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  1. I'm lying about what? A team scored 35 in the super bowl and lost. 1st time that's ever happened
  2. Chiefs were soft, but Mahomes is something else. How many teams have won a super bowl allowing 35 points? The answer is one PS you asked why Mahomes was the mvp and not Burrow, now you know
  3. Get your sorry bandwagon ass out of here WAP
  4. Flip the QBs and the Bengals win in a blowout
  5. I think Burrow lost the game. Ample time in the 4th against a putrid defense and he forced passes that caused turnovers
  6. I think the chiefs win today That injured offensive line of the Bengals imo will be their downfall today Eagles win it all
  7. Be the year Louisiana gets a marquee OOS win or will their drought continue. 2001 Lufkin and 2006 Hoover have been milked enough
  8. Wah wah the portal this and that WAP-LSU won't use the portal like USC. 🤡
  9. You still didn't pick a winner. You're taking points.
  10. Who wins. That's what they asked Not your BS run around answer
  11. To close to call. I wouldn't touch this game. With 4 points though, it's Cowboys or nothing at all
  12. It had more to do with that offensive line. They gave him all day to throw. That won't happen this week. Both QBs are gonna be under pressure this week and they probably both turn the ball over at least one time.
  13. What a prediction. If they play great and everything goes their way, they'll win
  14. So there's an excuse for the offense but the defense that won the game played bad. You're a 🤡
  15. Lol... take the Chiefs, if they play the bills. Here's your chance to go up against me again. How much you want WAP? Want to bet your 300 dollars
  16. 234 offensive yards. Last 3 Bengals drives in the game 3 plays 8 yards 4 plays 13 yards 6 plays 7 yards It's amazing that defense wasn't gassed. That's a piss poor offensive performance, but you nut hug Burrow so much you can't even be honest.
  17. The Chiefs didn’t make my list because they have no defense at all. Bengals/ Bills beat the Chiefs if they play and the Bills are an injured team on defense(No Miller, Hamlin or Hyde) The Jaguars didn't make my list nor did the Chargers. One had to win. Ditto for the Vikings and Giants
  18. The defense did fine You give up 17 points and score 7 of your teams 24 with your offense being pedestrian. You did a great job
  19. You should've put 1k on them then.
  20. The offense scored 17 points and only gained 234 total yards.
  21. The line was -2.5. Yea, the 🌎 was on the Cowboys dumbass
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