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  1. There's absolutely nothing that's been said in this thread that hasn't been said in the previous 300 mass shooting threads on this forum.... How sad is that? Why even start a mass shooting thread? Complete waste of time and bandwidth.
  2. How about all sorts of things AFTER yet another mass shooting???? You've really offered nothing new or stimulating. I guess you're fighting for your team though.
  3. A 4* offer list should look close to 4* LB Tackett Curtis from one of our 2A powers Many High....almost 50 offers. Ohio St is going to love this kid. https://247sports.com/Player/Tackett-Curtis-46101369/ Why he's not a 5*, I have no idea.
  4. ATH Jai Eugene Jr from Destrehan, La has zero stars at 247sports and has offers from Ole Miss, Mississippi St, Purdue, Virginia and several more. https://247sports.com/player/jai-eugene-jr-46084155/ There are probably 25-35 kids in Louisiana just like this....zero stars!
  5. DE Matthew Fobbs White from Monroe Neville, La has zero stars and has offers from Oklahoma St, Baylor, SMU, Memphis,...couple more. ...247sports will eventually throw a 3* rating his way. https://247sports.com/player/matthew-fobbs-white-46128820/
  6. The 4* that Jackson St just picked up had 2 decent offers that I saw.....Indiana and Pitt. That's NOT an offer list of a 4* prospect. DE Jonathan Bax from Edna Karr (NOLA) has zero stars at 247sports, but has offers from Nebraska, Colorado, Duke, Tulane.......he will probably pick up several more. ..247sports will eventually give him a 3* rating, maybe. https://247sports.com/player/jonathan-bax-46127784/
  7. Southern University had Jackson St. and Coach Prime Time beat last year.... Southern lost 21 to 17 in the last minute. DB fell down on a long pass. Heartbreak City! Southern was up 17 to 7 in the 4th quarter. Coach Prime Time's boy is really not a good QB.
  8. First time LSU has ever played a Louisiana HBCU. This is a pretty huge deal for HBCU football and it's real time exposure. Good for Southern University and HBCU! LSU will play Grambling St. next year also.
  9. The last Houston team, maybe the only Houston team I can remember coming to metro NOLA was DeKaney in 2013. That was part of the event that John Curtis played Bergen Catholic, NJ in. The Brothers In Arms series or something like that. DeKaney had won Texas 6A in 2011. They only won two games in 2013 though, but were fairly competitive losing a couple close ones in that district. https://www.maxpreps.com/tx/houston/dekaney-wildcats/football/13-14/schedule/ Cool to see a Houston team making the trip this year. Need more of it really.
  10. He's really a 3* and not very sought after... We have kids with no stars in Louisiana that have better offers this year But I understand the Jackson State phenomenon.
  11. That was #62 in Texas, not nationally. It doesn't matter because they will probably kill Archbishop Shaw.
  12. When you have to have maximum security/SWAT at little elementary schools you have lost the war to the AR-15.
  13. No one wants to run in and face an AR-15..... That includes this forum too. You can't very well go charging in with an AR-15 either. That gun is worthless. It's only good for random mass shootings.
  14. Crazy when you daisy it. Woodward Academy was 11-1 last year and beat Creekside. Creekside beat Grayson and Westlake. Westlake beat Colquitt County. Maybe Woodward was underrated a little. Anyways, Creekside plays Dutch Fork, SC and East St Louis, IL. Woodward has McCallie, TN who was 13-0 last year and #2 team in Tennessee.
  15. This guy would be the Michael Jordan of the sport. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2022/05/25/paper-airplane-guinness-world-record-south-korea/9930269002/ Back when RedZone was building paper aircraft they often times crashed and burned a couple feet behind RedZone..... upside down loop then a severe crash almost destroying my aircraft. It never flew right again. 😂 Carry on!
  16. Coach Prime played 4 years at Florida State. He didn't give a shit about Florida A&M , Grambling St or any of them. Now he's Mr HBCU. It's not surprising though.....75% of the 200,000 people who show up for the Bayou Classic every year between Grambling St and Southern in NOLA are only here for the 3-day party in the French Quarter and on Canal St. It's an all black festival more or less. There's nothing wrong with that it's just that most of those people don't even know where Grambling St and Southern are. 😃
  17. Keep your opinion. They're not all Ralph Lauren Polo's. A Polo shirt is a Polo shirt though..... The Lauren Polo is a bit outdated really, but it's good to keep a couple around. People don't laugh at you if they see you in one when out and about. They just think you're old.
  18. Quite a few from over the years.... they make for good fishing shirts. Have a couple with some pretty nasty oil stains on them too.....couple with some holes and whatnot. Junk clothes, but still serve a purpose. 👍
  19. They will roll with the USC transfer. He might be good, but he's unproven too. https://247sports.com/Player/Jaxson-Dart-46099432/high-school-248054/ Lane Kiffin can dial up some plays though. He's better than Jimbo Fisher when it comes to offensive play calling...
  20. I think Texas A&M could possibly lose 3 to 5 games in 2022. I'll say 4. They may even start a rookie QB this year. If they go with Haynes King he's basically a rookie too and unproven. Lots of good teams in the SEC West. Florida should be much improved also. Plenty of talent in Gainesville. Miami will be much better. https://www.si.com/fannation/college/cfb-hq/ncaa-football-rankings/college-football-rankings-espn-preseason-top-25#gid=ci029ead6bd0002620&pid=25-florida-gators We will see what Jimbo Fisher is all about.
  21. https://w900dk.com/skeptics-guide-to-texas-am-2022-football-season/
  22. Not sure what Mr. Bryce Young is thinking with that fashion statement. I always at least keep a pair of Khakis clean and one Polo shirt that doesn't have paint on it for special events. 😃
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