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  1. DevilDog

    Fly’s TX TAPPS report card (pre district)

    Sir but do you think there will be a repeat of what Dville did to Dunne with their kids leaving and playing with a Public Power. Still the UIL teams are a big draw. I said I wanted Dunne to beat Desoto just to see the meltdown and Texas HS Coaches then refusing to play them. That is one cantankerous bunch to say the least. By the way I think the Deion Factor and those other NFL Coaches will attract people to T.C. Cedar Hill and of all the teams in DFW they might rise above all of them. Prestonwood has been pretty good for a while.
  2. DevilDog

    Fly’s TX TAPPS report card (pre district)

    I'm not your Man and keep me or anything associated with me in the distance. You don't call me a Nigg--r and ever get to address me about anything. You are not from Texas, don't remember you being at any game or seeing any damn team. Yet you are some damn La. Guru on Texas at all levels. Strange attraction to say the least and stalkish.
  3. DevilDog

    Texas Week 4 Football Scores

    I agree remember last year with the Dville hype and ET got em. You cannot count those kids out when the chips are on the table. I don't think LV and Dville have been tested in reality other then the Lufkin game and we know that is always the rival battle.
  4. DevilDog

    Fly’s TX TAPPS report card (pre district)

    I think they have as well. They progressed enough that I have seen 3 of them. All decent teams. T.C. Cedar Hill to me had the best athletes of the bunch and the best of the 3. I found all 3 to be very well coached. But it is strange as hell to go to Texas HS game and sat in the stands with 200 people rooting for a team. They draw 1A crowds when travelling. Hell Dunne and Desoto played at the athletic complex in the South and they still didn't draw. They did well OOS and against the small school powers for the most part. I don't think TAPPS is better than 4A. Even with all those athletes and their size Melissa and T.C. was neck and neck and that was a fluke win at the end. Prestonwood and St. Pius are supposed to be the top dogs. I will check out Prestonwood in the next few weeks. Beating Melissa is probably the best Victory for TAPPS this year. Dunne killed Cornerstone who you can see is becoming a Headache. Dunne 48 - 0. After San Antonio Cornerstone withdrew from TAPPS for all sports right before the start of the football season, Fort Worth All Saints dropped Cornerstone from its schedule. Bishop Dunne will not do the same thing. Bishop Dunne will still host Cornerstone at 7 p.m. Friday. Bishop Dunne coach Michael Johnson said in a text message Tuesday that he was concerned about Cornerstone leaving TAPPS, but that his school had signed a contract for the game before Cornerstone's withdrawal from the private school organization. Channel 4 News in San Antonio reported that Cornerstone came under fire from local administrators and coaches because of the school's aggressive tactics for trying to add transfers to its athletic programs. TAPPS district officials declared seven of Cornerstone's first eight transfer applicants ineligible because of violations of TAPPS rules, according to Channel 4 News. A Cornerstone media advisor Ari Morgenstern told the San Antonio Express-News in Augustthat the school had 400 transfer students, including 19 athletes. Morgenstern said about half of the athletes were football players. Dunne, No. 3 in SportsDay's large private school area rankings, is 1-2 after Saturday's 19-7 loss to DeSoto, the area's fifth-ranked UIL Class 6A team. Cornerstone is 2-0, with wins over Life Christian Academy from Virginia and Boerne Geneva. Dunne lost a pair of four-star recruits when wide receiver/defensive back Marquez Beason and his cousin, wide receiver Zeriah Beason, transferred to Duncanville in August. Bishop Dunne has used three quarterbacks -- Matthew Yelverton, Peyton Culberson and Simeon Evans -- and Jabari Khepera leads the team in receiving with 15 catches for 168 yards and two touchdowns.
  5. DevilDog

    Longview, TX 56 Ruston, La 28 Final

    This was a Cyoa thread. This was a 4 TD beatdown with taking a knee at the end with a 3rd string Tailback that the announcing team wanted to score for some reason. Actually LV's 3 games are not a barometer. Unless you think 5A Lufkin is a top 6A team (I don't) LV always beat them. Marshall when do they not get beatdown by the Lobos and Ruston (We know the success LV has against La. Actually they have not beaten anyone that would open our eyes in reality and say they are Top 3 without hesitation. I want them to win State. But people need to realize just how deep this State is. LV will catch hell in their own District. Ruston had the greatest showing of a 4td beatdown in History at home this past Friday. Enough of this Ruston and this thread has more posts from us than it deserves. The reason non commented on the Beatdown. Isn't it funny we get a post about Byrd the (Dunne Killer) when for weeks we hear how ECA, La. has a terrible offense and will not do anything. Get beat by Dunne and mauled by Dville and even lost to NLR. Yet 1st game in State against Parkway who got their own thread recently ECA 56 Pkwy 20. 🤘 Evangel Christian Academy's offense came in ready to rumble, picking up 35 points in the first half. If you want heat in a La. Thread bring up Texas. Have fun with this one. I'm out.
  6. DevilDog

    Texas Week 4 Football Scores

    That's as good as anyone's. Don't sleep on ET.
  7. DevilDog

    Texas Week 4 Football Scores

    Exactly. You can mention any team including Newton and some troll will appear. They envy us cuz they aint us. We don't care about the little States around us). Ask any Texan to name the top 5 teams in La. Ar. Nm or Ok. Unless they schedule a Texas team no one cares or follows any of them and never comment on anything we dont watch. ..
  8. DevilDog

    Texas Week 4 Football Scores

    Head to El Paso take Left and don't come back.
  9. DevilDog

    Longview, TX 56 Ruston, La 28 Final

    Evidently Ruston had the greatest performance of a 4td. beat down in history. The damn game ended with Lobos taking a knee inside the 10.yd line with their subs. No one was even interested in this game for a reason. Now the Lobos are the tops in Texas. I love bEast Texas LV haas failed since 1937. There are no double digit State champs here. It's not easy in any class. They better focus on District. Whatever stats Ruston had it resulted in getting smoked. 56 - 28 is the only one that Matters on the road with different rules.
  10. DevilDog

    Texas Week 4 Football Scores

    Who did DLS and SJB play? You don't know anything about Texas.. We do know one thing OOS people are more concerned and opionated about us than any other State. Yet we don't care who you play or go score searching. Please tell us all the shutdown towns this weekend in State...meanwhile DLS won its one millionth game vs a whole half of the Stare. 2 stacked Privates down South ave made you insane the last 3 years. All lthe top Teams here had at least one district game against anotber power or rival in everylass Allen's fault the keep beating down all those other State champs and runner ups. You need to know how every district is made up before you open up your freaking sucks.
  11. DevilDog

    West Orange Stark

    Seems like playing in a La. Team magically cured that ECA offense as well. ECA 56 Parkway 20. Tamauge Sloan ran for 251 yards and 4 TDs, including this 91-yarder, against Parkway on Friday night. No one can lose as dramatic as Manvel for sure.
  12. DevilDog

    WK 5 HS Football game Videos

    And only about 4 of them can. And this one was a miracle win. The best of TAPPS is 4A Elite. Melissa had 2 fumbles and not inside the 5 in this game. T.C. is a very athletic and big team for sure.
  13. DevilDog

    WK 5 HS Football game Videos

    Same with the Allen and Lobos dudes. Those 2 Schools get it out quickly.
  14. DevilDog

    WK 5 HS Football game Videos

    Another Allen Beat Down