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  1. Calhi sports consistently ranks/ranked Folsom over better teams solely on W/L records even tho Folsom would have the same losses given the same schedule. Calhi sports looks the other way when it’s DLS with the losses its an obvious double standard that I have been mocking for years
  2. Los Al was 14-0 in 2002 winning the CIFSS D-1. Most likely they were jobbed by Calhi Sports for the state title, just like Calhi Sports jobbed Servite in 2009 in favor of a 2 loss DLS team. The good news is that all the other publications ranked Servite #1 in the State.
  3. That's two Natty rings in 3 years for Bryce. Needs to save room for the NFL version.
  4. You shouldn't have deleted your post about the devil's club futbol team New York Post @nypost · 30m Adele reacts to sixth-tier soccer club belting out her song https://trib.al/1cpyyXA
  5. Is Servite buying Ads on PrepGridiron? Wouldn't the Comish see this as a conflict of interest regarding The Tiers?
  6. Cody Paul was a pop warner PHENOM. He ended up going to HS at Los Alamitos (Los Al) but I am not sure if he was on the team the boat raced Mater Dei for the CIF Championship in 2002.
  7. West Monroe made it into the Tiers last year, but always seem to lose unexpectedly. Maybe need to rethink that program
  8. Total crap. Still fuming! They had 6 months to build more beds. They didn't so now they use that as the metric to keep everyone locked down. Overall # of deaths in 2020 (USA) is flat with 2019. smh. The sand is running out .
  9. Definitely waited. Patiently? not so much. You are right. This F'ing SUCKS! All my plans.......ruined........and for what? All my chances for REVENGE and RESPECT....DENIED!.....What is boils down to is the the NOR Cal politicians in Sacramento baked this whole Fake crises just to DENY me my RIGHTFUL and Likley State Championship.
  10. I like how they now use "Tiers" like us. Also the Tiers are based (I think) on hospital bed capacity. The County had 6 months notice to increase the bed capacity but did virtually nothing in that regard.
  11. https://nbcpalmsprings.com/2020/12/05/exclusive-first-ever-ca-club-tackle-football-league/ Info on the Club League forming in AZ for Calif kids. Also part of a netflix documentary.
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