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  1. I read last year the average education of a maga supporter was the 11th grade high school. That's really no excuse for NOT knowing where Europe is though.
  2. The hillbilly blonde can't find Europe on a map like most of the maga brigade, but Chip is emotional because he can't fuck marjorie taylor greene >> the hillbilly blonde. That's great stuff. Can you post a picture of yourself zulu1128? I would like to laugh at it. ...
  3. The mind of a maga trumper is a beautiful thing to watch in real time.
  4. Give it a shot, chuck (aka concha). You've always claimed to be the smartest maga creep on here and on the internet.
  5. Anyways, someone please tell warrior taylor greene why the guilty tend to want to get out in front of very black clouds. It's not really rocket scientist type stuff. Maybe even one of you brighter maga creeps can clue warrior taylor greene in.
  6. ... 99.99% of the time that's what guilty people do. The only person that I've really heard say donald is going to get arrested today is donald, imagine that. Serious question. Is marjorie taylor greene your sister? There are many similarities between you two whacked out individuals. Believe that!
  7. ...15 years from now marjorie taylor green will be this woman. That's marjorie taylor green's future in politics, believe that!
  8. ..zulu1128 is your typical maga poster though. marjorie taylor green can't find Europe on a map and that means somebody wants to fuck her. You really cannot do anything with these maga people, but shake your head.
  9. You must think the world's missing out on a quality piece of pussy. Elevate your standards, dude. Just sayin'
  10. Led by the dumbest blonde hick in the history of dumb blonde hicks...
  11. Seems like a very small price to pay to NOT watch donald and putin fuck each other in that twisted love affair...
  12. I have NO more time for you....it's a total waste. Carry on with whatever you do!
  13. Yeah, you maga rednecks go out and show your pitiful asses yet again, and possibly get 5 more minutes of TV fame along with some jail time. Your "daddy" wants you on that front line. If you are NOT at the protest protesting then you are a pussy and NOT a real he-man maga warrior. "Nevertheless, later Saturday, the ex-president posted yet again in all-caps: “WE MUST SAVE AMERICA! PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST!!!”
  14. You should spend much less time posting absolute nonsense here and much more time working on your costume for the big trump arrest protest. Grab a flag too or whatever.
  15. .... donald is sure making a big deal about this arrest one way or the other. I hope they keep fucking with his head.
  16. Ask, donald...you complete moron. Maybe Donald cares. Trump says he expects to be arrested Tuesday as New York law enforcement prepares for possible indictment
  17. Anyways, the next couple of months are not going to be fun months for donald. He forgot one important thing. This is still the United States of America.
  18. Whatever... ..trump on for all I care.
  19. You are obviously one of these clowns and very proud of it.... Debate is useless......
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