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  1. That separates the hard core from the dilettantes. 😄
  2. I don’t bring up politics in this forum. You do. Pretty insecure to use that as an excuse. And you’re still getting hammered. 😄
  3. Give it up. ☝️ You’re getting hammered here 👇 And not just in this last post 😄
  4. Very nice. Can you do something to keep the column headings from scrolling off the screen when scrolling down the page? Something like “freeze panes” in excel?
  5. Wosinc


    Hell if I know. Check out the last two posts in the MD Breaking News thread
  6. Wosinc


    Come on! My post was funny AF. You’re just being mean and bringing numbers into it. I’ll bet Michelle Diamsay Mendoza knows that this is a national board.
  7. Wosinc


    This is a national board. Did you forget? 🤠
  8. He needs someone other than himself talking over there.
  9. Ah, good old Columbiafan, back from his self-imposed exile to gsb-land. And liking himself more than ever.
  10. Thanks. I did find cbs.com.
  11. Are you able to watch on the Patriots stream?
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