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  1. Never underestimate dudes named Goober, Cooter , Gomer, Bubba, and Ennis. This is Turnursistaloosa, Alabubba.😎 Just look at the architectural ingenuity, the sleek lines, and gentle contours and vibrant Colors. The artistic appeal of the luxurious pool. The Presidential suite on the 5th ladder case🀣 offer the most obstructive view as it is literally tree level in all 360 degrees. This was done in under a week. Turn dem Rascals loose with full duct tape and in 5 Months that Campus will be the Taj Mahal of Trailer Parks. 🀣 As an added Bonus the stadium will have state of the Art Lighting
  2. Sam with 5A power Hutto and 4A Liberty Hill 2 years ago. Liberty Hill has moved up to 5A. I will be watching them this year. They were a little down last year and got better late.
  3. No problem with your take at all sir. But when marginal 4A are Beating upper Echelon 5A it gives me pause and when a middle of the road 4A beats a school in 6A 4 classes larger it gives me much pause. HP and Aledo along with Stephenville proves all those AAAAA's are not what they used to be.
  4. That's fine its all opinions. But the split of 5A have destroyed a lot myths. what is Aledo Producing talent wise that Carthage isn't.: Stephenville is a source for a quick point. And this isn't the Stephenville that was beating you'll as a smaller school the last 8 years. Look at 2018 4A Stephenville who has never stopped playing bigger schools to include 5A DI teams. Stephenville is not Argyle, P.G., Carthage or La Vega. Lets look at 2018 as a point of reference. Last year they were just 6 - 5 an not very good. But beat both 5A Georgetown and Everman 28 - 21 over GT and 13 - 10 over Everman. Look at 2018. Again they are an above average 4A Team now. 2018 4A Stephenville (7-4) Beat 5A DI Power Georgetown 48 - 8 on the Road. But lost to La Vega 32 15. Care to guess who gave Georgetown their worst ass whipping it was Stephenvile. 2018 Georgetown losses L 48 8 @ home vs. Stephenville L 38 - 14 Hutto @ home Hutto goes 11 -1 in 5A DI and beats 4A Power Liberty Hill 52 - 31 in OT at home. L.H Rushes for 532 yds L 27 - 24 Cedar Park @ CP L 36- 7 Shadow Creek 3rd rd of playoffs Going back to 2014 Both of You have played 5A Everman usually within weeks of each other. Not much difference in the results between the 2 of You. With last year really being the exception. All those silly national Polls have Carthage top 25 in Texas including Dave Campbell. . Their O-line were bigger and more talented thsn most 6A. They had a Stud QB and WR who is going to UT where his Former 4 Star RB Brother is now. Again no way to really know But I damn sure would not be afraid to see whatever over rated 5A or 6A team would be inserted @ number 30 against them. Don't sleep on bEast Texas Football. Great Coach, Facilities and Talented in football crazy bEast Texas. Matter of Fact Pleasnt Grove would be a handful as well.
  5. That's where the U.S. Army intelligence schoo is located. It's pronounced WaChuku lol. Pretty cool to walk those Buffalo Soldiers trails on that For. It's a desert Fort. Great history out there. Meant a lot to me for sure. Thanks. You have schooled me I have to look up Ft. Joppa.
