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  1. Just blessed to be ahead of the curve...as usual. To your credit, you saw it. Realizing that I would be correct and were hating it in advance. Lol
  2. Can you tell me About it again!! Especially the good parts about when they were all crying on their blue field And then when the mayor called to cancel the parade And when no one showed up to the post game victory party
  3. Well you n that case. The data points must point to said placements. let’s see how DLS performs in the SBG they have had 8 weeks to prepare
  4. Where did I ever say Parkview or Marietta were better than DLS it visa versa? Also no one knows much about DLS this year other than they lost at home to STA SJB will crush them
  5. Book it You can take AquInas to the Bank all day long
  6. A damn good team that should be in the SBG and would roll Folsom
  7. Accepting preemptive excuses this week
  8. Only in Whiteshoes poll can you lose to #583 badly at home and be ranked in the Top 80 im sorry but this shows complete disdain for multiple deserving teams on multiple levels
  9. ...and to think their boosters say they’d roll Trinity League teams.
  10. FIFY been there done that
  11. Something Something trail’d
  12. Let’s have a mock trial. The Commissioner could be Judge and guys from NJ, AZ, and Ohio could be the Jury the following teams need Counsel: STA DV SJB Lowndes MD
  13. Pops you are a natural for preeminent crowd source sourcee for The Tiers.
  14. Glad @BUFORDGAWOLVES gave you a courtesy emoticon. That Tier 6 response certainly didn’t warrant one. Lol
  15. 2017 Mater Dei was a ONCE in a Generation Team. Nuff Said
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