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  1. Coach Helmerich Q&A

    Thanks Coach!
  2. If I hear ONE more gushing accolade about Mater Dei,...

    Makes perfect sense.
  3. NJ 2018

  4. Toughest 2018 schedule in the country?

    Obviously the timing was 2 years ago to play Marietta caliber competition. Then last season make a statement. Coaches may not have believed in themselves I don’t know. Clearly.
  5. GA, the home of the...

    No idea, @noonereal, do you have poster in mind? Rab’s on hiatus.
  6. Toughest 2018 schedule in the country?

    Rome Wolves - Red & Vegas Gold 8/16 At Marietta (BA) 8/31 North Clayton 9/07 At Kell 9/14 Carrollton 9/21 Cass 9/28 At Woodland, Cartersville 10/05 East Paulding 10/12 At Paulding County 10/19 At Hiram 10/26 Villa Rica Nobody OOS
  7. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    Looks good!
  8. GA, the home of the...

    Hold up, let me get off your sister.... She's a wildcat, no doubt.
  9. GA, the home of the...

    JCGIII 49 Opponents 0 Just 4:00 in 1st quarter. Mercy ruled already.
  10. GA, the home of the...

    Ga, Home of the Buford Wolves and.... An Aspiring Asshole... May the force be with you....
  11. Folsoms best from Georgia

    Wow, and I thought I hit the mother lode with the Deen's place on the marsh... guess who I'm pm'ing when in Savannah? Hell with what's listed, it's road trip dawg!
  12. Folsoms best from Georgia

    Dammit man, sounds delicious!
  13. Folsoms best from Georgia

    I'll road trip for a burger, thanks for the heads up... I'll keep that in mind traveling south.
  14. 160 days till Dooms Day for Georgia

  15. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Carolina usually imposes physicality on the frontline not the other way around. I need to be more clear. 😎