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  1. The first Super team which became Super via trades, etc., was the La Lakers when they traded for Wilt to join superstars West and Baylor in the 68-69 season .With 3 of the greatest players of their era, even then, they still couldn't beat the Celtics when they got to the finals.
  2. I get the two active strains, but I don't understand the 40 variants . Could you explain more ? Also, according to what has been reported ( I know, it's mainstream media ) , this corona is not bio- engineered . Could you elaborate on that also ?
  3. How will defense be much better ? Aren't they losing some key talent there as well as on offense ? How will the O-line look ?
  4. That was a very high level H.S. BB game . Grayson the better team imop and would take a series between the two if they played that . Wheeler a top program also , no doubt
  5. Early in season was 2017 better than 2018 imop. They had a lot of new players in 2018 , and after the SJB game, that MD team came on big time down the stretch . The 2018 defense was clearly better than 2017 overall . And Bryce really came into his own . Both teams great , but by championship game , my bet would have been on 2018
  6. He was damn good imop . He had all the ingredients . I know Terry E just raved about him ( at least to me ) after the game.
  7. Do you, or Sammy know what ever happened to Waller ? i heard he went to Oregon , but never heard from him again
  8. I sat in the visitor section for Byrnes , Lbp , Sjc etc. I guess I sat higher up near the top rails. The BG games , Sta etc. , I always stand right in the back of end zone. It's almost like your a db when teams come down to that end of field . No where that I have been , can you get up that close except for being on sidelines . But I can see where if you sit low enough on visitor side , the team can obstruct view .
  9. Owen Owens is a fantastic place to view a game . To see two great teams line up on that field is something special . It's similar to going to see all the great college B-ball teams play in the Maui Invitational , which is played in a High School gym or the equivalence thereof . Being up close and so personal , there is nothing like it
  10. That's what I think with that schedule . I mean Gorman has always been known to have a pretty elite schedule. Not this year
  11. Yea , but they need to right things with them . That was a fluke last season
  12. Where do you place those bets ? In Nevada they don't even appear on the board . Do you do offshore ?
  13. Perkins and Zeke are legit , no doubt . That jv rb hopefully can be the Robinson, Garret , Custer type back that can bring that break away capability. If you say the o-line will be better than last, then that is huge , because I thought this past seasons o-line was quite good, much better than the previous season. Tasi is going to be even better on the line. Maybe they can get some speed at DE which could be what they got with Foskey
  14. Servite will be good this season . I don't follow them that close but a top notch socal guy I talked with at the SBG who seemed to know everything about everything in socal told me that Servite is for real. I think Sammy you can get off the MD and sjb trains and get back to your home team
  15. Good to see you back posting . Responding to Norfleet, He won't in my estimation , be the answer. Way to slow. Even though he is physical with ebal type teams , the elite teams will have no problem stopping him. What Dela needs at rb is Garrett speed. Are there any speed backs in the pipeline , do you know ?
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