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  1. I'm sure Kirby , like any coach wants to win and will play the best players to give him the best chance to win . This is true in business etc. If I am a coach , if my best 22 players are all black , or white , than that is who is going to play . Business is the same. Kirby's offense is not best suited to a duel threat QB , and that is where for the most part , the black QB's excel the most . Fromm was just " Good enough " to keep his starting position in Fields lone season At Ga. But Fields probably may have won the job his soph season had he stuck around. Kirby may have to change and adapt h
  2. Come on Sweet Larry. Your better than this, using the race card to make excuses for one's inability. As far as Fields goes , it is very hard to justify him coming in as a freshman and supplanting a QB who just led the team to a national title game . If Fields expected to start right away , than he got poor advice and should have carefully chosen a program where he could start right away . If you look at DJ or BY at Clemson and Alabama , both of them knew they would most likely have to wait their turn , especially who the guys in front of them were . If you don't like Kirby and his offensive sy
  3. I'm just comparing Hoover to what Hoover used to be. In state they may still be up there, but nationally they aren't anywhere near what they used to be. Wouldn't you agree ?
  4. You knew that after the first meeting . Hoover is running on fumes it seems these days.
  5. It wasn't that egregious at Chino . Three of their best players were the Ball brothers . Look at MD and Sierra Canyon if you want to see mass recruiting and transfers
  6. Didn't see Young live last season , only the season before. DJ was just outstanding his last two games of season is the reason I gave him the nod over BY . Upside , I have to go with DJ there also
  7. Like I said , I'm not so sure . The Good Council game showed that a good pass rush could disrupt DJ . Also, I wasn't as impressed with Bosco's O-line like you . A second game between MD and SFA would have been much closer imop. If my memory is correct , I think that was SFA's first game vs. an elite tier 1 team . It was a learning experience for sure , but they definitely were better because of it . As far as DJ goes , he is the best I've ever witnessed in H.S. at his position
  8. I'm not so sure of Bosco. MD with BY was a quick strike passing game. Bosco with DJ relied on his cannon arm getting the ball delivered when one of those 5 receivers got open, no matter how far down the field . I don't know if Bosco's line could protect DJ long enough before that SFA pass rush got to him .
  9. He's also arrogant . Will give short answers and is very surley . In the mold of a Belichick
  10. A shut down will only delay the inevitable . We tried that back in march or april , I forget . The virus will be sitting there , just waiting . Look at other countries which shut down . Virus just resumes what it does . Also, look at the mask issue. Every state practically, I assume, have mask policies going into public areas , stores , etc. What to show for it ? It's idiocy imop, and I just see people infecting themselves by handling and reusing masks.
  11. The one thing this game made clear to all those who didn't know already , DJ is the truth . Just seeing him step in and do what he did , playing at the highest level in a tough environment with a depleted team around him , just shows how great and high a level MD and SJB were last season at the H.S. level . They talk about Sunshine being the #1 prospect in Next season's draft, but I would take DJ right now hands down .
  12. You know if any highlights of game have been posted anywhere ?
  13. Same standard . You have a perennial tier 1 team in state , so you don't even have to leave the state , just beat IMG , just like SJB has only to beat MD in state, and then your case can be made with a lot less arguing
  14. OK . I though I covered that when I said STA only has to schedule IMG , In state , and they cover all bases, including FLA state best
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