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  1. Penalties , to's, injuries . Could you ask for a more discombobulated 1rst half . In my eyes, if niners ever get their game going, their the better team , though without Purdy seems like it is impossible .
  2. If niner win I like their chances vs Bengals much better than with Mahomes and chiefs . KC matchup has proven to be difficult for niners . I'm slowly leaning more with the niners to win on Sunday . I was waiting for you to chime in and give your picks
  3. Your point about Lopez goes like this from what I hear . The conundrum is that spartans carry like 60 + players on varsity . DLS has a policy that they want to give everyone as much of a chance to play as possible . Maybe this is why their special teams were terrible, because the coaches are looking at areas in where the kids can play . If they cut the roster back to 40 players or so , that is a lot of money that the school could lose thru loss of tuition . And since DLS has opted up until now to not follow the pattern of what is happening in H.S. landscape , allowing for transfers and all , I think it will have to get worse before they allow changes to their policies .
  4. They lose their best linemen from this year , and they were underwhelming . I hear you about #13 that he can run the veer , but he is platooning with Sue at QB . Sue is the better passer and can run also . Problem was it took most of season before these guys got a handle on running the veer . Spartans need those lines to improve a lot, as well as the defense as a whole . Lots of questions . I heard Lopez was not happy with team and everything is under review , including the coaches . The trend is down since the pandemic , so getting back to that 10-15 national range may be a thing of the past
  5. Unless you talk strait with Alumbaugh or Lopez , someone like those 2 , it is a lot of hearsay . I had heard from Lopez, though not directly also , that he wasn't looking for oos games . I honestly just want the spartans to start playing better . Last season was hard to bare . I could take a break from Folsom and maybe see them in the D-1 final . I don't think spartans will beat Serra this season, especially being that the game will be played there
  6. Why, is Mill Creek supposed to be any good ? DLS is in a downward trend and should worry about ncal imop. They have no business scheduling a national powerhouse any time soon
  7. Philly is solid on both lines . A typical Shanihann script is to just run and control the clock, kick a fg or punt on 4th and 1, and rely on defense to hold the fort . Hurts is a danger because he is very capable of running and they like to utilise that . This season Shannihan started to open it up, even with jimmy g . Before the playoffs I heard a comment by him that he was going to reign in Purdy and play it more conservative . Playing not to lose rather than playing to win . So I agree with your assessment that it comes down to qb play . Shannihan has to let Purdy do his thing and light it up with the passing game and not to panic if there is an interception or 2 . Remember the niners first NFC championship game vs Dallas . Niners beat them even with 6 or 7 to's that game, 2 of them coming from Montana interception's in the end zone .
  8. It appears on that other site that SFA chatter dominates . I really don't have an interest in that team or school
  9. You were right about the warriors , so I guess I have to defer to your judgement on this game, 49ers in a blowout, Lol ! Like I said, I am cautiously optimistic about niners , but I've seen shannihan choke too many times . If he lets Purdy play his game and niners run their offense the way they did down the stretch with him , I like their chances. I think Purdy is resilient enough that even if he trows an int, it won't fluster him . Lets remember when niners played Bears in 88 NFC championship game in Chicago . It looked ominous for the niners to go and play in 0 degrees and beat the bears . 28-3 was the final .
  10. Don't know the outcome of eagles - niners this weekend , but a win over a good cowboy team in playoffs will go along way and be a great consolation even if the niners do lose . I'm cautiously optimistic about niners chances this weekend, but Philly is rested, having played one less playoff game than the niners, and at home . Getting up for 3 playoff games in a row is a difficult task ( last season's niners ). The one good thing is that the niners were on cruise control the last 6 or 7 games , so they didn't have to waste a lot of energy like they did last season just to make the playoffs . IMOP, it comes down to shannihan, whether he will let purdy throw the ball like he has all season ( second half of cowboys game ) , or will he tighten up and play for fg's relying on defense far too much . Hurts is a duel threat and I think Philly's offense is better than Dallas , so the niners better come in and play aggressive on offense
  11. OK , maybe that one . But they weren't huge favorites .
  12. Only one game where the niners were favorites and lost was the 90 NFC championship game . And they were slight favorites in that one
  13. Your really going out on a limb with that one . Ga. should cover that one kinda easily imop. Ohio State doesn't have the lines to stop Ga.
  14. There hasn't been a final like this in a long while, I have to agree
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