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  1. You replied under the wrong login again😂😂😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️
  2. If you’re seriously asking... many times it depends on where in Africa the white person is from and also their European Heritage I’ve met whites with South African heritage that refer to themselves as Afrikaner Americans and I’ve seen instances where some refer to themselves as Berber Americans Ive also met whites that have parents born in Nigeria and they simply refer to themselves as white; European Americans I’d imagine that’s because, like African Americans, one’s race has more to do with their genetics, as opposed to where their parents were born l’m con
  3. If you noticed, I never said she wasn’t ‘correct’... However, as factual as her statement was, it was still misleading and deceptive Bed Wench Candance has mastered using truths to tell lies
  4. I wonder what hospitals these were... and even then the article states, Among the 120 patients without COVID-19 who died during this interval, 110 (91.7 percent) had a DNR order when admitted. according to this article, people who didn’t die from COVID had a higher DNR order rate than those that did🤔 that kind of put this article’s own ‘conclusion’ on it’s ass and furthermore illustrates how sickly this ‘sample’ was.
  5. Out of the 3 people I know of personally that have died from COVID, NONE (or 0%) had DNR orders. 90 percent seems grossly high from ANY sample
  6. A lesson in Civics from a Trumptard..... Golden
  7. I did not miss the point...perhaps you did which is what makes your post funny Biden IS President Elect Candace was being technical because the contest hasn’t been certified That’s like saying a 44-0 football game with 30 seconds left isn’t over; it’s stupid as fuck and to be expected from this stupid broad Pol9tifact calling her post false is a LONG way from some leftist agenda as your posts suggests
  8. And this Orange bitch is still whining over his loss **On another note, hopefully Trump will split the Republican Party in 2024 and REAL Conservatives that actually embrace Christian Values and Principles take the party of Lincoln back. That way Bernie can swoop in and take the true Liberals from the Democrats and we have a 4-way race for President.
  9. Candance The Bed Wench is looney as hell
  10. Clown indeed your best retort is, ‘Governors were bad too’ if you believe things would be this bad with Obama in office then you’re stupid... stupid as fuck
  11. Trump said this hysteria over COVID was hoax by Democrats and that it would disappear by Nov 4 Yet you still insist on excusing him
  12. Thanks to Donald we'll pass WW2 deaths by January
  13. The US leads all countries in death and is 12th out of over 170 countries in death per capita.. NO ONE IS AS BAD AS US And most of Europe stopped wearing masks because they had the disease literally controlled at one point, unlike us Countries like Finland, that luckily missed the first wave and decided NOT to wear masks, are now experiencing a record numbers of new cases every other day
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