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  1. Kahuku pooch kick and recovers.
  2. Kahuku blocks punt. 1st and goal. 1st play TD. That fanbase is insane. They also played SJB tough in Cali. Is this the best public School? MD kids playing a game at 3:30a.m. back home. Kahuku 62 - 1 at home.
  3. Liberty winning this would be a big upset in my opinion.
  4. We gonna have to hook up and hit up that 2 piece and a biscuit 😁 Black culture at its roots is pretty damn awesome and the best seasoned food any damn where.
  5. That Yakub story is outlandish. You amaze me with the random things you know 🀘. How's it going sir? Redbones. Yakub etc. 😁
  6. Plenty blacks died at the hands of those and over 4K officially lynched. I'm truly not ignorant to the violence of the KKK. They actually lynched a black man in Alabama in the 1980s and do I need to bring up James Byrd 1998 in Jasper. Or the hunting down and murdering Ahmad Aubrey recently like modern day slave catchers. It's as if these damn supremacist is still alive and well. But ney one should give me pause. For the record and on my beloved Vespa. That is some funny Shait 😁. I have never thought you are racist. Remember I had your back when a black male was disrespectful toward your beloved son. And will now if that nonsense arose. Matter of fact the Right wing brothers and I will not mention them have reached out to me the most and defend me and still do my being called the most violent of words. I'm just like you'll I don't give a damn when I need to express my opinion. Just look at me as the Token see pun at myself Right winger with a melanated twist that can be hard to digest on certain matters. πŸ˜… I'm as offended at you constantly berating a 3 letter acronym as you are at my mere mention of one. You keep BLM out of your Brain Housing Group and I keep the 🀑 circle secure. I hate kuklos anyway. Now educate me on the Nazis still doing this to Jews over the last 40 yrs. Seems they had a hard 10 yrs and blacks a hard 450 yrs. 6 million vs 60 million eliminated. Those are stats from the book Black Holocaust. See we got Stats too.
  7. Clearly triggered. Now where did I reference any ethnic slur. You go back to posting daily updates on billionaire BLM persons and I will keep my ass off of this side. You have clearly carved out a niche market over here. I haven't heard read or said the word honkie since the days of Jeffersons or Archie Bunker. I'm departing. I do love Elaha look up the aramaic word for God the language that Essa spoke. You might respect it more. Peace be unto You. This side is clearly outside my pay grade of nonsense.
  8. Of course I read it and this is the last time I will credit your intelligence. Now stop being a Knucklehead. I expect from now on when you look to fire up the KKKlingons and you start with this Stats vomiting I expect you put context and character with it. A Stat is a method by which one make makes himself superior to another. I have books full of stats from Black Scholars too.
  9. Like I said you are too smart for the constant vomiting of stats. Ww need to seriously converse one day. Business Professor and economist Aaron Levenstein once said, β€œstatistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”
  10. HOV who makes Billionaires. Knowledge dropping with dope lyrics. Exposing da hypocrisy
  11. My Man! You know I come as Banneker or Douglass. But prepared to fight back in the spirit of my heroes Turner and Malcolm. I'm well my dear brother. Even if a fool reads πŸ“š 30% of what I typed or 5 mins reading the article. Believe me I've just influenced 15% of his understanding. Thatt means he's now only 85% ignorant to the subject. You have to feed an infant mind a little at a time. πŸ‘‹ to Elaha I'm blessed beyond blessings. Out here teaching everyday. I shall define me. Defying tricknology
  12. When you have No fear of a certain metaphor and don't allow the greatest re-writers of history to define you. Ameen. This shut up Mr. Wallace and his Tricknology.
  13. This isn't about cops shooting blacks . Concha you are too smart and know the difference.. they brutalize people as well. Tell me why I have apprehension when stopped as do Republican Senator Tim Scott. Even then this isn't the subject matter. Stop deflecting sir.
  14. Bro. Reading those facts are unnerving and sometime you have to start a fire πŸ”₯ to get attention. No disrespect to anyone in particular. I feel it's wicked to falsely incarcerate people. Those are wicked ass people. I cannot go back on my feelings on that matter. White Jesus is a metaphor. I rarely post anything over here. But there are 10s of BLM topics and I don't remember you having the same angst. I will go back and read several to see if I can find a like post from you and if I do. I will be the 1st to apologize if i offended you with my metaphors and comparative shortcomings.
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