Thomas (Hawthorne HS, 1985) and equaled by Domani Jackson last season." Too bad the latter wasn't healthy enough to defend it.
  4. Actually, the courts said make it go away, jackass. Now go down to the local watering hole and tell the Clowndes coaches to put down their moonshine and man up and give MD a call for '23.
  5. Hell yes. Reid's, Plaschke's and Sondy's heads would explode! Damn bastards.
  6. You're so out of your league, jackass. Watching res make a fool of you has been so entertaining. Guess that responsibility falls back to the rest of us now!
  7. You've got the corner on pompous attitude, jackass.
  8. Seriously? You've read his previous posts, I presume? He's very clear in distinguishing his personal opinion from his professional commentary, and no one on this board can hold a candle to his credentials concerning the latter. So we'll see.
  9. @res ipsa loquitur is an alum and an attorney. Will wait for his commentary; the only one that really matters.
  10. PS: We wouldn't feel the need to have so much fun at your expense if you didn't insist on subjecting us, ad nauseum, to your weird obsession with a history of relatively pedestrian success that happened such a long, long, looooooooooong time ago. But hey, whatever floats your boat. 🤣
  11. LOL! We run the NATION!
  12. Underclassmen, not grads. Again: fine print. Grass is much, much greener at Bristol & Edinger.
  13. @Adam_MD_Alum @HurricaneNick @Bodysurf @Eddyr2 MD homers, just an FYI that the spreadsheet has been updated with the new 247 data for the classes of '23 and '24. Fall 2021 national champs is now complete, minus Jordon Davison, whose stars and number totals aren't out yet. Fall 2021 sure to go up 4 or 5 points when that happens, though. Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 are top 3 at every position during the mini dynasty, except for WR, which was strongest from 2016-2018, interestingly enough. The last two teams have been ridiculously talented, as you will see. Enjoy.
  14. They sure as hell better be if they hope to stay within 5 TDs of SFA! 🤣
  15. Read the fine print, Pooh Bear: 4* and 5* recruits.
  16. Game, set and match to you, sir.
  17. One has at least 15 NFL alumni and counting, the other a big fat zero?
  18. Yes, you are correct. It's been a minute...
  19. And yet another Hispanic who sucked at football.
  20. DLS took a knee at the EC 2 yd line to finish the game, jackass, so it would've been 34-10, and 34-7 if DLS hadn't muffed a punt and given EC the easy FG inside their own 10. You're not gonna bring up either of those facts, though, are you? And DLS's starting QB went down in the first quarter that game, too, so don't pretend DLS had some major advantage at QB. (We all found out Booty sucked anyway, didn't we, in failing to carry on Leinart's brilliance. You do know Leinart was from MD, right? 😆 )
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