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  1. I thought Ambien is a stimulant kind of drug , keeping one alert . I know in the past he was picked up for being wasted on pain meds in his car
  2. I look forward to seeing Servite and if they can possibly beat an SJB this season also . I know Covid changes everything but it would be a cool thing to see Servite get back in conversation
  3. It is an excuse , but I think it is a legit one . The crazy playoff schedule they have up north is just another reason I was trying to point out as to why they are so sloppy with to's . Last season , though , with the experienced qb , I think they there was only 1 to before that 14 point swing at end of game . It's called progress !
  4. Last game against SJB , there was no problem for DLS o-line vs SJB D-line. The main factor was that Dela's o-line was significantly better than the 2018 o-line . What Dela lacked last game against SJB was a top pass rusher on D like the year before with Foskey . Also , the lb's were significantly worse also than the year before . Dela needs a year when it all comes together where they are solid in all areas of the game , instead of glaring weaknesses when playing those 2 socal giants. It is doable , and may only come around once in a blue moon because those socal teams will never have glarin
  5. Alumbaugh definitely is changing the offense to more of a hybrid . Lot of learning pains , but they will get more skill players ( qb, receivers ) enrolling . Hopefully some big lineman The other big issue is the schedule that Dela plays . They have so much time in between games at the end of season due to a crazy playoff system that lets Dela only play 2 playoff games . In 2018 I believe , at one point they only played 1 game in 6 weeks due to smoke from fires . Dela has always gotten sharper and more refined as season progresses , and they really need those games to reach thei
  6. That is in large part that Dela fell off the cliff in 2016 and had to start the climb backup just like in 2004 after the streak. To think that MD or SJB has played a top level DLS team the last 4 seasons is false . In 2016 and 2017 , Dela didn't even have a legitimate qb playing, just two defensive players trying to learn the position . It would be nice to see a really good Dela team play these guys . In 2018 and 2019 , Dela definitely showed they could play competitively , though there were definite weaknesses on those teams . Was hoping that this season they could have put it all together
  7. I don't think I could " Favor " DLS over MD , but SJB might have been doable . DLS had the potential to be elite this year, better than the last two seasons . If they played a near perfect game , ( no to's , dropped passes, bad snaps, etc. ) they definitely could give MD all they could handle by the time SBG's rolled around , but we'll never get the chance to see.
  8. I don't think it is as cut and dry as you propose . In the past you had some running QB's in Douglas , Cunningham , Vick , etc. None of them could throw to the level what a NFL qb is supposed to, with Cunningham being so erratic. Steve Young changed that in a big way . It took him a year or so of starting to learn how to temper the temptation to " Run first ". When he settled in , his ability to run was a tremendous weapon . But he was a top rated passer firstly. Most of the great athletic black qb's just weren't good enough passers, and eventually the NFL defenses learn quickly and take the
  9. You won't get any accolades on this board . Seems like someone from Texas is always spouting what great qb's , came from that state . But your right , Norcal has always had good qb's .
  10. I don't want to pile in after all the good advice that has been posted . I will say I have had the covid also, and it is different than any other virus I have encountered before , a different feel . It was far , far from being my worst sickness. You mention your head and that is where your sinuses can get infected and make things much worse. I use the NEILMED SINUS RINSE which you can get over the counter . It flushes the sinus and keeps the bacteria from building up and drains the stuff. I use it religiously and it has seemed to always minimise my symptoms whenever I feel like I'm getting si
  11. Do a comparison . Do you think Garcia better than Fromm was in H.S. ? We know at the next level that Fromm did not excel like he did in H.S.
  12. You'll get through it . Load up on vitamins zinc and C . How long have you had it ?
  13. I wouldn't get too carried away because OSU was really beaten down this season due to covid . They still made the championship game despite it all . The last time Bama played in championship they were beaten way worse than what they did to a covid stricken team
  14. Anyhow . congrats to your Bama . Personally I thought Bama could be had going into playoffs , but after seeing it thru , no one was close to them . If covid wasn't around , then maybe OSU ( even Clemson cause they know how to scheme that bama defense) could have made for a more competitive game
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