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  1. Speeding and never once hit the brakes when he went went over the median, hit two signs and a tree before going down the embankment. Strange. Cops may have done him a huge favor by not ordering a blood test at the hospital.
  2. Dick Tracy was using a Smart Watch in the 1940’s.
  3. Not sure, but Percy Harvin (Seahawks) and Stevan Ridley (Patriots) came close. They won all three...but not back-to-back-to back.
  4. Especially when Folsom had as many or more transfers than MD...including out-state-transfers. LOL.
  5. I’m pulling for TB because the Super Bowl is in Tampa this year. There’s never been a team that has hosted their own Super Bowl.
  6. True, although The Centennial Huskies are very good to USC too! 5 players from Cen10 will be on the 2021 Trojans roster.
  7. Great hitter. 305 lifetime avg. If you subtract his 755 home runs, he still has over 3,000 hits. All-time RBI leader too.
  8. Throw DLS and Cen10 somewhere in the top 25 too...
  9. Well then go ahead and claim Derek Carr too. Bakersfield Christian High School.
  10. Seems like Josh Allen is more Central CA than Norcal?
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