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  1. They have been building this since Shanahan got there with the GM. They finally got the qb but he got hurt last year. They may be a year away from putting it all together , or they just may win the SB this season. The great thing about this niner team is they have a lot of depth. Missing two starting Offensive tackles and fullback, yet they still have players. They need to clean up a lot and finish their executions on offense. Left a lot points on the table vs Rams. If they stay healthy and get better each week, look out. Niners are back !
  2. To be fair, it seems a lot of people wanted SJB on probation for their game against Servite. Every team will have one game during the season that they don't show up for, maybe even a couple.
  3. Am I missing something ? Why is DV on probation in tier 1 ?
  4. game at Wisconsin ? If so, I wouldn't be so sure. Ohio St always has one bad game in league each season based on previous history
  5. No, SJB is great. Personally though, I don't think they are like MD. They have the talent , size , speed, etc. to compete with anyone and beat them, even MD. Where they lack next to MD, imop, is their coaching is not up to MD standards. Thus having a night off like they did against Servite. Every year it seems, they have a close call against some one in league. And Servite, you have to give them credit. Since they are young, they will improve dramatically as season progresses. They have had a really good pre league schedule, so they are tested. Let's see if Servite can continue to impress on into next season. Probably time to renew the Dela series they had for 4 years running.
  6. Is Katy's defense that much better than STA's ? Dela can move the ball on anyone this season, except for maybe the top tier 1 teams. They definitely are not one dimensional anymore
  7. Actually Katy this season would be a better matchup for Dela. Dela is good against the run, not so much with the pass.
  8. Offense at this point in season is better than last, but Defense is not as good. I'm using end of season MD from last year to compare.
  9. The defense of MD is not as good as last season's MD . If there is a weakness for MD, it is on the defense. SFA showed you can run on MD, but not the whole game because MD will make adjustments. This is where a team, if it were to have a chance of beating MD, would have to have an excellent go to passing game also. I don't know how good DV is with the pass. It's all about the qb and his option.
  10. Thats right. They can only play 1 half of football and then they implode. Have seen it many times the past couple of seasons
  11. You can also blame all that sight seeing stuff they did past couple of days. Kind of lose focus. Dela did that back when they played DBP in 2009. They weren't ready to play that game in the least
  12. SFA will put a mauling on SJR. Huge disparity in talent
  13. I just say that because that is what I observe from MD. Their technique in the way the line plays. The balance of their offensive play calling. Their adjustments etc. You couple all of that with all the 4 and 5 star recruits, they are a formidable beast to contend with. SJB imop not as well coached, but incredible talent also. I would assume if you traded coaching staffs between DV and MD, with the kids buying in like they do at MD, a team like NS and DV would go to the next level. No one questions the talent of those Texas teams, but are they reaching their full potential is a question to ask. Just like IMG or SFA, I don't think those teams reach their full potential either. The argument of whether the level of recruiting that is going on , is it right or wrong, is for another thread. I just think you have to deal with it. I know Dela has to deal with it. It would be nice to see Texas top teams join the oos like everyone else. Then we could see those MD vs DV or Katy matchups
  14. That night they weren't. Last year's MD was retooling from the previous year, and even though they beat IMG, they hadn't hit their stride at that point. SJB had a Pro level QB who had a phenomenal night and torched them. That game probably helped MD more than it hurt them. MD got much better down the stretch and the next time they played SJB, they made DJ look very pedestrian in trying to beat MD with his arm. I don't recall DV qb being a great passing qb, but more of a running qb, like Vince Young as some have said. IF DV has a passing attack like SJB, and a defense like SJB, than maybe they could beat MD. Maybe. This MD offense this season is way ahead of where they were last season at this point. That SFA defense was completely nasty. I can't imagine any team this season that could do what MD did to them. They methodically picked them apart despite a pass rush that was as good as any I have seen. SFA is head and shoulders above a team like an SJC. I can't see anyone else beating them, unless they have all phases at top notch level. DV and NS both had great talent, no doubt, but I just didn't see that same level of a coached up program like MD is But, as I have said, I haven't seen DV this season, only going off of last season. If they have gone to another level this season, than I could be wrong.
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