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  1. Microwaves and spaghetti is no go on reheat, not consistent enough. The leftovers are in a thick Pyrex and I reheat in oven. My dogs get whatever I eat ever night for dinner. From steak to spaghetti, fish don’t matter, those are my babies, btw that rescue Weimaraner I telling about while back that was destructive destroying shit? Completely smoothed out, that dog runs high 8 min miles for 5 miles 3-4 days a week, 3.7 mile runs in between and one day off, does not start panting until 1.5 mile mark, the Rottweiler will run the short course 3.7 miles 3 days, he does not need the extra work with one day off and a two mile walk. I love my dogs as you do with yours, I can tell by the way you’re feed them. bgw
  2. Is that legit? Hahahaha. Well damn ! bgw
  3. Mongolico, Bahahaha that’s fucking good one pinche culero. bgw
  4. So, you don’t know... okay thanks but the rich became rich then super rich overnight? Boy, I have you wasaaay too much credit, you indeed are dumber than dirt, not as dumb as Nolebull,GSB and HSFBFan but culero you are awfully fucking close, since you’re not a history buff it would be a waste of time to educated your bigoted ignorant ass. By the way it’s 1.6 million fucking dollars and $1200 for the latter, maybe it means something maybe not, you’re so entrenched in Trump’s ass and the propaganda with it. Conchita la puta. bgw
  5. Hey! How would you know that!!! Dammit man! Don’t say you saw it passing through, those windows are tinted, that’s why you couldn’t see Concha Haha bgw bgw
  6. Hate to hear that, Fulton County’s superintendent just put out a email blast that they want the kids in school but it’s gonna take everyone to do their job i.e. Social distancing, masking up, hand washing, temperature check before entering buildings, et cetera... pretty consistent for all of Georgia. One thing I think POTUS is right on is the withdrawal of funding from WHO, the schools are following WHO as well as CDC and emphasis on the science and not the political bias. bgw
  7. Injury bug can be a career killer. My very first thought with Mahomes. bgw
  8. You maybe right, I don’t recall Secaucus. bgw
  9. i can't get off the fence on this one, really good question my mind. I like Mahomes a lot, really showing out in the league. Wilson is doing work, though. If I was forced to pick... I'm going Mahomes. bgw
  10. Have not seen that, have family in Albany, brother born in Waterford, really enjoyed the City. And yes, I drove my 3/4 ton mega cab diesel through there....just move them outta the way. Communicate with the horn and size... New Yorkers are not stupid. Hahahahaha. bgw
  11. Mahomes showing the greater upside. Wilson HOFer.... Tough choice, really tough. Both have some really unique physical gifts. bgw
  12. Maybe in Jersey, at least New York has something to offer. bgw
  13. Nope Rufus, you appropriated that line, I said it first, you need to refresh and change the verbiage! Hahahaha. bgw
  14. I'll try that... but it's tradition with me, I mix the leftover gravy and meat in into a thick pyrex with a tight fitting lid refrigerate then next day baked it slow at 190' for 1-1 1/2 hour and it's golden I like it both ways a lot. bgw
  15. A lotta folks to ask, depends on their needs... bgw
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