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  1. Difference in philosophy, it’s shared by many, don’t lock down on one view. bgw
  2. The game has deteriorated because these athletes play too many games and not enough emphasis on skills. It’s a loaded question bgw
  3. Well, for the female anatomy it’s not a good idea. bgw
  4. Not a bad move on the Privates part. these athletes play travel ball and High School. Practice is a good thing, skills, strength and conditioning, playing too many games is not. bgw
  5. Fucking hell, what is wrong with you anyways? bgw
  6. I thought aquarium cleaner and uv light was the shit, no? bgw
  7. You mean pot heads versus meth heads. bgw
  8. Add partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression laws by the new Klan. Wait, wait, not new. bgw
  9. Imagine that beating out your orange cretin. Oh wait, it happened. bgw #shitbelongsOTalex
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