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  1. I've had one shot of the Moderna on March 3. For me, the next day was like a solid hangover, plus a sore shoulder/arm. At the time the results of the trial were posted, the *only* scientifically supported approach was to take both doses, four weeks apart. Now, with millions and millions of real world results, including a major nation (U.K.) which chose its citizens to be guinea pigs and delay the second shot 12 weeks (meaning, most residents of the UK haven't had both shots), the data coming in strongly suggests one dose may be sufficient. It's been said Moderna's vaccine offers 80-90% protec
  2. I'm terrified by a lot I see, but with limited time I'll just offer a couple biggies: - Race essentialism, which makes race the first and primary characteristic people see and consider when judging others. - The ideas of Ibram X. Kendi. Feel free to look them up, but in a nutshell they involve intentional discrimination based on race, a constitutional amendment which creates a "Department of Anti-Racism" which has the power to overrule and also discipline anyone and everyone, and is unable to be checked by the President, Congress, the Supreme Court or anyone else. - The mainstre
  3. I'd probably go for Cheney, Sasse or Kasich. Romney as well, though that ship has probably sailed.
  4. I'm not left, right or center. I'm all about moving forward, though that doesn't mean I'm a Yang cultist.
  5. I am every bit as terrified-if not more- of what I see from the woke mob and the media/social media complicit in the pushing of The Narrative than I was with Trump. But, I'm a liberal. (I'm not a leftist.) And Trump really is deplorable. Yes, I realize there are instances of egregious dishonesty by the media regarding Trump (I know the bounty story the media pushed just fell apart). But, I can read what he has said, listen to what he says at his rallies, and consider things he's done which are not in dispute and still see he's deplorable. It seems clear that, all things considered-and 'a
  6. This is what I want to know as well. Super weird they allow thousands of fans at pro sports now, but none for H.S. except for those with specific connections to current players.
  7. Recruiting is the lifeblood of any high school sports program.
  8. Lake Gibson at Lowndes is probably a better matchup than most here will acknowledge. Lowndes is the clear favorite. But LG may have multiple players who are better than anyone on Lowndes's roster, so it should be a game to keep an eye on.
  9. Lake Gibson has a few elite players, but probably won't have enough of a complete team to go on the road and beat Lowndes. Unless they make a big jump from last year...
  10. That's a pretty silly thing to say. Most schools have to be very prudent with how they spend money. And that applied before we had a pandemic which severely impacted the financial standing of most schools. Spending thousands of dollars and having kids out of school extra time is not a decision to be taken lightly.
  11. What's the financial profile of those other South Florida privates? STA has major $, I'm not so sure about the others. And, it seems the Trinity League schools have much more of a history and footprint in their areas in terms of academic reputation etc. The flipside, like you say, is South Florida has considerably more talent than Orange County. The schools down in South county (J. Serra, SM) are mostly frozen out of recruiting kids from south L.A. and Long Beach due to sheer distance. SJB, and, to a lesser extent MD, can still get in on some of those kids. But OLU and Servite are just as
  12. I'm a bit hesitant to read much into these rankings given the extreme disruptions to camps, recruiting visits etc. STA regularly has 3* and 4* players who did very little the year prior, but impressed at camps or when scouts attended practices. Now, with a dearth of such scouting opportunities, it's very hard to rate a kid 3* or above when they compiled little game film or stats. I wouldn't be surprised if, after they take the field, everyone realizes that some of their previously unknown, zero-stars are really ever bit worthy of 3* or above.
  13. Those are insane numbers from a depth standpoint. There have probably been a few that were only awarded stars because they play for STA and attend camps in a major metro area. But even considering that, the depth of legitimate FBS players is astonishing. Mater Dei and SJB look like they'll be able to match those numbers soon. All three are large private schools with large, wealthy parents/alumni bases and are located smack in the middle of the two most talent-rich metro areas in the country. The only way any of the three will never not be elite is if we see a cultural shift to where it's
  14. He's got a better chance against those schools than he did with STA.
  15. Tampa Bay Tech has the potential, eventually anyway, to replace Armwood as the king of that district. If Miami Southridge becomes an "it" school down in Dade again, they will be a problem. Like I said, I can't speak to 2021 teams. Just to what could be of this were to end up staying in place for a few years.
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