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  1. I love it when these ladies complain they should be paid as much as Lebron. The WNBA is already subsidized by the NBA. The WNBA loses massive money every year. Good for them, though. Keep playing.
  2. I saw him give that away years ago. He didn’t disrespect it but he had no use for it.
  3. LOL. I’m actually pretty close with Logan and he would be upset if he knew I wore it. Well, maybe not too upset…
  4. Sorry, they didn’t just beat Folsom, they destroyed them…and Rocklin was playing with a backup QB too.
  5. I have my tickets and am looking forward to this game! I have seemn MD play a couple times but haven’t seen Servite play in person yet. I don’t have that hate in my heart…just hoping for a competitive game. I hope everyone stays safe. Good luck.
  6. Cen10 getting pressure with a three man rush.
  7. The Colonel


    That’s not a pancake. More like a thin crepes.
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