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  1. you’re a gotdamn idiot. Any clown would know a team that has played half their schedule would have an adv over a team just that just played 1 game. This his is the last of my posts on this site, too many fools over here. You,Sammy and the other 4 posters can carry on
  2. You’re painfully stupid. IMG started their season a whole month before DV. DV had 1 game under their belt. But that’s not relevant to dumbass clowns like yourself
  3. Is the Guyer QB playing?
  4. Nope, he was just a JR. yes, they’ll polish up and compete for a title. I dunno know why folks thought this would be a blow out
  5. The QB is out there, SC had an JV last year
  6. IMO they’re more polished than westfield
  7. I’ve told folks SC is not a joke, they’ll be very competitive in D2
  8. Backups are in, except for Martin. Had bear Alexander played Martin wouldn’t have scored maybe 7
  9. I don’t see Martin coming back, I’m checking out on this one.
  10. What? It’s decent, henigan has had time, he’s connected on a few and missed on others. A few games under their belts they should improve. they should be up 28-0 now, but missed in converting
  11. Ryan laying it on them, and I haven’t seen DT bear Alexander for them yet
  12. Ryan looked good on that drive, 7-0
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