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  1. Yeah my phone keeps reverting back to the same play over and over
  2. Is Van Buren the most overrated player in the country?
  3. CG managed to hold the ball for most of the half. AH looked powerful moving it for their score. Actually staying with my 28-18 pick.
  4. Valid consideration I omitted. CG looks like a defense-first team that would prefer an ugly game. Ugly weather may mean a minor upset.
  5. I just wonder what the kids who already have HS diplomas do during these "for the 'gram" photo/study sessions. Maybe they're reading boards like this one? 😜
  6. I have a hunch MV lacks the quickness on D to slow the Los Al offense.
  7. Easy game as expected. Meaningless for national rankings, I know.
  8. I think they get some sympathy or interest based on a "social justice" angle. Being a historically black school in an impoverished area may explain why an STA would give them a game. But, mostly, it seems it is overly ambitious egomaniac coaches who are lining up to play them. Schools who would be nobodies without the high profile games.
  9. I would think if, hypothetically, a potential 5* prospect at, say, QB seemed possible for them, maybe that player may get a little "extra".
  10. Torrential downpour. Tough to get clean snaps at the moment.
  11. Looks like just after 9:00 EST for kickoff following a lightning delay.
  12. Let's just say, hypothetically of course, that SFA offered "generous" stipends that went above and beyond tuition, room and board. Perhaps they offered all of the above and "fun money" to select players as well. Who, at the high school level anyway, would be in charge of monitoring such activity and possibly ruling players ineligible? It seems to me that luring players from other states to play in a very rough neighborhood at a school with poor facilities may not ordinarily be all that easy. But, should relatively wealthy characters take an interest (financially, egotistically, etc) in the program and be willing to be "generous" to some athletes, perhaps the task of luring athletes from far away would be easier.
  13. Should be an easy blowout. But, final margin is very tricky with a running clock. No clue on whether a Monday night game changes anything. Rain/lightning delays seem inevitable too. Perhaps it'll be a bit of an ugly game.
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