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  1. Here is the Top 10 Rank School State League Division W-L League W-L Division W-L Rating Schedule Strength Opponents' W-L 1 Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) team preview trend Southern Trinity 5-0 5-0 (1st) 5-0 96.9 59.8 12-14 WINS: #3 St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) (34-17), #8 Servite (Anaheim, CA) (24-17), #128 Santa Margarita
  2. What were the signature wins and records for those years?
  3. Good info. I changed it to 2007-'09 based soley on the record. But I will defer to you and the local guys for any further adjustments
  4. This is why Crowd sourcing is important. It elevates the product and removes any inherent bias.
  5. Yep we need their best 3 consecutive years. Quick while the ink is still wet
  6. The below list of 25 teams represents the nominations for best 3 year run. These will be assigned to Tiers 1-5 based on most impressive resume x Best talent. Five (5) teams per Tier 1-4. Tier 5 can have more. The final result will be crowd sourced with a April 25 deadline. Please present your best effort along with rationale.
  7. We will be posting the Nominated teams today. Then the crowd sourcing begins for Tier placement
  8. Excellent advice. We call it the Folsom slide. It’s also a line dance
  9. Over under on Hurricane Nick making more than 5 posts tonight if The Stache falls behind. Tiiiiin Roooooof #Ghosted
  10. No HS in Calif has lifted more kids out of poverty by the time they graduate, than MDHS. (Aledgedly) according to the word on the street.
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