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  1. RedZone

    Biden ..

    Biden can spell "enemy". You failed twice miserably in the same sentence. Thanks for posting.
  2. What's your "stand" on the trumper's crashing the US Capitol, zulu1128? Oh wait, the people still talking about it are clearly unhinged. Maybe you are unhinged or an ostrich.....or maybe just a simple wobbler.
  3. Of course you are......and you wobble like no one else here on everything. Well done. Hope it helps you. 👍
  4. Yeah, clearly a wobbler. Take a stand one day about "something" other than calling everyone unhinged and putting yourself above it. What are you?.....the wobbling police in charge of handing out unhinged tickets. 😄
  5. It was a fairly simple question, zulu1128......not seeing anyone unhinged except you and your failure to answer a simple question as always. You remain a wobbler. It's been a LONG TIME since a President of the United States has taken this magnitude of a FALL....history is recording all this while you struggle to find a simple answer to a simple question....impeached twice in 4 years to boot. Is the "trump family" currently the most HATED family in the United States?
  6. Is this your vision of the new trump gop, bormio?
  7. What's your stand? Oh wait...your are a wobbler. Wobbler "a person or thing that wobbles" 😀
  8. ..trump lost the popular election by over 7 million votes and he has been cancelled socially.....that's bringing the HATE, you uneducated moron...
  9. If I had a nickel for every time one of these republicans mention/reference adolf hitler I'd probably have 9 or 10 bucks by now.....I don't get it really...this stuff does NOT bother bormio and the rest of his kind. https://www.chicagotribune.com/politics/ct-gop-congresswoman-mary-miller-says-hitler-remarks-about-democrats-20210108-wka4fva76naurmvehfcrzocdca-story.html Comment about Hitler On January 5, 2021, two days into her House term, Miller issued a prepared speech at the pro-Trump "Save America" rally to address the conservative group Moms for America.[10][11] She qu
  10. This is correct. ..bormio is still mad at life. It hasn't been kind to him lately. He'll get over it and the next gripe he posts....
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