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  1. I figured it was due to competition, it made no sense otherwise for him to leave DV especially with what they have returning
  2. If he’s been moving around a lot then maybe it’s best for their program he does move on. This DV team is very talented without him, so it will be interesting to see who steps up.
  3. Yessir, he’s gone.
  4. It was possible before but especially now that the rumor is DV QB transferred to another local school (Red Oak)
  5. Give me NS by 14. 35-21
  6. They weren’t gonna compete well in the Houston humidity going against a massive and physical NS OL. my prediction has little to do with DLS abilities as much as it does of significant weather changes just like it would be if a TX team played a NE powerhouse in snowy weather. Not good for the TX team... I use to be an avid runner and when I’d go to Houston to visit family and work out I felt the difference immediately. It takes time to acclimate to that.
  7. They would have won by 21+. The size of NS OL, which will be the biggest and maybe best yet, coupled with the weather and a few DLS players going 2-ways was going to be absolutely brutal.
  8. DLS is average in OOS games, you guys only have false confidence NOW because the game was called off. 😂 it's not an excuse, DLS has never been to Houston and never played NS, Katy has many times. It's called familiarity..... this should be NS best offense yet under coach Kay. They will light up the scoreboard
  9. Dude Katy has played NS many times, they are use to them as a rivalry and in this horrid humid climate. Nonetheless, NS is 4-2 vs Katy with the current head coach. DLS wasn't coming into new terrotity here in TX and beating NS. Not only that NS is #1 here preseason for a reason. trust me, that game was going to be a convincing NS win. Secondly, DLS is not Katy playing HERE in TX. Not even close
  10. 😂. These little fellas weren’t gonna beat NS. They were spared getting split open 👇
  11. The lie is GSB posted a photoshopped image. The young man never made that comment
  12. Here’s the real photo. Only damn fools photoshop to create a message b/c no one peddles their nonsense
  13. I have no delusions in thinking EITHER party will help fix. You’re the only one between the 2 of us that thinks the answer lies with Republicans. The US gov (Dems/repubs) has created about as many oppressive laws in its history to curtail black achievement as it has in creating ones to advance it. No thanks!
  14. I like to look to the top in assessing the health of any country or organization. Leaders lead and inspire, not ridicule and divide. He’s the worst LEADER I’ve ever seen. That’s why these generals are all coming out of the woodwork talking about the same thing. What’s insane is you thinking the Republican Party has the desire to help raise black poverty out of its existence seeing as they never have. (The Democrats don’t either).
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