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  1. NorCalRuss

    Cop killed in Missouri ....

    Nut likes when police are killed by his people while helping his people. He’s a typical racist that cries wolf daily....
  2. NorCalRuss

    Cop killed in Missouri ....

    Shut up racist old man. You and Cajun are same person. No 2 people could be equally dumb....
  3. NorCalRuss

    Cop killed in Missouri ....

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/missouri-officer-shot-while-responding-to-call-has-died-suspect-in-custody-police.amp Another said day in this country as an officer was killed by a pos. Store clerk Facebook live streamed his death instead of helping him and then a local media outlet reposted it before the family even knew. https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/api/amp/bluelivesmatter/news/missouri-officer-murdered-newspaper-shares-livestream-of-him-dying-Y9oIvm89mU6R-CalTnE8Rw/
  4. By the way, your old dumb ass still haven’t corrected your post or the wrong link. Do you need more help.
  5. You sound as ass backwards as Cajun. Make up your minds. Am I mountain John or am I cop, maybe both? A bad one at that... Both of these are known to be false by several members I’ve met on this mb. I have 2 mixed kids so once again, everything you say if just ignorant. Clown show!!! The money and power will still be where it’s at now all while your people will be facing extinction from insane rates of black on black murders, insane rates of abortion by black women, insane rates of incarceration and lack of reproduction by black community. Bye Felicia...
  6. Youre a coward. Your time is near and so are your racist thoughts.
  7. You’re a bigger bitch than I thought. Hahaha, You really want to keep threatening me. Fuck you and fuck your threats. Zero worries pussy!!!
  8. You posted a topic about officers being investigated for social media bs... You posted a link about losers like yourself getting paid not to commit murder... Idiot you say?
  9. Youre so fckn stupid, you don’t even know what you did....
  10. NorCalRuss


    I think Cajun and nuts need to call this Dr ASAP... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/~/article-4597924/index.html
  11. NorCalRuss

    Trump wins again and great news for America

    The left has turned on Creepy Joe. You can tell the media is asking him “difficult” questions now that he wasn’t getting before. Some key others running aren’t getting those questions about things in their past. There must be a red phone in all these liberal networks leading back to the DNC.
  12. NorCalRuss

    TX vs. GA. & CA the Carnivore Challenge

    Got some beef ribs on now. This run is bomb. Check it out.
  13. NorCalRuss

    Trump wins again and great news for America

    I wouldn’t bet there was 100k requests either but I don’t sweat the stupid shit he says like this. He’s an exaggerator, we all know that. His crowds far exceed the demoRats these days. Not much debate about that. Its like a fishing story... Who doesn’t tell them.
  14. NorCalRuss

    President RedZone's Immigration Plan

    Dumb meets dumber....