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  1. If Donald Trump decided he wanted to argue with people on prepgridiron.com, he'd be just like Canes/Atticus. Call everyone else names, disparage them, and quickly declare that he's "destroying" the others and is "winning". Reasonable people recognize when one person calls the others names, while they just stick to arguing their points.
  2. It contains numerous links which do just that. And it speaks to the semantic games being employed by leftists.
  3. You are correct to be concerned about the possible consequences of sloppy language in “anti-CRT” bills. It is “snowflakery”-potentially dangerous at that- to ban things because they may make some uncomfortable. You are correct in classifying the bills as pandering to a political base. (Though you likely can’t/won’t acknowledge the instances in which your tribe does the same.) You are more full of shit than a Christmas turkey when you continue to say CRT isn’t found in schools. Here’s a column with links that will help you: https://spectator.org/a-crt-skunk-by-any-other-name-still-smells-putrid/
  4. But what percentage of those parents are aware of the facts presented in the toolkit in the link? Most are only aware of what’s shown on legacy media, or “word of mouth” rumors and nonsense. Flint, Michigan schools announced “distance learning” would continue indefinitely and made NO MENTION of staffing issues. They only cite rising cases and test positivity rates.
  5. The communists want schools closed because it leads to a chain of reactions which cripple society: parents have to stay home, which harms businesses, which harms corporations, which leads to banks not getting paid etc. And the government then may be compelled to send out more checks. There are radicals pushing this. And many of them are working as public health officials. Public health = government health; private health = business/capitalism.
  6. This is an advocacy toolkit. The advocacy is desperately needed for the sake of the well-being of children. We must stand up to the neurotics and the communists, otherwise they will never stop with the mandated quarantines of healthy children, the never-ending masking and the periodic school closures. https://www.urgencyofnormal.com/
  7. Link of interest: The cult of masked schoolchildren
  8. Why would he strongly recommend people not doing something…unless the something was not safe? Quite obviously, the strong recommendation was because he didn’t deem those actions to be safe. And those actions are VERY typical NYE activities.
  9. This poster/graphic is impressive in that it completely obscures where he’s headed. As in, I can’t tell. Not sure the headache incurred by squinting hard is worth finding out.
  10. The fact that he said those very things that he said gives the strong impression that the vaccine doesn’t keep people safe. That amounts to misinformation. Of course, NOTHING Fauci says will EVER be categorized as misinformation, precisely because he said it, and The Narrative states that he can never be wrong about anything.
  11. He said: “If your plans are to go to a 40- to 50-person New Year’s Eve party with all the bells and whistles and everybody hugging and kissing and wishing each other a happy new year, I would strongly recommend that this year we do not do that,” Fauci said during the White House COVID-19 briefing Wednesday.”
  12. This is ridiculous. He “strongly recommended” that they not kiss, hug or gather outside the home. So, we’re arguing over whether telling the public that he “strongly recommends” they don’t do those things amounts to “telling them not to do those things”. Are you employed?
  13. And what he described here is PERFECTLY NORMAL behavior for New Year’s Eve. This is the what dozens of millions of people in this country do each and every year. And he’s saying that, even if you’re vaccinated and boosted, you shouldn’t do those things. I characterized his comments accurately.
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