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  1. The University of Texas has hired South Oak Cliff Alum Chris Gilbert as the Director of High School relations. Congrats on his new role.... but I expect Lancaster’s football program to take several steps back and Desoto to benefit greatly.
  2. I don’t think anyone underestimates Lawrence’s athleticism.... or Allen’s for that matter they’re both regarded as pretty athletic
  3. TL= Josh Allen JF= Pat Mahomes seems pretty easy to me
  4. Wasn’t aware we lost a forum member. I wonder who... I’d hate to even begin to guess I hate anyone ever labeled this a layup
  5. He was decades older, white and had different political views than me, but I’ve never saw myself in another person as much as I did in this man. This was a shock.... pretty painful it breaks my heart
  6. When you’re right .... you’re right I wish no one believes that I’d really like to see these people harmed at all. The language we use can be very dangerous. I have to check myself
  7. I can honestly see Biden doing such a horrible job (not Trump level, 350k dead Americans horrible, but still horrible nonetheless) that Bernie could run against him. I can also see Trump splitting the Republican Party .... Real Conservatives vs Trump Cultists If the Gods be with us, we could realistically have a four way race in 2024.
  8. I find it hilarious that a Trumptard is asking for "proof" isnt that rich How about some proof that the election was stolen
  9. Giuliani calling for trial by combat at a rally immediately before the riots?
  10. Trump and Confederate Flags.... and the 'Trump Won' chants...
  11. apparently the military is on the way... wtf? did they NOT expect this?!?
  12. ANY LEO or military personnel that's injured or worse because of these trailer scum should sue the ignorant orange bitch. I cant wait for the sure to come prison sentences
  13. Can you IMAGINE if any other demographic attempted these outright acts of treason and insurrection. The National Guard really should mow these spawn of incest bitches down... all they're doing is emboldening the next bunch
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