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  1. unfortunately it appears he may be able to successfully claim self defense.
  2. They have some really good talent, just not deep at all. Sometimes a few of them play both ways .... I believe Desoto and Duncanville both are about twice as deep in the trenches
  3. I think in order to be ‘loaded’ you have to have the talent on the offensive and defensive lines to compliment it SOC consistently meets the D1 threshold for ‘loaded’ (mentioned earlier)... but they rarely have the OL or DL to match so it doesn’t matter when they play the big boys
  4. IMHO.... Lebron’s career has been slightly more impressive Jordan benefited by being coached by Phil Jackson. A lot of Jordan’s win came from masterful strategies by the greatest coach of all time. Lebron was damn near defacto Coach and GM for many many seasons Imagine if he played the bulk of his prime on a team coached by Phil or Popovich...
  5. I’d have to see Qb play and offensive scheme first Libery Hill and Summit both scare me the most
  6. I agree ... but you also have to remember that Aledo needed a lucky fumble recovery and a fumble reversed to even be that close
  7. They were just under 1150 a few years back
  8. They been 5a (old 4a) since the 1994 season
  9. aside from SOC.... Dallas' talent typically goes to suburban Schools
  10. I appreciate you acknowledging that you’re not quite sure who was on the school board at that time instead of attempting to use this pic to prove something one way or another. Tiffany Clark (black lady) had just replaced Jerry Hall (white guy) on the school board in 2017. She was not on the board during the Peterman fiasco. Carl Weaver was President and was not involved in any type of voting. The president’s role on that school board is similar to that of the VP in the Senate.... Though the article states 4 blacks and 3 whites.... it was more like 3 whites and 3 blacks with a black tie breaker
  11. Really stupid and coonish for Terry Orr to suggest race.... even more ignorant for the DMN to print his ponderance, knowing folk like Butterbean and RockinL will run with it because it "feels right" That school board had just as many whites as blacks and was essentially ran by whites. Still best of luck to Peterman at Duncanville
  12. You can pull shxt out your ass all you want.... It’s common knowledge that Desoto ISD has issues that can’t even begin to be excused; racism is not one of them.
  13. They wanted him gone for many reasons, conduct being the the foremost... none to do with his race To even play the race card (hilarious for whites I know) was pretty silly considering Desoto High had 3 white head coaches at the time Still... pretty good X and O guy.... pretty meh when it comes to running the whole show
  14. This is where he’s best at... I think Duncanville should easily get over that hump this year
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