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  1. Virtue-Signaling at its best! The NFL also needs to play Nuestro Himno, the Hispanic National Anthem, or they risk offending the largest minority group in the country. And since there are a couple NFL teams named after Native Americans, they should also play the various American Indian National Anthems (known as flag songs honoring the military service of their people). Lots of work left to do here!
  2. Someone should tell Sherman that former League MVP Adrian Peterson signed a 1 year league minimum salary contract with the Redskins in 2018. Oh the outrage...
  3. Yes - great team that year...beat DLS.
  4. For sure. Maybe they catch lightning in a bottle....
  5. Most public schools have not yet begun practices in So Cal.
  6. Daniels was considered a more accurate thrower, particularly downfield. Browning had a weaker arm. Daniels also faced tougher competition in his HS career.
  7. You just committed a cardinal sin. You “messed with Texas”. Get ready. LOL.
  8. Assuming we have a season, Corona Centennial’s out of league schedule is very solid. Not many programs can top it. If you factor in Centennial will likely face Mater Dei again in the playoffs, as well as St. John Bosco, that schedule is one of the best in CA and the country.
  9. My kids have serious tempers, my dogs are a helluva lot smarter than I realized, and other people’s food tastes better than my own.
  10. - Teams must complete their league schedules to be eligible for playoffs and section championships. - Teams that can’t play league games for whatever reason could potentially play non-league/out of league games against other schools that cannot keep their league schedules (late season schedule changes). - CIF is looking at possible scenarios where the football season starts later and ends in Jan/Feb and overlaps with spring and early summer sports. - CIF has a “strong desire” to play football this year or early next year.
  11. I went to the LA Wildcats game today. Fun atmosphere. The defenses in the XFL are way ahead of the offenses right now, but that will change soon. There will be more scoring in the coming weeks.
  12. “Anytime you go upside a man’s head...or a woman’s....they have a tendency to blink their eyes. -Deacon Jones. Yep. The old head slap. He was a mean dude. 😂
  13. You’re wrong. The reporter interviewed the aunt and uncle of a player. Congratulations to all the players and their families. They deserve to celebrate this achievement, just like any other high school would had they achieved what SJB did.
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