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  1. Hopefully Allen hired someone who wants to be there and doesn’t see Allen as a stepping stone to something else in a year or two.
  2. They won’t be elite without black bodies. That’s the point! its not “trending” because it’s fashionable but b/c of the BS politics and social issues in this country. And the only way to control the narrative is to control the spaces we occupy. If the country continues on this same path there will be more and more black kids choosing HBCUs over PWIs Prime has made it clear why he’s at JSU. I believe he’ll move on if/when he feels he’s accomplished his goal.
  3. Have a seat, you showing ignorance is not the flex you think it is. It just shows you’re clueless.
  4. Why more college students, athletes are committing to HBCUs HBCUs are exploding in popularity both in classrooms and on the court. By Abby Cruz , Kenneth Moton and Sarah Herndon June 7, 2021, 5:03 PM ET • 8 min read https://abcnews.go.com/amp/US/college-students-athletes-committing-hbcus/story?id=78131004
  5. Youre babbling. No one denies Deion has made JSU, but you’re delusional if you think Saban hasn’t rebranded Bama since he got there. just as IMG has infused $$ into their program, JSU has done the same since Prime has arrived. you don’t understand the recent surge in interest with HBCUs, you’re blind to what’s happening. It’s not just sports where interests has increased with HBCUs.
  6. Well, its kind of the same question of Bama. How many kids are wanting to play for Saban as opposed to the school? (In many cases the HC makes the program)
  7. Because he’s potentially losing out on some athletes and or he may not want to see them going to HBCUs.
  8. That’s changing though, many kids of today are learning of the HBCU legacy and considering them as a valid option
  9. It’s happening in a lot of places, Texas kids tweet that out too.
  10. Folks are missing point of the social changes in this country that are making HBCUs attractive in every regard. if you don’t think these decisions aren’t partially driven by the polarization of our country’s politics then you’re choosing to be blind to those facts
  11. True, if samples allows him to do his thing. he’d also be a great successor after samples retires, back in the same district n going h2h with his former school. Oh boy! Lol
  12. Denton Ryan’s 40.7 4x1 includes a star LB running one of the legs!
  13. Good stuff, some of those little school guys have big time talent.
  14. I don’t know about that, but his timing sucked. 3 HCs in 3 years is not good for continuity nor for winning.
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