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  1. Colquitt looking damn good this year. Congrats fellas. 😎
  2. Because now Im rich biatch. Holla.
  3. This being streamed? Thought I'd pop in tonight.
  4. Can you show me the formula used to adjust this?
  5. I dont see how anyone thought the Packers would beat the 49ers. Did you not see the 49ers absolutely manhandle the Packers a few weeks back? Scheme is only going to help so much. When you are physically inferior, theres nothing you can do.
  6. Is it really though when your talent pool is the entire West Coast & you have the 2 best QBs in the country.
  7. Except everyone that gets paid to evaluate him says he is. But an obscure troll like you says otherwise so it must be so... Listen to how that sounds.
  8. Yeah word everywhere is Evans signed with UGA. And UGA did submit his LOI. But... I dont think he ends up at UGA when it's said and done.
  9. Idk what else was said in this thread... But every time a team loses its not choking. Ohio St. was about a 2 point underdog despite being the higher seed.
  10. I thought Clemson was going to win the National Championship again before the playoffs started but after yesterday I think LSU is going to win by 14+
  11. The refs are always going to be a factor... OSU had a chance at the end of the game and couldn't get it done. Simple as that. Clemson won. The end. Ohio St. got outscored 29-7 to end that game... They werent the better team.
  12. Yeah? The Trinity League champ didnt even make its own State Championship.
  13. Its funny Wertz was on there for Georgia Southern because of those fake cocaine charges. Those were dropped as it was proven to be bird shit.
  14. Because the Athens/Clarke Co. Po-po doesnt let football players off with shit like many others do. In fact Georgia Police as a whole are more stringent than most states. A large majority of them are simply marijuana charges... Which in reality... WGAF about that?
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