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  1. Hilarious line from the writer: Mater Dei looked like they just shook hands with a leper. 😂
  2. What does it take for a coach to actually lose his job in GA?
  3. Darwin Award contender.
  4. Dude, what are you talking about? Negro and Stache are not applying for jobs in GA. Rush has no shot at a top tier Private in CA.
  5. Lord help us if he makes a trip west. Plus, he wouldn’t understand the vegan option at some of the team meals.
  6. I don’t see CA as a real option. Only the top private schools in CA pay coaches a salary of any consequence (and we know Mr. Rush needs himself some cheddar to live on). What private programs in CA would be interested in him?
  7. Isn’t he rumored to be transferring again...to UNLV?
  8. Those articles clearly quote Al Martell in his recruiting search for a program to transfer his son to, including his visits to Mater Dei and SJ Bosco. The fact that he had a family business was not a factor in his move to Vegas.
  9. Larry, The Godchildren in my family are like my own kids, as it sounds like they are in your family as well. As others have noted, survival rates are extremely high in children with blood cancers. Soon enough, your Godson will be ringing the bell signifying the end of his treatment. Will pray for you and your family.
  10. Poor lil’ old California. I guess our undersized, outmatched programs all forgot how to play real football. Oh, the humanity!
  11. And...half the teams in the SEC suck too.
  12. Kareem Hunt had over 850 touches in his college career and never fumbled. Then...he fumbled on his first carry in the NFL.
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