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  1. Well, thank you I think.... BGW
  2. Hilarious. bgw IMG_1610.MP4
  3. Love setting the bait for Klan cock suckers like you.... Its been real, it’s been fun; hell its been real fun. Shallow mutha fucker. bgw
  4. Snagged that off of the MLK center, take it to mean whatever helps you with your narratives. Fucking pussy. bgw
  5. Georgia red for fuckin' sure in the face.... bgw
  6. Looking is about all your gonna do with those crack hoes..... bgw
  7. Hey now, Jeffrey had Trumpy on tape doing a 15 year old.... Slow your roll there... bgw
  8. So, the Garcia’s dug a nice big hole then decided to throw the dirt back in? Sure as hell looks to be the case. bgw
  9. Poll is pretty good, remember this is GA top 25.... don’t get your tampons twisted up inside. Couple Bush leaguers are little high, I threw up in my mouth over BT’s placement but got over it. bgw
  10. You gotta grease the palms, you been living in the woods too long. Ya’ll gotta come off the hip with the jack. bgw
  11. Correction, GHSA does not like Rush... get it right Vacuum Cleaner. bgw
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