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  1. I only spend time on Tier 1, sometimes Tier 2 posts. Too busy. But just wait a bit and one of the new guys will deep 6 it.
  2. Not the time to start acting stupid. Even Tier 5/6 posters could bury your above statement.
  3. Thats correct. The American system put the responsiblity for being prepared and acting quick, to be at the local city and county level. Those cities and counties that have been electing competent mayors/governors will fare much better than those counties and cities that put unqualified political appointees into those important positions.
  4. Definitely a big deal. China also severely under reporting their deaths. This is a #OIAG virus. No one has the benefit of evolution for building resistance. Affects people differently, but is especially vicious to older, and health compromised people Spreads very easily for some reason. Think its been floating around the USA since late Jan. especially in the China town areas of metro cities. The density and public transportation seen in NYC put the population straight up in the wheelhouse of the contagion.
  5. At least Servite Doesn’t lose to the “bad” teams they play. Lol
  6. The TL teams ave. pre-league records are a combined 26-4 every year. What is your definition for "under performing"?
  7. 2013-2018 were the dark years at Servite. All film and records were lost. Nothing to reference with any verifiable accuracy.
  8. LOL. The subject sure switched from MV pretty quick.
  9. 2016 and 2017 Don't count (Dark years no TT) 2019 Servite had mostly Sophs 2010 - Servite 44 vs. MV-17 2009 - Servite beats MV best team ever
  10. As if Folsom was going to schedule the Corona Virus this year.
  11. Stay well my health compromised friend. (seriously). It seems that your area is (Tier 1) infested. NO taking chances. China Virus Infections Tiers Tier 1 - NYC, Italy, Chi-nah Tier 2 - Iran Tier 3 - Washington Tier 4 - California Tier 5 - Illinois Tier 6 - Folsom
  12. Yup. This is what Tier 1 material looks like. LOL
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