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  1. Duncanville turned out to be great... and SOC won State this observation didn’t age well
  2. Yeah...if you recall I told you about that class of 2023... it came a year early but what an excellent halftime defensive adjustment great coaching by my brother Kyle Ward
  3. Thanks Brother 😥😥😥😥😥 due to extreme superstition I’m watching the game alone ... in tears
  4. I’m not debating facts .. have a party😂😂 My assertion is that DV is better NOW. MY belief is that the game would be more competitive now. YOUR emotional attachment prohibits you from considering the possibility there’s really nothing more to see here 😂😂😂(even when I mentioned a team beating an opponent by 3 scores that had earlier beat them by 50 plus you questioned if it were true... though it happens often you either refuse to acknowledge it or downplay it because that fact chips away at your solemn beliefs) Regardless of what you believe...Teams get better -I suppose now you believe MD would beat SLCby 60😂😂😂
  5. Who’s bragging? wtf are you talking about?
  6. Those schools were all trash or mediocre before his arrival and are pretty much the same after he leaves... WITH the same caliber athletes -this man took inner city schools with no facilities or history to semi final games in Texas’ largest classification -he took a inner city team to state with 30 kids on the roster -his assistants have worked as coaches on the collegiate level.. one as a head coach -one of his assistants will be coaching for a state championship along side him Saturday Calling him overrated has to be amongst some of the stupidest shxt I’ve ever heard on this forum
  7. You keep repeating irrelevant shxt that means nothing.... Teams have lost by 50 plus and came back and beat the same team by 3 scores.... in the same season... I don’t have time to explain to Californians the concept of having a bad outing We ALL know why you want that win to mean more than what it does..😂😂😂 PS. according to most polls SLC is better than a team All-World Mater Dei barely got by
  8. If you catch a team at the right time then yes they do ... I recall a team losing by around 60 points to one team and then came back and beat that same team by 21 points in the playoffs... 84 point swing. the DV same team that MD faced would’ve likely gotten ran off the field by SLC as well. STILL ... if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy to believe MD beat anything more than the worst version of of this year’s DV squad then by all means.... have at it. You the man Champ...lol
  9. uhhhh... ok I didn’t type anything to change your mind or debate you😂😂 believe whatever tf you wish I can understand why people would say this is a down year for Duncanville. They’d just lost by 39 points with a roster full of underclassmen with a transfer at quarterback who’d barely beat out a sophomore. Now those same underclassmen are playing exceptionally well and the QB is playing decent. I’m sure those same folks would’ve laughed at the thought of Duncanville beating Southlake Carroll this season. Most polls have SLC ranked several spots higher than Centennial and MD barely got past them a few weeks back. After the way DV just dominated SLC , hanging with MD is clearly not out of the question.
  10. the truth of the matter is DV is just that good but played a horrible game against MD. Now making no excuses... the score was the score and I’m sure some will always hold that close to their hearts.... but I seriously doubt MD would be 2 scores better than DV if they played today.
  11. You and me both... I’m STILL in shock we’re here this our first year with a full offseason using our new facilities
  12. I think Lovejoy may get exposed this weekend.
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