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  1. Adam looks like Keith Richards
  2. Yes. Two times inside the 10 yard line and no points.
  3. Wow. MD puts the exclamation point on this game. Congrats.
  4. I haven’t personally seen Kelly at recent Cen10 games but he really doesn’t focus on high school recruits. He’s relying heavily on transfers. Agree that’s a mistake on his part…
  5. I still wonder how much Mater Dei paid to settle the case. Some money went out of their bank account.
  6. Good luck to both teams. This should be a great matchup.
  7. SJB will jump out to a first half lead, but MD is so good at making halftime adjustments. I see MD coming back and beating SJB in a close game.
  8. Naval Academy…to become a Marine Corps officer. That said, the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY is really an outstanding academy. I found out a lot about them when they were recruiting my son for a while. Train for careers above or below the water line. Lots of time at sea. You come out out with a commercial shipping license and can choose any branch of the military to fulfill your military service commitment. You can write your own ticket anywhere in the world after that…
  9. A back injury can, in fact, cause severe dizziness.
  10. Sheesh. Folsom lets DLS back in this game.
  11. Sure. Looks like they have some speed on D.
  12. Since this is a football forum, gotta go with Al Michaels!
  13. I wish some premier local games were played at Dignity Health sports stadium in Carson. Great venue for football.
  14. Agreed. That would awesome! In all seriousness, I don’t blame MD for not playing that game at SoFi. Santa Ana bowl is where it should be played. Looking forward to that game. Two great teams.
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