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  1. That was definitely a catch... Hunter made a great play. Ga96 is talking about them "giving" TravHunt catches that shouldve been PI... go back and watch that same play around 5:10 in the UTR video.... TravHunt is literally carrying the Lowndes defender with the neck of his jersey. That clear as day PI wasnt called, so if they looked the other way a few times for TravHunt its probably bc he was carrying around Lowndes DBs all night.
  2. You are hanging your hat on a game that was played almost 3 months ago? Thats a completely different ball game. Every time a team looks unbeatable the "they havent played anybody" chants come out of the wood works. If you look at how consistent theyve been ... plus you can say Kentucky, Arkansas (Ark almost beat Bama) are trash but that was AFTER Georgia took both of them on when they were undefeated with everything on the line and confidence soaring, afterwards they both imploded (UGA pretty much ended UFs seasons also). Georgia has been consistently excellent and thats hard to do in any conference much less in the SEC. Bama struggled with 3 teams UGA absolutely hammered. Georgia 37, Arkansas 0 Alabama 42, Arkansas 35 Georgia 34, Florida 7 Alabama 31, Florida 29 Georgia 34, Auburn 10 Alabama 24, Auburn 22 (a miracle Bama won at all)
  3. What states are allowed to participate this year? Very nice 7-0 win over Buford earlier this year. I didnt see the entire game just some clips on youtube but Chaminade looks like they could hang with most anyone. If Georgia does participate, Collins Hill has to be the choice. They seem to be on the 2020 Grayson, 2019 Marietta level, perhaps even better especially with Travis Hunter back.
  4. Considering Georgia shouldve won the Natty, and lost because a blocked punt was taken from them by old men paid to help Bama..... its not gonna take 2017 Georgia to handle this Bama team.
  5. Yeah my wife would kick me out of the house, shred my clothes, and remarry just to spite me. I was thinking more like $200-300
  6. Bama doesnt have a back-up good enough to save them this year.
  7. Ill give you Bama & 13 points, you name the wager.
  8. Yeah id consider 3 TDs a fairly close game for Georgia. I see 34-17, 38-21, something like that
  9. Yeah, Congrats ATL... never thought Id see the day Collins Hill looked like the clear best team in GA, especially so soon. Theyve looked great without Travis Hunter, with him I just cant see anyone slowing them down. I was starting to delude myself into believing my Indians might be good this year sitting at 5-0, until yall smacked us around 34-0. Travis Hunter absolutely went off vs. us. Strangely enough it looks like all the talent in ECs area is playing for Trinity Christian (a private school probably 3 miles from me). They are 11-0 and definitely 1A Private favorites. Their closest game all year was a 34-3 schlacking of ELCA.
  10. Dang I miss Fry-dee nights on the board with the fellas.
  11. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.... a few weeks later.
  12. I'm a little late to the party. I see yall got 1 going though. My bad on the disappearance... but there's only so many things a guy can maintain in his life before he's got to cut some of it off. I just cut off the wrong damn thing!
  13. Man I've got to get back in the know. This whole Covid thing -- everyone overreacting -- really messed with my priorities. I missed a UGA game last year for the 1st time since I was old enough to walk, not happening again.
  14. Blue balling? I was waiting for the 2020 season to be done & over. I forget who you are but your username looks familiar. The board clown I assume?
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