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  1. Most teams can do better scheduling up even in their own areas/states. Texas is a prime example. Lots of head scratcher 63-7 games and very year
  2. Too bad more coaches don't have this attitude. The WCAC teams do though, and so does the BNU and STA. And of course the IMG's and SFA's. #folsom
  3. What does “loser” mean? Also I just reposted another guys take. Don’t shoot the messenger
  4. Reposting this great take from another board. Very good insight and very accurate. Post by HonorGloryLove » Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:56 am Re: Daforno's musing about Bosco and Poly, I have wondered about this myself many times, and I certainly don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I believe the quality of the programs, and not just the athletic ability, is what makes top teams great. Sure, athleticism plays a big part, but motivation and great preparation (including the hard work of having back ups ready) are the fundamentals. A lot of work and time are necessary to produce that kind of performance. But it's not the work and time put in that make these coaches and programs great in my eyes—please see the end of this post for that. One thing athleticism, particularly speed, can do is to reduce the penalty a team pays for mistakes, like being out of position, missing tackles, etc., but this doesn't help so much when playing a top quality team that is also fast, and plays better football. I think this often accounts for a seemingly invincible nationally ranked team losing a big game. Because I follow MD, I immediately think of the IMG game a couple years ago. I sat on the IMG side and those IMG fans were stunned. What would seem impossible on paper was happening right before their eyes. I am sure Bosco, DLS and Servite have also played games like this. Programs like Bosco, MD and Servite (just wait, they'll be right up there again-TT's a great coach) require a lot of work for players too, and a lot of time. At any of these schools, it's a wonder these kids can study during football season, but they make it happen. I'll say this: having 4 years of that kind of stress will surely make college easier because the kid's used to managing his time and pushing himself when he's dog tired. It's a burden not every kid will accept, and it mirrors the burden these coaches accept. Mind you, I'm not disparaging any kid or coach who does not want to carry that load. It's something the individual must want badly enough to suffer the pain. There are other things in life that are also important, and any individual who places balance ahead of a singular goal deserves our admiration too. We Americans are terribly competitive, and sometimes we lose perspective because of that. I marvel at how the coaches I mentioned, and I will certainly put Bob Ladouceur in the group, always seem to, despite their competitive nature, maintain awareness of what's really important. I watch these men when they meet on the field after a game. There's lots of love for each other with smiles all around. I am often deeply moved when I see them together, as I consider how rare that attitude is. I want to be like them, and I thank all of them for their inspiration. Top
  5. Lol. I was going to single You out on the statement you quoted but deleted that part because I wanted to go high. smh
  6. Sounds like good advice for everyone on this site.
  7. Was that guy on the team that got throttled by The Stache?
  8. I'd be right more often if I did less crowdsourcing on this site.
  9. It was actually a somewhat competitive game. (2014)
  10. Honestly, sitting in the cramped (low) 5 row visitors section, it was hard to see much of anything.
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