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  1. I think the difference is as I said the ability for the "payers" actual business to benefit not just their team. You could have a rich alum who is not a big enough football fan to care to cheat but does understand the value that his team's players could have to his business. He likely enjoys when his team is good but doesn't live and die with it. Am I guaranteeing it will level the playing field? Absolutely not. Quite frankly leveling the playing field comes way after the players getting their right to do what every other person in the world can do which is profit off their own likeness and not be able to benefit from their skill. If it levels the playing field then that is a great benefit.
  2. Keep the current team salary cap structure, take off maximum player salary caps and let college players sign where they want. Let college players decide if they want to chase the money or the rings. It's a much harder decision for a kid coming from college with no money in the bank than a superstar who has made 8 figures. Let's make these upper management team guys earn their money and not luck out on a lottery or tank to the detriment of the fans.
  3. That would imply you think this is not how it is now. I would hope you don't believe that. The big schools of the world have the broken systems loopholes mastered. If there was no loopholes to worry about then everyone is on a much more even playing field than there is now. There are plenty of rich alums of crappy schools. Most of them don't care enough to break the rules. Let it be something that can help them and their school and not worry about getting in trouble then we have a whole new ballgame.
  4. Oh don't even get me started on their shouldn't be professional drafts. A player should be able to sign with whatever team they want coming out of school.
  5. You do realize high school kids are currently being exploited by their family/handlers right now right? As for your movie example. Well then you have a problem with the companies and not the employees. In your scenario the school is the company and the athlete is the employee. These athletes aren't out hear recommending they go get the local Ford dealership to sponsor 4th down conversions.
  6. Don't forget they are walking billboards for whatever brands their school signs deals with. Let a kid show up wearing the wrong brand and see what happens. All this it's free is just nonsense.
  7. If you are trying to prevent athletes from having shitty parents make them all get Coogan accounts. I hate to break the bad news to you but there are more parents out here pimping their kids today on social media that have nothing to do with sports than I imagine you could ever realize. I am not saying it's right but I am saying at least they aren't prevented from getting paid based on their work. Just imagine all these sports parents out here riding their kids for nothing lol.
  8. Why even bring up high schools paying players to play? That is not what we are talking about.
  9. I don't think I said it clear enough for you. ANY PERSON SHOULD BE ABLE TO PROFIT OF THEIR SKILL LEVEL REGARDLESS IF THEY PLAY A SPORT OR NOT. There is a 7 year old kid that makes 22 million dollars a year on YouTube simply opening and playing with toys. There are HS athletes with 100's of thousands of IG followers before they ever set foot on a college campus. Do you know what the value of that being wasted is? Do you really think Donald De La Haye was making all that YouTube money because he was the kicker for UCf? They weren't even national champions yet ;) Your pop warner or how young examples makes me think you think I am saying that a pop warner team should starting paying athletes to pay for their team or whatever. It is not. If there is a 7 year old football player good enough to generate millions of views he should be able to monetize those views. I have an honest question do you think all social media influencer advertising money should go to the platform itself and none to the influencers? As for getting rid of scholarships I would be all for it as long as the athletes get to unionize and do a reasonable profit share. I hate the argument that these kids are getting a free scholarship. First of all the scholarship itself costs the school nothing unless you think schools are at maximum capacity and operating perfectly. The cost of sticking a few athletes in a class cost a school nothing. Yes the housing, food, and staff are actual costs but those compared to the amount of revenue is miniscule except when you factor in the salaries of the football and basketball coaches. That's not to mention that a lot of that is covered by boosters and not the school itself. If the booster could just pay the kids themselves to ensure that certain players came those donations would shift from the school to the player just like advertising. If all of a sudden schools had to do profit share the salaries and facilities would plummet and poor Nick Saban would have to survive on only 2 million a year god forbid. The only reason these salaries and facilities are so high is because they have to spend all that booster $ somewhere. This doesn't even get into the fact that these scholarships are worthless for a portion of athletes. The only reason they can get into the school is because of their athletic not scholastic merits. The actual education they are getting is being wasted because they don't have the aptitude to benefit from it yet that is the one thing that is most pointed to. If given the choice of taking the "cost" of the scholarship or the actual dollars most athletes in the money generating sports should take the money. The schools don't care if they actually go to class as we have seen in numerous different scandals anyways. The schools only care they stay eligible. As an aside I think in most cases a college education is a joke but I digress. As for the exposure they get in college argument if you look at the top 10 NBA players that make the most from endorsements most of them didn't even go to college or went to a school that most wouldn't consider a non exposure school. They are the 10 highest paid players because they are really good pros. I have said for years if I was giving guidance to a 5 star HS basketball players I would tell them to go play pro in China rather than go to the NBA. What better exposure can you get then being an American star in China? That's over a billion people. Football players don't currently have an easy route but that is only because the system is stacked against them. Hell even a look at the top 10 NFL endorsers is littered with small school guys and guys that most would not consider college superstars. Do you honestly believe that if there was a viable football league that wasn't the NCAA that the guys that went that route wouldn't be found by NFL scouts. Hell look at the amount of guys that come from out of nowhere every year to get drafted just because they ran a 4.3 or showed ridiculous athleticism at a pro day.
