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    Federer is still a top 3 world player(Regardless of his age) He was outplayed, and still found a way to win the match. A true sign of a champion. Yesterday happened to be one of the worst times I've seen Joker return(He didn't get a break point till the 4th set), but he won the majority of the big points played.
  2. steeler01


    He has more slams, but the Joker is something else. At everyone's peak, that's who I'm taking
  3. I liked him when I watched him live vs IMG. He should be able to fit in nicely in a spread offense in college. He extends plays nicely with his legs, and has a pretty good arm. I think Oregon, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Penn State, Auburn or Florida would be great fits for his skill set.
  4. The question is how mobile will he be.
  5. He said that about Lucas Dunne
  6. Cal was strong when Aaron Rodgers was there as well. One of the best offensive lines in college football at the time. Carson Wentz played with better talent at NDSU than his opponents had.
  7. They actually do now a days. Iowa nationals, Virginia nationals, Flowrestling nationals, Fargo, Iron man, freak show, super 32 etc. Other than Iron man, the others just don't count on your HS record, but the top guys usually lock horns
  8. No, they are usually spot on because these kids wrestle each other. Im saying I wouldn't use teams to determine a states strength in wrestling
  9. I wouldn't use teams to determine a states strength in wrestling. I'd rather use number of top wrestlers at each weight class per state.
  10. He's the only guy that beat Seth Nevills during Nevills HS career(Beat Nevills 3-2 at Doc B last year.)Gable Stevenson(Top ranked collegiate HW as a Frosh) did beat Schultz a couple of years ago soundly.
  11. Pennsylvania, Cali and then Ohio in that order.
  12. Mcvay called a horrible game. Didn't try running the ball.
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