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  1. If you are an offensive team it's not that important..... If you are a defensive team it's more important. Know what I'm saying, los? Is this stuff that tough for you?
  2. Rummel gave up 116 points this year......their SOS is similar to Rockwall's. You think Rummel sucks because they have no offense. Go figure? At the end of the day Rockwall is NOT winning a MNC, but they are trying to win a state title. Are state titles important, los?
  3. and, who cares? Rockwall has scored almost 700 points and is in the 6A 1 semifinals. Rockwall's only chance vs Duncanville is to outscore them......doesn't matter if Rockwall has given up 200 points or 400 points this year.
  4. Joe Burrow's Athens High team lost that game 56-52 to Central Catholic (Toledo). Athens finished 14-1 and #18 in Ohio.......they scored almost 900 points... https://www.maxpreps.com/high-schools/athens-bulldogs-(the-plains,oh)/football-fall-14/schedule.htm
  5. Wonder how Mike Norvell does at Florida St?....he did some good things at Memphis and got them on the map. Cotton Bowl this year vs Penn St. Memphis Tigers (American Athletic Conference) (2016–2019) 2016 Memphis 8–5 5–3 T–3rd (West) L Boca Raton 2017 Memphis 10–3 7–1 1st (West) L Liberty 2018 Memphis 8–6 5–3 T–1st (West) L Birmingham 2019 Memphis 12–1 7–1 T–1st (West) Cotton*† Sidenote: "Former Memphis coach Mike Norvell says he won’t coach the Tigers in the Cotton Bowl now that he’s taken the Florida State job."
  6. Rummel's Donovan Kaufman. Most underrated 4* in the nation, that's my opinion.....he's going to flip. Kaufman was the MVP of our D1 Championship game...another Honey Badger in the making. https://www.nolegameday.com/norvell-extends-his-first-offer-on-the-recruiting-trail/amp/?__twitter_impression=true When you’re the new head coach of a football program the first offer you send out is important. It shows the fanbase how you are as an evaluator and gets them excited about things to come if they’re impressed with the first couple of players that you give offers to. In the case of Rummel (La.) athlete Donovan Kaufman, I’d say Mike Norvell knocked it out of the park. Kaufman’s film shows a quick athlete who is very instinctual, well-coached, and a naturally gifted playmaker. He has ten takeaways to his name in his senior year alone to go with 112 tackles and 8 sacks. His film shows him lining up in multiple spots along the defensive backfield and making game-changing plays at every level. He has a very Lamarcus Joyner or Tyrann Mathieu-esque vibe to his game. You see this the most in his 6 forced fumbles, most of which seem to be a copy and paste of what Tyrann did in college. Kaufman tells me that Coach Norvell has been recruiting him since the summer and he’s impressed with his genuine attitude and admits that FSU has a chance to flip him from his current commitment to Vanderbilt. Kaufman will take an official visit to FSU in January.
  7. I can believe that. That Arik Gilbert for Marietta is the real deal though. Watched him twice this year and he's a game changer. One of the best players I've seen this year truthfully. If I was Marietta I'd throw it to him 20 times or more.
  8. LSU has 2 commits from Marietta. 5* TE/WR Arik Gilbert https://247sports.com/player/arik-gilbert-94709/ 4* DE BJ Ojulari https://247sports.com/player/bj-ojulari-46040436/ Looking forward to watching this game. Marietta probably has Lowndes out D1ed 3/1.....sometimes that means something, sometimes not so much.
  9. Looking at the current depth charts (starting 22) of the 4 playoffs teams......not counting special teams. LSU 13 starters from Louisiana Ohio St 7 starters from Ohio I'm not going to do Oklahoma or Clemson.....I doubt either one has 5 starters from their own state.
  10. That's right AND I know where Ohio Is. 😀
  11. He's from Ohio. You know where that is on freakin map? Fuck the ignorance on this forum! LETS ALL GO BACK TO THE 4TH GRADE, for the nj junkie...
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