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  1. I don't really know. I see Niceville needed double overtime to beat Buchholz. So, Niceville isn't anything special. But, last year on the road they only trailed Edgewater by a missed extra point with 3 minutes to play. Neither is a threat to STA this year.
  2. Class 7A in Florida from 2019-2020 is surely on the list. In 2019, it was really good. You had a stout Edgewater team, knocking off a really good Armwood team, which beat a Lakeland team loaded with major prospects all on one side of the bracket. Both Armwood and Edgewater played road games against two of Georgia's best teams, and more than held their own in both. Lakeland spent all year nationally ranked and was as or more loaded than 99.8% of the teams in the country. And STA, which traveled to get wins over De La Salle and unbeaten St. Louis, was the eventual top dawg coming out of the Sout
  3. So, how are things going in our quest to help Mr. Giuliani into an assisted care facility? Perhaps he and Sydney Powell can be reunited there?
  4. The third and fourth plays show defenders literally falling down trying to tackle him. Not diving and missing, but getting shook so bad they fell down 😂
  5. While it's true that big stats are actually commonplace, seven (7) rushing TDs in a playoff game is more of something you'd expect against schools of the deaf and blind.
  6. And that might not have been his best. @polkway got a cut of the better one, but too far away to see. Will have to wait for the press box/hudl view.
  7. Of course UF has a lot of RBs and a lot of options. So, it's not going to be an easy decision on pursuing him. But, I do think there's some value in recruiting a kid that really loves the Gators. Could have a ton of kids from the L there between LHS kids and McCall (Ventrell Miller would be gone).
  8. Yeah my guess is he's 5'6" *maybe* 5'7". But, how much does height really matter at that position? He probably won't be able to develop enough power to play past the age where he starts losing speed and moves. But, that won't be an issue before 30/several years in the NFL.
  9. Pretty sure he's a huge Gator fan, and his teammate (Sam McCall) is a 4/5* committed to the Gators. Both c/o 2022. He's a kid who, like I said, was probably borderline as to whether UF would really pursue him/give him a committable offer. He's short, and there's a surplus of RBs with impressive HS highlight reels. But, tonight I saw his footwork in action, and he seems special in that way. I hope Demarkcus Bowman has an amazing career. But, this kid has a shot to be as good, albeit in different ways. He's not the physical/athletic monster Bowman is, but his cuts and moves are pretty awesome. B
  10. After spending $9.99 last season to be forced to listen to the crowd reactions-because the Robo-cam kept panning AWAY from the play in action, always when a BAD play happened- to figure out my Lakeland team was losing in the playoffs, the network FINALLY produces a worthwhile night. I had three games going at once. My team won on one, American Heritage knocked out MNW on another, and I think I just saw the next Barry Sanders on the third tab. @954gator, check out Jaylon Glover's Hudl after he posts tonight's highlights. I know there are a lot of RBs that look good in HS and fizzle in college.
  11. The restrictions (at least in L.A. county) were such that you could do "drills" but couldn't play games. This included beach volleyball. You drive into Hermosa Beach along Pier Ave. and a big mobile alert sign says "No team sports". Thankfully, Hermosa P.D. never enforced it. People would bring their own nets to hang up (the city took the regular nets down) to get games in. I'm sure the police realized how stupid it would be to sit and watch to see if the volleyball going on switched from drills to a game. Of course, any day now it will all be closed as they county's residents will be imprison
  12. Yes, someone can top Spurrier's run at USCe. Spurrier's offense was never anything like it was in Gainesville. Whether he lost some touch, or defenses had just caught on better, you never really had the same feeling watching USCe's offense that you got when Spurrier was at UF. Overall, I don't think scheme and/or playcalling ever really did all that much for the Gamecocks in that era. They had good talent, and seemed to win a ton of close games. If they can get a coach along the lines of Urban Meyer (not him specifically), who can mesh a ton of talent-the easiest thing for USCe to get- with in
  13. A question that needs to start being asked: At what point do treason charges need to be brought against the individuals trying to pull this shit? And, at what point can the lawyers be charged for lying to a judge in a court of law? Thus far, it seems it's all smoke and mirrors, and when the lawyers get in court they just sort of withdraw into meaningless statements right before the case is tossed. This is truly batshit crazy stuff. And it's enflaming the cognitively impaired to an extent that may endanger society at large.
  14. for Rudy Giuliani NOT to be in an assisted care facility, far out of the public sphere. Very, very sad to see the demise of this man.
  15. Very sad to see the insane restrictions put in place by Newsom. Orange County has had it better than L.A. county, (which is part of why I just moved to Newport Beach!) but there's just no way they'll be able to have any sort of season with this draconian approach. The really maddening thing is, I have a feeling we could find ourselves in a place where multiple vaccines have been available for several months, and STILL find most everything shut down "out of an abundance of caution". Who'd have ever thought that fleeing California may, in all seriousness, be a matter of wanting to get one's fre
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