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  1. Its not going to matter. Hillgrove is going to beat all of them.
  2. For good measure... JSerra vs Milton
  3. 2 Top 5 GA teams, couldve gone either way
  4. Marietta recovers onside kick, Gilbert returns it to the Mac 20-25 or so but the ball didnt quite go 10 yards
  5. It was probably a good idea to just let them score there.
  6. I picked Marietta due to peer pressure. I figured this would happen, though I definitely didnt see the score being 7-6 with 4 minutes left.
  7. Marietta playing bend but dont break D. Essentially limiting explosive plays waiting for McEachern to make a mistake.
  8. Their RB is a Sophomore too I believe Theyve got a huge OT, Micah Morris, that UGA really likes also.
  9. I noticed GSB stopped updating the score.... Doesnt like his pick got smashed tonight!
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