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  1. .....rudy giuliani is scheduled to be there and give a halftime speech unless trump has to send him back to the Ukraine...
  2. .... you are such a "winner". We can't possibly be more impressed with an old white man!
  3. ...columbia, fl Not even pgl, nj can make this school relevant. smdh
  4. ... dumbest POS on the internet. Has nothing!
  5. .....king trump could shoot someone in the senate and still get acquitted 53-47. unless he shot a republican, then it would be 52-47.
  6. The evidence even without the witnesses is SO damning any other person would have been found guilty last night. Oh well, this impeachment will cost king trump hundreds of thousands of votes....that's a good thing.
  7. Really. NOT 1 witness in this scam trial??? Might hear from them after the trial?...that's great stuff! Only in trump america.....
  8. Here's another fact. You are a piece of worthless slime and everyone here knows it.. You have NOTHING!
  9. Get em", nolebob! One minute you trash STA, the next you put STA money on the table like it's yours..... What a moron....but, you know that already.
  10. Anyone know how many actual players Academy has?
  11. I think he's going to do some good stuff there..... He's already put Athens on the map. 😃
  12. You gotta feel the negative to have any say, gotta feel it!!! Feel it like nolebob..... lmao
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