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  1. Cracker

    Duncanville vs Evangel Christian @ SMU

    Very few Metroplex fans know who EC is.
  2. Cracker

    2018 Watch list for Tiers

    Add Lake Travis, TX
  3. Cracker

    Duncanville vs Evangel Christian @ SMU

    Unless EC Is significantly improved, I'm not seeing it. We shall see.
  4. Cracker

    Duncanville vs Evangel Christian @ SMU

    Duncanville will win this game easily by like 30 points. I bet the crowd will be smaller than 5K.
  5. Cracker

    Waco Midway this season

    Fooled me, too.
  6. Cracker

    Waco Midway this season

    Is the Texas board offline or something?
  7. Cracker

    Waco Midway this season

    Real men don't whine
  8. Cracker

    2018 World Cup in Russia

    Pulling for Iceland!
  9. Cracker

    Texas Football Talk

    I haven't had time to really pay attention. Everything I know right now is 3rd party information. Just started a side hustle related to my industry and I have been swamped. From what I hear, DL looks good, OL maybe not as big as the past, WRs could be a strength, RBs could be flying under the radar. Playing in a different region should be interesting come playoff time. I hear good things from the players about how they really like playing for Gambill. I just wish Gambill had more of a killer instinct.
  10. Cracker

    Texas Football Talk

    Yeah, out of the 3 in the article, I think Horn will prove to be the best. I don't see Chill improving for another couple of years. Looking forward to seeing Allen vs. Horn for the season opener.
  11. Cracker

    Texas Football Talk

  12. Cracker

    Are Texas HS Football best days behind them?

    I've got a front row seat for you. Just hit me up a couple of weeks early to remind me.
  13. Cracker

    Texas Football Talk

    Christian Sam, Allen, LB 6th Rd #178 Patriots
  14. Cracker

    Bishop Dunne: Most Talented Team in Texas?

    They have some good players, but lack balance, consistency and depth.