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  1. See Europe has a different problem than here in america They are landlocked countries accessed by many modes of transportation We have two oceans that seperate us from asia and europe and as long as we completely close the southern border we wont have the issue of europe Europe economy is going to tank
  2. And well all move on just like we do after flu season
  3. I'm very good at calling people to get things done
  4. Than that just tells me ur afraid of death and you will let things stop you from living due to being afraid of death. There are diseases viruses etc all over the world. It's one of the pesky issues of globalism that certain people seem to be a fan of. But hey.you continue to be cautious and such and have this temporary thing affect ur life
  5. I've never been concerned over any virus disease etc. There is no reason for it What's the worst thing that would happen. Death. R u that afraid of it
  6. I talked to my county executive and he said my local parade for st Patrick's day is on
  7. I know. They truly believe he is just sitting on all these tests We have 26 dead and the overblown nonsense of them is getting exhausting
  8. They don't. I can tell u right now a federal hospital on a military base has 3 of them
  9. All I can say is de blasio said the parade is on as of this moment
  10. As of right now NYC is on. The parade will happen as of today Not sure what u mean by yeah right
  11. Boston st Patrick's day cancelled Ireland has cancelled their st patricks day parade Will NYC be resilient and do it??
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