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  1. You obviously don't have the decoder ring that is only availble to tenured members.
  2. Who's Consuela? I don't live in South Georgia, or visit houses of ill repute.
  3. .........and the last time a Fla school won a MNC was when? #trendingdown
  4. Exactly proving my point about poor coaching in Fla. not developing the talent as the year goes on and losing games they should win based on the talent, as oppossed to how the Calif teams get coached up and improve as the season goes on.
  5. To name a couple others........Cen10 scored 7 touchdowns on IMG, Mission Viejo beat Bosco, but yeah whatever.
  6. We get it. You only vouch for Fla teams after OOS games (assuming they won or at least tied in regulation). All other Fla teams would get beat by multiple other Fla teams. Got it. #professionalhedgemangager
  7. Big Powerful Fla Top school Plant losing to Gonzaga? Wow. #trendingdown
  8. This is a coherent post. I agree with most of it. It’s frustrating for everyone not to be able to vett Lakeland appropriately due to the tomorrow cans on the schedule. Very similar to the devil. Could be uberly talented and well coached but need that signature win to get up to the higher Tiers.
  9. When Lakeland actually has a Tier 1 team, if that day shall ever come, then the crowd sourced Tiers will consider them
  10. Nice hedge. You're catching on to how things go around here. #texas #Ga
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