  6. .Did you know an Arizona fort was the home of the U.S. Army's Buffalo Soldiers? Back in 2003 I actually spent a week at Fort Huachuca Arizona just to walk the trails of the Buffalo Soldiers who were actually stationed there. Their museum is there as well. It was on my bucket list
  7. Running this time this early in the year in those conditions is amazing. I see you Florida I see You. Will follow this kid. He smoked that Field which times are indicative this time of the year in power States. Da'Marcus Fleming dominated the 100m final field on his home turf at the Louie Bing Memorial Classic this weekend. The 100m finals was one of the last events to be contested on the track before rain flooded the track and caused the meet hosts to cancel. Event 8 Boys 100 Meter Dash ============================================================================ Name Year School Finals Wind Points ============================================================================ 1 Da'marcus Fleming SR Northwestern 10.33 1.0 10 2 Zacchaeus Byrd SR Heritage Plan 10.84 1.0 8 3 Jordan Taylor SR Norland 10.86 1.0 6 4 Shamar Morgan FR Aquinas 10.97 1.0 5 5 Robert McMinn JR Norland 11.00 1.0 4 6 Brenton Shippy SR Homestead 11.07 1.0 3 7 Antonio Spencer JR Aquinas 11.08 1.0 2 8 Shawn Guerrier SR North Miami 11.11 1.0 1 The rain did not stop Fleming from racing an epic wind-legal 10.33 to kick off his outdoor season, just missing Anthony Schwartz meet record of 10.32 back in 2018. Zacchaeus Byrd of American Heritage (10.84), Jordan Taylor of Miami Norland (10.86), and Shamar Morgan of St. Thomas Aquinas (10.97) were the next athletes to follow, all breaking the 11 second mark. Fleming will look to defend his 100m and 200m state titles this year, and he's already starting off with a PR in the 100m.
  8. Whether you support AA or not this is one of the greatest benefits of it since it's birth in the 1960's. Some Minorities with Lower Test Scores getting into College is more of an affront to many than this @Horsefly @Testadura and @World Citizen These things we can start with and something that Horsefly was trying to make a point about " they offer smoke and mirrors" in an earlier retort. The greatest benefit of Affirmative Action was to interject a diverse professional force that challenged a lot of the Previous and current Wrongs by this Nation and those that oppose it damn sure would not have undertaken this endeavor. Thinks Like Criminal Justice. Like the Former Black DA here in Dallas that opened up old cases and freed Many. Mostly black males that had been railroaded by a unjust Justice System. Of the new study, he said that "of course it points out the societal benefits of affirmative action, but this value extends to criminal justice reform, voter registration procedures, residential patterns, and even environmental considerations." In all of those cases, having diverse professionals produces different outcomes, he said. EXHIBIT A: Steve Krauss / AP Former Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade speaks during an interview in Dallas, March 4, 1986. During an unprecedented 36-year reign as the Dallas County district attorney, Wade convicted more than 90 percent of the defendants in his purview. Nineteen convictions β€” so far β€” won by Wade and his successors are being overturned, some two-thirds of them involving black men. An estimated 250 cases remain for review. A black DA came in and corrected a lot of this non-sense. In the Justice system alon with more Black Lawyers and Judges have been one the greatest Champion's of Affirmative Action. Craig Marcus Watkins is an American lawyer. He was the district attorney for the Dallas County, Texas in the United States from 2007 to 2015. He became the first elected African American district attorney in Texas after he was elected in 2006. I will await the Truth commission Guy to come and tell me this was too long ago. 🀣 But now, seven years after Wade's death, The Chief's legacy is taking a beating. Nineteen convictions β€” three for murder and the rest involving rape or burglary β€” won by Wade and two successors who trained under him have been overturned after DNA evidence exonerated the defendants. About 250 more cases are under review. No other county in America β€” and almost no state, for that matter β€” has freed more innocent people from prison in recent years than Dallas County, where Wade was DA from 1951 through 1986. Current District Attorney Craig Watkins, who in 2006 became the first black elected chief prosecutor in any Texas county, said that more wrongly convicted people will go free. "There was a cowboy kind of mentality and the reality is that kind of approach is archaic, racist, elitist and arrogant," said Watkins, who is 40 and never worked for Wade or met him.
  9. I went back and looked at that picture sir. I have been told that a picture says a 1,000 words. When people share the same sentiments they are usually together. Hell in La apparently when Whites and forgiving Blacks agree on something they are still segregated. Look closely at that picture. Blacks on the Left and Whites on the Right 😎 None seem happy. Hell it looks like a North Korean Propaganda Photo Op. They even Photo Shopped Archie Bunker into it. 😎
  10. I'm astute. An exclamation without defamation 😎 . #RespecttheMostHigh
  11. NFL Giving up some Love and supporting the XFL. This never happened with any other professional league.
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