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  1. Thank you sir! Please do share. I would like for you to hit me up with some feedback. My friends are Ant-Racist as well. There is a clear distinction. Actually a conversation with a white Male friend led to me writing that last week. He described his friends, relatives and others. He's one smart dude and one of the best salesmen at our Company. He said man thanks for showing me so much and I teach others. He really didn't know what Juneteenth was. I said Black Texans celebrate it more than the 4th of July. And now we celebrate it together. That's what knowledge does it opens minds.
  2. Don't use the Pronoun YOU. I just learned in this thread that is equivalent of saying Nigg## 😄
  3. Now my day is ruined. I'm so sorry that you are upset. Hopefully I can sleep tonite. I wont be praying to you know who for forgiveness. Now go eat some Bacon. Im never going to agree with you on matters of black people. I'm good with me having their best interest at heart. I'm ✔
  4. All these coaches, judges Mayors, cops and teachers are being exposed for calling us Niggers including at Clemson and Utah since this Flair up. But yeah those are in no way indicative of any oppressionn. GTFOH with this B.S. They are on a major apology tour. Should I expose it or was that too long ago. It has been less than a Month after All.
  5. Ok I'm successful and it came with work. I grew up in East Texas. It's still a hindrance to this day and that's no crutch either. I know what I'm talking about. Jackie Robinson once was the 1st black major leaguer and people would say see they got an opportunity to play baseball. Indeed with insults and fastballs to the head. Why does LeBron James have the same understanding as an impoverished kid but many cant understand why? If you don't believe that blacks are oppressed go with that because you know these black couples. I know a poor white couple that doesn't lead me to believe th
  6. Each day a white Democrat tells me that a white Republican is racist. And a Republican tells me that a Democrat is got me on a plantation and is racist. Many of you use that tactic about poverty. So each day you call each other a racist. So since you never lie I believe them. And when I say you and your now that's offensive. So if you and yours is an offensive pronoun let me know what pronoun would make you feel better or should I just use Democrat or Republican😂 We used to this false equivalence. One black person commits a crime and you broad brush us all the fucking time. Do you ca
  7. Thanks again your tutelage to me is not accepted. That should make it easier for us both. Go back to the posts and see who addressed whom first. You felt the need to put me in place and I felt the need to not accept it.
  8. White privilege doesnt mean whites don't struggle or are not poor. It means the Color of your skin doesntcontribute and is not an hindrance to that struggle. It does overwhelmingly for black people. I can prove it.
  9. Actually it doesn't. I have never said all whites. I said the racist ones and still stand by that. Systematic racism is rooted in white supremacy. Not in the neighbor next door. If he sees this and not act then dammit he's part of the problem. Isn't 90% of black America ranting currently?
  10. My Marine Corps has risen to the call the last few days. General's blasting putting active duty Troops against civilians and blasting the President and now this. My pride is even more present. I wish the Montford Point Marines were here for this announcement. Now off to the Joint Reserve base in Ft.Worth for some shopping and buy an ever bigger Semper FI! Retired USMC bumper sticker . I was indoctrinated in Honor, Courage and Commitment h
  11. For the Record I don't give a damn about what some White Man who called me a Nigger on here thinks about anything I post. Let that be a point of reference for eternity. That's the problem we are tired of being called Niggers and treated as such: I am not one that let you dictate my thoughts or what I should express. This is not written by me but by an extremely intelligent black woman. Let me guess you are curious what she has become and feel sorry for her. 🤣 Of course she is a Knotty head that's wisdom in itself Crystal A. deGregory, Ph.D. is a research fellow at the MTSU Cen
  12. I feel sorry for what you've been. See how that works. I don't need your sorrow or your empathy for me personally. I know that might be shocking. I respect everyone who respects me. I don't get vile and act an ass I post facts to truth. I notice you haven't protested any of my content as lying thus you protest because it makes you uncomfortable. I don't structure my life on the comfort of others that's why America is once again at the door of decisiveness. Do You not see what is being shouted and what the world is watching? IT'S AMERICA AND IT'S HYPOCRISY ON FULL DISPLAY What I say is
  13. Because they are a nation of Cowards. What they need to do is take the best of Black academia and not just those damn Turn the other Cheek black people either 😃 go to congress and whip America's ass with facts of its malfeasance. Let me suggest a book for you to read that sits on top of my bookshelf. This is what I come to battle with.
  14. We know your ancestors were special white people. This determination is based of their current progeny which is you.😎 That's all I need because the snake gets more venomous the further you go back with DNA. Thanks I appreciate you telling me that your history is my rage narrative. The first slaves were not in the South or did you think that trick would work: Slavery thrived in the British North American colonies Your His-Story taught me how you were great My History taught me nothing but your Hate.
  15. We know only 25% owned slaves none of your ancestors were part of any atrocities. No one believe this B.S. anymore. Google your Surname and study your history and stop the B.S. I'm sure they were special white people in 1555 - 1855. WE JUST KNOW THEY WERE.
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