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  1. trump backed off the rule College will now get their 40 million dollars
  2. bail has been denied. Its confirmed by the judge
  3. So than why is anything allowed to be open? I've been on 2 road trips and I've been to the bar about a dozen times. I feel great
  4. Its a very beautiful school ND
  5. could this be the end of omar??? https://m.startribune.com/primary-challenge-to-rep-ilhan-omar-attracts-big-money/571762852/
  6. some people in Chicago only have 3 days left to live. Were getting closer to Friday very sad
  7. Thats what the guy says. Its all about Twitter But its good to confirm exactly what's going on at the NYT
  8. we sacrifice our lives daily to keep the country going
  9. Oh ok sorry. So let's just summary this Corona can't be passed in schools or protests or big box retailers But can be passed in restaurants bars etc Like everyone has said this is one amazing virus
  10. No ur right. I cant disagree with you Please read the German study i quoted u on also
  11. German study https://news.yahoo.com/german-study-finds-no-evidence-164704005.html
  12. this guy just exposed the NYT They fired 2 people over the OP Ed on Tom Cotton!!!!
  13. I live in a pretty modest area. The amount of kids in the local school district that have IEP are pretty substantial. More and more people cannot help their kids and rely on their kids getting help at school. Parents need school to basically babysit their kids for the day. And their are more and more students that will fall behind due to online learning
  14. Whose stabbing people?
  15. I know people in college here in NY when I went to college who hated online learning. Felt they got very little out of it and it just simply didn't work for them. And that's at the college level There is no way it will work for elementary or middle school students and I could only imagine the amount of HS students that would struggle Plus with online services the amount of kids with an IEP would never get the extra accommodations they are entitled too
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