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  1. Looks like a type of San Pedro cactus. People in the Andes drink the juice for the psychoactive effects. Sort of an out-of-body experience.
  2. This kid’s dad is a real piece of work in that video. Basically says yes, my son called the other kid the N word in a social media post, but my son isn’t racist because he didn’t send the video directly to the kid he called the N word...he sent it to a “Hispanic kid”. Then he adds the old fallback: my son has lots of black friends.
  3. Actually, Centennial rushed for almost 300 yards in that game. JJ had about 170 yards and Catalano also had over 100. Centennial lead DLS in every offensive stat category including passing, rushing, time of possession, etc. but they also had a few costly penalties. The DLS QB barely threw the ball and almost all his passing yards came on one 50 yard TD pass. The CC corner bit and left the DLS WR uncovered for some reason. That was the difference In the game. Great game...
  4. Leon Lett says “Hello” too.
  5. Read some history! If you’re going to suggest there was no debate about wearing masks in 1918-1919, you are seriously uneducated on the topic. There was huge debate in America about wearing masks during the Spanish Flu, especially during the more deadly 2nd wave. Look up the formation of the “Anti-Mask League” which started in San Francisco in 1919. There were even health officials who did not promote mask wearing as they disagreed with its effectiveness. FYI - I wear a mask everywhere, but please....you have no idea what you’re talking about with this topic.
  6. Only Sammy, me, and a select few others on this site truly understand how the Tiers work. Simply “explaining” how they work will not help you understand. It’s like falling into a black hole in space. You don’t “understand” until you cross its event horizon.
  7. I’m saying you never know when your time is up. Both parents died suddenly and too young. I hope there were a couple life policies for the benefit of this kid, but I have comfort knowing my kids won’t need a go fund me effort to support themselves if I die. I’ve seen families struggle when parent(s) die and I have personally helped raise other people’s kids who were in tough situations. Anyhow, I hope the best for this kid.
  8. Buy life insurance for the benefit of your family. Please.
  9. USC = Tailback U Frank Gifford, OJ Simpson, Marcus Allen, Ricky Bell, Charles White, Reggie Bush, Lendale White, Joe McNight, Ronald Jones, etc., etc.
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