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  1. I already gave you plenty. Being discriminated is bad regardless, the nod and wink is bad because sometimes you can’t prove racism if it’s covert. No legal recourse. We’ve covered this already.
  2. Well 1-2 out of 15 or so is about 10% correct? I already gave you an example of being white. They aren’t generally negatively scrutinized for being white. Not when entering a store, buying a house, car, applying for a job, pulled over by the police, going on vacation. One of the reasons why I can toy with you is because I have a white son in law and sister in law. My SIL tells me all the time how being married to my daughter has opened his eyes. things he took for granted, like traveling, changed his perspective.
  3. Just stop. He hired these people to begin with and had every opportunity to hire the best and those that would be loyal. It’s amazing to what lengths some of you all will go to to justify his shortcomings which any other individual would be chastised for. The default of his high turnover is not loyalty but could very well be his leadership style.
  4. You said your leadership was minimal minority. So if the workers were majority Asian and Indian then who was getting promoted and from what dept? Yeah sure troll I’m sure all promotions were some effort to get all the minorities into place and merit be damned. Lol
  5. Of course they see his tweets but he doesn’t care. Why do you think there is high turnover?
  6. We already had this conversation LAST week. You stated you worked with minimal minorities with a select few on the board. The majority were white and replacing white executives at the top. I believe you stated 10% of the employees at all levels were minorities, so what did that make the remaining 90%? I wager that vendors you worked with were majority white and probably male, sales teams, supplier, etc. It wasn’t just you taking the class but everyone else was in there too or did they single you out with all the other white students to take the class? I just gave you a benefit. You only had to worry about the merit of your abilities on your job and not overcoming a negative stereotype. All my examples were mine. Not some bullshit stat affecting others in another place.
  7. We’ll see. all they are doing is galvanizing their base. You all know about that b/c cons are doing the same thing with the same issue. Once the wounds are licked then the candidate will moderate their speech and be the voice of the party. I don’t think they’ll win, but that will be the effort
  8. That won’t happen once the left narrows down their pres candidates. They’ll be the face and able to reshape the narrative from the 4.
  9. Really? at work you had limited to no competition with the few minorities there. My goodness you had an entire career working with and for whites the majority of the time. So your work was based solely on your merit and not on a negative racial stereotype. Imagine that. Have you ever been to a job interview where the leadership team met with you and warned you about the potential racism you’d encounter from some of the employees if you took the job? And when you asked the president if he’d intervene with issues of race he said “no”? Imagine that, having to deal with not only the stress of doing the work but having to navigate through racial tension too where top leadership said they wouldn’t intervene. Imagine being a young 1Lt and having your boss, a full colonel, tell you the military got worse when they allowed my kind in. Imagine that. Do you think he told the white officers that? Or do you think race was not a general issue they needed to navigate, just focus on merit imagine going into a college class and the professor holds up a paper bag and says anyone darker than this won’t pass his class. Once again, can’t just focus on merit, color is a factor. I have plenty other examples these are just a few of what happened to ME!
  10. Most posts on here are opinion. It goes without saying You were the one arguing with us a few months ago about the use of the term “boy” in referring to a black man not being a racist term. I don’t know if you ever understood although those of us with experience understood the reference and tried to explain. Experience and the quality of that experience matters. Where is your example of someone telling you to get out of this country and go back? People called you whitey and I’m sure you’ve been given the benefits of looking like one, whether you are or not, especially in environments where minority numbers were limited or not the dominate one. .
  11. Aah yes that’s it! He’s such a forward, analytical thinker. I’m sure that’s what he was doing.
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