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  1. Well don’t kick up the gravel, I’m not far behind! BGW
  2. Joe Biden? Gonna just leave this.... BGW
  3. Well, it’s my understanding that chloroquine hasn’t been put through the paces in clinical for COVID-19. But, now the COVID-19 patients are being treated with it? On a crapshoot, it wouldn’t be my go to. BGW
  4. I’m not thinking about any of it, it’s just day by day and hoping for the best, expecting the worst and keeping a positive attitude. Difficult times, a lot of folks are hurting. BGW
  5. Brembos with cross drilled rotors, oversized cuz Hawgie likes to go fast and stop fast.... It was Hell keeping up with you at 'Dega. I may just get that Hellcat! BGW
  6. Dodge is rolling out a 700 HP off road truck to compete against the Ford Raptor. Hellcat Dodge Truck ://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/amp31342599/hellcat-ram-rebel-trx-will-700-hp-styling-report/ BGW
  7. Nothing on the web site as to what courses offered but I did see this.... testing is performed during the tour process to ascertain rigor... " However, beyond sports the student body and Clearwater Academy staff have developed a variety of other engaging electives. These have included photograhpy, robotics, language, year book, performing arts, music, drama, business, fashion design, silk screening, and much more" BGW
  8. Mathew hit the nail on the head in the comment section. This article is poorly written, makes Coach D out to be a bullshitter. Question is... who is Coach D? BGW
  9. I thought I was diverse, but dude... you are the King of the mountain with that. BGW
  10. THAT was badass!!! BGW
  11. Loved Kiss back then, then I grew up... Beth is really the only one I tolerate now. BGW
  12. Just when I thought Cod wasn't getting laid for playing that Punk music, Cod pulls out the MILF list... toooo rich for my taste though. HAHAAHA BGW
  13. Has a nice line of Hats, profits go to the needy... A "good" liberal but backs it up with his money and passion. BGW
  14. Saw Fogerty in Infinity Arena, with his son on lead guitar... it was a good concert. BGW
  15. I’m thinking abuse of power. He hires and fires at will. My opinion though, he doing as he sees fit. Right or wrong. BGW
  16. We (Ga) haven’t crested yet... day 3 into 14 days of critical event. What exactly is your fucking point with your posts? You're all over the damn place. BGW
  17. Bahahaha.... listen you puny jeri curl Oreo and listen good. Fuck you. How bout dem apples, cunt. bgw
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