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  1. She may have a whole “package” to give ya...
  2. USC President needs to see this list and fire the entire staff
  3. I think Cajun and crazy bunker dude are heavily drinking tonight!!! Trumps rally should be interesting tonight.
  4. You didn’t mention the part where 66 basically calls Blueliner a sellout... Wonder why that one was missed?
  5. Expected-Accepted loss of life is only “worth the peace” when it’s not your child, spouse, etc It wouldn’t matter what Trump did, it wouldn’t be “accepted”...
  6. So, let me ask you this. If Trump sent over 100k troops and started a war, spending couple trillion, you all would be ok with that? That’s def how you all are talking. I think we all know that everyone would be saying Trumps a war monger if he did... Same as NK...
  7. https://nypost.com/2019/10/15/abc-news-airs-purported-syrian-war-video-but-its-really-from-kentucky/ I’m sure they all watched this...
  8. It looks the same at DemoRAT rallies also but it’s just homeless people in the shithole demoRAT city it’s held at.
  9. Why isn’t NATO stopping the bombings now since they so..... “NATO”??? We shouldn’t be in any country fighting unless attacked and if we are we need to be there 100% to get the job done. Not let our troops get picked off daily and spent trillions of dollars on shit hole countries that hate us. Maybe real Americans who have served overseas in combat are happy he’s pulling troops... Most I know are except for the select few liberal clowns.
  10. How many kids And civilians died from bombs during Obama’s terms compared to Trump? Yet Trump is who other countries are worried about? Trump wants to bring troops home but he’s the one other countries should be scared of?
  11. Thanks bro. Here’s a few images of our team back in the day. He was a good soldier. The top photo is a picture after doing obstacle course in a World Infantry competition in Egypt. We won of course! Haha Bottom was heading out on a vehicle patrol On border of Egypt and Israel.
  12. I served with this man for several years state side and in Middle East. He was shot in the head when looking for the pos, awol, coward Bergdhal. His wife is an amazing women as she stood by his side throughout the last 10 rough years Hard to believe some tried to make the coward out to be a hero.... Actually it’s not... https://www.stewartfh.com/m/obituaries/Msg-Mark-Allen/Memories https://www.stripes.com/news/veterans/retired-soldier-who-was-wounded-in-2009-search-for-bowe-bergdahl-has-died-1.603048
  13. We start working on that now. Lol, Jr, Chipper and Murphy have already been put to bed.
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