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  1. You’re so wrong for that, that angle never crossed my mind. You prep pukes are sick in the head! Hahahahaha. bgw
  2. Cheese, this is not even a question. bgw
  3. No vid of the fuck MD midfield stomp? This actually happened and the Eff word? Hahaha. bgw
  4. Gray is where you live dumbass.... put your oxygen over both ears and oxygenate that mess between the ears! Hope you’re recovering well. bgw
  5. I thought I'd give the attention seeking imbecile some love. Pendejo. How's Dad making out, hope all is well there. bgw
  6. Reactions are a good thing, it means antibodies in the host are high and the immune system is kicking in...I had no reaction whatsoever and am thankful I did not contact the virus....yet. bgw
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