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  1. I hate to see the emotional response a lot of blacks have to this dark, evil and ignorant act, but I understand. What I don’t appreciate are provocateurs doing all they can to turn these protests into full blown riots... this is such a toxic system
  2. You are seriously trying to compete for the biggest 🤡 here ive never seen blatant brown nosing on this level.... it’s almost mesmerizing
  3. I seem to recall this clown pretending to be independent at one point. He’s clearly gone full Trumptard They just can’t help but to expose themselves Troll fasho i can only imagine who this REALLY is🧐
  4. I can’t believe there’s a debate on whether the President should be allowed to freely spread misinformation and falsehoods on certain platforms. The depths these clowns will go to avert the truth Still, it’s even more hilarious to see right wing blowhards defend what they’d usually call socialist behavior, like the government shutting down social media because it’s not furthering their agenda. Sounds a lot like ‘Jina’
  5. He’s the self proclaimed Troll for a reason.... lol 🤡
  6. Dumb bitch i dont support Biden, try again Anytime criticism is leveled at Trump doesnt mean that i'm supporting the lesser of the two evils But Damn you brown sucking up to trailer trash... ???? you sound stupid... stupid af they'll deport your brown nosing ass the second they get fool
  7. Who would have thought that after 100, 000 unnecessary deaths, these dumb pieces of shit would start breaking them down into Red States vs Blue States if that means anything at all If this doesn't prove the OP I'm not sure what does We're not talking illiteracy or std rates, no need to bring up where Red States outpace the rest of the country
  8. I leave for a few hours and these clowns have gone full homo ‘But’ again typical for this crowd
  9. So you aren’t ‘smart enough ‘ to understand WHY blue areas would be hit more? im not here to break down why or how 3rd world country leaders have been more effective than Trump ... stupid bitch, get the fuck on 😒 The fact remains, because of the dumb ignorant folk like yourself , we have a president that has us leading the world in deaths from this pandemic when it was completely unnecessary NOTHING you’ve said even begins to discredit this, you dumb piece of shit
  10. The U.S. has a higher death toll than any other country on earth; Higher than the next two countries combined, EVEN after our President had a head start on how to combat this over those countries The fact that you'd reach deep up your crusty, pasty ass and try to play on stats to excuse this all but proves my original point: Republicans don't give two shits about this country, only their kind. Take your stupid ass back to sleep
  11. oh but you can... Trump's own incompetence is to blame here... stop trying to spread the shit around this is what happens when you have bullshit at the top.
  12. hey! I dont give two fucks that it hurts your feelings chump The previous administration put measures in place to prevent things getting to this level... your orange messiah scrapped that and here we are you have to be stupid as fuck to hang on to a man's balls the way you do. Trump doesn't like you
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