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  1. Your comment doesn’t change the statistics; over 160K infected, 3K dead with a ~2% mortality rate, all within 2 months, and that’s with us practicing social distancing, shelter in place, etc.
  2. Horsefly


    Is this a mom n pop pizza joint or a chain?
  3. 😂 this guy claims twitter takes down tweets on proven cures, but he’s able to tweet this message...highlighting a possible cure.
  4. Some folks have suggested Walsh.
  5. They may have, but that’s still fast especially seeing that Webb was doing fine at Rockwall and had a great class coming up too. That Webb was going to guyer was rumored within days of Walsh resigning on the Texas site.
  6. what are you talking about? My response was a direct reply to him about looking at the death totals and comparing the two without the context. It has nothing to do with valuing one more than another. The difference is in the urgency
  7. Cancer is not contagious and death may have been years from the day they were diagnosed with it With this disease, we can safely say those that died were infected within the past 2 months ! big difference....
  8. here what you’re saying, if the crisis is overblown then we wasted valuable resources in addressing it, why would he be given credit for wasting resources? (Our response to this pandemic has been unprecedented)
  9. You act as if the assessment of a group means they have full and working knowledge about what he’s said and done? That 60% says nothing about the awareness of those being polled, just that they have an opinion
  10. Credit for not acting sooner, shutting down the economy and increasing the national debt? Remember you said this was overblown, so his overreaction to an overblown crisis can’t be rational and praiseworthy. Just sayin’ Regardless, things are better in my county/city b/c of local policies being enacted and enforced and news sites spreading the word. That’s happening countrywide.
  11. Because of your comment about trump getting the credit.
  12. The states have taken control of this, counties and lower government too, to thwart off this pandemic. If there is credit to be passed on its largely to them and their agencies
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