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  1. No, that went over my head. I had no reference to it. But, considering the culture there and reflecting on my collegiate experience I can see it happening. BGW
  2. What a joke! Didn’t the state sanction or censor the board? Frivolous lawsuit. BGW
  3. Can’t say I blame you, my head was on a swivel the whole time with the co-eds. Can’t remember the Gold and Black painted dive downtown for Breakfast but the menu had a dish named after a Texas QB. Always good there. One co-Ed in particular, in activewear tights image is burned into my skull. BGW
  4. I think that trial was conducted in Arizona. Im sticking with those results. BGW
  5. But not the aquarium cleaner, right? BGW
  6. Copy that! I’m guessing you ate breakfast downtown and drank beer at the chocolate shop? Fucking arrogant ass Boilers, cool little spot in West Lala.... my smart ass kid graduated 3 years with distinction. BGW
  7. So are you a Boiler or a Hoosier? Or worse yet, Ball U? LOL BGW
  8. The cook moved on, they probably sold it to an amateur learning the trade. BGW
  9. Had a 2 year run eating calzones every Friday evening. Love em but they better be right! BGW
  10. This Friday past, usually every Friday it’s Pizza and a movie. Stuffed, regular, NY, Chicago, if it’s good we’ll partake. BGW
  11. Ourworldindata.org Use that cuz when I pasted the file, it barfed over the whole page like a dozen memes in one post. BGW
  12. Crazy.... it just worked for me. Let me find the link and post it. BGW
  13. The Florida kid in the Detroit tigers farm system? Alex Faedo? BGW
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