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  1. Colquit had quite a run . Don't know what the future looks like for them though
  2. DLS should be way better this year, barring a lot of injuries. Depth will be their achilles, but I think they will be back in Open
  3. I still don't understand how cen10 from last season got as close to MD . For that reason alone I would say last years MD was the weakest since the 2016 team . Cen10 was good and having one of their better teams of the past few seasons , but I just didn't see where they were at a level to challenge a national champion .
  4. 2015 Bosco better than 2016 Bosco imop. Cen10 put up 55 pts by half in 2015 was what killed Bosco . But that cen10 team was special
  5. Wilt had some great talent around him . Even when he moved to LA and formed the first super team with West and Baylor , he still couldn't beat Russel . Wilt may have had stats, but Russel always owned the 4th qtrs when it mattered . Russel is up there with Jordan as supreme winners . Tough as nails
  6. Just put badrouter on ignore . You don't need to engage if you think his posts are shit . Do like the rest of us and comment when you feel it is relevant .
  7. It's always those games where there is at least a perceived threat of losing or being challenged , that actually brings out the best in a team . MD will be more than ready. In fact, could be an absolute blowout . Look forward to seeing this game
  8. Though those DLS teams imop were as good, or at least, would compete and would go toe to toe with any of them . Those teams were all-time and had the talent and coaching to go with it
  9. Your right . Kinda like that in B-ball also with Dream teams. Coaches assume with the talent we have that they don't need to do more practices etc.
  10. It's hard to remember when the last time we didn't mess up with both women and men . Poor coaching ?
  11. Thx . That game will be here before you know it . MD by 3 td's
  12. what date is the Gorman game ?
  13. The big question is this. Is sports more important than academia . A lot of people would argue at the public H.S. level, why are kids who don't even live in the district be allowed to take up a spot in a school where enrollment is limited, just because they want to play football or basketball . Parents work their asses off to pay to live in a district where housing etc is through the roof . Their kids should be prioritized . Privates is a whole other matter . They fund and do everything on their own . They should be allowed that freedom . The public's I'm not so sure about because of what I said above
  14. Jason Terry had a big part for the Mavs in playoffs that year as well along with that small shooting guard from Puerto Rico
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