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  1. Wonder if there will be riots over this killing? Burn the city down and get some Nike’s made by slaves represented by #7 who is fighting oppression? Confusing huh? https://www.wdrb.com/news/crime-reports/indiana-woman-shot-killed-after-argument-with-black-lives-matter-supporters-family-says/article_f838b078-c4f9-11ea-bafe-af31eb69b19f.html
  2. Pitchers ERA wouldn’t typically go up if come in with RISP, it would be charged to whomever let him get on base. Runner should get credit for a run and hitter should get credit for RBI though.
  3. My boys son plays for Redlands in SoCal and he just told me they canceled Oregon, Wash, Zona games and 2 other scheduled teams canceled season on them. Central Catholic of Methdesto ( private school) coach said looking like an option of moving games to Spring is best hope at this time.
  4. I was told NorCal but mentioned if one does the other will follow or risk serious liability.
  5. Hs football is prob going to be canceled in Cali unless something changes drastically in next week. That’s what my friends my wife said who works for district.
  6. Long term, maybe this is a good thing. Looney liberals are going so far left that a good portion that have any functioning brain left will leave the party and create a 3rd or join the good law abiding side that doesn’t burn down cities and police cars when criminals get shot by police in self defense or during a violent crime.
  7. Biden,rats,lefty’s...supporters...”hold my beer, we going to shoot another 100 of our own this weekend, women, kids, old, young, whomever is in range”
  8. Naw, why cant you accept that it was another fake hate crime claim? Click bait trash because the clown was caught trying to be Jussie? You’ve been trained well, why is it you all hate when hate crimes are proven to be fake which means there was no racist act? It’s like you hope for it to be true....
  9. https://www.dailywire.com/news/hate-crime-hoax-student-claims-he-found-racist-notes-on-his-car-police-say-he-wrote-them Another hate crime proven false! Is this Jussies son or Nuts? With the massive amount of hate crimes being committed against white people, who are the real racist?
  10. Let’s start in 2020, not 200 years ago, with the daily mass shootings and violent attacks happening across America? Black and Brown together is what msm is preaching. Anyone that grew up in diverse community knows that’s bs... https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/80-year-old-man-attacked-in-bathroom-of-lancaster-grocery-store/2393742/?amp
  11. These shootings happen every day in America just about and often more than once. Just usually not by a white guy so they don’t want to spread the wrong agenda ( truth ). I use to destroy Nuts aka GA666 daily with these posts. I was called a racist for showing the truth.... I guess if we all read a book we will know why it’s white mans fault that non whites are shooting and killing non whites across the country daily. 🤷‍♂️ haha
  12. Too bad there wasn’t a 50 cal mounted on top of that van and everyone of them scum bags weren’t eating lead....
  13. https://disrn.com/opinion/opinion-why-is-this-considered-a-crime-and-these-other-things-arent/amp Just good kids on their way to church I’m sure...
  14. Nothing for me to get bud...Doesn’t hurt me one bit... Hows a book going to help understand why these savages are killing themselves by the hundreds every weekend? No book can explain that ignorance.... Maybe daddy should’ve been there to raise them to be productive citizens of society and follow some basic laws? Is there a book on that? LMK....
  15. Straight savages living in these big cities. Killing each other like nothing and Yuge pace. Some brutal killings caught on video last few weeks.... Women, kids, babies, don’t matter to them...Let’s blame white people for all our problems. Haha, lot of white people here would live to get on their knees for them brutal killers!!!
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