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  1. You gotta put this energy into your family's coronavirus response my man....
  2. Yep, hopefully the great tub mystery is solved
  3. I rode down Polk Street last week, The banner is still hanging up my guy...
  4. Definitely wouldn't work in Cobb, not a spiky haired pseudo guidance counselor type who blames other schools for their own on field results!
  5. Rush allegedly wanted 180k and a pickup truck from VHS, he getting anything close to that type of compensation at Homeschool tech and is this a point of contention since he's now "3rd ranked" because he was the draw for this place about a month ago.
  6. Bye week fell right before Fall break giving them 2 weeks off.
  7. Got hurt before halftime against Hillgrove, game was a 24-21 shootout before he was injured,WR Ramel Keyton (Tennessee) also was out for that game. GC game they were down 6 other starters.
  8. Gotcha, just hope my bluedevils can stay healthy this year! Thanks for all you do.
  9. Finding a game on 10/20 was gonna be difficult no matter how you look at it.
  10. Hearing a home game vs. Edgewater HS out of Florida is a possibility for Marietta.
  11. For sure! They still have padded that record though...
  12. Come on bro! You know I’m right 😂 Etowah too that ain’t gone help NOTHING!
  13. Yeah because beating Banneker, Douglass County and directional Forsyth tells you soooo much about them lol can’t be underrated when you haven’t played anyone of substance!
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