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  1. Generational cultural bias got Castile killed and you’re the dumbass defending it. As far as the rioting and looting, why wouldn’t they, America broke the social contract. They don't own those stores, those stores were built with as I call “plantation” philosophy hire them poor keep them poor then if they do pull up level with the likes of your pro authoritarian ass you take it away. There’s protesters, rioters, and looters… the protesters give a shit, the rioters are pissed off and the looters are just that because the only way to get anything is to steal it. You really cant be this dumb, your posting prose suggests otherwise. bgw
  2. Once again you are whitewashing a manslaughter event you dumbfuck. Carry on with it, I need the respite. bgw
  3. ZooLoo and KKKonchita haven’t proved shit as to whether the homicide by cop was justified. Jeromimo freaked the fuck out and pumped 5 slugs into Philandro missing twice being so twitchy and out of control. bgw
  4. Where does it say Castile was reaching for his weapon with his girlfriend and a four year old in the vehicle? bgw
  5. KKKonchita thinks gaslighting with pretense and contempt proves intellectual honesty. Moron. bgw
  6. Was the hand on gun and finger on the trigger? bgw
  7. You wanted to see what you wanted to buttress your position. Idiot. bgw
  8. How old are you? Call her by another gf name. Damn, you have an appetite! Is that your grandmother? It was her mother. Is that broccoli stuck between your teeth? bgw
  9. Three point eight million dollars and a fired cop says otherwise. Moron. Bet you would argue OJ was innocent too. bgw
  10. When did I make the thread? I readily admit its a symptom of a greater problem. Btw, its the right whitewashing shit and inflaming the nut jobs, but you’re making it a White Fragility issue bgw
  11. Don't go complete dumbass on me, m'kay? I was responding to ZooLoo. bgw
  12. Bahahahahahahahaha.... Yeah, right... if you say so. bgw
  13. No more than your one piece confirmation bias from Pew Research... but the Post is the shit, right? Fucking moron. bgw
  14. Hope this helps.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killing_of_Philando_Castile bgw
  15. Au Contraire, the name of the victim escapes me. In Minnesota I believe Philandro Castille shot dead over a broken taillight. In front seat with GF. bgw
  16. https://mobilize.us/s/KuVlY9/p @Wildcat Will @Ga96 bgw
  17. Of course, the Starbucks CEO has taken some liberal stances, I think he's earned the pass, however the radical fringe right? Nope. bgw
  18. KKKONCHITA claims I never answered the query but has neither acknowledged nor answered how the revolution and or the Louisiana Purchase was financed. Tit for tat Proud Boys polesmoker. Hahaha bgw
  19. KKKonchita has lost every argument presented, its telling when memes and name calling dominates the Carlson/Shapiro lapdog song and dance. bgw
  20. https://www.northwestgeorgianews.com/rome/news/local/black-students-families-from-coosa-high-file-lawsuit-against-floyd-county-schools/article_426f7502-d60d-11ec-9a4e-0b9f687083ed.html bgw
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