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  1. “Bad cop”. You’re so intelligent, old racist clown.... You can’t even put together a coherent sentence or spell correctly in majority of your post. You're the typical race baiter, do nothing, leech off society that you and yours have come to accept and thrive in...
  2. He’s a fuckin idiot. Him and nooner. I think nuts fake id is the smartest of the group...
  3. I would rather be a bad cop than a old bigoted racist like yourself...
  4. Hahaha, your old racist dumbass don’t even realize who you’re responding to anymore....
  5. Nooner and Nut having a brotherly love afternoon spat, 2 old senile lumps of shit...
  6. O, that was a good one nooner. Back to the bottle old man... You tell me why it’s not plastered all over the news... Or by your smart twin nut A guy shoots up an event for back to school at a college and crickets...
  7. What you continue to show is you don’t understand basic statistics. All hate crimes are bad.... All shootings are bad...
  8. Desperate would be you... People shooting up a college in your own backyard and you ignore it as usual simply because it wasn’t a white man... Youre a sorry old ass racist...
  9. Police release video of man they think shot 4 students at Clark Atlanta University You know how the media operates... 2 were grazed with bullets and it wasn’t done by a angry white man so they try to reduce the numbers in link.... 🤣
  10. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/2-shot-near-clark-atlanta-university-library-police-say/977876297 Bet you all didn’t even hear about this one. I wonder why?
  11. Can’t forget the “it was raining in SoCal and the NorCal teams are use to the rain....” Who was it that said that??? ^^^^^^^^
  12. They all look like dads to me. Few have pads on? 🤣
  13. If he would’ve said relevant I would’ve mentioned Servite...
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