  10. Someone sent this to me so here I am as this is a subject I feel very strongly about. Yes every person alive should be able to make money off their skill regardless of age. Why should this not be the case. Prep Force was originally built to do just what you described UTR do because I was sick of seeing grown men harass kids just so they could profit while the kids themselves couldn't. PF is built so that every player's profile can be controlled by the player themselves and tracked and the revenue was going to be split so they would make money when people visited their profile. I had a call with the NCAA and asked them about this set up as I was not trying to jeopardize any players eligibility. They would not give me a straight answer and said we won't rule until we are made to, but what they said hand me laughing at them. I was going to find some athlete that wasn't good enough for it to matter and push forward but my partner is very tied to a major college program and didn't want to take the risk that somehow the school would be tied in. I detailed it all here when the De La Haye story broke. http://www.prepforce.com/pf_blog/front-page/donald-de-la-haye-the-latest-to-show-the-ncaa-hypocrisy/ This new law is what needs to happen. It lets the school keep their money that is player independent so they shouldn't complain, while allowing the athletes to make their own. What they know and don't want to admit is that they will lose advertising money as some brands would rather go directly to the athlete. As I tweeted the other day the people that act like this will only effect a few players don't understand the current landscape of social media marketing and influencers. All of these athletes regardless of sport usually have big enough social media accounts and influence to be able to get paid. Donald De La Haye showed that even a college kicker can make enough that he would rather do that then keep his scholarship/place on the team. Will the big stars make more than a backup cornerback? Absolutely. Just don't think for one second some local business wouldn't love to be able to pay that backup cornerback/track and field/lacrosse a couple hundred bucks to get them down to their store or to post about them on their IG account. For a lot of athletes especially those that come from poor backgrounds that little bit will make a big difference. I would be willing to bet the large majority saying this is a bad idea don't even understand how it works. I overheard someone talking about it the other day and they thought it meant the schools had to pay.
  11. Good news I picked JSerra and realized the consensus was wrong as 4 picked JSerra and 3 picked SJr so you should be fine now.
  12. Cant seem to edit the first post but here is the link http://www.prepforce.com/pf_blog/high-school-football/high-school-football-predictions-2019-week0/
  13. The experts are back for another year of making picks. Forget who won last year but two years ago the good guys won and that is all that matters right? RIGHT? Anyways here are the picks for Week 0. Good luck to the defending champions on retaining the crown. http://www.prepforce.com/pf_blog/high-school-football/high-school-football-predictions-2019-week0/
  14. Of course I would that is why I put them ahead of those 2. You likely won't find a more pro South Florida national poll than ours. That being said STA has fooled us and everyone one too many times lately. The combo of Harriot and a so-so QB hasn't gotten it done no matter how many studs there are out there. That seems to again be the case this year. Now granted they could finally put it all together and make USAT look like geniuses and the rest of us fools as they definitely have the horses to do it. I just ain't gonna believe it til I see it.
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