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  1. What a joke! I hope they lose every meaningful game.
  2. You don’t possibly know that yet about SFA. DV is replacing their entire backfield. This QBs strengths aren’t the same as Jacquinden’s, so some tweaking may need to be done on O. It may take them a while to gel. Also they will need to find a new DC, the current one was just hired as new HC at a school in Houston
  3. LT: “I did Joe Theisman a favor when I broke his leg”
  4. List doesn’t include taking out ISIS leader Baghdadi and Iranian terrorist leader Suilemani either
  5. Some mocked the young QB at shadow creek for only having one offer. Many of us texans said just wait, they’ll start coming, going into his senior year. UofH just offered to give him a total of 5 offers to date. https://247sports.com/Player/Kyron-Drones-46081020/
  6. He’s a propagandist that looks for an angle to advance his brand.
  7. SJB is running scared of SFA. This is golden! 😂
  8. I don’t know about ruling, power public coaches get opportunities at the college level as well
  9. That’s about avg height chimp. The way you talk I would have thought you were much shorter
  10. I've heard you talk about your lack of height before, how tall are you?
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