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  1. Probably had the SJB QB on their mind.
  2. That's right! The secret is out. http://www.globalfootball.com/cac-top-25/latest/
  3. Saw another Mock this morning that has Burrow going #1.....he's definitely trending UP.. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-pff-2020-nfl-mock-draft-lsu-quarterback-joe-burrow-goes-no-1-overall-to-cincinnati-bengals
  4. O, ok, thanks... pgl client? You seem overly concerned..
  5. I couldn't be less interested in a high school football game.. The game means nothing and who really cares in the big picture.
  6. Florida ran almost twice as many plays as LSU Saturday night....... LSU ran only 48 plays. Florida ran 90 plays and scored 28 points. I felt like if the LSU defense could have stopped Florida a couple more times though we may have scored 60 points....it was like 3rd and long 3 or 4 times and we couldn't get Florida off the field. Last year LSU gave up 27 points to Florida and ran 75 plays. Generally speaking though there is a trade-off if you score quickly.
  7. Currently, the Saints are scheduled to have five draft picks in 2020, selecting in the first round, third round, fourth round, fifth round, and sixth round, for five draft picks in total.
  8. This Mock has Joe Burrow as the #1 pick....I don't know about that. I don't make it up, just report it... 1. Bengals: Joe Burrow QB, LSU In this week’s edition of the Tank for Tua Saga, the Cincinnati Benga… wait a minute. That’s not Tua’s name. What the hell is this!? Here’s the thing, folks. Not only has LSU QB Joe Burrow been good, he’s been the best; he’s been the best player in all of college football this year. His improvement has been nothing short of extraordinary. He will beat you before and after the snap, he has the arm strength to push the ball down the field, and he has the accuracy and touch that has been top-of-the-class for six straight weeks. You're going to read plenty of mocks with Tua as the top quarterback, but mock drafts at this point of the year are to explore the "what if" — since we all know crazy things happen. The Bengals need a quarterback. The best quarterback this season has been Joe Burrow.
  9. Your little irrelevant pissant posts in every thread bothers no one....they just make you look like the dumbass you are.....W/nothing Post away......fool.
  10. Couple of 2020 NFL Mocks have Joe Burrow headed to the NOLA Saints in the 1st Round......how cool would that be? Burrow knows the Saint's offense because he's running it at LSU...
  11. Burrow is trending up while Georgia QB Jake Fromm seems to be trending slightly down.. https://www.thephinsider.com/2019/10/12/20911607/2020-nfl-draft-qb-watch-jake-fromms-georgia-bulldogs-upset-by-south-carolina-miami-dolphins
  12. You were never in....freakin dumb slob.
  13. A lot of 2020 Mock Drafts have Joe Burrow going in the first round.... I can see it. Can make every throw, great head and better athlete than people think... Anyways, LSU could have 4 1st Rounders in the 2020 Draft. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2020-nfl-mock-draft-jordan-love-replaces-jameis-winston-chargers-plan-for-post-philip-rivers-era/
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