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  1. Indeed and we damn sure wouldn't get embarrassed and National records would fall.
  2. Bro I can't wait for the Cali State Meet. Imagine if Cali, Florida and Texas could hook up with those Jamaica kids. They should have a special High School meet with those 4 every year. Like at the end of the Track season where all of our kids are at their peak. We might not beat them. But it damn sure will not be how they ragdoll those slow as schools from NJ, NY, VA and MD in the Penn Relays every year.
  3. That's awesome and a Freshman. Damn
  4. @Fred Refreshing to have someone not agree but mature enough to articulate ones point without vitriol or ignorant rants. You sir are welcomed any time. If the most high find favor with us both 5 years from now we should have one heck of I told you so. Peace be upon you brother. Have a pleasant night.
  5. Fair enough. I am stating that for the 1st time HBCUs are having an Awakening and the Culture appeals to black kids. Even kids at Miami hang around FAMU and same in Texas. Best believe every black kid at UT and A&M knows bout TSU and PVA&M. Now when you start getting kids transferring in with focus to change things it will motivate others. Saban should chill on attacking JSU. https://hbcugameday.com/2022/05/20/deion-sanders-jsu-go-after-five-star-alabama-target/ Now Deion Sanders and Jackson State have thrown their name into the mix. With Travis Hunter already on the squad along with fellow blue chipper Kevin Coleman catching passes from Shedeur Sanders, folks should know by now not to count the HBCU out.
  6. I READ IT. NO SMALL SCHOOL OR HBCU ARE DOING OR HAVE DONE WHAT THEY HAVE THE LAST 2 YEARS. They had a focus to achieve this. Hell no school has done what their kids have the last 2 years in T&F. They are the exception and exceptional. You can't comprehend this because you are stuck on football. An HBCU beating duke was a big deal. And I am trying to let you understand JSU is using this model to build 1 football team to beat the Bama's and Miami. Go back and listen to what Deion has said. He don't want his kids beat up for a payday. But that day is coming along with A&T.
  7. They are dominate. And it has been built purposely to deliver a message / Notice they have 2 kids in this event of the top kids in College in the 400M. That's not done by anyone.
  8. Find the other small school or HBCU in this event or any other at the NCAA's. Read the comments They have shocked Track and field the last 3 yrs.
  9. OK show me the other small school that is doing what NC A&T is doing in Track and Field. I will let the NCAA 100 & 200m champ explain it. Yes she won both.
  10. Here they are right there with the Best 4x100 teams in College
  11. Yeah HBCU's can't compete: The Awakening is happening. Hell you didn't know Juneteenth existed yet we celebrated it for 200 years every damn year more than the 4th of July.
  12. N.C. A&T They have already arrived. Both men and Women. They beat Duke in Football a few years back and their road map just like JSU is on track. I support both and excited for the next 5 years with both. Each Will be shocking College sports very soon. They have arrived in T&F boys and Girls. They will be running past your school in a few weeks.
  13. Painful isn't it. I prefer to let ones ignorance shape him until reality teaches him.
  14. Within 8%. Black people kill black People and Whites kill Whties. The fact these ignorant ass people keep up these tropes about Black people is unnerving. Guess what Alligators kill more alligators, Monkeys kill more Monkeys and Dogs kill dogs. Yet no Shit an Alligator eats a Monkey or Dog sometime. The dumbass will constantly talk shit about the Alligator while ignoring facts. I really choose not to engage my black intellect with another's defect. No shit the biggest threat to another black person is another black person because that's who they are around. Guess what Chinese Kill each other more than another race kill them. Black people are no fucking different than any other race. There is an 8% difference. I am amazed how they know every negative statistic on black people but none on their own. For every Stupid Black person shooting someone. 8 White males are blowing their own fucking brains out. Yet let's talk about Chicago and it's ills but pay not attention to what I just stated These are facts. But you won't get some boneheaded argument from me that well there are more whites so that's why blacks kill them 7% more than whites killing blacks. And far as crime goes Violent crime is not just homicide. Guess who sexually assaults kids more and kills more women. According to the FBI’s Expanded Homicide data from 2018, the most recent report of this kind Reuters was able to find ( here ), 80.7% of the murders of white people were committed by white offenders (2,677 of a total of 3,315) while 15.5% of the murders of white people were committed by Black offenders (514). According to the FBI’s data, 8% of the reported murders of Black people were committed by white offenders (234 of a total of 2,925) and 88.9% by Black offenders (2,600).
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