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  1. Nowadays, when you hear the name “Bosco” you think of SJB and not DBP. In all fairness to the WM coach he more than likely thought the invite was to play SJB and declined.
  2. Did you ask him? Maybe that’s his philosophy or interest, playing teams from the SW instead of from all over. My thing is everyone doesn’t have to jump on the national scheduling wagon. And that’s ok too.
  3. Coach king has been playing teams from LA for years. He's from LA, he coaches at a HS that's close to its border that allows him to play LA teams without traveling far. That's probably not going to change any time soon.
  4. Why is this game even being posted? neither team is even decent
  5. Bull trolls now, I wouldn’t pay him much attention
  6. Longview and Rockwall next week should be a good one.
  7. I’m listening here. https://www.1065jackfm.com/shows/lobo-nation/
  8. Dude gfoh. 😂. Legitimacy to you 🤡 on this board?
  9. I believe powerball is the old lamarfan. They post very similarly
  10. What’s the weather suppose to be like? looks like it’s sunny there in WM.
  11. Powerball is an old poster that has been absent a while. (Different name) His tone is very similar
  12. Because I think a lot of times you engage not to discuss but to antagonize, throw barbs then leave the discussion. Am I wrong?
  13. Not really, just addressing you as the troll you are.
  14. Again Sammy you flap on and on about this and that and no one gives a damn. That’s why you’re in a TX game thread peddling your bs.
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