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  1. It should be fine this season regardless. Anyone whose state isn't allowing them to play sports at the current time, should be able to go wherever they want. Just because some guy on an internet board doesn't feel its right is irrelevant
  2. Mikey Garcia was the best at 135 when he faced Linares
  3. There's also no rehydration day in the Olympics. Loma fights at 132 in the Olympics hydrated. Professional guys, fight at 140-145 the day of the fight much different
  4. The lightweight weight was 132 not the current 138 when he won gold He beat Linares in his toughest match up to date aside from Salido. Linares was 32 years old and never was a hard puncher, and he dropped lomachenko. Linares was a good fighter but not a great fighter Berchelt at 130 is his best option, and that would be a war
  5. A bigger man whose not much worse boxing wise will always beat a little man in boxing. Teofimo is younger, stronger, and bigger then Loma that was the difference in this fight. Loma should go down to 130 and fight Berchelt. He shouldn't be fighting past 130
  6. Poly was loaded with talent annually. They just had piss poor offensive schemes. Bosco's kids are mainly within the same region as Poly's
  7. Los Al with open enrollment yes.(Like they had under Barnes before 2005) I think poly during the open enrollment era
  8. Those schools aren't always in the same district though
  9. He's just mad cause Duncanville lost by 27 nothing more
  10. You should've said 7-6A. You said district, Cedar Hill is its own district.
  11. Those schools aren't competing similarly with other public schools across the country that don't have open enrollment or in Allen's case a one high school town
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