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  1. This is crying concha's way of saying social distance is a joke.
  2. A lot of those people are probably spending tbeir little stimulus money and unemployment money....they might wish they had saved some of it....most will survive and live to brag about it (virus ain't shit type stuff), but MAN. Totally selfish people thinking only of their good times.
  3. We've been to that beach several times and it's big enough for people to have some common sense....
  4. I guess it's just the way it is and will be..... Those people at the beach just aren't very bright at all.....sad.
  5. I found you finally.........you ain't much are you?
  6. The Avon Lady would work fine.......it just needs to be a woman this cycle.
  7. Yawn. Come up with some new and improved perverted material you sick SOB....make euless, tx proud.
  8. That would be a woman in 2020. Lots of very strong and talented ladies out there.
  9. You buy a chair yesterday, concha? 💰
  10. Now here's a Herman Miller post if I've ever seen one... What do you think, crying concha? lol
  11. In 2016/2017...all we heard daily was trump's political inexperience used as an EXCUSE for everything. Guess what? He is still unqualified. Look at his administration today. smdh
  12. She is more qualified than don trump ever thought about being. Why do you continue to do this to yourself? Do you love looking stupid? That has to be it.
  13. You seem overly concerned.....are you OK? Don't sweat it.
  14. Hope you sell a really nice ergonomic chair today, Herman. Any scoop on really nice lazy boys? lmao
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