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  1. By the way … a sight you’re totally unfamiliar with:
  2. Don’t even know where to start with this. 🤦‍♂️ You went to a BNU school, right?
  3. Does anyone even have pointy church keys anymore?
  4. Wosinc


    Looks like a lot of targeting going on.
  5. It happened too long ago for it to be FB. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some blood relation involved.
  6. For reasons that will become evident I don’t have a picture, but I saw a guy do this (well, 5 lanes, but still). It was in that rat trap where the Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway crisscross. Some of that mess is 6 to 8 lanes wide. This guy, a bit ahead of me, was about 5 lanes too far left and realized he was going to miss his exit. He stopped dead, turned his car, a big battleship of a cadillac, at a right angle to traffic and gunned it. I have never seen more screeching tires and burned rubber before or since. Unbelievably, no one was hit. Thankfully I was a lane or 2 to his left and wasn’t involved in the furball. It could have been an Asian guy, but I didn’t get a good look.
  7. This has to be posed … doesn’t it?
  8. I’m just yanking your chain. I’m sure that couldn’t have been comfortable for him.
  9. I’m happy for you .. and relieved.
  10. “You and I … “ But why? I just pointed out that Joey’s “athletic” performance isn’t affected by a leg problem. if he had an abscessed tooth, well, maybe, but not a ruptured tendon in his leg.
  11. Not the same thing. A cast on a sprinter's hand would cause an imbalance, disaster in an activity where fractions of a second are crucial. Joey just stands there and stuffs the dogs into his mouth with his hands, which weren’t injured. Granted, maybe his gimpy leg was uncomfortable, but that’s why we have oxycodone. And we’ve already spent way more energy on this topic than it deserves. 😬
  12. How does a ruptured tendon affect his ability to swallow?
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