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  1. Good luck to our 2 finalists, Texasball & Cossacks... Not sure where THS is but he'll be back around. I will be doing another week of Pick Em games next week for the Texas SC & Geico games... For those still playing for the overall. Final Rd of Pick Em Playoffs: St. John Bosco CA vs. De La Salle CA (12/14 @ Cerritos) *Open Championship* Corona del Mar CA vs. Serra (San Mateo) CA (12/14 @ Cerritos) *1A Championship* Central (Fresno) CA vs. Sierra Canyon CA (@ Cerritos) *1AA Championship* Edgewater FL vs. St. Thomas Aquinas FL (12/14 @ Daytona Stadium) *7A Championship* Columbus (Miami) FL vs. Apopka FL (@ Daytona Stadium) *8A Championship* Jones FL vs. Miami Northwestern FL (12/14)@ Daytona Stadium) *5A Championship* Lowndes GA vs. Marietta GA (12/14 @ Ga State Stadium) *7A Championship* Buford GA vs. Warner Robins GA (@ Ga State Stadium) *5A Championship* Destrehan LA vs. Acadiana LA (12/14 @ MB Superdome) *5A Championship* Vance NC vs. Leesville Road NC (12/14 @ NC State) *4AA Championship* Duncanville TX vs. Rockwall TX (12/14 @ McKinney ISD) *6A-I Semifinals* North Shore TX vs. Lake Travis TX (12/14 @ Round Rock) *6A-I Semifinals* Denton Guyer TX vs. Westfield TX (12/14 @ Panther Stadium) *6A-II Semifinals* Lone Star TX vs. Denton Ryan TX (12/14 @ Allen) *5A-I Semifinals*
  2. Did Cossacks or CalPreps advance? If THS doesnt post the standings, we'll hafta wing it.
  3. Im one of the great men of this generation.
  4. MD shouldve been resting their starters instead of running up every score... Eh.
  5. @Texasball Ill have the game out today. Ive had a lot going on. Idk where THS is with the standings.
  6. Georgia can still add Miami Northwestern & Edgewater. MNW plays Jones for the FL 5A Title, & Edgewater plays STA for the 7A title. Jones' only loss this year, is to Edgewater. Edgewaters only loss is to Marietta
  7. Considering Texas is huge and 2 of the states involved border it...
  8. All wins. They also beat Colquitt by 19 & Archer by 18 their last 2 games. If a team from another state had done that Id absolutely give them the time of day.
  9. Maury defeats Varina 17-14... 1 down for me, 2 to go to beat Tball
  10. Dutch Fork wins! 34-31 in OT... Walk off TD
  11. They would be. You think because Marietta beat them means otherwise?
  12. Here we go... Championship drive for Dutch Fork Games tied at 28... 1:26 remaining in the game, Dorman just punted to Dutch Fork, and they start with the ball at their own 19. Can they drive the field in 86 seconds...
  13. @Texasball Heres our 4 remaining differences ... Obviously I have to win 3 of 4 to beat you since you are higher seed Tball: Varina VA ECHS: Maury VA --- Tball:Lake Travis ECHS: Converse Judson --- Tball: Trinity ECHS: Male --- Tball: Cherry Creek ECHS: Columbine
  14. Varina just scored to cut Maurys lead to 17-14 in the 4th I really need this one if Im gonna hope to win.
  15. Dorman up 28-21 with 9:44 remaining in the game. Its on NFHSnetwork
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