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  1. If SJB blows out DLS, that ruins any chance of STA winning the MNC. Period Duncanville has a chance
  2. How is Folsom looking next year? 2014 Folsom was awesome
  3. I agree about them being good next year. SJB should've beat them by 40+ this year, kinda like what BG did to them. That kind of game won't get it done against DLS
  4. I go by St John Bosco and St Louis' common opponent. Mililani. Based on that, that tells me St Louis can hang with SJB.
  5. I like St. Louis by a TD, if it happens
  6. They better not have a servite type of game against DLS. Still think MD beats SJB 9/10 times.
  7. https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1BdGYeoMbmXGX?t=11m2s
  8. If he was doing it in the name of Jesus Christ, instead of the name of Biff Poggi, then it would eternally meaningful. If you do good deeds to bring attention to yourself, or for the glory in the sight of man, then it's all done in vain.
  9. SFA is very impressive, but they haven't been battled tested like MD has. It'll be interesting to see how SFA reacts if MD scores on their first 2 possessions. They've been accustomed to dominating opposing teams the past couple years. I give MD the advantage because they're playing at "home".
  10. Some of you guys act like complete morons. This is HS football. All of this state vs state pride is ridiculous. Borders are imaginary. Certain teams, from certain areas are good some years, and not so good in others. It's cyclical.
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