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  1. Just a couple of days ago
  2. I'm on UCLA today. I'm not sold on Washington and their terrible schedule. I think UCLA scores 35. I'll take 3 points
  3. Mater Dei has better line play than Los Al. Centennial would get 3 to 4 stops easily and have the QB running around. 63-28/35 maybe worse
  4. You might be right, but i believe they'll dominate Los Al easily on both sides in the trenches
  5. That's what he does. The burden is on him
  6. It seems to hurt Hawg's feelings too I guess. Maybe he has some affiliation with Louisiana as well.
  7. Here's a question we've been waiting on you to answer. When's the last time Louisiana won a relevant OOS game?
  8. I never answer questions? Says the guy that changes the topic being discussed once he's trapped. Once that happens, it's the Ole I'm done clubbing you
  9. They won't fall below 5th. I think we'll get a Poly-Los Al game. I'd like to see Los Al play Mission or Centennial
  10. Exactly Which ones? Highlighting Augustine? Simple, they were beaten down by Desoto. It shows the level of play in Louisiana. If that hurts your feelings so be it
  11. No, hawg feels pity for you and is selling BS Just look at the thread topic.
  12. Actually it's not. It's directed at how poor your state is My feelings hurt? Hawg is talking out of his ass by saying you're followed around. He's being corrected
  13. Since when are you Louisiana? You actually start threads with our monikers as the headline Steeler bumps 7 year old threads. Nothing to do with you.
  14. Funny, that's what you seem to do even after the season ends and we know how a team performed for the given year
  15. We'll see if chip shows up if I'm in attendance😄
  16. I have business to take care of in Richmond Thursday and Friday. So no, I won't be taking in any games Maybe Karr in a couple of weeks live. Need to see some elite football😉
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