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  1. Not with me he isn't. But he's a contradiction for sure. He just likes rattling people. He doesn't believe that mess. Per him he grew up among da Tribe. He pushes Pac
  2. LMBAO. I hate they fired him. Imagine the emails between him and his Klan friends after Dak and the Cowboys beat the hell out dem Raiduh's on Thanksgiving. I'm sure they would have been a treasure trove of racist tropes. 😆 Not a racist bone in his body. GTFOH. I got plenty white friends, not one of them have Nutz. 😁 100% Chicks. Just like my black and brown friends. 100% chicks. Somethin bout dem Knots yo Know Mon.
  3. If you look like a manical doll you are probably a card carrying racist. But man like a true racist he didn't mean it and claimed he doesn't have a racist bone in his body. The only thing he correctly stated. Science nor biology have ever found a racist bone 😁 that's not where it's at for all you damn racist out there. It's in your mind and then your damn mouth can't help but expose your racist tropes. The old no racist bone is right up there with I got a black friend. Here's a hint I got several myself, and you would catch holy hell with each bloviating that nonsense. Guck Fruden 😁
  4. Except this Marine don't entertain people with Histrionic Personalty Disorders. Look it up. He has that condition 😁 I dont even respond 😁 Just leave him to the others that need attention and go 11 pages with him. As the Brothas in Cali say "I'm good Cuz"
  5. That right there is good stuff my friend. And you're spot on with your analysis.
  6. Is Block Wilder's PR Man. Hell everyone know this was another ass whipping coming. Fury was -280 at Vegas. You had to drop damn near 300 hunnert on Fury to win a Hunnert. Worst Trilogy ever. Them comparing it to Bowe/Holyfield are on CRACK. His face looked like Godzilla after that beatdown.
  7. Ga and Texas have the same problem they have to be forced to change the Hue behind Center. No matter how many times their rivals bludgeons the hell out of them with you know whom behind Center> Hell it took Arky to beat the hell out of UT with you know whom behind Center for us to give the best QB on the Roster the last 3 years a chance. TEJAS and JAWJAA ain't gonna do a damn thing in College football but get Hype. Meanwhile Justin Fields couldn't play at JawJaa but can for The Ohio State and the Bears.
  8. He won all 3 fights. This was the most lopsided Trilogy in Boxing. All Wilder did was make excuses. Gypsy King is a bad bad man. He thumped that ass all night just as he did in the 1st 2. He has destroyed Wilder. I think he's damaged from this Trilogy and would now have to fight his way back into contention and get bludgeoned even more. Take that 20Mil and Chill for life.
  9. If you didn't shell out the big bucks, here is the whole fight without Interruptions, Rounds, 3, 4, 10 and 11 were fire. Fury kicked his ass and actually did in all 3 fights. This has been a one sided Trilogy. Bad Saturday Night For Tuskaloseaa. Excuse the fandom from the video. 😁 Fury beat him up all night long.
  10. Are you John Gruden's publicist? Because he is selling a can of nonsense with his explanations as well. Being the top Public in NorCal is like having the best Car in North Korea: 🤣
  11. Knew it wouldn't be long. How long is the Drive for you to Athens? The Cousins now all just adore Jawjaa SEC SEC SEC.
  12. You are really searching for a Victory. Watch Reveille shut up your announcers Alabama's radio announcer seemed to be a bit salty after Texas A&M's winning FG
  13. You calling me stupid is a compliment. You are too stupid to know that crowning someone National Champs before their last game is idiocy. I hate all those segregated Texas Teams too. 1970 UT National Champs 2 weeks Later ND beats the Horns off their damn asses. So UT has one of those same bogus ass Championships. They lost 24 -11 in the Cotton Bowl Jan 1971 but were crowned NCs just like all of your racist champs. I am glad ND kicked UTs ass with an integrated team. Texas sucks to this day for waiting 11 years to fully embrace integration. Meanwhile OU embraced it and been dominating our asses for half a century with Mostly African American Texas kids. Fuck Bear Bryant.
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