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  1. Now post the kids that transferred out…
  2. Two former Centennial teammates (Bryant and McKee) on the cover. Both will be in the NFL.
  3. True. Especially when ESPN is showcasing programs like Bishop Sycamore.
  4. Bleeding face and broken nose which required surgery, but the security team hired to watch over a handful of football players is nowhere to be seen? That is the scenario that doesn’t make sense to me.
  5. Also, why didn’t security at least escort the plaintiff to the trainer? It’s been said the video shows plaintiff jogging to the trainer to get medical treatment. Does the video show any security personnel in the vicinity?
  6. Why was additional security for football players necessary? I doubt the decision to pay for additional security personnel just for football players was anything but “simple”. I appreciate your responses…
  7. Where was the private security team before and after the fight?
  8. …but when was the trainer brought in to treat the plaintiff? The injuries were serious enough to require immediate treatment (facial lacerations, broken nose, likely concussion). When were the plaintiffs parents notified of the injuries and situation?
  9. I always thought #2 is where he has a case…especially since the former AD corroborated the lack of immediate medical care in her deposition. Would be interesting to hear what the trainer has to say about this. Also, phone records on when the parents were notified would be interesting. I think MD will settle, but I don’t think it will be for a nominal amount.
  10. Of course not. LOL. Why would I? He basically said what I knew he would say. He admits his bias and doesn’t believe any of the allegations. That’s fine. His quote: “As I have admitted since my original post, I am biased--despite my best efforts to present neutral analyses of the facts and law-”. Do you still honestly believe his opinion is the only one that matters on this subject. 😂 The opinions that ultimately matter are those of the judge who will oversee the civil case or the attorneys who will negotiate the settlement check Mater Dei will write before this case gets to a hearing. And that will be a BIG check…one with a crooked number and six zeros after.
  11. Centennial High had two players go to the 49ers. I think five current NFL players now. Tanner McKee will likely be drafted in the first round next year.
  12. With all the extra private security hired by Mater Dei to supervise the locker rooms, how is it possible this fight carried over into a second locker room? I haven’t watched the video (I have no interest in seeing the fight) so I could be wrong and will stand corrected, but I thought it was mentioned in the past that the fight occurred in two different locker areas. If that’s true, I seriously question the statements that the locker room areas were constantly supervised.
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