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  1. You must have been asleep for the last 30 yrs. Amateurs "only" for Olympics was removed by at least 1992 . National teams now are professional , at least in this country . College sports are the last amatuer institution it seems left . These kids get paid by giving them an opportunity to get a 4 yr. degree, all expenses paid for the most part , and a lifetime reward and experience of getting to play at a higher level than H.S. Only roughly 10% will ever be good enough to play pro anyways , so to try and make colleges pay extra is ridiculous . If you want to challenge someone , go af
  2. It is easy to think that about Toto , but I would bet that isn't the case here . The kid is quality, and comes from a quality family . I vaguely remember hearing his dad is a doctor . Met the dad once , and like I said, quality .
  3. This was started as to a response to a post calling the MD shutout of BG in 2018 as most dominant win ever by top teams , as witnessed by the poster . BG was way down in 2018 , at least to start of season . MD was highly rated and if memory is correct , they tied LBP in Socal final that season .
  4. It may have ended up as a down year , but before Dela , it was projected to be a great season for MD . I talked with some of the MD people before game and they were telling me that that season was supposed to be MD"s best ever . Your future Heisman played later in the game after it was all over . And I do recall that MD was higher ranked than Dela preseason that year. I could be wrong , but that is what I recall . Dela wasn't top ranked in 99 . Did LBP beat you in playoffs that season ?
  5. Yea , I do believe they were #1 going into game . I think Norcross was top ranked also .
  6. Only bigger blowout was DLS in 99 beating top ranked MD 41-0 , lol . Then there is the BTW - Norcross .
  7. Fouts was Great with Air Corral . Those Charger teams were teams to be reckoned with back then
  8. Marino was imobile . Thus the quick release . I don't know how he would do today . He wasn't a big qb , and with salary cap the way it is today , could they afford a great line in front of him . To me , he is like the Carmelo Anthony of the NFL . Great talent , but lacking in a lot of other intangibles to make him a winner .
  9. Being a Catholic ( Christian ) school , I think what SJB did, and allowed to do, at midfield before game, is pathetic and should be unacceptable to the admin of SJB . Speaks volumes
  10. Only the year 2016 can you make the case for BG having a superior schedule. 2014 Gorman barely escaped 3 opponents . They also were beaten by another trinity team ( SM ? ) , but the ref blew the call . I don't remember what year though . MD schedule in 2019 imop was superior and 2018 likely as well .
  11. Gonzaga this season is head and shoulders above anyone else . Not even close . It is funny how all the so called experts are just now coming to this conclusion . Zags have no weakness . They are the best coached team as well . It will take a Villanova type effort vs Georgetown, to have anyone pull off the miracle . I see Baylor getting mowed down by the machine as well, though they do bring some great guard play . Eventually though, the constant one on one ball handling and driving to the basket by the Baylor guards will get snuffed out. They don't have the bigs to play with Gonzaga.
  12. Never heard of Wulfemeyer . Can you tell us more about him ?
  13. Actually , I would think Folsom should start off with an MV , Cen10, or Servite. All are worthy opponents and no one would complain about Folsom's schedule .
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