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  1. The most painful loss for all of us may prove to be the same: The slow, drawn out loss of an entire football season as a couple of hundred thousand Americans lose their lives to a virus.
  2. Same question I asked on the Florida board: What is the benefit to moving the season to spring? Doesn't that assume we'll have a widely available vaccine by then? That's a foolish assumption. Sort of like how lots of large scale events postponed until Fall of 2020. All that did was ultimately delay the inevitable cancellation.
  3. There's been a trend in football, creeping towards what we see in other sports like basketball. Sadly, this could push us much closer, and quickly. We'll have to see how such academies respond should we see a lot of cancellations.
  4. The "academy" schools that play one another may be able to continue with their games, even if state associations cancel their seasons. Might we see kids and even coaches jumping ship in the instance of cancelled seasons to join one of the academy teams? If something like this happens, might much of it signal a more permanent trend which continues even if/when vaccines have been made available?
  5. The most painful loss for my team, Lakeland, was a game I wasn't able to watch. In 1998, Lakeland was 12-0, having destroyed every team they played. They went down to Fort Lauderdale and won a shootout on STA's home field. Came back home the next week against a no-name Estero team that had less than 40 (maybe even less than 30) players. Screwed up a bunch, played awful, but still led 14-12 in the closing seconds. Estero had 12 guys on the field as they kicked the game winning FG. 15-14 Estero. Kissimmee Osceola beat them 28-14 the next week to win the state title. Has to be the worst loss in Lakeland history.
  6. I'm a Gator grad, c/o 2001. Sadly, I remember Tommy Banks from that night in 1997.
  7. Fair enough, there are certainly plenty of hypocrites here. But, there are advocates for violence and radical political policies that are leading the political organization going by Black Lives Matter. Here is the President of the New York chapter sharing his views.
  8. It certainly isn't directly related to saving black lives. It is a political ideology. The indisputable slogan "black lives matter" is being used as a trojan horse to advance the radical political agenda of the political organization going by the name Black Lives Matter. One can unequivocally support the notion of black lives mattering and simultaneously oppose the political organization by the same name.
  9. For Lakeland, it looks like Gabe Dindy is going to blow up as a prospect following this past weekend's combine in Jacksonville. 6'4" 278 lbs, 34.5 inch vertical
  10. I'm not able to get a clear read on Lakeland yet. I'm not aware of any transfers (though I'm not connected, so who knows). The senior class looks a bit on the weak side, but the 2022 and 2023 classes look pretty loaded. They have a couple of guys with high Power 5 offers on the D-line. They have some good young talent, but some holes that I don't know who will fill them. I don't see them being a top 3 team in 7A this year, but that doesn't mean they aren't a top 68 team nationally. Like 954gator said, look at some of the teams just ahead or below them.
  11. Feel free to let me know if I'm missing something: USAA, whatever you want to classify it as, was oh-so-quick to share to Twitter etc when a new player "committed" to playing for them. They jumped at the chance to share the new equipment and new anything they wanted to share. "Exposure" was a primary aim for them. But, now, without so much as a peep, much less a formal announcement, USAA...has ceased to exist? All of this "marketing" and "Come Fly With Us", and they just up and cease to exist without a single word of explanation? 🤦‍♂️🤮
  12. Radical idea: Let's pay attention to schools that have clearly been established as real schools, with students who've played < four years of HS sports. Stop the charade of "academies" run by people who couldn't get the job (or get the job done) at legitimate schools.
  13. Some of us are fighting this trend towards frauds posing as real schools, all for the sake of trying to get their mugs on ESPN for a game with "powerhouse" teams. Hatred for the trend wasn't limited just to Dusty, it's for all of them.
  14. So, you're telling us there were the Twitter announcements of them joining the "program", they left shortly thereafter, and there were NOT any Twitter announcements of this? Color me shocked.
  15. Several teams haven't bothered to post their schedules from what I gather. Lakeland hasn't posted anything. May have something to do with SJC alum Will Bahler leaving for USF. But, more likely, the uncertainty with the pandemic is to blame.
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