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  1. Best teams ever??

    Assholes. We all have 'em, and they mostly all stink.
  2. Best teams ever??

    85 Houston Yates
  3. Best teams ever??

    Opinions are like...
  4. Best teams ever??

    2013 Allen was better than all 3 of those.
  5. Southlake carroll HC news

    Saw this yesterday. This is some minor crap that could have easily been handled internally. We got us a witch hunt going on.
  6. Texas OOS Games???

    19 to 1 ratio. Operated like 4 seperate schools.
  7. Texas OOS Games???

    Checkout Total Wine and More at The Village.
  8. Texas OOS Games???

    Liquor selling in Allen since last year.
  9. In this case, yes. But the conservatives quit pretending a long time ago that they don't wan't to control your life. Just different stuff.
  10. Probably not, but there doesn't need to be another damn law.
  11. DFW Area non district football games 2018

    Here is Allen's football schedule for next season:Mesquite Horn (home)Utah's East High School (home)Coppell (away) Plano (home)McKinney (away)Plano East (home)Jesuit (away)McKinney Boyd (home)Prosper (home)Plano West (home)
  12. 2018 UIL realignment

    This is one of the craziest districts I have ever seen: The amount of travel this creates is absurd, especially for San Angelo and Abilene.
  13. DFW Area non district football games 2018

    They don't think it's fair to play Allen even if they volunteer to do so in pre-season.
  14. TX hosting OOS game on 9/7/18

    Thanks. Just found some video.