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  1. At least we would be there only team to be in there for first 5 years if they got in
  2. Clemson non conference is better obv with TAMU on the schedule
  3. I believe ohio state smokes them. Clemson has slept walked thru what will be 3 months of play. Since alabama gets little to no credit for beating TAMU neither does clemson
  4. Glad I'm not the only one who think that. He maybe 6'6 but he has a lot of work to do
  5. Like I said I wasnt disputing ur points as they were correct but they had the lead and they collapsed. The pac 12 hasnt beaten a ranked sec team in a decade now
  6. I haven't seen the new qb for bosco but seems like hes turned the team around so I'll take bosco in a nail biter. If bosco can shut down running game and make alaimo beat them I think bosco wins by 7. I'll say bosco by 3
  7. Not disputing what u said but they did have a lead that they blew to lose the game. Herbert has exposed his weaknesses this year. I think he falls in the draft
  8. Welcome to the right side
  9. Ok so one game shows that they are up there with an Ohio state team who has beaten multiple top 25 teams? The acc is pretty much dog shit this year to no fault of clemson but imo we have no idea how good clemson is playing since the TAMU game. We do know TL has thrown more INTs this year than last
  10. Can I ask which game proves that clemson is up there with ohio state?
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