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  1. https://www.gwinnettprepsports.com/sports/archer-defense-smothers-norcross-in---victory/article_c3345ef8-e983-52b1-823f-b75565bc6871.html Upcoming opponent for Buford. BGW
  2. https://www.gwinnettprepsports.com/sports/buford-pulls-away-from-newton-in-battle-of-unbeatens/article_0956f05c-9156-515e-aadd-3ba400533bac.html Homecoming. BGW
  3. Drove through and it was up, down, left, right and getting my doors blown off by the locals. Did not see a straight line road anywhere the area I drove through. Picturesque though and scared shitless of falling off the mountain. BGW
  4. Can't wait to see what Buford comes up with. Not a fan of the track around the field. Really like the football only stadiums. That Hawaii and West Virginia shots were picturesque as all get out. BGW
  5. Not bad, young Padawan... "Time bears out all lies" ~ Somebody really important not named BGW BGW
  6. Now this is a COOL read.... https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27646742/why-florida-new-qb-started-was-high-school-freshman May be a while before these mofo's understand the richness of this thread. Deuces, BGW
  7. Don't tell me what to do. Ever. BGW
  8. Nothing inspirational about Rudy or the movie... Nada, zilch, zero.... Regards, BGW
  9. Your inability to read between the lines is unprecedented. Dont you have a coach not named Herron to bash?? Chop chop. BGW
  10. It's not that bad, I mean Guru forgets his ativan occasionally.... BGW
  11. 20-19 ND... fuckin' Irish get revenge and the first win over a top 5 in eleventy billion years. BGW
  12. https://www.gwinnettprepsports.com/sports/defensive-player-of-the-week-grayson-s-jibrahn-claude/article_83718562-1ace-5719-b75c-65881ae2ef34.html Grayson Player of the week. @Fred, Congratulations. BGW
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