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  1. Humidity slowed him down, why do you think Tejas runs sub 10s? bgw
  2. Dude asked me if I considered playing for the other team and would I try it with him. I gave him @Nolebull813’s number and addy instead..... bgw
  3. Send some Klan love to Nole.... she’s feeling some kinda way. Thanks bro, keep up the godly work with the fam, I will be over for some of mama’s mole. bgw
  4. Nope, I’m thinking these loons are dug in so deep, they’re holding out for hope in some form to shield them from the glare of the “idiot light”. bgw
  5. The best comic relief is free.... and Nole gives freely. bgw
  6. We as a nation are lacking in mental health issues. We collectively need to rally around our fellow man in respects to this mental healthcare shortfall. bgw
  7. What kinda meth are you smoking, dude? Jesus! And not the blond blue eyed one next to Trumpy on your wall either. bgw
  8. The Buford powers that be move at their own beat. There’s a saying “if we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you”. Hahaha. bgw
  9. Just when I think you couldn’t possibly top your last post with stupidity..... Well, live and learn. bgw
  10. Wow.... from idiot to buffoon back to idiot in one post. Well done. bgw
  11. Who's the "teacher" in this "moment"? 😎 😊 bgw
  12. Well, you should explain your position a tad bit more. I’m curious as to why.... bgw
  13. Cool story bro, and Trumpy didn’t diddle minors at Jeffrey’s parties either.... What else you got KKKonchita? bgw
  14. Yeah and the Republicans haven’t won a popular vote in 30 years, so exactly what is your point? bgw
  15. Nobody here’s mad KlanBoy. SportsNad got mad, and that’s pretty much it for the mad part. bgw
  16. Drummer is a BITCH, SportsNads gave it right back to his bigoted ass and Drummer went crying to the mod and got the both of them ban hammered. bgw
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