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  1. Nothing real special. Westlake will play Euless Trinity though.......last time they played was 2009 in the 5A-I State Championship Game. Trinity won that game 41-38. Lake Travis, of course...last game of the season. https://www.hudl.com/team/v2/16495/Boys-Varsity-Football
  2. NOT to worry people and first time visitors. I'll start a real college football thread when it's time to start a real college football thread. #golaketravisandrutgers
  3. Yep, you remember just a couple days when he went on his Covid rant and was busted for lying about masks/shots/etc?.....he got all that rant stuff from candace owens who he retweeted just a few day prior. What he does is steal other people's thoughts and in a lot of cases "their exact words"....he then dumbs his posts down (not by choice) with his junior high vocabulary to make everyone think it's his "mind" he's playing with. It's so obvious and sad.
  4. His retweets on Twitter are pretty telling. No one ever retweets his stuff. ...nolescab813 was born to be a follower.
  5. I always wondered what a college football thread would look like with only chimpgrip and imagoodlittleboynow in it. Now I know.
  6. You and mag44 are seriously battling to see who can post the least viewed threads. I think mag44 has a slight lead.
  7. I gave you a simple answer........don't let it stress you out.
  8. Have you people progressed to shitting on perfectly fine and historic towns now. It's a family/college town.....population 22,000. It's NOT much different than Auburn, AL actually......I've been there.
  9. Karr will be Preseason Top 10 here.......they sent 14 kids to the college ranks this past year and lost some firepower, but obviously they have reloaded or are in the process of reloading. Edna Karr, Warren Easton and Monroe Neville will dominate 4A this year......2 of those teams will be in the Superdome in Dec. Mark that down.
  10. If there EVER was an area Mother Nature could completely wipe off the map in the matter of hours if she hit just right Lake Charles would probably top the list or be pretty close to the top. All water.....bayous, bayous in the bayous, giant lake/s, Gulf of Mexico 30 minutes down the road and etc.......water in the front, back, both sides and the town is flat as a pancakes. Lake Charles will probably get hit by another couple hurricanes this year....won't be long before that season kicks off. I pray not. Those people been through hell. Photo: Lake Charles, La
  11. Lake Charles, La can't catch a break...almost 15 inches of rain and storms in a very short span. "Flooding Emergencies Declared in Louisiana, Texas; Lake Charles Slammed Yet Again" Extensive flooding was reported throughout Lake Charles, which is still trying to recover from major damage caused by hurricanes Laura and Delta last year and an ice storm in February. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office asked residents to stay off the roads.
  12. Thought that circus folded it's tent years ago......they back or something? Guess I could look it up, nah. Garbage!
  13. ...nolescab813 (aka lying twitter reject), doing what he does best. ....creaming himself about some Florida team hundreds of miles from his trailer winning something in some sport. Welcome to his VERY SMALL Twitter world.
  14. ..you barely have a GED, you lying twitter reject. You couldn't find both of these places on a map. What makes you think you are qualified to speak of the Middle East?
  15. The Palestinians remind me a lot of "trumpers".......education levels are very similar, a lot of beards and bald heads, and both are just looking for a little love and respect. It's tough being neglected for decades and decades. I feel for both.
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