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  1. That part of GA is poor. I have posted facts to back this up. I have been ALL over GA, to include Atlanta. I know exactly what it is like. You can't hide it. I have seen for myself. Humidity sucks!
  2. It doesn't? Go look at the top 20 nationally and report back to me.
  3. The YouTube video he posted was not from Moultrie?
  4. False. GA is 4th tier at best. CA, TX, and FL, are all on par. Period.
  5. See. There lies the problem..........................................................................
  6. This is irrelevant. If someone is not buying something at the business, their "being there" is at the discretion of the business. The business asked them to leave. They did not leave. That is why they were forced to leave. Nothing burger #54.
  7. CA and TX. FL is right there. GA is MAYBE 8 or 9.
  8. I have addressed that you have 25 percent poverty in Colquitt alone. To top it off, you are spending millions of practice facilities. I think someone is jealous.......
  9. So top 10 nationally, top 5 state of CA, is mediocre? Interesting take.
  10. Nobody cares about Colquitt, nor wants to visit or live there. We are only talking about it because posters on here that are from there think they are hot shit because of practice facilities and a mediocre team. Town and team are irrelevant.
  11. Your poverty level is nearly the same, your median income is a third of what ours is, and you still have poverty, despite cost of living. Let that sink in.
  12. The GA posters are the only ones on this forum trying to prove their relevance. Everyone else either knows they are relevant or they aren't. Simple.
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