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  1. This must be mater dei's first state championship. You are glowing, nicky!
  2. Male was up 41-7 at Halftime. Male goes to the Champ Game.
  3. West Monroe and Zachary are 24-24 in OT West Monroe was up 24-7 at one point.
  4. The game was on TV here....those are two of the best TV guys Yurview has. Yurview does Oklahoma, Arizona and a couple other states also. They all do a good job really. They are nothing like flotv/stream.
  5. LCA kneeing it out with 6 minutes left on the Newman 10. Game is over!
  6. This is the worst game Arch has had in his career....not sure what he could have done differently though.
  7. St Paul's 28 Catholic-BR 22 4th Huge upset if that holds!
  8. Arch 7/17 45 yds and now an INT About to be 56-7 LCA is subbing now though.
  9. Catholic-BR 22 St Paul's 20 4th A little closer than most thought.
  10. I hope Arch doesn't get hurt in the 2nd half if they try to air it out every play. Newman needs to run out the clock and get out of Lafayette, La. LCA should "sub" soon though......
  11. There might be well over 20,000 at Tad Gormley Stadium... Jesuit last won State in 2014. This is an upset, no doubt. West Monroe 24 Zachary 13 3rd....that's a huge upset if it holds.
  12. 28-7 now...first play of 2nd Quarter nice TD pass. LCA is pretty good. They are moving up 2 classes next year and will play 4A.
  13. LCA will score 70 tonight..... Feel bad for Newman and Arch. I think Newman will have a legit shot at State next year as they bring back most everyone.
  14. Lobo went down swinging. Ryan was up big at one point.
  15. Your overall IQ.......apparently you know some NASCAR drivers names because your football IQ is 7. Sorry that bothers you (not really all that sorry) Go back to bashing Texas, LSU, Miami, Michigan and whoever. Let the men talk here. OK?-thanks!
  16. Your overall IQ.......apparently you know some NASCAR drivers names because your football IQ is 7.
  17. Well, it's the college coaches and college scouts giving Arch most of that hype, they love his mind and tools......they look at things differently than the casual fan who just wants to see 500 yards passing and 5 TDs every Friday night.
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