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  1. Rumor has it, SportsNut and Drummer got in a spam contest. Thinking it was declared a draw with privileges revoked. BGW
  2. Well, shit! Frosty, must I do everything? On a zone it's angles and footwork. This team can't be that slow. BGW
  3. 3/4 court zone press... shrink the court...fall back into 2-1-2.... or 2-3. BGW
  4. Only thing better would be Wake Forest Demon Deacs commit with a 1st name like that. Well done, SEC baby. BGW
  5. Awesome, too bad @Sportsnut is not around to comment. BGW
  6. Wow! My alma mater wanted to name the SuperPit after me.... I declined. BGW
  7. Dammit man... guess what I’m going to be doing? New playlist. BGW
  8. Balance, one sets up the other... then you can exploit mismatches. (Offensively). Gotta have both. BGW
  9. I’m gonna throw in with Wosinc, I think he’s on to something. BGW
  10. Freakin’ refs catch hell everywhere, huh? BGW
  11. That’s all Buford is my man, just starch in the jeans on Sundays. BGW
  12. Yeah, Lyle was the perfect Raider. Fit the mold, then broke it. BGW
  13. This will be hard for Titans down two scores and being running team forced to pass. We’ll see won’t we? BGW
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