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  1. Yep, I was gonna say the military. Overall the best organization I’ve been a part of and very diversified.
  2. Horsefly

    Best defense thread

    I saw both play. Yates didn't play in the era of watered down playoffs, the two best teams repped the district in one bracket. No two divisions where a 4th placed team gets in.
  3. Horsefly

    Best defense thread

    Best HS defense was '85 Jack Yates. Had 9 shutouts, allowed 47 pts in 15 games.
  4. I’d favor cy fair by about 4-5 TDs. (They played in predistrict in ‘17 and lakes lost 42-7) Thats why I said he’ll just get lost in the shuffle of it all, no one cares about cy lakes and there are plenty of teams that have a stud or two that suck as a team. If he’s really good they might make the playoffs, which they have never done. That’s a low bar to reach for relevancy in Texas.
  5. Well there it is. He’s at cy lakes. That’s an odd and wasted transfer. Wish him the best.
  6. That’s much better than cy lakes, cy fair were state champs two years ago and will contend again this season. He can help them climb that ladder
  7. Horsefly

    Battle of the last two Florida 7A champs tonight

    That’s a very nice looking backfield. A ton of speed!
  8. Horsefly

    Another story you won't see on CNN

    I read it this morning...on CNN https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/05/15/us/las-vegas-man-pushed-off-bus-trnd/index.html
  9. Horsefly

    The Alabama abortion ban

    No need to sacrifice, you make an exception. Win-win
  10. Horsefly

    The Alabama abortion ban

    I’m not addressing anything other than no exception for incest and rape. That includes children that are victims of these crimes but will be required to carry to term. That’s sick and barbaric
  11. Horsefly

    USAToday way too early rankings

    Yeah, NS will be loaded. They actually have many transfers.
  12. Horsefly

    The Alabama abortion ban

    Mind blowing isn’t it.
  13. Horsefly

    The Alabama abortion ban

    Rape and incest is a heinous act that takes away a woman’s control and traumatizes her emotionally; making her carry an unwanted pregnancy from either crime does the same thing as the rapist. The tragedy of this law is that this can be young girls that are victims of such crimes. Where legally they may be underage to give consent to sex but yet are forced to carry the result of a crime that violated her right to consent to sex. That’s barbaric
  14. Horsefly

    The Alabama abortion ban

    So children born from rape and incest are a gift? And if the child of incest/rape is a gift then is the act itself, the process that creates that gift also a gift from God? So tell me, according to the Bible when does life begin? (You may not like what you find)
  15. Horsefly

    The People of Alabama Have Spoken

    You too