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  1. Posted 22 hours ago Here are the games for week 8 pick ems. Picks are due by 7PM east coast time on Friday. Good luck. ML King at Cass Tech (MI) - 2 Warner Robbins at Ware County (GA) - 8 North Cobb at Walton (GA) - 3 St Joesph and John at Bergen Catholic (NJ) - 9 DePaul at Don Bosco Prep (NJ) - 4 Centennial at Norco (CA) - 10 Sierra Canyon (CA) at Saguaro (AZ) - 5 Catholic Memorial at St. John’s Prep (MA) - 1 Riverdale at Oakland (TN) - 6 Archbishop Moeller at St. Edwards (OH) - 7
  2. SJB was crowd sourced out of Tier 1. Personally I thought they played great and at a Tier 1 level. Probably their best and most complete game of the season. If I had to pick 5 teams (right now- this week) to win a majority of the games against anyone else, my five are: Stache, IMG, SJB, SFA, Servite
  3. Last year Servites defense was mostly Jr's. This year 9 back + Tmac. Uh oh!
  4. Yep. Just like last years 42-17 errrrrrrrrrrr 24-17 game
  5. This is truly a HUGE news flash First time in 5+ years that a team other than MD or SJB has been ranked higher than #3
  6. Yes. SJB had the lead twice in the first half. Mater Dei had 0 turnovers. SJB could definitely win if they played again
  7. Servites "other best win" has 3 losses. 1. Servite 2. Cen10 3. Mission Viejo NIce analysis. Looks like you spent less than 5 seconds on it.
  8. Tier 1 - Mater Dei, IMG, Tier 2 – Servite, Westlake Tx, STA, Cen10, SFA, Jesuit FL, SJB, Tier 3 - ESL, SJC, Warner Robbins, Guyer, Miami Central, Northwestern, AHP, Chaminade Madonna, Hamilton, Bishop Gorman Tier 4 - SJP, Duncanville, Bergen Catholic, Ryan, Atascocita, Milton, Buford, North Cobb, Chandler, Thompson (AL), SLC, Rockwall Heath, Catholic-BR Tier 5 Venice, Katy, North Shore, Cocoa Fl, Cardinal Gibbons, Collins Hill**, Allen, Mission Viejo, St. Edward, Center Grove, Corner Canyon, St. X, , Springfield OH Tier 6 - DeMatha, Cartersville, Liberty Nv. De Paul, Gonzaga, Loyola Academy, Hoover, DBP, St. Francis CA, DLS, Sierra Canyon, Carmel (In)*, SPP, Serra (San Mateo), Male (Ky), Mill Creek ‘* - Indicates teams on probation for their Tier. ** - Indicates Johnny Stanton rule in effect *Requests to add your team will be honored. But must be Tier 6 or above to be placed on a Tier. Below is an explanation of the Methodolgy used to place the teams on various Tiers. The Tier concept recognizes that W/L records are a function of quality of opponent, and as such, RELEVANCY of opponent MUST be factored in. The Tiers recognizes that in some cases, a 10-0 team (ranked in Top 100 by some outlets) could get blown off the field by a 5-5 (unranked) team that played a tougher schedule. This is why the Tiers was created. *Not attempting to rank every team, only the ones we discuss on this site. *Teams are ranked appropriately for that week in the season. Teams can improve and regress comparatively. * The Tiers are fluid and subject to extreme fluctuations early in the year, leveling out as the year progresses. *Tier placements consider a team’s entire body of work, however are weighted heaviest on recent games and game weights decrease in significance in reverse order. In other words, early road OOS losses to relevant teams can be overcome as the season progresses. *Teams placed on the same Tier can compete with other same Tier teams and possibly win 2+ of 10. *Basically there is a – 2 score drop between tiers. Could vary from a TD to 3 scores depending on the styles of teams playing. This does not necessarily mean that there is a 30 point difference between Tier 1 and Tier 3, only that the chances of a Tier 3 team beating a Tier 1 team are exponentially less than the chances of a Tier 2 Team beating a Tier 1 team. *The Tiers will ultimately be made up of (4-16) teams per Tier that would form competitive playoff brackets. *Texas teams generally have not played enough OOS games to gauge properly #crapshoot. There must be a daisy chain OOS connection for a reference point. Teams with no OOS daisy chain connection may not be placed on a Tier. (Texas exempt) *Tiers are based on exhaustive research, Multiple games watched, and good gut feelings. *This is a crowd sourced rating. All input will be considered and adjustments will be made as appropriate
  9. Week 6 notes. open for vetting and to provide direction toward potential Tier placement. Crowd sourcing is welcome and will be considered prior to Tier release SJB controls (or stalemates at worst) LOS, Tied at the half vs. Mater Dei. Should they be penalized for Playing MD when other teams have not been vetted, or does their actual record overcome the loss to #1 AHP lost to Treasure Coast by 8, beat Chaminade Madonna by 2, lost to STA by 8, Beat Cardinal Gibbons by 3 Cardinal Gibbons (5-1) lost to AHP by 3 STA beat SFA by 15, lost to Jesuit by 3, Beat AHP by 8, beat Western by 10 Chaminade Madonna beat Western by 17, lost to AHP by 2, Beat Buford 7-0, beat (5-0) Seminole by 3 after trailing 0-15 in Q1 SFA lost to STA by 15, Beat Good Counsel 50-7, Beat DLS 42-28 Serra SM routs (4-0) Bellarmine 41-7 and remains on the path for a D-1 SBG berth DLS (3-2) lost to St. Francis 28-31, lost to SFA 21-42. Tier survival at stake for the Spartans next week. St. X lost to (1-5) #463 Trinity which lost to # 55 Carmel by 11, # 68 Male by 14, #182 St X (Ky) by 7, #252 La Salle by 21 St. Ria by 13 DBP beat a good #69 SPP team by 2 scores a week after hanging tough with highly ranked BC. DBP opponent record is 22-3. DBP has pretty much expunged the loss to #174 SHP St. Ed plods to a 5 point win over Offensively challenged (4-3) Iggy, which also lost to #743 Mentor. St. Ed with a 21.9 SOS and opponent record of 18-17. Miami Central wins by 3 24-21 over 5-1 Northwestern which lost to IMG 52-21 (5-0) Chandler SOS is 37.6 and Opponents record 13-11 (6-0) Corner Canyon SOS 32.9 opponents record 34-28 (6-0) Jesuit SOS 29.9. Opponent record 14-13 (7-0) Thompson SOS 21.6 Opponent record 18-25 (6-0) Center grove SOS 36.8 opponents record 22-27 Best win #56 Carmel 41-14 (6-0) Camel SOS 38.9 opponent record 20-26 Best winn vs #199 (5-1) Liberty NV. Lost to Mater Dei 52-7, best win #663 opponent record 17-20 (5-1) Depaul best win #241 lost to SPP which lost to DBP (6-0) Catholic BR – best win #143 OLGC 38-10 who got wrecked by IMG 52-7
  10. That is a very loaded question, and one I have not yet started to sort out. What does it say about Moeller, What does it say about Ohio in general that has been outscored by OOS teams something like 135-21 this year? What does it say about the teams who beat Trinity*? We will need some crowd sourcing to help sort out this mess.
  11. I feel you Testadura. I like X as well. They were my great hope for Ohio this year. Had the Bombers in Tier 2 The crowd sourcing out of Ohio was about as detailed as the non thread about the loss. Now I have to eat crow with @hardhit1 and move St. Ed’s back up.
  12. Can't make up your own rules. Max preps is as good of a neutral third party as any.
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