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  1. Yes their offense looked pretty good. It’s gonna be a good one next week.
  2. Nope, they may have got caught looking ahead. I can’t believe they legit struggled with a team lone star and Ryan both blew out
  3. Wos will be fine 14 pts was set up from busted coverage. They make adjustments they’ll be ok
  4. All these teams talking need to chill. Let their play on the field do their talking lol
  5. Yessir! So happy for their program, great win! I hope they win it all!
  6. I’m not mad, all’s good, happy thanksgiving Sammy!
  7. Ryan has to get by Longview first. I’m just not confident in Ryan’s O. Maybe LV has closed the gap some from the 1st game. The regional final should be a good one regardless do you think anyone from region 3 or 4 challenges CS? I’m leaning slightly towards paetow to be in Dallas
  8. These rankings are all jumbled, although I like I agree with the teams in the top 10. For me in ‘19 NS, DV and WL were top 3. This year, WL, Katy and SLC are top 3. I’d give ‘19 the edge. Bottomline for me: atascocita, guyer and martin in ‘19 are weaker than any team in ‘21. Plus, in the ‘21 AP ranking, spring and Heath are top 10 making ‘21 slightly deeper than ‘19.
  9. ‘21 is weaker at the top than ‘19, more solid at the 4-10 spots.
  10. It’s not, 6A in DFW overall is down though and has been for a while.
  11. The next two rounds in this region should be pretty good. Same for region 1.
  12. I wish you all and Austin area would be region 2.
  13. Yep! Temple lost to 3 ranked teams at the time. No shame in that
  14. LV would mix it up for a quarter. LV won’t beat Ryan next week Ryan plays magnolia west today. That’s not a gimme game. They’re #2 in CS district
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