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  1. March Madness Seeding Projection

    BIG 12 have been showing out in this years Tourney. Could have 4 in the Elite 8.
  2. Angry young white males

    This is freaking incredibly interesting. Just spent about 40 minutes reading on them. Will PM
  3. Angry young white males

    Thanks and have a great night. Not to change the subject did see where SECDEF Mattis sent that old Prevent the frozen Ding Dong from Getting by me Olympic Goalie a personal letter from one SECDEF to another pretty cool. I knew you were a cool dude even though we agree on somethings when you were up @ 2am with me watching Chicks slapping the frozen Ding Dong around and both of us along with the Vegas dude sharing commentary as the USA USA USA USA was winning the Gold. Classic. Peace homie. Pretty damn cool. P.S. Best believe I am gonna learn about those Jackson Whites or @dbcaptiron @Belly Bob will be killing me with knowledge in the near future when it pops up again. I'm gonna put some of the knowledge in my brain housing group. Actually you two are the only guys in this forum that I prefer to give and take it with. Knowledge with humor and hard discourse. I am good with that. #Respect. I will PM you on this subject sir after I have spent sometime learning about it Side Note: But I still think this dude is still that dude: wait for it , wait for it. Yes the wink and hand twitch. THE MAN.
  4. Angry young white males

    My point being that 1% of the population are responsible for 1/3 of terrorist attacks and 30% of the population white Christian males make up the majority of the attack's like 60%. My point is they both are extremely dangerous from a percentage standpoint. Unless you are a White Christian Terrorist this shouldn't ruffle your feathers for anyone that feels I need to be put in my place. What year do we stop counting white Christian male Terrorism? Ask any Black person over 70 from the South and see what you find out. People are quick to forget these people have burned hundreds of Church's, Lynching's, Rapes and demolished whole communities. So are we judging from 9-11. Muslims been here since the 1st slave ship arrived. 30% of all Slaves were Muslim till force conversion to Christianity. Hell that is a form of Terrorism. ISIS does that right now. I understand what you are saying. I am not elevating one over the other. I think Black and Latino gangs are Terrorist as well. I am not one and I don't care what you call them either: But not on a grand scale conducting dramatic violent acts. These Right Wing Nuts have taken up arms against the U.S. Govt and are still allowed to Flourish. By the way all Muslim acts are listed as Terroristic and most White Male acts are not. I bet that Fuck's up the % Big time. Just saying I haven't even seen THE MAN @ 1600 Penn. Tweet about this recent TX Terrorist have you. I ask you again what year do we start counting THE CHRISTIAN TERRORISM HERE. Does Emmett Till fall outside of when we should start? Pre Till or After Till. I am very interested to know what year do we start and then we can have a just comparison.
  5. Angry young white males

    Believe me there are Blacks and Mexicans here that were alive during that time and seen the signs. Here comes the part where you will be told to get over it. You answered correctly with NO CLUE: Because by giving the year you will get the oh that was in the past get over it. Then next week the same people will be claiming how great that era was. I know confusing isn't it.
  6. Angry young white males

    So as you eloquently state that my reference to THE MAN is magically TRUMPED (pun intended) by a Half White/Half Black man who served 8 years as President of country that has been around since 1776. Damn that is some mighty fine catching up we made. MAGA. Let me do some fancy ciphering 2016 - 1776 = 240 Years all but 8 ruled by THE MAN and since you got 8 of those it magically = the other 232 years of existence. Brother what form of Math did you learn that out of 240 years 3% in office Trumps or is = 97% held by the THE MAN? Let me see using that Logic In Jackie Robinson's 2nd Season the rest of the Negro League Players were just as equal and should have accepted it and been told that Shit don't fly round here no more Doc you got 1 in. Dcaptiron My Man can you read his lips"
  7. Angry young white males

    Just a quick answer as I depart this session: I would not have any anxiety about certain White groups not looking out for your Rights and whatnot. You seem to be in good hands by the Group that really has your back and TRUMPS (Pun intended) every other minority group in totality. I present to you THE MAN and his Homies. Believe me they got you covered. Believe me you'll be fine You got this Angry White Male
  8. Angry young white males

    Me too the reading is more enjoyable and funny than trying to mitigate some of the ignorance. Peace to you as well.
  9. Angry young white males

