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  1. Lane Kiffin's play calling consists of bubble screens 80 percent of the time.
  2. Sam Houston State Win App State Win Miami Win Arkansas Win @ Mississippi State 50/50 Game @ Bama Lose @ South Carolina Win Ole Miss Win Florida Win @ Auburn 50/50 game UMass Win LSU 50/50 Game
  3. Over, but you actually get to see what's expected of them. Not fanboy talk of said team(Other SEC teams)
  4. The people concerned are the ones it's effecting directly(Bama, LSU, Georgia etc).
  5. Everybody is worried about it or they wouldn't be talked about. College football is at least 70 percent won in recruiting. That could be true. You could be right here too
  6. I'm not pinning my ears on anything aside from top recruiting classes if he can get them.
  7. Why is Eli a 5 star qb? What have you seen that makes him a 5 star QB. I don't want to hear about a SPRQ rating for a QB either
  8. If jimbo gets another top 3 recruiting class next year, we'll revisit this 3 years from now
  9. No, but he beat the 10-3 LSU team. Funny how that works huh
  10. And what does that have to do with the topic at hand? A&M isn't a blue blood. Going 9-3 is good enough at that school with the talent that they've gotten. If their recruitment of players gets better, their results should follow
  11. You look at the overall body of work. Your simpleton ass looks at a narrow aspect of a topic
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