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  1. ECHS05

    Georgia Top 10 - Spring Edition

    Well... Atleast you dont have Brookwood in there this year. So youve made some progress.
  2. ECHS05

    It’s official, STA at DLS on 8/23

    Its funny... Every time STA loses, its never because the other team beat them. You made the same excuses when STA lost to DBP. Well the 1st time you did, you disappeared for a while after the 2nd time & came back with the same excuses 6 months later. Centennial didnt beat STA either Im sure.
  3. ECHS05

    Georgia Top 10 - Spring Edition

    I dont understand Grayson at 1. You are an odd fish Rufus.
  4. ECHS05

    Colquitt spring game link

    Clearly they were if they won state.
  5. ECHS05

    USAToday way too early rankings

    If you get caught recruiting.... Dont pretend like thats the only time its ever happened. Especially at a program like STA. Thats weak as fuck. Its like the WWE continuing to tell people its real wrestling.
  6. ECHS05

    Colquitt spring game link

    Milton is a Georgia team... How does that work exactly.
  7. ECHS05

    2019 IMG Schedule

    NOR only started paying attention once a bottom top 100 Valdosta team lost to a Top 10 Chandler team.
  8. ECHS05

    Cedar Grove GA at Valor Christian

    Well I didnt say best team, I just said a Top 5 team. Booker T. beating Norcross was stretched to mean just about anything anyone wanted it to!
  9. ECHS05

    Cedar Grove GA at Valor Christian

    Beating the TN 5A State Champ, & #5 overall ranked team in TN, 55-10 in 2017 is a pretty good case Id say. KC would've been #4 in TN (or maybe better) without that 55-10 loss to ELCA OoS. KC had 3 losses... A 45 point loss to ELCA, a 36 point loss to the #1 team in TN Brentwood Academy, and a 7 point loss to the #2 team in TN, Maryville. So yeah they would've had a case in 2017... And all of their teams from 2015-2018 have been around the same quality, 2015 probably being the weakest. And 2019 is suppose to be very good too. They are also 49-1 in their last 50 games. I think they qualify as a Top 5 TN team atleast the last couple years.
  10. ECHS05

    IMG Academy 2019 Football Schedule

    Itll be interesting to see them finally play St. Johns... & SFA.
  11. ECHS05

    Cedar Grove GA at Valor Christian

    Yeah GAC traveled to VC in 2016 & lost 21-17. VC came to GAC in 2017 and won again, 28-22. GAC also played at Prestonwood Christian TX last year and lost 13-7. They seem to get close in their OOS games but cant seal the deal. GAC will most definitely travel though.
  12. ECHS05

    USAToday way too early rankings

    This is as far from the truth as it gets.
  13. ECHS05

    Cedar Grove GA at Valor Christian

    Cedar Grove lost their HC & a fuckload of talent. Idk how good theyll be.
  14. ECHS05

    USAToday way too early rankings

    Mine... Just a top 7, because IMO these 7 are a clear tier above everyone else. 1. North Shore TX 2. St. John Bosco CA 3. St. John's DC 4. Duncanville TX 5. Mater Dei CA 6. St. Frances Academy MD 7. IMG Academy USA
  15. ECHS05

    2019 Packer Spring Intersquad Scrimmage

    Thats what it do... Meridian MS on the 18th of this month?