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  1. New Mexico Champ beats a middling 3A team Which is the equivalent Palm Desert is ranked 11th from 24 teams in division 8
  2. Why would you expect Palm Desert to win? Would you expect Ned to beat Permian?
  3. A guy with a Texas flag for his moniker posted it
  4. Cocoa has played teams that are deep and pretty much a stalemate with them on 1s vs 1s. Then get worn out. Permian wouldn't be a stalemate
  5. So what happened vs Abilene a West Texas team that's much much better then Permian?
  6. Exactly, this guy's portraying Permian as some juggernaut
  7. So what happened to Abilene? Abilene is 10x the team that Permian is fielding this year. This is essentially Alabama with no substitute vs a MAC team with tons of substitutes for their guys
  8. Yes, but that team is probably better in 4 or 5 positions then outmanned. Not the case with Cocoa. Cocoa would probably have the top 16-18 players from the 44.
  9. Hoover would beat Permian by 20+ and this is one of Hoover's worst teams
  10. Roster size doesn't matter when you're way more talented than the team you're playing. Permian would get beaten soundly this year. This isn't 2011 Skyline, Central, Colerain, West Monroe e.t.c
  11. Palm Desert is a 3A equivalent. They're not winning
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