    It will those that root for some bygone era of a great America that never existed are slowly leaving the landscape as a more diverse and Beautiful America emerges that embraces its uniqueness among nations. The 1950's were not some great era hell my Granny and yours couldn't even drink out of a damn water fountain. Stupid that people long for that era. This is in the African American museum at Fair Park here in Dallas. The good old days. I bet the dude that ran that Assn. Was a good old Christian to boot. Hypocrites. They saw us the same as Perro's. Yet the cooks and dishwashers were more likely a NEGRO and today a MEXICAN. Neither respected for the service type Labor just seen as a bunch of takers.
  10. Angry young white males

    Describes a Terrorist to Me. Good old Christian Right Wing Hatred. Just like good old Jihadist Muslim Hatred. Same B.S. Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt was part of Christian survivalist group that discussed 'dangerous' chemicals The Austin bomber was involved in a teenage Christian “survivalist” group that discussed weapons and dangerous chemicals, according to a childhood friend. Mark Anthony Conditt reportedly took part in a conservative outdoors club called Righteous Invasion of Truth (RIOT), in which home-schooled young people studied the Bible and were taught gun skills.
  11. Angry young white males

    Not to get into a long drawn out debate on numbers. But that doesn't explain it in full detail. For instance There are more Hispanic Christian and African American Christians then Muslims yet they don't commit acts of terror in striking numbers. Those are facts as well. The largest population of Muslims in this nation are African American yet they commit a helluva lot less acts of this nature than foreign born Muslims or other Native born ones mostly of Arab Descent Those are striking facts as well. Would you concede that or could you educate me on what I am not grasping in totality. Is it a problem of Immigrant Muslims and Native Born Right Wing Christians? They seem to have monopolized these acts among the 2 groups. I fear both equally: That graft also points out there is more Muslim attacks than left Wing Terrorist here. Whom I assume would dwarf them as well population wise. Seems to me if we get rid of the Radical Muslim and Right Wing Christians we all would have a more peaceful existence. I am speaking from the aspect that I have many Moderate Muslim and Christian friends. My Muslim friends were all asking why is his Religion not at the forefront of this and broad brush them all as being like this NutJob. My Christian friends are saying he isn't a real Christian. U.S.-born Muslims are more likely than immigrant Muslims to be black (32% vs. 11%). In fact, fully half of Muslims whose families have been in the U.S. for at least three generations are black (51%).
  12. Angry young white males

    @dbcaptiron @Belly Bob I can't with any degree of aplomb direct certain articulation on a subject that I sadly admit I never heard of. This tidbit of History I will assure you will capture some of my attention and I will aptly learn tidbits of it. For that I thank both of you. Peace be with you both. I gotta try to make this Money before this 1st quarter is up. I might not always agree with you two but please believe I always respect the opportunity to verbally put up a pugilistic effort with you both. Semper FI
  13. Angry young white males

    A conservative Christian NutJob Terrorist that had a list of others to Bomb: He wrote posts opposing abortion, favoring the death penalty and arguing that gay marriage should be illegal. "I view myself as a conservative, but I don't think I have enough information to defend my stance as well as it should be defended," read the blog's biography page. "The reasons I am taking this class is because I want to understand the US government, and I hope that it will help me clarify my stance, and then defend it." "They're church-going people, extremely good neighbors. I like them a lot," Reeb said, adding that he was surprised to see reporters arrive on his street, the first clue the bombing suspect could be someone he knew.
  14. Angry young white males

    Actually you have stimulated me to learn about the Jackson Whites. Interesting to say the least. Look I know not one race have a monopoly on grievance concerning the unfair treatment of them or ancestral parentage. A quick story on how ignorance can shape you. When I was an active duty Marine about to retire I got into Insurance in San Diego and I worked with a very smart Irish dude who was older than I. We had a conversation about St. Patrick and I told him to hell with St. Patrick I will wear green and honor his day when White Irish honor Juneteenth and damn the Irish they don't care about me. Well he schooled me on St. Patrick about how as young boy he was captured and enslaved and I learned about the hell the Irish caught when they came here as immigrants. Lesson Learned. Now I still am not dressing up in that Green or getting Drunk on a day honoring a Religious man (hypocrisy) to me. But I now know about the derogatory Term MICK to describe them and I am down with the Blue Eyes Soul (Irish).