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  1. I think being .500 or better at Duke is a good job. As long as 3 or 4 of your wins aren't against sub-division schools
  2. I haven't watched Nelson but I'm not high on Nico. I think he's more of a U of Arizona/ Arizona State type QB. I'd give him 3 stars at most
  3. -24 at least. Duncanville-Desoto should be a good game. Desoto jumped out to a 14-0 lead last time and then got smoked. I don't expect that to happen again but i don't expect them to get smoked either. Duncanville by 7-14, I believe
  4. Georgia reminds me a lot of 2011 LSU without the honey badger. They score off of their defense, and field position. They run the ball to wear you out.
  5. I don't think Bama has to sell out. I think they'll do just fine with their front 7 which will create problems for Georgia
  6. The secondary has stunk, but Georgia isn't going to become some air raid offense and abandon what got them to this point. Which is run the ball and pa off of it
  7. Good running back no doubt, but Bama has been pass first since Tua took over
  8. Georgia relies on the run to pass. They're not a team that feels comfortable with 3rd and 5 or longer. If Bama gets them in those spots, we will get to see their pass protection. PA pass blocking is a lot easier, than a defensive line pinning their ears back and rushing the passer. We will see a lot of screens from Georgia early I believe No they don't. They're facing a defense that's not as good as their own but their offense doesn't pose the problems Bama does even relying on the pass. That's what Bama has been doing. When was the last time Bama relied on their running game to win a big game? This depends on their running game
  9. So you believe Georgia's offensive line will dominate and they will run on Bama? That's not Bama's defensive liability. The defensive backfield is. Georgia will have to rely on their defense and special teams to get them in favorable positions on the field. Depending on Bennett to win the game with his arm isn't it. Who knows, Bennett might get knocked out or pulled and Daniels ends up winning the game a la Tua
  10. Venables seems more like a coordinator than a head coach to me.
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