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  1. Im just here for the ads….. 2LANE!!!!! bgw
  2. What kinda bowl, Roofie? And forty to boot. Inquiring minds gotta know. bgw
  3. How bout dem refs, boys? Bullshittery galore. Blindside hit in the chest? Unsportsmanlike? Buncha Flawda Klansmen officiating. bgw
  4. Cowboys D stood tall, watching Dak scramble is akin to watching ice melt. bgw
  5. Gamecocks take out Clemson. Meeatchicken over OSU. Great day for football. bgw
  6. Well, we’re pumping up the basketballs and being pissed about it. Cant have 150 yards in penalties so the opposing coach can holler how the qb “lit” up the green and gold. bgw
  7. How’s the Parochial critical reasoning paying off? bgw
  8. Beat Trumpy your Klown though…. Bahahaha. bgw
  9. BY is indeed tough, got whacked around today surprisingly refs didn’t call targeting on at least one play. bgw
  10. Superspreader event in Neyland. Or STD’s. bgw
  11. Tuck Fennesee! I hate Vols more than the Pachyderms. bgw
  12. Bullshittery PI on Bama, the defender all but bubble wrapped the receiver. bgw
  13. Bout as bad as my predict that Bama will by 3 scores. bgw
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