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  1. HSFBfan

    So we want to be like Europe?

    Yep which is pretty cool to think of....if u like alternate history read the books by harry turtledove.
  2. HSFBfan

    Kyler Murray- 2018 Heisman

    Tua would destroy the big 12 if you put him on Oklahoma what are you talking about? Tua didnt even have to play in 4th quarters this year. And he never lost a game Murray in what is arguably the softest conference in America lost and threw more INT than Tua did.
  3. HSFBfan

    They have the votes for the wall

    Sorry been a long day.
  4. HSFBfan

    They have the votes for the wall

    For the border of Mexico
  5. HSFBfan

    BNU Commitments

    Of course. Completely depends on the kid. But not every kid is meant to go away and if your a parent that let's your kid go away to college knowing he or she isnt ready you have set them up to fail. Sometimes you have to protect the individual from themselves
  6. HSFBfan

    Stephen A Smith at ESPN

    That's why I said most if not all. I have to watch that one and the buster Douglas one
  7. HSFBfan

    Kyler Murray- 2018 Heisman

    Not taking anything away from Murray and I cant wait to see alabama beat him but as you presented tua deserved it
  8. HSFBfan

    Trump wins again and great news for America

    Did you watch the hearing today
  9. HSFBfan

    BNU Commitments

    More recently was stated langan is transferring from Boston college. Wonder what happened there already
  10. HSFBfan

    BNU Commitments

    It's the pac 12 btw lol
  11. HSFBfan

    Kyler Murray- 2018 Heisman

    Tua deserved it. But it's ok Baker won it last year got knocked out of playoffs. Tua won the national championship
  12. HSFBfan

    BNU Commitments

    People keep sending their kid to these schools were they have no shot in playing or find themselves in bad situations and wonder why they have to transfer. Singleton out of michigan- whatever reason not sure Walker- couldnt pass classes at Michigan- now onto miss state Kevin Olsen- enough said Mohammad- didnt he get in trouble at Miami Hester- transferred what 3 times? I'm sure I can keep going but you guys got the point.
  13. HSFBfan

    BNU Commitments

    Very consistent. Very solid in my opinion. If I was a father my kid would be going to the school in which he can play. And since people like to focus on not making it to the nfl might as well D3 and go to Tufts Gtown Nova Hopkins etc if you want to go down the higher education route.