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  1. So now you backtrack on it being a routine travel service. I’m pointing out it’s a huge adv. just admit it’s an extraordinary adv and we can move on
  2. Dude just stop. We aren’t talking general bus transportation for all students. The article made it very clear what was going on. “Rollinson arranged for vans that school employees living near those areas could drive to and from the campus each day. As many as a dozen players ride in the vans.” 😂
  3. I know you all tried to keep a lid on this secret. But I knew extraordinary results on the football field called for extraordinary reasons. And now we know why. 😂
  4. And probably 90% of the football players get aid. We at least know curbside van shuttling is offered. 😂
  5. I just told you. Why adjust attendance zones to accommodate growth that was being addressed by using existing facilities? You like to create new challenges to answer for one that was being answered. They had already started on the road of addressing growth by moving 9th graders. I’m done with this, you lied about the facts. You have no idea what that district did.
  6. It doesn’t need to be its own high school. No need to needlessly adjust new attendance zones to accommodate two full schools. The story of how how they got where they are now is relevant. These things are done in iterations. And them moving 9th graders out of the HS into the MS was a crucial step.
  7. It’s very relevant because it’s exactly what they did. They initially moved 9h graders from the HS to the middle school to make room for the HS growth. That’s using current facilities to address future needs. Basically making the middle school into a Jr High. They didn’t build a new HS. but in your logic now you’d prefer they actually built a brand new school to house everyone.
  8. Oh it matters a lot! If you took the time to read what you copied and linked it says they first moved the 9th graders to the middle school to accommodate growth then moved the 10th graders as well. They made do with existing facilities. One of the HS is the old middle school. Geez man read the stuff you link
  9. 👇🏽 Where does it say they even built another HS? You posted this. Sounds like they used the existing middle school
  10. But I’m not convinced they built any new HS (maybe renovated older campuses) . Did you go back n read your excerpt you posted on the history?
  11. 👇🏽This is what you said just about an hour ago. And are you sure they built a new HS or did they convert the MS to a 9-10 grade HS. You posted the Wikipedia excerpt on their history
  12. No steeler, it costs less than building a single school that would house all students.
  13. Yes you did. Not only that, I’m not convinced you have all the details of what they did in the district in regard to new school construction and converting the middle school into one of the HS but this is very old news, at least 20+ years old. Move on.
  14. YOU just gave a reasonable explanation to why a smaller 10-11 grade campus could have been chose…cost! You’re whole theory goes out the door if they had built a brand new school for all. We would’ve even be here talking about it.
  15. Aah so saving money sounds like a more reasonable explanation than anything you’ve mentioned. They found a way to accommodate their growth with the cheapest solution. Had they built one big school this wouldn’t be an issue with you
  16. This makes no sense steeler. If SLC was intent on not splitting to keep an athletic adv then why didn’t they just simply build a school to house everyone or add on? They definitely could afford any option without blinking an eye.
  17. Alternatively, SLC could have built one school to house all students or added onto the Sr High. Now I’m gonna let you pound your head why they didn’t. 🤦‍♂️
  18. Yeah SLCs adv has been too much. The UIL needs to put a stop to their campus manipulation shenanigans. The rest of 6A has stood no chance! 😂
  19. I’m thinking Solomon James. This kid played in‘20
  20. Here is what you posted you! Nothing about averages or them eventually earning a star at DV.
  21. They had none in 2021. That’s a fact and james is an unrated Sr. But like a clown you listed him.
  22. Exactly my ass. You said a 3 star annually. They haven’t had a rated transfer in 2 seasons.
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