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  1. I can wipe my ass and find the same answers to politics.... bgw
  2. Only those living under a rock subscribe to that nonsense. bgw
  3. Being lucky is not the same, Biden doesn't have fuck all with gas prices. bgw
  4. you boys are fucked in the hayd! bgw
  5. Wo;ves are gonna SEND it. bgw
  6. He's black, dipshit... so who's missing what? bgw
  7. But you called Max a drunk monkey with explosive diarrhea. What am I missing here? bgw
  8. Cuz the Mob was too busy shooting each other? bgw
  9. Don Feder fellated by Jerry Falwell! Bahaha. bgw
  10. Got damn you are stupid, I reckon your 1st post to me reflected a need for a posting buddy to go back and forth but dammit man if this doesn’t scream stupid, I don’t want to know. bgw
  11. Yeah, well I don't know you and particularly couldn’t give two shits what you think. bgw
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