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  1. Fun fact: Wharton's new coach is one of the top 15 or so legends in the history of the University of Southern California. And he's the second such coach (a top 15 legend in USC football history) in Wharton's history. Wharton=USC East 😂
  2. Do they figure to be markedly better than the last two years? Getting obliterated by Lowndes has to make people question how good they really are outside of a watered down classification in Florida.
  3. I'm sure Dusty, Rush and gardenstateballer will have a realll good sales pitch for Ned and Ned will give them a good boost. And then the "connectedness" of teams like Good Counsel and IMG will keep them high. They figure to be one of the teams that can suffer multiple blowouts and still be top 30ish.
  4. How many transfers is this now (January) for STA?
  5. In other words, not high school football. This is something else...
  6. USAA, if they don't "postpone" the first season, will play CAI above, IMG and American Collegiate Academy. The last one has a School Director who is an undergrad at the University of Tampa 😂
  7. I suppose I could also use Billy McFarland in place of Trump, in case people's feelings are hurt...
  8. Well, of course what you say makes sense. But, we've entered into an era, more so than any time in the last few decades, where grifters reign supreme. It's as if people actually want to be taken for a fool. Tell the people you've built it and that it is the best/you are the best. And then they all hop in line to join. Even if everything you said up front was a bold-faced lie. People seem to be enjoying being sold a bill of goods, like taking in a magic show. Sam Harris had Scott Adams on his podcast a year or so ago, and Adams's best claim to explain his and other's support for Trump was that Trump was persuasive, and that that was admirable. Never mind that the persuasion was built on an immense stack of lies. I think that's what Dusty is going for here: Lie to the people, they'll kind of like it, they'll join in, and then we really will be IMG-Alabama.
  9. They really need to focus on the kids with poor grades who may be looking for an easy way out. That's who would be interested in making a move. They probably know that, though.
  10. "Students, today's Algebra lesson will be cancelled. The seniors with Alzheimer's sewing club has an activity planned. We'll resume tomorrow."
  11. I don't know about you guys, but if I'm a parent of a kid in the southeast U.S., and I see these pics, I'm DEFINITELY saying to myself, "fuck, gotta get Johnny to drop everything at ____ School and head there ASAP!"
  12. If he runs USAA the way he ran his bid for Alabama rep., Devaughn will copy Trump in every way imaginable. So, it makes perfect sense that the Netflix thing is a lie, and/or that he'll be his own photographer/pretend to be a cameraman.
  13. Playing very good high schools can certainly help a team get better. A little better, anyway. But, by and large, teams are what they are. Venice (Fl) this past season was a good test case: Date Opponent Result 8/237:30p IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL) Location: Venice High School Box Score (L) 46 - 7 8/307:30p @ St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, FL) Location: St. Petersburg High School Box Score (W) 44 - 0 Touchdowns Against Cancer Games Final Results 9/67:30p @ Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville, FL) Game Details: @ Trinity Christian Academy Box Score (W) 50 - 49 (2OT) 9/207:30p Riverview Sarasota (Sarasota, FL) Location: Venice High School Box Score (L) 24 - 21 9/277:30p @ Sarasota (Sarasota, FL) Location: Sarasota High School Box Score (W) 42 - 7 10/47:30p St. Frances Academy (Baltimore, MD) Game Details: Venice HS, football stadium Box Score (L) 49 - 7 10/117:30p @ Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton, FL) Location: Lakewood Ranch High School Box Score (W) 49 - 6 10/187:30p Cocoa (Cocoa, FL) Location: Venice High School Box Score (W) 48 - 31 10/257:30p Manatee (Bradenton, FL) Location: Venice High School Box Score (L) 30 - 13 11/87:30p @ Lehigh (Lehigh Acres, FL) Location: Lehigh 2019 FHSAA Football State Championship - Class 7A Football Box Score (W) 49 - 0 11/157:00p Palm Beach Lakes (West Palm Beach, FL) 2019 FHSAA Football State Championship - Class 7A Football Box Score (W) 62 - 35 11/227:30p Manatee (Bradenton, FL) 2019 FHSAA Football State Championship - Class 7A Football Box Score (W) 34 - 17 11/297:30p St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 2019 FHSAA Football State Championship - Class 7A Football Box Score (L) 42 - 0 They lost by 39 to IMG, who was absurdly loaded. Because Venice was a pretty good team, they managed win at Jax TCA. They lost by 42 to SFA, who was absurdly loaded. The IMG and SFA games were complete laughers that the team couldn't possibly have learned anything from. Still, as far as high school teams go, Venice was pretty good, notching a seventeen-point win over Cocoa October 18. All pf those games still couldn't help Venice avoid a seventeen-point home loss-in a game for the district title-to Manatee in the regular season finale. Venice turned right back around and won two road playoff games decisively, and then avenged the Manatee loss from a few weeks prior (rematches that were not certainties at the time of the first game almost always favor the team who felt they did poorly the first game). How did all of that help them when they played STA in the playoff game? They lost by 42. Same damn result as the IMG and SFA games. Venice was what they were. Pretty good HS team that simply couldn't match up with the super teams. All the IMG and SFA games did for them was get them "running-clocked" a couple times as they granted games to teams who wouldn't otherwise have had anyone to play. Venice only helped IMG and SFA; they didn't help themselves. Playing an academy that operates under an entirely different set of rules, and who may be more loaded with talent than any team that may be a playoff opponent down the road, does a team no good.
  14. But, if they persuade enough teenagers who are good at football to sign up ("attend" seems to be a poor choice of words since they have no classrooms to set foot in), they may well end up on TV with a chance to beat another such team. And, that's all that really matters to them, anyway.
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