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  1. Eagles check in at #3: Hotel California Album If you didn't have this one you were probably wasting your life away on twitter.
  2. You learned something from RedZone today and your time here was well spent. ......pretty solid album! Eagles - Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 The best-selling album of all time belongs to this Eagles compilation with a remarkable 38 million copies sold.
  3. ...20 years later Evangel will cap off a 0-8 season tonight after U-High (Baton Rouge) gets done with them....that won't be pretty. Proving if you build it and attract the best players with decent coaches you can be a Powerhouse. Without?.... you go 0-8 and are quickly forgotten about.
  4. A lot of the schools mentioned in this thread have NO business being mentioned.....BUT, I get it.
  5. They were a machine like none other in their glory years. Too many players to list from those years especially from the 1999 squad. Brock Berlin was a 5* and #1 rated QB in 1999..... https://247sports.com/Season/2000-Football/CompositeRecruitRankings/?InstitutionGroup=HighSchool&Position=PRO Evangel split the Myth National Championship in 1999 with DLS, CA and Midland Lee, TX....Evangel won the Fox Sports Poll. West Monroe was GREAT in 1999 as well......WM would go on to play Midland Lee, TX the following year. Evangel Christian Academy was crowned 1999 National High School
  6. Look through any window, yeahWhat do you see?Smiling faces all around,Rushing through the busy town.Where do they go?Moving on their way,Walking down highways and the by-waysWhere do they go?Moving on their way,People with their shy ways and their sly waysOh, you can see the little children all around.Oh, you can see the little ladies in their gowns, when youLook through any window, yeah,
  7. I REALLY DO NOT KNOW WHY these people here let you invade every thread with nothing but bullshit twitter reposts. If people want to read BS from twitter they will sign up for the service. What in the hell is WRONG you, man?...seriously, are you just NOT happy with life as normal people live it? Get some help!
  8. Now that nj football is dead in 2020 I guess we have see this shit again for 9 months. Yawn!
  9. A Thanksgiving political retweet from a sick lonely SOB.....fitting!
  10. Exodus 20:7 says: “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”
  11. Being alive, together and having food on the table is a real blessing.....many aren't and don't. The RedZone Thanksgiving looks different this year, but that's OK. My heart goes out to the many who need our blessing today, tomorrow and the next day.
  12. Michigan is much better than nj....not sure how a guy like you would know though.
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