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  1. The people concerned are the ones it's effecting directly(Bama, LSU, Georgia etc).
  2. Everybody is worried about it or they wouldn't be talked about. College football is at least 70 percent won in recruiting. That could be true. You could be right here too
  3. I'm not pinning my ears on anything aside from top recruiting classes if he can get them.
  4. Why is Eli a 5 star qb? What have you seen that makes him a 5 star QB. I don't want to hear about a SPRQ rating for a QB either
  5. If jimbo gets another top 3 recruiting class next year, we'll revisit this 3 years from now
  6. No, but he beat the 10-3 LSU team. Funny how that works huh
  7. And what does that have to do with the topic at hand? A&M isn't a blue blood. Going 9-3 is good enough at that school with the talent that they've gotten. If their recruitment of players gets better, their results should follow
  8. You look at the overall body of work. Your simpleton ass looks at a narrow aspect of a topic
  9. Let's hope A&M can reel in another top 3 recruiting class the next 2 years. I'm sure a lot of SEC teams will cry when they start rolling those teams. We'll hear the crying from the SEC crowd. They bought their teamb crap. No more, the best coach is winning crap
  10. Going by the above, in the last 2 years he should've lost 5 games total. He lost 5 total games. Of course looking at it like this is to analytical for some
  11. Simple, the same amount Georgia/LSU and Alabama get to be successful
  12. 2020 https://247sports.com/Season/2020-Football/CollegeTeamTalentComposite/ Texas A&M had less talent then three teams they played. They lost 1 game
  13. https://247sports.com/Season/2021-Football/CollegeTeamTalentComposite/ Alabama LSU Had more talent then A&M going by the above. He should've had 2 losses. He had 4
  14. Let's do a comparison of composite rankings talent wise vs the teams you mentioned that are ranked and he's played.
  15. FSU recruiting classes 2010- 8th 2011- 2nd 2012-4th 2013 National Champs Texas A&M 2018- 17th 2019- 4th 2020- 6th FSU composite>>>>> A&M Average FSU-4.666 A&M-9
  16. I agree, but A&M hasn't exactly been a hot bed for recruiting ever. You need a couple of top recruiting classes. That's no coaches fault, that's just the tiers of schools in college football. Which is why NIL is great. These schools can now compete
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