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  1. I hope you are right but the vote harvesting (cheating) may be to well entrenched until at least another generation out
  2. There is a beef between Servites coach and SJB coach. So Servite didn’t want to play in SJB tourney
  3. Just killin time like everyone else before The Tiers come out.
  4. Over/under on Duncanville player coming down wi the the Delta strain two weeks before kick off?
  5. I can argue with num nuts cuz Servite and MD played many years when they weren’t in the same league
  6. Actually 2 teams have Servite on the sked as well
  7. Don’t need to. The Tiers concept has already hit critical mass. Even the Arco gas station promotes their “Tier 1” gas.
  8. That would be a great "put up or Shut up" game. Loser would spend the next 5 years cowering on this forum.
  9. That is very good news. Crespi is horrible, In Nor Cal they would only be a quarter finalist. This opens things up for a more compelling match up.
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