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  1. I'm harmless and completely sane. I also don't own any automatic stone throwers. Steve Kerr is exactly right though. A man couldn't be more right on something.
  2. How about throwing automatic rocks at politicians?
  3. I think the answer might be to start throwing automatic rocks at these politicians......stone them all. I wouldn't shed a tear. Only country in the world where this happens. Good "Old" USA!! So glad I'm done with this political bullshit. I hate them all!
  4. Calpreps is doo doo. I watched some Kinkaid video yesterday and they remind me a lot of Newman (NOLA). Newman and Kinkaid could be brothers when it comes to tuition. Of course Newman might win the D3 state championship this year with Arch Manning and all that group. They have four or five P5 guys. Point is I saw about five or six really good players for Kinkaid also in their videos. Not sure about this year. Not much depth on either Kinkaid or Newman. Kinkaid is a large school though. .
  5. They're more concerned with how he got the class. No doubt that there's some good players in that class, but all the big dogs got some great players in their classes too. The secret is keeping them all and developing them.
  6. You think Kinkaid could hang with The Woodlands....or is Calpreps that terrible. Calpreps had Kinkaid #62 in Texas last year and The Woodlands at #77. 62 Kinkaid (Houston, TX) team preview trend Texas Southwest Prep 4A Southwest Prep 4A 9-2 4-1 (2nd) 5-1 44.2 23.3 74-45 WINS: #459 Episcopal (Dallas, TX) (42-17), #924 Second Baptist (Houston, TX) (21-14), #1081 St. John's (Houston, TX) (34-24), #2318 St. Thomas (Houston, TX) (48-41), #2353 Episcopal (Bellaire, TX) (31-24), #3458 St. Mark's (Dallas, TX) (64-27), #5153 Legacy School of Sport Sciences (Spring, TX) (59-12), #6345 Houston Christian (Houston, TX) (46-14), #7525 St. John XXIII (Katy, TX) (56-6), LOSSES: #459 Episcopal (Dallas, TX) (31-21), #529 Little Cypress-Mauriceville (Orange, TX) (49-20) 77 The Woodlands (TX) team preview trend Texas 6A Region II District 13 6A 8-3 5-0 (1st) 7-3 41.8 33.3 75-43 WINS: #1167 College Park (The Woodlands, TX) (45-14), #1685 Willis (TX) (43-10), #1703 Lamar (Houston, TX) (17-7), #1858 Conroe (TX) (45-32), #2233 Grand Oaks (Spring, TX) (49-20), #2427 Langham Creek (Houston, TX) (48-42), #2838 Oak Ridge (Conroe, TX) (48-24), Aguilas Blancas IPN (Mexico City, Mexico) (62-0), LOSSES: #54 Katy (TX) (21-14), #162 Spring (TX) (52-35), #369 Bridgeland (Cypress, TX) (39-35)
  7. Ok, Fisher got one this year. Nobody's really worried about that here. Most all those players are overrated and overhyped anyways.... the 2 Louisiana players are great though. ...25% of that class will probably transfer out. Alabama lost 15 or 16 players off their top recruiting classes to the transfer portal this year..... some 4* and 5" prospects included in that group.
  8. Who is we? Kinkaid probably is very well coached and very coachable. They've had some success against the Big TAPP schools in Texas in football. Interesting matchup. Never knew this school or this league even existed. Texas is just that big.
  9. Eli Holstein is 6-4 222 lbs and runs a 4.6 forty and is strong as an ox. He broke the National SPARQ Record for QBs. The kid is just built different. What's so funny about that? Saban isn't laughing.
  10. Because the guys ahead of him are not better than him including Arch Manning. Rivals has Eli Holstein the #5 rated QB in the nation. You can make up your own mind though. Zachary plays John Curtis and Catholic (Baton Rouge) this year. Both games will be streamed live (free) and one might be on ESPN....pending.
  11. It took him 7 overtimes and a bunch of blown calls. LSU losing a damn football game 74-72. LSU was robbed and most people understand that. You pinning your Texas A&M National Championship hopes on that game? lol
  12. Ok, sounds right. He couldn't even beat LSU's backups and freshman last year. No matter how you slice it that's sad.
  13. My ass might be simpleton, but Jimbo Fisher can barely beat Mississippi State since he took over Texas A&M. He may have a losing record against Miss St, I'll have to check. Doesn't matter anyways. Miss St is included in the overall body of work though. Whatever the fuck that means. lol
  14. He's been decommitted for almost 3 months. No surprise. I said he would commit to Alabama months ago. Arch Manning probably ends up at Georgia. 2022 is the year of the QB in Louisiana. There's 4-6 really great QBs in Louisiana this year. Eli Holstein will finally get his fifth star now he's committed to Alabama. He's in that range already and that's how that normally works anyways. In this case though Eli Holstein is a 5* QB. If he's not I don't know who he is.
  15. It wasn't a fluke win for one thing. Alabama could have had five losses last year. When you play that many close games you're bound to lose one. Carry on....
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