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  1. Yeah, after 346 years of chattel bondage, 100 years of Jim Crow a five year strategic plan collaborating with racist capitalism. Makes sense to me. Not. bgw
  2. Awwwwww….. so much love here, now y’all keep it clean and I don’t wanna hear bout the Motel Six, massage beds and baby oil. bgw
  3. If it’s a “no show” then you know. bgw
  4. Meh…. All I got is the song “under pressure”. How much of that is you defending your position versus “cold” analysis? bgw
  5. How’s that “bent over, no reach around” feeling? bgw
  6. Grilled Octopus is damn right on. Like that Octo right out of the water and on the grill. Tarpon Springs had a Greek joint on the water that was legit af. bgw
  7. Cachere’s must be the iconic staple for Cajun seasonings! Used it for years. bgw p.s. A Baton Rouge “Boudreaux” showed me they way with some grilled chicken thighs. Why “Boudreaux”…. Glad you asked, because there’s so many in the boot you can’t go wrong with calling errybody Boudreaux.
  8. Gator tail fried is damn good, as is the “other” Gator tail. bgw
  9. Figured Gators for a fg, Bama controlling LOS. bgw
  10. What’s up with the Bama offsides on D? bgw
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