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  1. The terms we have to pivot to using are “morals” and “values” and “ethics”. “Culture” is not the term we want to use. There are many anodyne traits of culture, and making the issue over that word misleads a lot of people. It’s “red meat” for the radical left. Culture can be things like salsa dancing or hip hop or rodeo. Nothing wrong or inherently divisive about any of those things.
  2. I’m currently out of the office and not receiving notifications 🙃
  3. School board member votes against resolution honoring the victims on 9/11: Story
  4. I ask again, Is it me who is demented, or people like this teacher in the second largest school district in the country (not to be confused with Greg Gipe; that was a teacher in Sacramento) who had posters hanging in his classroom saying "F--- Amerikka" and "F--- the Police"? The calls to destroy America are not nearly as rare as many think
  5. Like viruses, ideas tend to be contagious, and can spread exponentially. The idea that the country is irreparably oppressive, and thus must be destroyed from within, has gained a tremendous amount of steam over the last five or so years. Even if the percentage of people feeling that way is still quite small, the number has grown exponentially. And I've been quite disappointed at the lack of denouncing of the idea by those on the left. Just as Trump never really strongly denounced right wing extremists-thus opening the door for people to believe he supported them- we don't see the more reasonable leftists denouncing the extremists on their side. So, you can say I'm a loon for worrying about something that doesn't seem to be a significant problem now. But, I tend to think I'm more like those who noticed exponential growth in Covid cases in around February 2020. The number of cases was still very low, but exponential growth was clear. The number of people who want to see the country destroyed may still be very small, but it's far greater now than just a few years ago.
  6. I’m demented, but there is no criticism for the people who’ve tried only to explain and justify 9/11. Got it.
  7. Insults aside, there's no getting around the fact that there are radicals who felt it was justified and enjoyed it. And, most/all left wing politicians don't have the guts to condemn it. When did Gavin Newsom ever condemn the destructive riots of 2020?
  8. I’m just trying to give you material. Have to keep you sharp and on your toes.
  9. MC is boosted by the “connection” to darlings SJB and Gorman. Just playing those teams ensures top 100 placement. DLS being all the way up at 156 is far too high given this team’s resume. I assume they’re ahead of my Dreadnaughts, despite not being any better than Lake Wales.
  10. This should catapult Saint Francis into the top handful of teams in the country for sure, and perhaps historically. Look for the Lancers to be like #5 nationally, just ahead of #6 DLS.
  11. Once DLS pulls it out against the Baltimore power, we can rest easy in knowing a grand, aggregate total of ZERO teams from Florida will be ranked ahead of the Spartans for the entirety of the year. No matter what.
  12. That is an incredibly racist comment.
  13. DLS really starting to assert themselves against the power from Baltimore. Saint Francis is being made to look like your typical Bay Area team. But, of course, that's not true: they are the team that battled STA in Fort Lauderdale just two weeks ago. No wonder DLS is top 15 nationally!
  14. If they eek out a win, they'll end up in the Open game against SJB/MD. And, that automatically grants them national top 25 status. No matter what.
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