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  1. OMG, don’t you get tired of BSing your way on this forum? Come on, man
  2. I just recently watched them on tape, so I wouldn't have offered anything as I didn't have an opinion on them until now.
  3. Looking good! Orthopedic surgery has advanced so far, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back on the field next year.
  4. What’s your thoughts on SLC? I watched their game on video vs timber creek. They’re pretty good. I like them over Katy too.
  5. Exactly. They spent about 15 pages last month arguing on the merits of classes lower than 6A, googled scores from 10 years ago and what not. But claim they don’t care enough to offer a final 4 projection...that was a bridge too far! 😂
  6. Who is retuning for the cy-fair game?
  7. Wow! Didn’t know about the other student. Very sad.
  8. Sorry to hear this. Condolences to the Allen community. It’s been a while since I’ve lived in the metroplex, didn’t think that type of problem existed in an area like that.
  9. You do, you stated before that you watch 5A. You referenced that you watch D3 college games in the same manner.
  10. He asked for all classes not just 6AD1
  11. He’ll tell you that since everything below 6A is “trash” he won’t waste his time posting a final 4.
  12. I’m planning on being there for Friday.
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