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  1. Wrong. Those schools would be there anyway. That is the trend of this era. Public schools are failing the kids and Charter/Private schools will become more ommon
  2. Relax. GSB @GardenStateBaller has done more for high school football in 2 years than you will ever do. Stop knocking people who make efforts to improve matchups and interest in the sport.
  3. Your work in Texas is Com-Plete
  4. Not true for this era/level of transfers. We are seeing exponential level of transfers in today's environment. Los Al and Poly open enrollment mainly added guys from within a 25 mile (at most) radius. Not out of County/state like today.
  5. DHSPANTHERFANGG All-State #114 10-09-2020, 10:36 PM IMG has 12 players ranked in the ESPN 300 and Top 247. They also have not lost to a public school in over 6 years. Insane.
  6. Coco 2018 & 2019 D1 Bracket Challenge Champ #154 Yesterday, 12:30 PM Guys don't make excuses. IMG will win, as they should. And that's fine. People who thought otherwise are delusional. As long as D'ville doesn't get embarrassed here, (and they are holding their own so far) it's a wash.
  7. ChapDad All-State #180 Yesterday, 01:42 PM Originally posted by chhspantherfan View Post IMGs 2s are equally awesome, must be nice. How many states does their roster have on it, or are they all from Florida? I believe they offer football scholarships and have kids from al
  8. DHSPANTHERFANGG All-State #183 Yesterday, 01:50 PM Originally posted by ETRTW View Post Do you put any fault on Samples for this? The kids weren’t as prepared as they should’ve been. They aren’t even going to school on campus yet. You can tell they just don’t have that swag yet.
  9. DragonDad Varsity #216 Yesterday, 10:39 PM So, first of all, I would say that I have a tremendous respect for Duncanville as a program. Everything I have heard from my kid and from other players on our team supports the notion that D-ville players are well coached, high sportsmanship kids. And I agree, expecting any public school team to compete against what is basically a designed national all-star team of top recruits is unrealistic. Hats off to Duncanvill
  10. EASTHOUSTONFOOTBALL All-Amer #211 Yesterday, 08:29 PM Originally posted by ETRTW View Post Nobody has said it so I’ll be the first.............. DV embarrassed us and let us down! I wouldn't say that because they aren't the top team in Texas.
  11. DPaul Addict #13 10-04-2020, 07:38 PM Can I change my pick? I didn't realize they just got new chrome helmets.
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