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  1. Welcome to big time ball boys, where the players are burned up and tossed in the trash. I ache for Tua. BGW
  2. Yup, the more things change, the more things are the same.... It's all about the money, boys... BGW
  3. Oh my God... a new wrinkle. Up to 3 now Brah. 1. The Coach. 2. The QB. 3. Devastating life changing loss as perceived by ECHS05. Bahahaha. BGW
  4. Glancing helmet to head, league overreacted per usual. No blood, no concussion but Rudolph was pointing out the transgression he started. Hilarious. I loved every second of it. BGW
  5. Toss up... your fave cliche... go get a book and read it Homeslice. Try Green Eggs and Ham to start. BGW
  6. Ohio State is the shit, shizzle, da bomb and whatever glory you wanna heap on right now... past them... Minny maybe. BGW
  7. But, but, but, we are the homer SEC guys... bahahahaha. Penn State a toss up, no. Beat the shit out of Vandy maybe. Try PAC12 for the swole chest effect. Forget upper tier Big12... ain't happening Sylvester. BGW
  8. PAC12... there's your body of work. Pretty sure that's why the committee moved the way they did. Still, games left. BGW
  9. The GHSA are faithful readers of this esteemed forum, it's not a conspiracy.🤪 BTW Ron Hornaday makes that trip in 3 1/2 hours... I meant HawgGoneIt... sane law abiding folks in 4 hours...😁 BGW
  10. Ask Clarke Central how that worked out... BGW
  11. To be fair, I thinks Felipe Franks replacement is playing well, and for the life of me why Kyle Trask wasn't given an opportunity earlier in the season. BGW
  12. You haven't been right since you moved to the lowlands of SC and took up drinking radiator shine. BGW
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