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  1. Duncanville get some revenge. They take down Corona Centennial 75-70. Centennial was the California Open State Champion last year.
  2. Could be Ponchatoula and Destrehan in the Superdome..... Wouldn't surprise anyone here.
  3. This must be mater dei's first state championship. You are glowing, nicky!
  4. Male was up 41-7 at Halftime. Male goes to the Champ Game.
  5. West Monroe and Zachary are 24-24 in OT West Monroe was up 24-7 at one point.
  6. The game was on TV here....those are two of the best TV guys Yurview has. Yurview does Oklahoma, Arizona and a couple other states also. They all do a good job really. They are nothing like flotv/stream.
  7. LCA kneeing it out with 6 minutes left on the Newman 10. Game is over!
  8. This is the worst game Arch has had in his career....not sure what he could have done differently though.
  9. St Paul's 28 Catholic-BR 22 4th Huge upset if that holds!
  10. Arch 7/17 45 yds and now an INT About to be 56-7 LCA is subbing now though.
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