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  1. Mister Sammy is travelling this week. We are doing ourr best to get back to everyone in his abstinence.
  2. You luv to punch down on the “interns” don’t you. Saw that you replied and Thought you had something relevant to state about HS Football. Went away disappointed as usual in your content. Sad
  3. Yes. The State of Ohio was on probation after Iggy lost to DeMatha and the Canadian team. Once the Ed’s score 7-3 came in, I watched more film on ALL the Ohio top teams while deciding what to do. Since OHio guys like Hardhit and Omaha Vol made no mention of the game, It appeared they were trying to lay low and hope no one noticed. The films confirmed the lack of explosiveness on offense and lack of over all team speed. The Lines and backers appeared to be undersized along with the DB’s compared to other states. Top teams
  4. All this circular firing squad shows is that the Ohio teams are relatively equal, or in parity with each other. No one is disputing that. The question is where does this group fit in Nationally? As of last week, I could not find an argument for placing this group above Tier 5. So far you have not attempted to give me an argument to support a higher placement
  5. LOL. I don't condone bets that force the loser (you) to be banned from posting for a week.
  6. Cathedral Catholic 2 St. John's 10 DeMatha 9 St. Frances Academy MD 8 Marietta 7 Grayson 1 St. Joseph Regional 6 Iona Prep 5 Elder 4 St. Xavier 3
  7. SJB boat raced Dematha 35-7. The same DeMatha clobbered Ohio #2 Iggy 42-0. Explain that.
  8. I appreciate this discussion. The LAZY polls will never engage in this type of conversation to justify their rankings. You have some very valid points regarding some of the teams you pointed out, as well as the question related to the Tier Ohio is on compared to teams in the Tier above them. First I want to challenge your SOS position. You cite the winning records of the opponents of the top Ohio schools, but it you look 1 level deeper you see that those records are mostly not relaveant due to the opponent quality. For Example look at the Top Ohio schools best wins (outside of the interplay with each other): Mentor - Best Win is Medina. Medina is 5-2 but their BEST win is vs. #732 Eds - Best win is Winter Woods. WW is 5-2 but their wins are vs. #414, #1269, #1372, etc. Iggy - Best win is Loyola (5-2). Loyola best win is #900 St. X - Only beat #1377 by 3 points. Elder - has the best win in Cathedral but lost badly to Eds Regarding the other teams you mentioned. Duncanville is defending Texas 6a Finalists and have an solid win over a Tier 3 SJC team which beat SJP. Chandler - Not truly vetted yet, but are a traditional power and have been rolling their schedule so far. West Monroe - Stayed within 10 points of Tier 2 Longview and has been rolling everyone else. I have been watching "Holy Wars" for quite some time, so I know about rivalry games. This is the same excuse the BNU guys use for explaining away teams with no offensive firepower. There is no bigger Holy War right now than MD vs SJB, and those teams still put up points. St. Eds only garnering a measly 7 points vs Iggy (LAST WEEK), when every other team Iggy has played, has had much more offensive success averaging 30 points vs. Iggy. This may be partly attributed to Holy War game flow, but still raises questions about Ed's current ability to score against good teams. Ohio is very competitive at the Top end. No question. But the challenge is where does Ohio fit in on a Tier with other National teams. Tier 5 may be too low for Ohio, The State got moved down because of the Eds vs. Iggy game result, and the added scrutiny Ohio got because of that. Other teams you mentioned will get scrutinized this week, and we will see what happens.
  9. The field is going to sink a few feet when both teams enter.
  10. Being completely neutral with no pony in the race.................. If IMG wins and Servite wins..that spells doom for SJR and the BNU.
  11. Which state (Calif or Texas) has more players in the NFL?
  12. And your proof to back up that statement is................................?
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