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  1. The claim of an evil agenda is ludicrous (unless you're simply referring to what can be the cruel nature of the universe). The virus has natural, not man-made origins: But the conspiracy theorists will never change their minds.
  2. The first bolded sentence is likely correct. The next two are unfounded and absurd. The health professionals-and anyone else paying attention- has known for a very long time this kind of thing has always been a possibility. Plenty of warning bells.
  3. You have to factor all of that in to a degree. And then you have to recognize that there will be many excellent coaches that few if anyone, even on a board like this, have even heard of. And there will also be coaches on most every list who are only there because they annually have an absurdly stacked roster that ensures wins.
  4. GSB: The Ultimate Ball Washer. UBW ftw
  5. Dusty wants his mug on ESPN as his "team" takes on some "national power". Why would he care how many years the kids have already played? he'll take any/every player he can get. No matter what.
  6. Here is the story from Manatee's 44-14 win in Maryland over Gilman where Biff got ejected.
  7. Don't you fear Dusty will be mad at you for cheating on him?
  8. Don't you know George Soros funds all media outlets in the world? And, it's all to promote a commy, homosexual agenda. Duh.
  9. "The media" is not in a place to give evidence or a reasonable explanation. The media provides a platform for the public health experts to do all of that. And they have.
  10. If we do indeed end up going two full years without a game played, does this lead to significant numbers of kids giving the game up, all together? And if that happens, might we have seen the end of the sport? This all looks preposterous as I type it. But not really any more preposterous than so many other things we are seeing now.
  11. Word from the medical community is that there won't be the kind of freedom needed to fully open society for more than a month at a time until a vaccine is available. And the optimistic time frame on that is eighteen (18) months, or about seventy-eight (78) weeks. That puts us in late September of 2021, optimistically. So, perhaps they could have some sort of abridged 2021 season. Go ahead and forget 2020. The handwriting on the wall.
  12. Is this our first sighting of the USAA campus?
  13. If they really had a team and a school, they'd obviously have to be saying so much more. But, they don't have anyone to make announcements to, other than prospective students who they offered a discount for 🤣
  14. Italy's numbers are under control? Have you informed the World Health Organization? They'd be ecstatic to hear this news!
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