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  1. None of these libs care that Cajun is a racist and dropped a NBomb here. Hell, a dude called you racist yesterday and defended Cajun for dropping the NBomb and he’s black. Just about every holy than all libs talk with him daily here. It’s comical.
  2. If he sent email to those out of chain of command he prob violated UCMJ. I don’t see an issue with him sending concern to top of his crews safety but he may have done it in wrong manor for unknown reasons? You don’t want the enemy to know your readiness is hampered.
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/06/well/live/coronavirus-doctors-hospitals-emergency-care-heart-attack-stroke.html Where have all the heart attacks went? And ....
  4. We been unlucky then. Been on zoom meetings most of day.
  5. 4 hours ago, DarterBlue said: This is a perfect statement for yourself. You realize youre laughing at posts and quoting someone who dropped a N-bomb to another poster on this site. Talk about being stupid and a moron....
  6. Beef ribs look perfect! Look juicy and I’m assuming you went long smoke with that great smoke ring and bark also. Turkey looks good also. Roasts always good smoked! You been hiding them skills this whole time. .
  7. Breweries, restaurants, and liquor stores are now delivering beer and or mixed drinks now here.
  8. Good beef ribs hard to get. Take forever to smoke also. It all looking good! Made some posole yesterday. You wouldn’t eat it but it’s damn good. Could substitute beef roast instead of pork butt.
  9. My point still stands. But your bitch ass still grasping for straws.
  10. So, no answers to the questions huh? I think you are worried about boogeyman not I obviously.
  11. I think it’s working out just fine for me. This is a giant media hype job. What’s being shown is how easily the media-social media can manipulate govts and people so easily. Why are hospitals allowed to put CoronaVirus down as death when the subject wasn’t even tested? Why are causes of deaths being counted as CoronaVirus when they have 1-3 other illnesses in 99% (?) of cases? Why are flu and phenomena deaths dropping drastically all of a sudden? What precedent has this reaction set for the future? Are we going to shut down the world every flu season? Or is it acceptable to lose 30-50K a year to the flu and spread it without these shutdowns?
  12. Kinda ironic you ask this question while quoting someone who calls black people N-bombs... Maybe you should “ make your own bed” before questioning others... Tell us nooner, why is that ok?
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