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  1. Yep! Sure do remember, he’s a powerful back for the frogs.
  2. What I find interesting is there’s not another Texas school in the top 25? No Beaumont United nor lake highlands whose only loss so far this year is a 1 point loss to DV. cen10 has an argument of being elite in FB/BB. Don’t know what they do in T&F
  3. Austin though is right on DFWs heels, if not slightly ahead, on QBs.
  4. What would you say is the dfws hallmark, QBs? DBs?
  5. Good question, I can’t think of any at the top of my head.
  6. It’s impressive and should be talked up as much as the other runs, but it could be because they’re from a small football market (Austin has 2 x 6A districts compared to DFW’s 9) they don’t get the hype like DFW powers SLC and Allen did.
  7. DV will get beat by both imo, they make way too many penalties and miscues and running that RB 70% of the time as the offense won’t work.
  8. I got DV but prosper will hang for a while.
  9. You still in Texas or are you in CO now?
  10. Agree, these really are toss ups but for the sake of convo I’ll go with: 1. Westlake vs. NS (WL special teams) 2. Timpson vs. Refugio (Timp has the better ath) 3. Aledo vs. Longview (aledo’s pedigree) 4. SOC vs Argyle (overall discipline of argyle)
  11. Of course the troll, trolls Texas about watching games. Its like clock work with this nut case every year. I’m like you though, ignore and like a boil on the ass he’ll eventually go away. Lol. With that… let’s go Timpson! 😊
  12. There’s nothing to screw in his comments. Those that stay n compete, will compete. Those that leave he’s not dealing with. But still this is a mental check to see what he’s got. Otherwise he could have met with certain kids 1 on 1 and told them to leave.
  13. Nah, he’s seeing how mentally tough they are. If some stay n compete it shows their grit n character.
  14. If there’s any year to justify expanding the playoffs to more teams this is the year. Outside of GA and Mich there are about 6 more or so that I’d like to see in the mix. Picking 4 teams this year is a tight window.
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