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  1. It's like the female species is almost perfect. They just talk and ruin it. Again times must have been great in the past
  2. Great idea. I like that. I'll keep that in mind
  3. Dude come on.....I thought u guys were all hard liners like myself. I must be one of the few ones left fighting for the Republican cause
  4. Well yeah he hates trump but I'll check it out. I cant wait to go the trump rally tuesday. I know theres going to be protestors there and it makes it even more exciting
  5. Right in Bergen county. Trust me I've dated some of them. South jersey is also filled with them and I love south Jersey
  6. I've never seen the show but I gotta find that episode and watch it
  7. NJ chicks are better than NY chicks U can find many more conservative chicks willing to throw on a cowboy hat some daisy dukes cowboy boots and hold a Confederate battle flag all while drinking a beer in the back of a pickup truck.
  8. Dove right the fuck in. Like didnt even try to smooth talk it. Really thought apparently i was going to go with the BS because I live in this area and apparently that makes me on their side. Next time I'm busting ou the trump 2020 hat and me and the voices can have fun
  9. I love alone. With the voices in my head I'm never alone. I have many personalities going on inside my head. More like hi my name is Jenny and Australia is burning because we are neglecting climate change and we must do something and trump is bad and blah blah blah. I'm like I love trump people started the goddamn fires and now I gotta go have a wonderful night
  10. I also had a guy i was having a convo with stop talking to me because I told him I despise kids. So all in all great evening
  11. Idk but it seems to always do. Apparently we live in a very political world today and it seems to come up no matter what other subject you are talking about. And it all started with hi I'm and my name I'm telling u life must have been so much easier when males dominated the world and chicks just went along for the ride
  12. I'm at the point where I have no association with democrats I was at the bar this past weekend. Pretty cute chick starts chatting with me. Opens her mouth with the typical liberal BS. Ruined it. Had to leave. If only she didnt talk
  13. second field organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) 2020 campaign has expressed support for gulags. Martin Weissgerber, a field organizer for the campaign, made the comments to an undercover Project Veritas reporter. Weissgerber said he’s ready for the “[expletive] revolution” and that he hopes to “guillotine the rich” and “send Republicans to reeducation camps.” https://m.theepochtimes.com/second-bernie-sanders-staffer-praises-gulags_3211013.html
  14. Illinois Board of Elections Admits Non-US Citizens Voted Illegally in 2018 Election Some of the 574 non-U.S. citizens who were registered to vote in the 2018 election voted illegally, the Illinois State Board of Elections said. “We do know that some of them voted” in the election, board spokesman Matt Dietrich said in a phone call on Monday afternoon, WCIA reported. The board said on Tuesday that it confirmed 19 people who aren’t citizens of the United States voted in Illinois in the election. https://m.theepochtimes.com/illinois-board-of-elections-admits-non-us-citizens-voted-illegally-in-2018-election_3212269.html
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