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  1. Servite was pretty good in B-ball in the 70's also ?
  2. At this stage , I think it will be more like Rocklin and Dela , unless Rocklin and Folsom meet again in SJC playoffs. Aren't they in different classifications come playoff time though ?
  3. In the same fashion that Folsom was so overly hyped with the fake news from Sybil , now people can make the mistake and overly dismiss Folsom as being crap. Losing Tremain was a way bigger loss for Folsom than Rocklin losing their qb 3 weeks prior, because Folsom is a one trick pony this year . The only viable running game they have is when Tremain takes off and puts pressure on defense . With him out , Folsom lost 80 % of offense . Getting physically pounded in their coronation game as the new # 1 team in Norcal , against a seemingly down Dela , and all the emotion and hype with it ( probably Folsom's biggest game ever ) , Folsom was a shell of themselves vs Rocklin . Credit Rocklin just waiting to pounce on them . After that huge disappointment in getting beat the way they did , now having to go on road deflated , losing their offense , yea , Folsom is far from elite . But I still would like to have seen them play an SFA , Serra, Rocklin, when healthy . Their passing game would have put so much pressure on those teams . I think if circumstances were reverse , where the other teams were coming off a huge loss to Dela, and losing their offense , going on the road to play a really good team just waiting to pounce , outcome would probably be exact opposite for Folsom . But because of trash like Sybil, everyone is rejoicing over Folsom's demise
  4. If that qb that played vs Dela remains starter for SFA , that offense is pretty damn lethal . I thought the routes the receivers ran for SFA were at a high level for H.S. Where was that passing game vs MD in 2019 ?
  5. Your poll is the only one I'm aware of that has SFA close to where they should be ranked . A tier 1 team for sure . They play IMG soon , so that will tell a lot .
  6. Actually you can throw his marriage to Givens in the mix also . He was so self destructive at that point in his life .
  7. Was that pre - Buster Douglas , or later when he was a shell of himself ?
  8. I was a big fan of Tyson also. But in reality, who did he beat ? Trevor Berbick, Michael Spinks ? He beat a Larry Holmes coming out of retirement, similar to Rocky marciano beating a Joe Louis out of retirement . Matchups are everything . Ali had all he could handle with Frazier , Norton, etc. Foreman put Frazier down 11 times in 2 fights . Norton was knocked out in the 2nd round against Foreman . Yet Ali was able to beat Foreman . Imop , Tyson would have knocked out Ali , but a Foreman ?
  9. Foreman is the great unknown . Tyson was too small. Holyfield was really a light heavy . Bowe was great , for what Hoover said, for about 2 years .
  10. Biden and his gang I'm sure love you
  11. And these are not top level lines from Dela by any means . They are battle tested because their schedule is so far superior than Folsom's . Any talk of this year's Folsom being equal to 2018 is a joke . When will Folsom wake up and schedule to get better , and not just to protect their win-loss record ?
  12. Same ole Folsom . They play no one and look good in beating them. Soon as they play a real team , which is hardly ever , they don't know how to play . Folsom is in the same class as SDCC . That's the game they should focus on . Servite, Cen10, MV are all too much for Folsom . Can you imagine that Folsom and it's posters want MD or Bosco ?
  13. Finally some true football analysis instead of sarcastic negative quips that you throw at everybody. I knew you had it in you !
  14. And what is the potential aftermath of this game for Dela ? Going all out and getting beat up, then having to play the most important game of year for them the next week in Folsom . I hope I'm wrong . If not for the Folsom rule , this game would only help Dela getting ready for the likes of MD or SJB . Great chance they don't see the Open this season , but maybe I'm getting ahead of myself seeing the worst case scenario .
  15. STA did the only way to beat SFA, and that was to pass, pass, and pass. DLS doesn't have the QB to do that well enough. The lines aren't stellar either , at least going against that defense . Very slim chances . STA did beat SFA first game, but look at the aftermath , losing the next game and falling apart offensively . SFA is a tier 1 team, at least what I saw against OLGC. The physicality against this year's DLS is too much
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