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  1. If Newman doesn't win state this year they probably never will......in fairness to Newman they had a couple really solid teams about 10 years ago, but John Curtis worked them over pretty good. That's when Curtis was playing small class ball. Curtis was just too deep for those small schools.
  2. His dad Ben played the same way at LSU....Bo is going to be a big boy, still growing. Ben was 6-6 320 lbs at LSU. Yeah, that mom video went viral. 😄 "Bo is a still-growing 6-foot-5 offensive lineman who figures to enter his senior season at Newman at 280 pounds after he puts on another 25 of muscle during the offseason. He takes after his father, a former three-year starting offensive lineman and team captain for LSU in the 1990s" Ben Bordelon (LSU)
  3. ...cryin' chuck starts a thread every 7.5 months. They start and end the same exact way every time. cryin' chuck takes a dump on liberals, says Andy and corn cob a couple thousand times.....and he walks away like he's the CHAMP. God bless the internet! Anyways, time for a classic blast!
  4. ...cryin' chuck's selective skepticism makes him an easy mark every time. Nothing really new here.
  5. Really? Lets you and I both go a month without posting....lets make it two months or even 3 months? You up for the challenge or just full of shit?
  6. I fired 2 crackheads just like you yesterday......random drug tests are a SOB. Just thank God you don't have to take one to pick up dead bodies, scrap copper and perform on your knees. Know what I'm saying, lips?
  7. How do you plan on using this information, cryin' chuckk??? I know 75% of the trumper's still think donald won the election huge!....Skeptics Magazine is suppose to be doing a story on it next month. lmao
  8. Just curious. What does one have to do to become a Skeptic...just say "Bullshit" to everything??
  9. Are you part of the Skeptics Society, cryin' chuck?......good stuff! How do the Skeptics really feel about Global Warming?...you know, that sort of stuff. Anyways, thanks for the laugh. "Every issue of the magazine opens with a description of The Skeptics Society and its mission statement, which is to explore subjects such as creationism, pyramid power, Bigfoot, pseudohistorical claims (as in the examples of Holocaust denial and extreme Afrocentrism), the use or misuse of theory and statistics, conspiracy theories, urban myths, witch-hunts, mass hysterias, genius and intellige
  10. If that were true there would be 36 threads started by me on LSU recruiting. There's not. You are more likely to see some random thread on Georgia...team banquets, team auto racing, who's coaching some country/hick school no one has ever heard of or cares about and so on......etc. Don't sweat it, surfer dude. I'm glad Servite has a good player.
  11. So the thread is silly......unless you eat Servite Boogers.
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