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  1. I find it hard to believe they were allowed into the UIL in a non realignment year after being kicked out of TAPPS, there are only 2 private schools in the entire UIL. (Jesuit schools)
  2. A 100 kids on varsity?? That’s a ton of kids! Lol
  3. That’s a pretty small roster, y’all carry about 50 kids?
  4. Maybe God’s judgment could be allowing us to fall because of our own shortcomings. Self centeredness, prideship, arrogance, lies could be reasons we don’t overcome this pandemic. All due to our own character flaws. Just sayin’
  5. Americans are too individualistic to collectively combat this pandemic, I don’t think we ever get clear of it
  6. I watched MNW last yr vs IMG it was a bloodbath, 28-0 after the 1st qtr. those Miami schools aren't the same they use to be, Central getting blown out by SFA a few years back. Central even lost to St John's college. A decade ago that wasn't happening.
  7. You guys aren’t built the same as you use to be, hell central kids looked very undersized the last I saw them, It’s the reason MNW got smoked by some AZ school. Reality is tough
  8. I didn’t see anyone shitting their pants in this comment section over his actions. Stop being so dramatic. Lol
  9. Well by your defense of him being shirtless you’d think you didn’t know … smh
  10. Context matters, working out or playing pickup ball is one thing, stripping down at a pep rally where being shirtless is not necessary is totally different. Smh
  11. Dude please stfu with your constant trolling. That shit has gotten old, post something relevant or bounce!
  12. Yeah I expect things will roll along, most states won’t stop things
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