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  1. Fuck all 3 of them None of them mean a fucking thing
  2. At the time of this post fields didn't play a game yet this season
  3. There abaolutely is. Google ur town noise codes
  4. I agree In westchester ur not allowed on Sunday Call ur town and see what noise ordiance is
  5. He will not get a new election He can contest it legally through the courts Nothing can be certified until all legal action is done.
  6. Have a good Friday and a good weekend
  7. I'll respect the election when hrc respects it and takes back all the illegitimate election stuff from 2016 Until then nah. And the media doesn't declare presidents
  8. Most candidates don't fight they just concede and go away. Hrc even though conceded never went away. Still very much involved. Trump has ever right as per the constitution to contest the election results Even the washington post has acknowledged this same thing. The guy Jones on CNN after reading the constitution stated he's so used to candidates conceding he had no idea what the constitution stated and had no idea that the house of representatives can determine the outcome of the election if nobody has 270 or more which right now nobody does.
  9. Yeah 2000 when the media declared florida for gore Or how about the new york times I believe it was that states Dewey defeats Truman just for everyone to find out they fucked that up too
  10. Once again the media does not declare the president
  11. FORMER OHIO STATE RESEARCHER PLEADS GUILTY FOR LYING TO FBI ABOUT TIES TO CHINESE GOVERNMENT https://www.thelantern.com/2020/11/former-ohio-state-researcher-pleads-guilty-for-lying-to-fbi-about-ties-to-chinese-government/
  12. I'm all for incarceration and the death penalty. I dont believe for certain crimes you could ever be rehabilitated so u should die. These business owners who bring in cheap labor should be locked up for life. And any government agency that keeps handing out visas and such should be shut down immediately Any legal immigrant that comes into this country must serve 4 years in our military if they refuse you are deported immedistely Also places like Ellis Island should be set up immediately and you must be checked for everything And no more asylum that is gone We are
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