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  1. LOL. I am sure they have a local good ole boy QB with a legacy dad that will stop that from happening.
  2. Rush making his case to move up a Tier. New developments must be factored in.
  3. So tired of Ga teams inflating their rankings due to transfers. smh. https://247sports.com/Article/Jake-Garcia-USC-Trojans-Valdosta-high-school-Rush-Propst--149916954/
  4. If you are referring to SBG wins In the past 4 seasons you would be correct
  5. Incredulous is a more fitting adjective
  6. It reminds me how Mater Dei took 20 years to recover from the 1998-2001 beat downs by DLS. The Monarchs lowered the bar for all So Cal teams that followed. even then The Stache had to rely on transfers to pull it off
  7. And they were beaten by yours truly. Best signature TL win up to that point
  8. Maybe 1 or 2 that would have finished in the Top 3 of the TL. Maybe 1 or 2 that deserves a Top 100 ranking Even those 1or 2 had no signature wins tho.
  9. Yes you did. However you had a certain Nor cal team ranked higher for most of the year and would not budge (despite my weekly pleadings) until you sank with the ship when they (nor cal team) lost to a nobody team It still bothers me. The last ten years polls bother me seeing THAT team ranked.
  10. Great point! And also Not Cal. Lol Maybe Omaha Vol is coming around....finally.
  11. Gotta give them credit for scheduling a Trinity League team. Braver than most. (not naming names)
  12. The best part was when The Stache could not remember the name of the Nor Cal team they were scheduling (Consumes Oakes). LOL. Nor Cal is so irrelevant.
  13. Pretty good chance the Bishop Amat will pick up either Servite or JSerra in Week 4. Servite wants the game but Amat may go the Jserra (path of least resistance) route
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