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  1. Might be good.....both teams come in 3-0. Acadiana will try to slow down one of the best RBs in the nation. Ruston's 4* RB Ke'Travion Hargrove.....most have him headed to Florida St. Why, I don't really know. https://247sports.com/Player/KeTravion-Hargrove-46099596/ Ruston will try to slow down the entire Acadiana Veer rushing attack.
  2. I believe that little stadium holds around 3500-3750........The REAL LCA is a 2A/D3 private (small school) Anyways, that's 3500-3750 more than the fraud LCA can get into their stadium....which consists of a couple benches in the Mountains of Virginia behind the church. I'm not even sure where the FRAUD LCA practices..
  3. The REAL LCA has a nice little stadium with new field turf and MONEY..........the fake LCA has nothing but problems.... The fake LCA won't last 2 years.
  4. There is only ONE real LCA and this isn't it!
  5. It's too bad AHP and Edna Karr (NOLA) didn't get to play this year......."it's too bad" on lots of stuff this season. Edna Karr is pretty dang good this year.....AHP is always ATHed up. AHP rolls Venice 17-14. 😃
  6. Everyone knew this was coming or something close to it......stings, but LSU will get over it as "most" of you all will.
  7. Saw the columbia guy posting about some lack of 7 on 7 this off season......🤡
  8. CEH ran for 161 last night....he ranks 2nd in rushing yards behind only Derrick Henry. Only has 1 TD though. Come on Chiefs let the man score some TDs.
  9. I'll take AHP......17-14 Never been all that impressed the couple times I've seen Venice....see if it holds true. Have NO idea what either team looks like this year though.
  10. Acadiana has probably been the most consistent 5A program in Louisiana the last decade. Acadiana 5A State Championships: : 2006, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2019.....might repeat this year. West Monroe hasn't won a state title since 2011. Louisiana Calpreps Dynasty rating 2001-current Top 4 only Rank School State League Division W-L League W-L State W-L Division W-L Top 1000 W-L Top 7000 W-L Rating Schedule Strength Opponents
  11. We have played NO one. Acadiana and Edna Karr combined have the best 4 wins in the state. You can't justify that ranking. Rummel may develop into a little something this year....lots of good looking young guys and some size. So far Acadiana and Karr have been getting it done in a big way this year. Just the way it is down here right now.
  12. We (Rummel) are probably NOT beating Acadiana and Edna Karr this year....can't see it on paper or the field.
  13. ...and some little self promoting punk from nj will pat himself on the back because he was involved with IMG Academy playing some little school in Tennessee or wherever......what's he get out of the deal? Some IMG visors and IMG water bottles/whatever.
  14. IMG Academy is like a heavyweight boxing champion fighting in the lower divisions. In 2030 IMG will be something like 181-4 with 179 knockouts, but they can be beat per gardenstateballer. In reality....deep down very few people give a shit about IMG Academy. The one's that do are really not considered high school football people.
  15. Jefferson may edge out Joe Burrow at this pace. HE was so good at LSU and Destrehan his senior seasons. Justin Jefferson Stats and NFL Ranking. https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/_/id/4262921/justin-jefferson https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/player/_/stat/receiving
  16. If this is your way of acknowledging you were wrong....well done! Anyways, Those were Aaron Rodgers stats yesterday.... Cya, Finch.
  17. I did not change the subject. You just don't remember the subject and I don't blame you. Don't be a cryin' chuck on me. You used Aaron Rodgers as a benchmark when discussing Joe Burrow's AY/A/WHATEVER. YOU claimed Rodgers was never up or down....you said that. Rodgers was worse than down yesterday. Rodgers: 16/35 45% 160 yds 0 TD 2 INT AY/A 2.00 (lol) QB rating 35.4 YOU were wrong. Don't sweat it.
  18. Burrow had a better game than Aaron Rodgers yesterday who you said never goes up or down No need to start a thread about that Fact.
  19. Or do you just enjoy "dumping" on something. Seems like that's all you do. Well, this IS the Giggle and Dump Forum. #enjoyIguess
  20. And who are you exactly and why should you feel sorry about anything? Do you really feel the pain?
  21. Maybe gardenstateballer is just extra slow at research. Yeah, that's it. Dumbass!
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