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  1. Another warm piss bath from the gsb sackhanger.
  2. Flo Sports is affiliated with a grifter, that’s the difference. How big a fluffer are you?
  3. I don’t see any lopsided officiating. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Nice job. One comment, though. I was looking at the Colquitt page and ... You spelled packass wrong 😄
  5. Every time I read a testadura post I feel like I'm being bathed in warm piss. The word that comes to mind is “unctuous.”
  6. And that’s just today.
  7. Really? You’re going to persist in this horses’-assery?
  8. Why do you continue this charade of placing Folsom 3rd? Why not just put them first and be done with it? You know you want to.
  9. No. That’s been settled many times. And what for? It adds nothing positive, its owner adds nothing positive, and you keep trying to sneak plugs in.
  10. Bishop Sycamore (aka BS) will soon have ... what is it ... 14 wide receivers playing on Sunday.
  11. Joe Morris - there’s a name from the past.
  12. But do you have interns?
  13. Not really. You had a losers parade. #winning
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