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  1. UCLA vs WSU WSU lost a 32 point lead this past season to UCLA
  2. Gary Payton was 6'4 and outweighed by 15 pounds Jordan's infamous shot vs Russell was an offensive foul
  3. Can't breathe on him
  4. It was called when they felt like it. That's why Jordan would get tons of those touch fouls
  5. Hand checking was illegal during Jordan's time. You can find numerous clips showing you the fouls called when someone hand checked(Ruled illegal in 78-79 season)
  6. Jordan also played under some Iso crap rules. Illegal defense. Can you imagine what a player like Lebron would do if you couldn't shade him, but had to play him one on one or come with a hard double to get the ball out of his hands. I'd liken the illegal defense rule to not being able to double a WR with a safety over the top, but prior to the play starting having the safety lined up next to the CB across from the WR. Can you imagine having to cover a WR one on one with no help or the help had to be next to you prior to the play starting. That's what Jordan played with. Rules that helped his game.
  7. They still have no lineman. Helton doesn't recruit that area at all and it shows
  8. Pago Togafau started for poly in 2000 Played in the NFL as well. That poly team was flawed on offense. A 5'8 QB that wasn't very good being the biggest weakness
  9. I did say transfers last year. He's a transfer
  10. Back to the topic. Steeler wil be correct Duncanville will have another 4 star transfer for the 3rd year straight when Crook is ranked.
  11. What are you willing to bet, that USC has a better recruiting class then Baylor and Washington next year? I like your talk backed up with something tangible
  12. USC was 3rd last year when they finished 5-7. They finished 8-5 this year and with the talks of Helton being fired fell to 10th in the rankings. That's all that has to do with
  13. USC has/had a coach in limbo. That was the biggest reason for their recruiting shortcomings. H2H matters when two programs are blue bloods. Baylor and Washington are not that. Oregon I'd give you(they at least have some tradition now and top notch facilities), but Washington, hell no
  14. It tells you who won on the field in 2019, it says nothing about what you stated
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