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  1. If that's the best calpreps can do they really really really need to get out of the business and end this complete madness.
  2. You are always so wrong, man...... You ever get tired of being wrong??? Catholic was up by three scores with about 6 minutes left. I don't know what happened after that and I really don't care all that much. You're just mad because Calpreps absolutely SUCKS and that's the only thing you have going for you. Because you don't know Jack shit!
  3. .....calpreps cannot be taken seriously like 99.75% of this forum. Catholic Memorial #21 right above Colquitt County. 21 Catholic Memorial (West Roxbury, MA) team preview trend Massachusetts Catholic 2 3-0 0-0 1-0 68.6 10.4 6-6 WINS: #1856 Bishop Hendricken (Warwick, RI) (48-6), #2411 La Salle Academy (Providence, RI) (47-7), #5628 Algonquin Regional (Northborough, MA) (46-0), LOSSES: none 22 Colquitt County (Norman Park, GA) team preview trend Georgia AAAAAAA Region 1 AAAAAAA 6-0 0-0 0-0 68.1 33.4 17-15 WINS: #44 Cedar Grove (Ellenwood, GA) (39-17), #71 Lee County (Leesburg, GA) (48-27), #753 Stockbridge (GA) (29-0), #799 Lincoln (Tallahassee, FL) (30-7), #2437 Tift County (Tifton, GA) (41-13), #4023 Deerfield Beach (FL) (37-0), LOSSES: none
  4. ...the donald is ALL about the family, bible and God. When donald was banging Stormy Daniels he was probably thinking "God, what am I doing, please forgive me" 10 minutes later "take that you porn slut, call me daddy donald"
  5. Doesn't really sound like it. I think you think the rest of your post is more important.
  6. Back in the day no one ever complained about drinking water out of a garden hose. It was good! Nowaday's everyone is water critic. 😄 It's water man!
  7. That's pretty weak and typical. I want you to sit back and watch these clowns beg for money. They are already begging.
  8. Imagine that .... They sure didn't want to pass out the money to New Jersey and New York few years back. Really comical and tragic watching and listening to these misfits of political life. Chew on that a minute.
  9. After the relentless and pointless attack on Lincoln High School from Tallahassee they lost a football game by 23 points. I'd love to see this type of attack/s when Florida schools play other Florida schools. 😂👍 Wait, Red.....that's not how National football works.
  10. No, I didn't read all that. What is inner-city Phoenix football about?
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