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  1. News stations

  2. Who Is The National Security Advisor....

    R u afraid of war? When r u signing up?
  3. trump vs Joe

    I've struck you out multiple times.
  4. trump vs Joe

    Fox News garbage.
  5. McMaster is gone

    Another one bites the dust in the Trump admin! You can't make up this joke!
  6. Angry young white males

    I think you need to educate us. You claim to know. I've already schooled you multiple times.
  7. Angry young white males

    Do you know what NeoCon even means? You are an uneducated tool. Another Trumptard.
  8. Angry young white males

    Oh look. Another NeoCon TrumpTard^^^
  9. trump vs Joe

    Your posts are Fox News scripts. I don't believe it.
  10. The Stock Market

    I so wish he'd tweet instructions to his TrumpTards to jump off a roof. So many would do it lol
  11. trump vs Joe

    You watch an entertainment channel for news. What a loser lol
  12. trump vs Joe

    You need a real brain. Sheep.
  13. trump vs Joe

    I hope Joe goes right at him. Twitter war and all. Counter everything he does. Own him in the debates. Win.
  14. trump vs Joe

  15. trump vs Joe

    This is a direct Fox News script lol