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  1. Not going down that rabbit hole with you... I stated what I believe. You believe otherwise. We’ll do word and exposure therapy another time. bgw
  2. Oh yeah, I’m soft as a marshmallow. Whatever helps you sleep at night Hoover. bgw
  3. Ok I’m a fool, feel better. You’re insistent on your stance and insistent that I posted what you posted as the truth as to what I posted. So that makes you full of shit, but I’ll wear the fool badge if that makes you feel better. Ok sweetheart? bgw
  4. Pandemic pay cut.... hold the mob of pitchforks and torches back in Alabumble. Army of a couple three ..... bgw
  5. Ain’t no quit in Hoover, huh? Hoover ain’t budging, taking a couple plays from Trumpy and gonna fill the bandwidth with it. bgw
  6. I made my comment before Atticus came on with his position on Harbie. Programs are at different levels or product life cycles if you will, if the Wolverine faithful are committed their time will come. Whether Harbie is part of that is another discussion. The BigTen is littered with alum coaches. bgw
  7. Again.... going into a rant comparing programs at different levels don’t mean shit Hoover. Wake up. bgw
  8. I never said Harbie was the greatest, I said who can do better in Ann Arbor that’s in the market? Harbie has had some success for where that program was before Harbie got there. Understand, it’s BigTen culture and Michigan. Alabama is an outlier, may be another 100 years before anyone has a run like it. Yale ain’t it, anymore. Try. To. Keep. Up. 😂 bgw
  9. This sucks for these kids...bad. bgw
  10. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30747073/philip-rivers-retires-nfl-ending-17-year-career-spent-los-angeles-chargers-indianapolis-colts Fairhope, Alabama... not a bad little town, great fishing and away from big city mess. bgw
  11. Like Trumpy the KKKlown? $750..... bgw
  12. I put that clown in timeout with Troll. Attention seeking behavior it seems, a waste of time. bgw
  13. So what? Bernie Sanders. What am I looking at? bgw
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