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  1. Last I checked this is a free country and guys can choose to join any forum they want including you. NO ONE wants you to try and be the forum monitor and try to keep guys from enjoying other content. I'm sure this thread will bring in more members to our site so thank you for starting it.
  2. I will send you one. Meant to send you the one that went to Las Vegas JC.
  3. Who knows? The off season may be rough, but with the right members, Aug-Dec should be great. Maybe a few back of the hands will keep things entertaining. LOL.
  4. When I clicked on the answer you, an ad popped up. #semipro. Fyi there will be no #namecalling / personal attacks, advertisments,or off topic posts on the other site. Only good HS football takes.
  5. Good one. If your goal was to get the easily manipulated MD block heads slurpin your post, you succeeded
  6. Still tryna understand why you are such a "hater". Servite beat SJB and MV plus played MD closer twice than Duncanville did. But you won't acknowledge it. Sad and pathetic on your part. Ever Since Collins Hill lost to a Wa. team, you've been super salty.
  7. Not worries. All legit HS programs have rebuilding years. Looking forward to seeing next years kids step up.
  8. Wrong. Eeeking out a w in a SBG vs the #10+ So Cal team does not = a "State Title".
  9. SJB, MV..........look the rest up for yourself.
  10. Both of those guys were suited for the Seniors that are graduating. They did a good job and maxed out the potential. The offense is changing after the graduations and new coordinators are in order. One thing that won't change is the Curia will reign and defense will knock your block off.
  11. As part of the The professionals holistic approach, they factor in SOS. 11 of the losses were to MD and SJB which are #1 #2 in the Dynasty rankings. Not complicated.
  12. Very disingenuous and deceptive post. But totally expected from the princess of deflections. Pro tip: Leave the important stuff to the professionals.
  13. I am sure Folsom was "considered". They obviously weren't chosen by the wise people at Max preps because they had very few if any signature wins during the said period. The professionals take a holistic approach to dynasty rankings, not just focus on singular statistics to suit a bonehead agenda. Can't believe I am wasting my time explaining this.
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