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  1. McMaster is gone

    Gotta say tho off this topic that I'm very concerned about the omnibus bill.
  2. trump vs Joe

    He didn't ban them. I believe he let them in or was forced to let them in. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/policy-and-politics/2018/2/27/17057580/transgender-soldier-military-trump-ban
  3. Who Is The National Security Advisor....

    Didn't mean to quote you.
  4. trump vs Joe

    I see my autocorrect changed the name. It should say Bolton not Barton
  5. trump vs Joe

    What are you talking about? Barton is the new NSA
  6. trump vs Joe

  7. trump vs Joe

    I think the majority would be against it. It would go against the teachings of the bible. These were God fearing individuals. As a society we should not be accepting this movement today nor recognizing all of these genders. It should be man or woman that's it the way it should be
  8. trump vs Joe

    That was a good enough answer for me. It should not be acceptable
  9. trump vs Joe

    But it certainly be accepted by the founding father
  10. trump vs Joe

    Sad right? Doesnt it go against our Christian background as a country?
  11. Who Is The National Security Advisor....

    So hes aggressive and not afraid of war. In a time of today where you have a nuclear NK Iran and other countries isnt this exactly what we need?
  12. Who Is The National Security Advisor....

    Bolton is very aggressive towards North Korea. He was qualified under Reagan and Bush. what makes him not qualified not
  13. BNU Commitments

    Does he have any SEC offers yet?
  14. Who Is The National Security Advisor....

    Bolton if he gets confirmed